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Book 22, Story 4(#156) - Melancholy Goddess

Translated by Onimal House (ping@ricochet.net)

Listen well!
No one is to get near here!


I am not allowing any dissent!
You are also prohibit from getting close to my guest!
Is that clear?!

You say you are waiting for my arrival....
What is going on?

One look and I know, you are not from Amarla.
But as far as I know, in Andaka, there is no other life forms in 
existence except here.
Yes, I come from a world outside of Andaka.

It is impossible to get to Andaka alive from other worlds.
If you can travel across the infinite void of death to get to here,

You are correct.  I am the immortal 'Wu'!
You know what 'Wu' is!?

"The immortal decent from the darkness,
together with the goddess Ushas to create the new world Amarla....
the citizens of Amarla,
don't dream of creating another new world,
until the immortal decent upon this world again!"

What is that?

That is the holy edict left to us from Goddess 'Ushas'.

That is just a joke left by Ushas to prevent the citizens of Amarla from 
Also known as the so call 'legend'.

But....'Goddess' and 'Immortal'....'Sanjiyan' and 'Wu'....then....
The immortal who built Amarla, where is he now?

How many times you want me to tell you!

   Yakumo, Patriarchs

That is only a legend!!

Stop!  Negurouni!

I think you also understand!
That boring legend is the same no matter how many hundred of times you 
tell it.
Do you know how difficult it is....
to create a world like this....
What can an 'immortal' do when he doesn't even know how this world is 

He can save the goddess Latorii!

   D class monster
Miss Latorii, looks like the underworld is prepare to move to save you.
Together with the immortal from outer world....
All the citizen of Amala will stand up together....
Everyone hopes....
To create a new world, with you Miss Latorii in the center.

Does Ushas know?
Does she know the people of Amala is prepare to rebel against her....

   D class monster
It is only a matter of time for Miss Ushas to find out.

Is that so....
I hope they won't have any accident---


Ushas:  Hindu mythology, goddess of dawn.

Book 22, Story 5(#157) - Signs of Disaster

Translated by Onimal House (ping@ricochet.net)

"Unknown is the time, 
and where is the world they came from....
Goddess Ushas and her immortal were lost in this dark space,
Over hundreds of year--
with their combine powers they created--
the hollow sphere 'Andaka'.
First, they created earth in the interior--
then they created crystal clear water, rich greenery, and refreshing 
then, the miracle force of goddess Ushas,
created life.
A life became two....
two became three....
Not long after, family was born, so was township....
Eventually Amala was formed--
In the end....
According to legend, 1,000 years had passed since Goddess Ushas was 
lost, to the time she finished Amala."

Do you understand?
Goddess Ushas will not allow any ugly being to live here, 
because this world is built by herself out of nothing over great 

But, even if goddess Ushas is not happy,
there is still one who is willing to love the ugly beings.
That is the other goddess -- Latorii.
I hear that because she angers goddess Ushas, 
now she is being imprisoned in 'Neraka'.


That is a world on the opposite side of where we live inside Andaka.
We can not pass through the outer shell of Andaka to get to there.

It won't work!
If we anger goddess Ushas, the end result is unthinkable....

What, what is happening?

The statue of goddess Ushas in the church!!

This is it!!
This is....
So it does exist....
There really are survivors of Sanjiyan!!
(Awesome!!  Benares you are something else!!
such sharp judgment!!
Andaka's goddess Ushas and her Wu,
then me and Parvati....
If we four unite together, 
may be we can beat you!  Benares!)

Book 22, Story 9(#161) - Dragon-Skeleton Warrior "Mother"

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 285)
  Sidebar:	Passing through the lightning storm inside Amara,
		Yakumo and his friends have finally made it out of
		the breeze hole.  However, the damage sustained
		was much greater than expected.

  voice:	Yakumo...
		Hang in there Yakumo...

pg. 286)
  Sidebar:	Yakumo and the goddess rescue army are surrounded
		by a hoard of dragon skeleton warriors.  However,
		they have already been delt a heavy blow.

pg. 287)
  Kiiru:	uuh

  Yakumo:	a...are you all right everyone?

  Kiiru:	shh...be quite!

pg. 288)
  Kiiru:	We seem to have arrived at the processing place.  The air
		is very thin.
  		All around us are the dragon skeleton warriors

  Yakumo:	I'll take care of them!

  Kiiru:	This is a perfume that us ??? wariors use.
		When the dragon skeleton warriors snif it,
		they lose their will to fight.

pg. 289)
  Yakumo:	That's great.  Lets hurry and take care of everyones
  Warior:	uuuh...

  Kiiru:	We have no time for that.  The effect only lasts five minutes.

  Yakumo:	huh?

  Kiiru:	In that time we have to find the dragon skeleton wariors
		command tower "Mother" and put her to sleep for a while.

pg. 290)
  Yakumo:	There's no need for that, I'll just use my light magic
		and take care of...

  Kiiru:	The dragon skeleton wariors don't have much intelligence,
		but they may be attached spiritually with the goddess.
		We can't risk stirring things up.

  Yakumo:	Understood.

  Yakumo:	Hang in everyone.  We'll put this Mother thing to sleep
		and come back and take care of everyone.

  Warior:	t...take this.

  Yakumo:	Thank you!

  Kiiru:	uurrr!

pg. 291)
  Yakumo:	Are you all right Kiiru ... [adding "-san" after a pause].

  Kiiru:	hmmph!

  Kiiru:	Don't call me be name like that.  It's filthy!

  Kiiru:	huh!

  Yakumo:	mmph!

  Kiiru:	I don't need the help of the likes of you!

  Yakumo:	We don't have time right!  Lets hurry!

  Kiiru:	I know that!  I don't need to hear it from you!

  Yakumo:	So, is that Mother?

  Kiiru:	Among the dragon skeleton warriors, theres one whos
		skull is not exposed.  If we feed that one the shuseikyuu
		(alchohol spirit sphere), that will put her to sleep.

pg. 292)
  Yakumo:	Shuseikyuu?

  Kiiru:	It's a drug composed of various alchohols in order to
		control the monsters.  It should last for about 5 to 6
		hours.  If Mother goes to sleep, all the other dragon
		skeleton wariors will also go beddy bye.

  Yakumo:	Well "beddy bye" is fine, but where is that Mother thing.
		Your heavy!  I...

  Kiiru:	How about if we have you eat it!
  Yakumo:	Sorry!

  Kiiru:	Your really...
  Yakumo:	Waaa... keep calm!

pg. 293)
  Yakumo:	A...are you OK?  You got out of control
  Kiiru:	Asshole!

  Kiiru:	I can't make it any further.  It's not what I
		intended but...

  Kiiru:	...I'll have to have you finnish it.

  Yakumo:	Have me finnish it?  But how do we find it?

pg. 394)
  Kiiru:	Basically the monsters like the smell of blood.
		If you cut my stomach...

  Yakumo:	Stupid!  I can't do that.

  Kiiru:	If you don't, we're all finnished.

  Yakumo:	If it has to be done, it's going to be my stomach.

pg. 295)
  Yakumo:	Wh...what!

  Kiiru:	Mother!!

pg. 296)
  Kiiru:	Eiiii!

  Yakumo:	Kiiru!

pg. 297)


pg. 298)
  Yakumo:	Kiiru!!  Hang in there Kiiru!!

  Kiiru:	Ru...Run undead one...

  Yakumo:	What and leave you here? (lit. Even if you say that,
		can I run away?)

  Yakumo:	he he.  things have really gone from bad to worse.

Book 22, Story 10(#162) - Anguish

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 265)
  Sidebar:	Only a few moments remain until the skeleton wariors
		begin moving again.  Getting the powerful Mother to
		sleep without hurting it is going to prove to be
		a difficult task.

  Yakumo:	I command in the name of Fujii Yakumo, come out...

  Kiiru:	No!

  Kiiru:	We musn't harm Mother!!  We'll be found out by the goddess!!

pg. 266)
  Sidebar:	Wanting to save the lives Kiiru and her friends without
		harming Mother, how will Yakumo act?

pg. 268)
  Yakumo:	Are you all right?

  Kiiru:	Uuuu

  Yakumo:	You say I can't hurt that thing, but I just can't
		take it anymore.

  Kiiru:	NO!

  Yakumo:	You fool!  It's already been five minutes.  The skelton
		dragon wariors will begin moving any minute and we
		will all be wiped out.
  Kiiru:	If that's the way its going to be, then that's the
		way it will be.  None of us ??? can move right now.

  Yakumo:	What are you saying.  I can get us out of this real easy/
  Kiiru:	Don't worry about it.  Just ditch us.

  Kiiru:	Along with my right arm, mother swallowed the shuseikyuu.

pg. 269)
  Kiiru:	Soon, Mother will fall asleep.  But there's one problem...

  Kiiru:	She swallowed it sealed in the leather bag.  It will take
		time before the shuseikyuu can take effect.

  Kiiru:	All right?  I'm going to hand you the map for the rest of
		the way.  When Mother falls asleep, you go on by yourself...
  Yakumo:	NO!  I can't do that!

pg. 270)
  Yakumo:	I can't just leave you all to die.  It just doesn't
		feel right.  If that's the way it going to be then I'll
		just take care of...

  Kiiru:	Wait!  Please!

  Kiiru:	I implore you.

  Kiiru:	Please don't hurt Mother...

pg. 271)
  Yakumo:	Getting out of this situation without hurting that thing!
		That's too difficult a problem for me.

  Voice:	Yakumo

  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Voice:	Yakumo, take cover!

pg. 272)
  Voice:	Huh?  Aa!

pg. 273)
  Kiiru:	Wh...What!?

  Yakumo:	What the...

pg. 274-275)
  Pai (image*):	Yakumo!

pg. 276)
  Yakumo:	P..Pai!!

  Kiiru:	Wh..what is that?

  Pai:		You foolish, foolish, foolish, ... Yakumo ("yakumo no baka")!

  Pai:		Pai searched everywhere for Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	Ah, ah, lets talk later!

pg. 277)
  Yakumo:	I can't let this thing win!!

  Kiiru:	Don't hurt it!

pg. 278)
  Pai:		Wha??

  Kiiru:	What the?

  Sidebar:	Suffering from the fate of wanting to save Kiiru and
		her friends without hurting Mother, Yakumo dives
		into the mouth of Mother...

* Not the real Pai, but Pai projecting her spirit into the void space.

Book 22, Story 11(#163) - Bloodless Victory

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 223)
  Sidebar:	As the giant spirit projection of Pai holds back the
		skeleton dragon warior Mother, Yakumo dives into Mother's

  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Kiiru:	Undead!

  Mother:	Grrroooowww!

  Pai:		Eeeeiiiii! Yakumo!!

pg. 226)
  Yakumo:	There it is!!

pg. 227)
  Yakumo:	Damn!  Almost!

  Yakumo:	All I need to do is tear that bag and put Mother to sleep
		and it will all be over.  Shit!

pg. 228)
  Yakumo:	In this liquid, Koanyaa (light fang) will fly
		unpredictably.  Tsuorin is also useless in a liquid.
		Touchao (Earth Claw) would tear not only the leather
		bag, but also rip Mother's stomach in two.  Kuuyon
		is also no help.

  Yakumo:	Gack!

  Yakumo:	If I don't do somthing quick...

  Yakumo:	Glub Glub...

  Yakumo:	If I don't do somthing quick, everyone...

  Pai:		Pai

pg. 229)
  Pai:		Uuuu...

  Pai:		Errr...

  Pai:		Pai can't hold on....

pg. 230)
  Kiiru:	What the...

  Pai:		Hey!  Hurry!

  Kiiru:	Huh?
  Pai:		This way!  Hurry!  If we don't get out of here....

pg. 231)
  Kiiru:	Wern't you that giant just a second ago?
  Pai:		Pai isn't a giant, I'm a spiritual projection.

  Pai:		A conglomeration of spiritual energy.  Pai also doesn't
		understand but it's a kind of illusion.  Come on!  This
		way!  Hurry!

  Kiiru:	Who are you?

pg. 232)
  Kiiru:	He!  So they've finnaly woke up.  Now things will
		become easier.

  Pai:		NO!  You can't give up!  Somehow we have to escape!!

  Kiiru:	In this situation, what can we do!!  There's no place
		to run to.

  Pai:		Yakumo will find a way!!  Don't give up!!

  Kiiru:	Even thought you say that.....

pg. 233)
  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Yakumo:	In the name of Fujii Yakumo I command!  Come out

pg. 234)
  Yakumo:	Grrr!

  Yakumo:	Go!

pg. 236)
  Yakumo:	Well I seem to have made it in time!  And I didn't hurt

  Pai:		Yakumo!!  Yakumo Yakumo Yakumo!!

Book 22, Story 12(#164) - Daoxi

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

  pg. 259)
  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Yakumo:	Hehe

  Pai:		Yakumo!  Yakumo!

pg. 260)
  Pai:		Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Pai was worried about you!!

  Pai:		Worried! Worried! Worried! How could you worry me so? [lit.
		I don't forgive you]

  Yakumo:	What are you talking about.... Why are you here?
		Why didn't you go back to the real world?

  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Yakumo:	Pai...

pg. 261)
  Pai:		Punch!!

  Yakumo:	He? Ha?

  Pai:		You bozo!  Don't you have any will power!?  Pai...
		Pai knew her hands were tied, but....

  Pai:		but...but... She couldn't just leave Yakumo behind
		and go home alone.  Pai was worried. Worried.
		Worried. Worried. Worried. 

  Yakumo:	Pai....

pg. 262)
  Kiiru:	I'm sorry to disturbe you, but this is no time
		for small talk.

  Yakumo:	Sorry, Kiiru.  I'll fix you up right away.  If I use
		my summoning powers, I can put your arm back to	

  Kiiru:	What the hell did you bring my are back for.  I told
		you not to worry about me.

  Yakumo:	What are you talking about.  Just like Pai, I can't
		leave all you behind and go on by myself.
  Kiiru:	he!

  Kiiru:	What is that [Pai] anyway.
  Yakumo:	They?  Ah...

pg. 263)
  Kiiru:	That [Pai] dragged along some customers other than
		the dragon skeleton warriors.  I don't know what
		they're after, but we're surrounded by them.

  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Yakumo:	What is this?
  Pai:		Don't worry!  These are Pai's "dachinko" [friends].

pg. 264)
  Yakumo:	"dachi" [friends]?  How?  Why?
  Pai:		I met them while I was separated from Yakumo.

  Pai:		Pai got caught in the threads of Jinggu (the thing
		everyone is in now) and stuck to the skeleton.

  Pai:		With that, I arrived here, but...

pg. 265)
  Pai:		The skelletons did such horrible things, that without
		thinking, Pai....

  Yakumo:	Made yourself big and saved them?

  Pai:		I couldn't just let the poor things be....

  Kiiru:	What have you done....All you've done is warned
		the goddess.

pg. 266)
[I'm a little unsure of some of the stuff on this page....]
  Yakumo:	All right, and so these guys are?
  Pai:		These children have gathered together to escape.
		I really hadn't intended to try and save all of
		them.  Anyway, they asked Pai to contact this
		person called "Negurooni".

  Yakumo:	Negurooni!?
  Pai:		Pai disguised herself as a bee and asked him
		about Yakumo.

  Kiiru:	That Negurooni....

  Kiiru:	What the hell is he planning....

  Yakumo:	At any rate, it doesn't seem that we'll be acting
		together[?] for a while.  For now, I'll just heal that
		injury of yours, and lets hurry to Naraka.

pg. 267)
  Kiiru:	I already said, there's nothing that can be about
		an injury like this, and my body isn't up to
		going to Nakara.....

  Yakumo:	I told you to leave it to me.

  Yakumo[thinking]: I'm counting on you Benerasu!
  Yakumo:	In the name of Fujii Yakumo I command, Come forth Daoxi!!

pg. 269)
  Pai:		All right!  Here's the arm!!

  Kiiru:	What is this!?  What is going on!?

  Yakumo:	Grrrrr

pg. 270)
  Pai:		Yakumo!
  Kiiru:	Undead!

  Yakumo:	Grrrrr!  Is it really this tough!?

  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  Yakumo:	This is not good!!  At this rate while I'm healling
		I'm totally defenceless.

pg. 271)
  Yaumo:	If I'm attacked at a time like this, them I would
		be helpless.

pg. 272)
  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  Kiiru:	Undead!!

  Yakumo:	Grrr...

  Yakumo:	Negurooni!!

  Sidebar:	On their way to Naraka, Yakumo and his friends encounter
		another obstacle.  Does Negurooni, leading rank D monsters,
		intend to turn against Yakumo!?

Book 22, Story 13(#165) - Servent of Amara

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 243)
  Negurooni:	That's enough.  I'm going to have you give up going to Naraka.

  Kiiru:	Negurooni

  Yakumo:	Wh...why?

  Negurooni:	We musn't go against the goddess of Andaka.

pg. 245)
  Yakumo:	Eh?  I don't understand.  Why are you so afraid of the goddess?

  Yakumo:	You've just gotten fed up with being killed by your own monsters.

  Negurooni:	It isn't that we've been make monsters.  It's just that they are
		manufacturing failures.

  Yakumo:	Failure.... Now that you mention, you did call them failed

  Yakumo:	What is it that you were trying to make?

pg. 246)
  Negurooni:	Us citizens.

  Yakumo:	"citizens" you say?  You mean people?
  Kiiru:	Those with beutiful bodies are Rank B, "god people".
		(things with power are Rank C, monsters).

  Yakumo:	Why people?

  Negurooni:	This is the world of void.  A world of death with nothing
		living in it.

pg. 247)
  Negurooni:	Once every so many years, the remains of someone from the
		outside world come floating by.  Our goddess who could not
		stand being alone, used these dead cells and case FuFunFanShe
		(restore soul to body) on them and created new life.

pg. 248)
  Yakumo:	Made from dead bodies.... So that's it.  I thought it
		was strange that there where so many things living in
		Andaka (void space).

  Negurooni:	English, Chinese, German, and even Japanese we got from
		the minds of the corpses.  And also our culture, customs,
		architecture, and even life styles.

  Yakumo:	But if you so many people, why do you need to manufacture
		them artificially?

  Negurooni:	For living in a small world, there's a kind of lifeform
		that is unwanted.
  Yakumo:	Unwanted?  What is that?

pg. 249)
  Negurooni:	Males.  In other words men.

  Negurooni:	They are not satisfied with protecting a small world.
		From there thirst for power, comes an endless cycle
		of destruction.

  Yakumo:	What you say is....
  Negurooni:	Of course, I've never seen one of these "man" things
		myself, so I don't know if this is true or not.  These
		are only the world left by the goddess who cleansed
		us of "men".

  Yakumo:	You say you've never seen a man before, do you know
		what position that put me in....

pg. 250)
  Negurooni:	Thus, we must always extermante any males.

  Negurooni:	That day, ten years ago, we we're also concerned.

pg. 251)
  Person 1:	There have been no new dead bodies from the outside
		in three hundred years.
  Person 2:	Synthetic upon synthetic upon synthetic!!
  Person 3:	The cells made from these repeated synthetics
		have no strength.  We won't be able to create
		any more synthetics.

  Person:	Look at that cell culture!!  Using our cells, for synthesis,
		we're able to create a rank B only rarely.

  Person:	Unless we get new cells from the outside, about all we're
		going to get is Rank D's.

  Person:	And the fact that we are forced to kill those Rank D's!!

pg. 252)
  Negurooni:	All we could do was stage a revolt against the goddess.
		Unless we hung on to Raatorii, we would surely die out.

  Negurooni:	Us artisans took over the councel and the army, put the
		skeleton wariors to sleep, went to the gate of naraka where
		Raatorii was sealed and opened the gate.  But when we

pg. 254)
  Creature:	I am the servent of Amara.  I have come to kill all those
		who oppose the Goddess Ushasu.

  Negurooni:	In the confusion, half of the citizens of Amara where killed.
  		We had no power to fight it, only to endure until it vanished.

pg. 255)
  Kiiru:	But you invented a new drug that we can use to defeat the

  Negurooni:	Certainly you were able to pass through the lightning
		storm of Amara.  But with just that you have not won.

  Kiiru:	Ah!  But we have the unlimited power of the undead one.

  Negurooni:	Surely not!!

pg.  256)
  Yakumo:	Na!

  Negurooni:	Oh shit!!

Book 22, Story 14(#166) - Annihilation

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 291)
  Sideline:	The Servent of Amara has appeared in front of Yakumo
		and everyone!!  Is that nightmare of ten years ago going
		to repeat itself!?

  Servent(of Amara): Grrr

  Kiiru:	Ah

  Kiiru:	Wah!

pg. 292-193)
  Yakumo:	Negurooni!!  Kiiru!!

  Creature:	I am the servent of Amara.  I have come to kill all those
		who oppose the Goddess Ushasu.

  Sideline:	Is this the divine punnishment of Ushasu?  The tragic
		curtain has raised.

pg. 294)
  Yakumo:	Wah!

  Yakumo:	Aaaa!

pg. 295)
  Kiiru:	Undead!
  Negurooni:	Kid!

  Creature:	Grrrrrooowwww
  Creature:	Hoooooo

pg. 296)
  Negurooni:	It's no good!!  Don't go!  Everyone!!  You musn't go!!

pg. 298)
  Negurooni:	Ah!

  Creature:	Grrrrrrr

pg. 299)
  Creature:	Graaaaw

pg. 301)
  Negurooni:	Goddess!

  Negurooni:	Please save us!!  We....we...

  Pai:		Undo Yakumo's bonds!!

pg. 302)
  Negurooni:	Huh?
  Pai:		Quickly!!

  Yakumo:	Krrrr..uhhhh...

  Negurooni:	Bu...but

  Pai:		Quickly!!

  Pai:		Undo them now!!

pg. 303)
  Negurooni:	Ha!

  Pai:		Yakumo!!  [save] everyone!! [In Japanese the verb
		comes at the end of the sentance and is omitted
		here.  I'm assuming it is "save"],

  Yakumo:	Ah...Understood!!

pg. 304)
  Yakumo:	For this servent of Amara thing.....

  Yakumo:	no allowences.

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