Bhavani with UV lights

Bhavani is a "slightly smaller" PC designed primarily for gaming, but also as a secondary desktop box. I started building it in March 2009 and finally got the case in April to put it all together. It's currently running the Vista Ultimate copy that I had uninstalled from Aparna when I downgraded to XP.

I'm still working on cleaning up the install, since I got some UV lights and a green cable sleeving kit to match the UV green motherboard and SATA cables. There are optional clear windows for the sides of the case (to replace the black mesh that is hard to see through) so I'm considering that as well.

The name Bhavani means "coming into being; illuminating; imagining; creator; giver of life" in Sanskrit. It is yet again one of the names of Parvati, Shiva's consort in Hinduism.


Bhavani left side
Bhavani right side


Bhavani setup on drop front desk

To truly make this a standalone gamer PC, it needed its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. For the keyboard and mouse, I went to the Logitech gamer line. I've wanted a lighted keyboard for a while, and the G15 is really cool. I already had the G5 mouse for Aparna, but it gave me an excuse to get an MX Revolution mouse for that machine (something else I've wanted for a while). The LCD monitor was on sale from Dell, and since I'm not a huge LCD fan I thought it was fine. Plus it matches the resolution of my monitor at work, which is good for LogMeIn.

I'm using a drop front desk as a computer desk. The ancient tan Yamaha YST-M10 speakers and green folding chair complete the unique look. I replaced the Yamaha speakers with Logitech Z313 speakers, but I'm not sure that I really like them. I probably should have bought better ones. I'm thinking of drilling a hole in the back of the desk to make cable routing a little cleaner. The computer is currently located in my dining room.

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