David Russell Park


I grew up in Churchville, a small town in rural Virginia. I had a pretty normal childhood, I guess, and after high school I went to Virginia Tech. I majored in Computer Engineering, minored in DOOM and Quake, and fell in love with anime (Japanese animation) after attending my first VTAS meeting. This was in 1992, which makes me sort of an old-school fan. In 1995, everyone started talking about the World Wide Web, so I created my first home page. Then I noticed that one my favorite anime shows, and the one that got me hooked at that first VTAS meeting, didn't have a fan web page. So, I created 3x3 Eyes Info, later renamed 3x3 Eyes Digest (and a guy named Fred created Pai's Page, but that's another story).

This web stuff proved pretty addictive, and eventually I ended up with the sazan.net (and 3x3eyes.com) domain. Meanwhile, I had graduated from college and accepted a job in the Intellectual Property department of OMRON Corporation, just south of Kyoto, Japan. That was a wonderful experience, but after two years I decided to return to my roots and find a computer job in the USA. I moved to Alexandria, VA, in 1999 and got a dot-com job just in time to witness the bursting of the tech stock bubble, followed by the inevitable layoffs. I finally found another full-time job at a small company, and I've been there for more than 6 years as of Jan. 2009.

Most of my family and friends don't have homepages, but the idea of a homepage seems old-fashioned in this era of blogs and Facebook. However, my longtime buddy Mark has a very cool Reggae Reviews site, and he also blogs about horror movies at About.com, so check it out.


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