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December 20, 2002

Hi there.  Long time no see.  ^_^;;;;

  After taking about a two-year vacation from updating my web site, I 
figure it's about time I got back to work.  Other than paying the 
hosting bills and updating my resume, I haven't even looked at the site 
in a long time, so returning now is very refreshing.  I have a new 
perspective on the various components of the site, and I'm actually 
excited about jumping back in.
  I'm reminded of the time three years ago, after I had moved back home 
from Japan and just bought a new computer, when I was working almost 
constantly to put together the Puppet's Heart site.  While in Japan, I'd 
made a conscious effort to absorb as much anime as possible so that I 
wouldn't miss it as much when I left.  When I got back to the USA, I 
tried to publish as much useful and interesting stuff as I could on the 
web, but soon after Puppet's Heart went live, I began to realize that my 
overexposure to anime hadn't had the expected result.  I still missed 
Japan, but seeing anime or manga just reminded me of my sadness, so I 
started to avoid it.  Then Real Life intruded, and work the entire site 
got pushed to the side.  But frankly, after five years of regular updates 
(more-or-less), I was burned out and needed the break.
  Well, since then, I've had a few different jobs and discovered some new
hobbies, but it always bothered me that I had just walked away from the 
site without even an explanation.  So, with Real Life under control (for
now), I'm back.  My home page will be updated first, but some anime stuff 
will definitely follow, as well as a few new pages I've been playing with 
offline for a while.    
  There used to be a To Do list here.  I almost never followed it, and I 
don't plan to start a new one.  Instead, I'll work on some sort of list 
of recent updates.  For now, just watch my home page.

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."
G.B. Shaw

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