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Parvati is the name of my laptop, which I bought in the summer of 1997 to bring to Japan with me. Despite limited money and time (I really wish I could have waited for one of the Pentium II laptops out now), I think it's a pretty decent machine, even though things are now starting to break. The picture was taken by Parvati's companion Fei-Oh, my digital camera. (Blame my photography skill, not Kodak.) Here are Parvati's specs:

Acer / Texas Instruments Extensa 660CDT
purchased June 1997
(Acer bought TI's notebook PC business in 1997)

Other Goodies:

The Wish List:

Just one last comment: I'm a Windows NT zealot, but I'm not too keen to install NT on my laptop just yet. Now that I have System Commander and solid net access, I'm thinking about installing Linux just for fun.

This laptop has served me pretty well, but I'm planning to buy a new desktop PC later this year. I have purchased a new PC every two years since 1992. That's four computers. The PC industry loves me. ^_^ My next computer will be built from the ground up by me. I'll have a specs page up soon.


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