Shiny Round Discs

Here is a list of the laserdisc and DVD titles currently in my collection. Nearly all of the LDs are anime shows, acquired while I was living in Japan. The DVD list is about 5 years out of date, and I've acquired a bunch of anime titles since I last updated the list. I also have 100+ anime titles on videotape, including a bunch of S-VHS recordings of anime televised during my two years in Japan.

Rather than type in the list of Blu-ray and PS3 titles, I figured I'd just take some pictures.


Blu-ray titles

PS3 and PSP Games

PS3 and PSP titles


TitleCat. Num.DiscsLanguage(s)Label
3x3 EYES IBEAL-4611JapaneseBandai-Emotion
3x3 EYES IIBEAL-4621JapaneseBandai-Emotion
3x3 EYES IIIBEAL-4631JapaneseBandai-Emotion
3x3 EYES IVBEAL-4641JapaneseBandai-Emotion
3x3 EYES ~Seima Densetsu~ IBELL-6471JapaneseEmotion
3x3 EYES ~Seima Densetsu~ IIBELL-6481JapaneseEmotion
3x3 EYES ~Seima Densetsu~ IIIBELL-6491JapaneseEmotion
3x3 EyesLVD93821Japanese/EnglishStreamline Pictures
A Video StandardLD-1011EnglishReference Recordings
Bannou Bunka Neko Musume DASH! Mode-2KILA-3661JapaneseStarchild
Bannou Bunka Neko Musume DASH! Mode-3KILA-3671JapaneseStarchild
Bannou Bunka Neko Musume DASH! Mode-1KILA-93651JapaneseStarchild
Beast Wars Cybertron BoxPILA-14633Japanese/EnglishPioneer
Beast Wars Destron BoxPILA-14734Japanese/EnglishPioneer
Berserk L-1VPLY-706691JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-2VPLY-706701JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-3VPLY-706711JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-4VPLY-706721JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-5VPLY-706731JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-6VPLY-706741JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-7VPLY-706751JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-8VPLY-706761JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-9VPLY-706771JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-10VPLY-706781JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-11VPLY-706791JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-12VPLY-706801JapaneseVAP
Berserk L-13VPLY-706811JapaneseVAP
Blue Seed 1KILA-1181JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 2KILA-1191JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 3KILA-1201JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 4KILA-1211JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 5KILA-1221JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 6KILA-1231JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 7KILA-1241JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 8KILA-1251JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 9KILA-1261JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 10KILA-1271JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 11KILA-1281JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 12KILA-1291JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed 13KILA-1301JapaneseStarchild
Blue Seed Ver. 1.5 (Premium)KILA-1711JapaneseStarchild
Cowboy Bebop Session #0BEAL-12881JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 1st SessionBELL-13011JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 2nd SessionBELL-13021JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 3rd SessionBELL-13031JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 4th SessionBELL-13041JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 5th SessionBELL-13051JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 6th SessionBELL-13061JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 7th SessionBELL-13071JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 9th SessionBELL-13081JapaneseEmotion
Cowboy Bebop 8th SessionBELL-13081JapaneseEmotion
Detonator Orgun 1POLH-20101JapanesePolydor
Detonator Orgun 2POLH-20111JapanesePolydor
Dirty Pair (The Movie)BELL-3751JapaneseBandai-Emotion
Ghibli ga IppaiTKLO-5018013Japanese/Eng./BGM
Here Is Greenwood Vol. 1SSLD-96601English/Japanese/CCSoftware Sculptors
Here Is Greenwood Vol. 2SSLD-96611English/Japanese/CCSoftware Sculptors
Here Is Greenwood Vol. 3SSLD-96621English/Japanese/CCSoftware Sculptors
Hideyuki Kikuchi - Yoshiaki Kawajiri Special CollectionSHLY-5234Japanese
Kikou Ryouhei MEROWLINKVPLV-705133JapaneseVAP
Kimagure Orange Road TV Series Volumes 1-6AD098-0316Japanese (Eng. subs)AnimEigo
Kimagure Orange Road TV Series Volumes 7-12AD099-0316Japanese (Eng. subs)AnimEigo
Kishin Doji ZENKI GaidenCOLC-32651JapaneseColumbia
Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi 1TKLA-500411JapaneseTokuma Japan
Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi 2TKLA-500691JapaneseTokuma Japan
Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi 3TKLA-500781JapaneseTokuma Japan
MemoriesBEAL-9263Japanese (Eng. CC)Emotion
Perfect BluePILA-90011JapanesePioneer
Return of the Jedi8765-852EnglishCBS/Fox Video
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 1BELL-12151JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 2BELL-12161JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 3BELL-12171JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 4BELL-12181JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 5BELL-12191JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 6BELL-12201JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 7BELL-12211JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 8BELL-12221JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 9BELL-12231JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 10BELL-12241JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 11BELL-12251JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 12BELL-12261JapaneseEmotion
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star 13BELL-12271JapaneseEmotion
Shihaisha no TasogareLSTD014291Japanese/BGM onlyToei
Shin Kujyaku OhPILA-12541JapanesePioneer
Shin Kujyaku OhPILA-12551JapanesePioneer
Shin Seiki Evangelion Gekijouban BoxKILA 9401-44JapaneseStarchild
Star Wars8763-852EnglishFox Video
Teito MonogatariLSTD010372JapaneseToei
The Empire Strikes Back8764-852EnglishCBS/Fox Video
Transformers the MoviePILA-14951Japanese/EnglishPioneer
Video Girl Ai Vol. 1VILF-201JapaneseVictor
Video Girl Ai Vol. 2VILF-211JapaneseVictor
Video Girl Ai Vol. 2VILF-211JapaneseVictor
Video Girl Ai Vol. 3VILF-221JapaneseVictor
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 1POLV-32011JapanesePolyGram
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 2POLV-32021JapanesePolyGram
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 3POLV-32031JapanesePolyGram
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 4POLV-32041JapanesePolyGram
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 5POLV-32051JapanesePolyGram
VIRUS -Virus Buster Serge- Act 6POLV-32061JapanesePolyGram
Youma - Ue no MakiTLL 21321JapaneseToho
Youma - Shita no MakiTLL 21381JapaneseToho

Total: 104 titles


3x3 Eyes2Pioneer
A Beautiful Mind2Universal
A Bug's Life2Disney
Abyss, The2Fox
Adventures of Indiana Jones, The4Paramount
Alien Quadrilogy9Fox
Animal House1Universal
Animatrix, The1Warner
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix1Pioneer
Avia Guide to Home Theater1Ovation
Band of Brothers6HBO Video
Bank Dick, The1Criterion
Basic Instinct: Unrated1Artisan
Battle Angel1ADV Films
Beastie Boys Video Anthology2Criterion
Best of Hitchcock: Volume 18Universal
Better Tomorrow II, A1Anchor Bay
Better Tomorrow, A1Anchor Bay
Betterman #11Bandai
Betterman #21Bandai
Betterman #31Bandai
Betterman #41Bandai
Betterman #51Bandai
Betterman #61Bandai
Big Sleep, The1Warner
Billy Wilder DVD Collection9MGM
Black Hawk Down3Columbia
Blood: The Last Vampire1Manga Video
Blues Brothers, The1Universal
Boondock Saints, The1Fox
Bridge on the River Kwai, The2Columbia
Buffy the Vampire Slayer1Fox
Butterfly & Sword1Mercury
Castle in the Sky1Disney
Castle of Cagliostro, The1Manga Video
Chasing Amy1Criterion
Citizen Kane2Warner
City Hunter: The Motion Picture1ADV Films
Close Encounters of the Third Kind2Columbia
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie1Columbia
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon1Sony
Deep Cover1New Line
Double Indemnity1Universal
Dune (miniseries)2Artisan
Enter the Dragon1Warner
Erin Brockovich1Universal
Falling Down1Warner
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture1Viz Video
Fifth Element, The1Columbia
Fight Club2Fox
Finding Nemo2Disney
Fong Sai Yuk II1Universe
Fong Sai Yuk1Universe
Full Contact1Mei Ah
Galaxy Quest1DreamWorks
Game, The1Polygram
Getter Robo: Armageddon4ADV Films
Ghostbusters1Columbia TriStar
Godfather, The DVD Collection5Paramount
Golgo 13: Queen Bee1Urban Vision
Gone with the Wind1Warner
Grosse Pointe Blank1Hollywood Pictures
Groundhog Day1Columbia
Gunsmith Cats1ADV Films
Hard Boiled1Criterion
Hellsing #11Pioneer
Hellsing #21Pioneer
Hidden Fortress, The1Criterion
In the Heat of the Night1MGM
Innocents Betrayed1JPFO
Iron Giant, The1Warner
Iron Monkey1Miramax
Irresponsible Captain Tylor: TV DVD Collection4The Right Stuf
It's a Wonderful Life1Republic
Killer, The1Fox Lorber
Kiki's Delivery Service2Disney
La Femme Nikita1MGM
Lady Vanishes, The1Criterion
Last Temptation of Christ, The1Criterion
Lawrence of Arabia2Columbia
Legally Blonde1MGM
Leon: The Professional1Columbia
Limey, The1Artisan
Long Kiss Goodnight, The1New Line
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring2New Line
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition4New Line
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers2New Line
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Extended Edition4New Line
Magnificent Seven, The1MGM
Maltese Falcon, The1Warner
Matrix, The1Warner
Monsters, Inc.2Disney
Monty Python and the Holy Grail2Columbia
Monty Python's Life of Brian1Criterion
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington1Columbia
Mummy, The2Universal
Negotiator, The1Warner
Ninja Scroll #11Urban Vision
Ninja Scroll: 10th Anniversary1Manga Video
North by Northwest1Warner
O Brother, Where Art Thou?1Touchstone
Ocean's Eleven (2001)1Warner
Office, The: Season 12BBC Video
Otaku No Video1AnimEigo
Outlaw Star #12Bandai
Outlaw Star #22Bandai
Outlaw Star #32Bandai
Patriot, The1Columbia
Player, The1New Line
Please Save My Earth1Viz Video
Powerpuff Girls: Down 'n' Dirty1Warner
Powerpuff Girls: Meet the Beat-Alls1Warner
Powerpuff Girls: Powerpuff Bluff1Warner
Powerpuff Girls: The Mane Event1Warner
Princess Bride, The1MGM
Princess Mononoke1Miramax
Read Or Die1Manga Video
Red Shoes, The1Criterion
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie1Software Sculptors
Rio Bravo1Warner
Risky Safety #11AN Entertainment
Romeo Must Die1Warner
Rurouni Kenshin OAV #11ADV Films
Rurouni Kenshin OAV #21ADV Films
Saving Private Ryan1DreamWorks
Se7en2New Line
serial experiments lain #11Pioneer
Seven Samurai1Criterion
Seventh Seal, The1Criterion
Shanghai Noon1Touchstone
Shawshank Redemption, The1Warner
Sid & Nancy1Criterion
Silence of the Lambs, The1Criterion
Sixth Sense1Hollywood
Slayers: The Motion Picture1ADV Films
Snatch2Screen Gems
Spirited Away2Disney
Starship Troopers1TriStar
Ten Commandments, The2Paramount
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1Artisan
Third Man, The1Criterion
Three Kings1Warner
Time Bandits1Criterion
To Have and Have Not1Warner
Tora! Tora! Tora!1Fox
Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box3Disney
Trigun #11Pioneer
Trigun #21Pioneer
Trigun #31Pioneer
Trigun #41Pioneer
Trigun #51Pioneer
Trigun #61Pioneer
Trigun #71Pioneer
Trigun #81Pioneer
True Romance1Warner
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The1Criterion
Usual Suspects, The1MGM
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust1Urban Vision
Video Girl Ai (R2)3Victor
Way of the Gun1Artisan
We Were Soldiers1Paramount
Wild Things1Columbia

Total: 189 titles

By the way, I also have quite a few shiny round CDs, so many in fact that I'm not going to attempt to enter them all into a database.


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