3x3 Eyes ML T-shirt!

Here are the latest announcements about the 3x3 Eyes Mailing List T-shirt project. This is a non-profit project to allow members to show that they belong to the coolest anime mailing list around. The artwork has been selected, and currently we are finalizing the design of the shirt. When the design is complete and costs have been calculated, then details about ordering the T-shirt will be available here.


Here is the art that was chosen for the shirt. These are early concept designs, so the final artwork will probably look a bit different.

Neking artwork
by Neking
full size (64KB) - alternate (75KB)
Fred Gallagher sketch
by Fred Gallagher
full size (262KB)

These images were also submitted for the T-shirt. Thanks to all of the artists that sent in their work, and hopefully we will be able to use their art on future T-shirts.

Chris Hughes sketch
by Chris Hughes
ROAN sketch
Winnie Chow sketch
by Winnie Chow
full size (170KB)
Fran artwork
by Fran
full size (93KB) - alternate (70KB)
back design


In addition to the artwork, we need to decide on an overall design for the T-shirt. I think the shirt color will have to be white, but I will check on that. Suggestions are welcome for the mailing list text or logos to appear on the shirt. At a minimum, the T-shirt should display the text "3x3 Eyes Mailing List" and either "3x3eyes@sazan.net" or "www.sazan.net/3x3EyesML" (or both).

The resolution of the final artwork should be at least 300dpi. In other words, for an 8-by-10-inch image on the shirt, the source file should be 2400 by 3000 pixels in size. Also, the image should preferable be saved in a non-lossy format (no JPGs).


No orders are being accepted yet. Once the T-shirt costs have been estimated, ordering information will be available here.

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