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The 3x3 Eyes Mailing List exists for the discussion of 3x3 Eyes, a Japanese anime and comic series created by Yuzo Takada. Other series created by Takada-sensei (Blue Seed, Bannou Bunka Neko Musume) are sometimes discussed as well. All 3x3 Eyes fans are welcome to subscribe to the mailing list.


You may choose either the normal list, 3x3eyes, or the digest list, 3x3eyes-digest; there is no need to subscribe to both. Subscribers to 3x3eyes receive individual messages as soon as they are posted to the list. Subscribers to 3x3eyes-digest receive a single digest message containing all email sent to the list that day. To subscribe, use the form below. You can also send a blank email to 3x3eyes-help@sazan.net for information on subscribing by email.

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August 24, 2001:
OK, so everything wasn't quite working before, but it should be running smoothly now. Let me know if you run into any problems.

August 16, 2001:
The list has been running on ezmlm for a while, and I finally fixed the subscription form to work with the new software. The digest list still needs a few tweaks, and the list is no longer being archived on this server, but other that that all should be back to normal.

June 8, 2001:
The mailing list has been offline for nearly two weeks. This was mainly a case of bad timing, as I left for vacation right before the DNS of the sazan.net mail server was changed. I am currently configuring the mailing list software on the new server, and once everything is working, the old subscriber lists will be added and everything should be back to normal.

July 11, 2000:
An alias feature is now working, so that you can post to the list from more than one e-mail address. It's handled manually, so if you want to add an alias, contact me and I will take care of it.

December 8, 1999:
The list is currently working on a T-shirt project. The shirt is still in the design stage, but ordering info will be available as soon as the final design is chosen.

May 1, 1999:
The auto-archive script is now working, so digests are added to the FTP directory as soon as they are mailed out. The search index is also being updated daily. I'm not too happy with this search engine for indexing text files, though. I may switch it with the 3x3 Eyes Digest search script. Any preferences?

April 27, 1999:
As promised, the list is back online. The subscription form below now works. Let me know of any problems.

April 26, 1999:
Hi! Um, just ignore anything you may have seen on this page before today. Testing is now complete (I hope), so the list will be operational again starting tomorrow. Anyway, sazan.net is now hosted by Superb Internet, and here is a list of list-related changes:


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The archive of mailing list digests is also available for download by anonymous FTP. The archive is located at:

A few archives have gone missing over the years, so if you have an archive file that is not on this server, please upload it to the incoming directory and notify the maintainer. Thanks.

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