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Bannou Bunka Neko Musume SONGS
Manekigaoka Gakuen Side (My Dearest Friends)

KICA-394, 98/3/4, Star Child, ¥2913

SONGS CD cover

tracktrack titlecharacter
01Fine colorday (TV size) ******* (Megumi Hayashibara)
02Lonely my heart Rintaro Shimazaki
03VERY na Kibun de Chieko Shirakaba
04Makka na GUITAR de I WANNA DO! Eichi Ikenami
05Watashi ga CLASS Iin desu. Futaba Kaibara
06Manekigaoka Gakuen Kouka ******* (Tokyo Mixed Chorus Group)
07Seishun Jidai   Necchuuhen Yamagata Teacher
08silent ESPER Rie Shibata
09Warau Kagakusha Yakumo & Kyoka
10Yoshinashi Goto Miyuki Miyazawa
11Watashi wa Koneko Nukunuku
12Manekigaoka Gakuen Kouka (karaoke)
13Makka na GUITAR de I WANNA DO! (karaoke)

So, why make a nationwide network TV show if it's only going to last 12 episodes? To sell CDs, of course! There are going to be three Nuku² soundtrack CDs, and the first one was just released on March 4.

Overall, I like the first CD. The first track is the TV-size opening theme, and I'd rather have the whole song but it's better than nothing. The character songs range from straight j-pop and ballads (Chieko, Miyuki) to outright sillyness (class leader Futaba and her drill sergeant whistle). The highlights include a full length version of the song always being sung by Nuku-chan's acoustic guitar playing classmate Eichi, and a surprisingly good j-pop track by the father and son mad scientists Kyoka and Yakumo. Low points are a few songs by voice actors that just shouldn't be allowed to sing (Yamagata sensei) and the odd Manekigaoka Gakuen school song. There's a joke in the school name somewhere, but don't ask me to explain it. The karaoke tracks are Eichi's guitar song and the school song. The highlight of the album is Nuku Nuku's song that she is singing at the beginning of the first episode. By sticking a few Megumi H. tracks on these CDs, they're guaranteed to sell. I'm pretty sure most of these songs were used in the TV series, especially in the singing contest episode. This isn't the greatest CD I've bought recently, but for an anime soundtrack it's pretty good, and if you can understand the lyrics I imagine it's humorous as well.

The CD comes in a standard jewel case with a nice full-color booklet and a sticker of the cover picture. (I also got a free poster with my CD.) The booklet contains complete song lyrics, and it even has sheet music for Eichi's acoustic guitar song, and the lyrics he sings in the first four TV episodes. It's a nice touch.

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