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Book 1, Story 1(#1) - Transmigration

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 5)
	Tibet 1983

  Man:		So..Someday, I promise to make you human

pg. 8)
	  Tokyo (Shinjuku Ward) 1987 

  Biker:	Waaa....I'm in deep shit!

pg. 9)
  Biker:	I'm going to be late!  I'm going to be late!

  Sign:		Please take me to Shinjuku-Ward Juu-Nin Town

pg. 10)
  Biker:	What is with that girl?  She's so filthy....

  Biker:	Juu-Nin Town huh?  That's where I'm going.

  Biker:	Maybe I should at least tell her the way.

  Girl:		Ah! [in Chinese]

pg. 11)
  Girl:		Thief! [in Chinese]

  Biker:	S..s...stop!

  Thief:	Get out of my way brat!

  Biker:	ahhrrr...

pg. 12)

  Thief:	Shit!

  Girl:		A..are you OK? [in broken Japanese]
  Biker:	he he he

  Girl:		Thank you [in Chinese] thank you very much [in broken Japanese]
		he he

pg. 13)
  Sign:		Gay Bar - Culture Shock

  Biker:	So... your Chinese?  What's you name?

  Pai:		Pai!

  Biker:	he I.... I'll just say this to make things clear.  I'm not a

  Biker:	When I was young, my mom left home.  And my father, who is an
		anthropologist,	dissapeared in Tibet four years ago.

  Biker:	Well, I didn't have any other choice, so I took a job here where
		the pay is good.  Understand?

pg. 14)
  Pai:		Technical talk right?

  Biker:	He he....
  Biker[thinking]: Does she really know Japanese?

  Transvestite 1:	Yakumo-chan, who's your friend?
  Transvestite 2:	Wern't you shy around girls?

  Transvestite 1:	Yakumo's 16 now.  Just about the age were boys
			start wanting to do H ["H" is Japanese slang for "sex"].
  Yakumo:		No!  It's not that at all!

  Pai:		Ya Ku Mo?

  Yakumo:	Hmm?

pg. 15)
  Pai:		Fujii Yakumo [Family name is first]

  Pai:		The Yakumo who is the son of Prof. Fujii?  That Yakumo?

  Yakumo:	It seems so, but?

  Pai:		uu...uuu...uuu...

pg. 16)
  Pai:		YAKUMO!

  Pai:		I finnaly found you [in very broken Japanese]

  Pai:		It's taken four years since I left Tibet!  Yakumo! Yakumo! Yakumo!

  Yakumo:	Wha...what are you talking about?

  Mama:		Hey what do you think you're doing making women cry in the bar!

  Mama:		Well, never mind about that.  Tell me what it was that was stolen
		so I can have some people (probably thugs) track it down.

pg. 17)
  Yakumo:	I got back the bag, but I lost the staff....

  Thief:	Sheeiit!  Is this my take for the day?

pg. 18)

  Thief:	Aahhh!

  Pai:		Prof. Fujii

  Yakumo:	Father!

pg. 19)
  Transvestite 1:	A professor?
  Transvestite 2:	You're father was a big shot?

  Yakumo:	He always forgot about mother and I and went around chasing
		monsters all the time.  He was an anthropologist in name only.
		He spent all his time as a good-for-nothing monster hunter.

  Letter:	Greetings...  Are you getting on OK, Yakumo?

  Letter:	Please forgive your good-for-nothing father for not contacting
		you for over half a year.
  Yakumo:	Huh!  It's more like four years!

  Letter:	Your father is in Tibet on his way to Kunmin.  Unfortunately, it
		seem's as though I [lit. "your father"] am going to die here.

pg. 20)
  Letter:	Please listen to the last request of your worthless father.

  Letter:	While I was doing field study in Tibet, I had collapsed from
		hunger and exhustion.

  Letter:	I was far from civilization, and had no one to turn to.  I
		knew I was done for.  Or so I thought...

  Letter:	Her name is "Pai".  She saved my life.  And furthermore....

pg. 21)
  Letter:	She's the last of the race holding the power of immortality
		and eternal youth.  The race that your father has been
		looking for all his life.  A Sanjiyan Unkara.

  Letter:	From a biological standpoint, she's not a "person".  She's of
		an advanced race, or in common terms, a "monster".

  Yakumo:	What lunacy!  I never cease to be amazed at my father's
		monster hunting.  he he.

  Letter:	Pai does not yet seem to know how to use the immortality
		power, but she's already been alive for 300 years.
  Pai:		Professor.

  Letter:	Even so.  Why have all the other Yanjiyan dissappeared leaving
		only her behind?
  Pai:		I too want to be human.

pg. 22)
  Letter:	That's right.  The race that from long ago wanting to be human
		developed the humanization ritual, became human and lived out
		the short natural life space of humans.

  Professor:	Yes.  I promise that I will make you human.
  Pai:		Yhea!

  Professor:	If I die, my son Yakumo will make you human in my place.

  Letter:	I believe you know Aguri.  He knows a lot about Sanjiyan
		and you can find him at Yougekisha (Monster Buster Company)
		in Hong Kong.

  Yakumo:	Don't you have any consideration for people's troubles....

  Letter:	Please Yakumo!!  Take Pai to Hong Kong and look for this person.
  Yakumo:	Is this some kind of joke!  Why do I have to take this filthy
		girl to Hong Kong?

pg. 23)
  Transvetite 2:	Since it's a special occasion, I used the shop makeup.
  Pai:		Is there somthing wrong with me Yakumo?

pg. 24)
  Yakumo:	Yo..your pretty.

  Yakumo:	Uh..uh...ah..

  Letter:	Yakumo, please fulfill the promise I made to Pai.

  Yakumo:	Well there's no such things as monsters anyway, so...

  Pai:		Takuhi!
  Yakumo:	Huh?

pg. 25)
  News:		See for yourself!!  What is this thing flying over Shinjuku
		that even the police gunfire seems to have no effect on?
		One could say its a bird with a human face, but it is hard
		to believe that such a thing exists.

  Yakumo:	Hey! Pai!
  Pai:		Takuhi!

  Yakumo:	Wait!  What is this "Takuhi".
  Pai:		A friend.

  Pai:		A friend of mine that was in the staff.
  Yakumo:	You must be making this up!  Well don't introduce me, ok?

pg. 26)
  Pai:		That child is all excited and as lost control of himself.
		He's in danger.
  Yakumo:	Huh?

pg. 27)
  Yakumo:	No!

  Pai:		Stop!  Why are you doing this?

pg. 28)
  News:		The monster as running wild!!  What will the defence minsitery
		do about this?  The Self Defence Forces have not yet moved in.

pg. 29)
  Yakumo:	Uh.

  Yakumo:	Pai!

pg. 30)
  Yakumo:	This can't be happening...

  Yakumo:	Am I going to die?

  Pai:		NOOOO!

  Sanjiyan:	You musn't die!

pg. 31)
  Sanjiyan:	Yakumo!!

pg. 32)
  Yakumo:	P..Pai!

  Yakumo:	What the...

  Yakumo:	Is it really true that your not human?

pg. 33)
  Sanjiyan:	Ya ku mo...

pg. 34)
  News:		Last nights happening is like a dream.  Where did the monster
		bird appear from and where did it dissapeare to?

  News:		It's a mystery.  And what was the light ray that surrounded it?

  News:		It's a complete mystery.

pg. 35)
  Yakumo:	Th...there's no blood on my clothes!?  The staff is back!?
		That wasn't a dream....was it.

  Pai:		Ya...Yakumo...

pg. 36)
  Pai:		YAKUMO!  Are you all right?
  Yakumo:	he he he...I don't know how, but I seem to be fine.

  Yakumo:	Let's go!  To Hong Kong!!

  Yakumo:	I promise that I will make you human!

Book 1, Story 2(#2) - Sanjiyan

Translator: d.n.a.b
Japanese consultant: Wakana-san

Yakumo:  Ahhh, excuse me....  Do you know where is the "Monster Buster Inc."?

Yakumo:  Ah, well, I'm not a suspicious character you think I am.......  I'm
	 Fujii Yakumo.

Yakumo:  San Ji Yan (3 Eyes).....  Well, we're trying to figure out how to
	 turn that thingy into a human.  That's why we come to Hong Kong to
	 look for "M.B.Inc.".........
	 .......and I don't think you people speak Japanese.....
Yakumo:  Hei.. Pai.  Why don't you say something to these people.

Pai:  Okei

Pai <in Japanese>:  I'M GONNA TURN INTO A HUMAN!

Yakumo <in shock>:  DAAAA!

Yakumo:  Geez.
	 Who told you to speak to them in Japanese?
	 You call yourself a Chinese monster?!

	 I borrowed 150,000 Yen($1000) to get to H.K., so be serious!!

Pai:  Saawry.  <giggle>

Yakumo:  comon...
	 Choose between giggling or repenting.

Pai:  Baaauut...
      I'm soooo happy that I'll be huuuuman--

Yakumo:  I give up.

Yakumo:  Is being human really that wonderful?

Pai:  Yeah!

Yakumo:  Well, then......

Yakumo:  Why do you want to be human?

Pai:  I donno.

Yakumo:  Heh?

Pai:  I've been wanting to for three hundred years....
      But I forgot the reason.

Yakumo:  Hah, optimistic girl.

Yakumo:  Just watch me.  I will turn Pai into a human being.

Pai:  Hmm!  Really?

Yakumo:  Yeah, really really

Pai:  Really really really?


Pai:  Really really really really really?

Yakumo:  YEAH!  REALLY REA...

Yakumo:  heh?

Yakumo:  HEH?!

Yakumo:  Wuaaaa!!

People <in Chinese>:  Wh...What!!



		      Nah, too late to help the kid now.

Woman w/ glasses - Uug, no.  I see something gross today.

Pai:  Yaakumo, whaat haapened?
      Where is Yaakumo?

People <in C>:  We must remove the body first!

		STUPID!!  Let the cops take care of it!

Driver - Mom.  Your son has finally done it.

	 I'm totally screwed now.....

Pai:  Yakumoooooo!

Yakumo:  Yeeees -- ouch

Yakumo:  Hei, that hurts!  Look, you scratched my knee.

	 Watch where you drive!  Wasn't the light green ....?!

Yakumo:  Ah!  It was red!?

Yakumo:  Excuuuuuuuuse meeeeee.

Pai:  Whaat haapened?  Did you hurt your knee, Yakumo?

Yakumo:  No, it was nothing.

Woman <in C>:  Wait.

Woman <C>:  Wait a sec.  Are you really alright?

Yakumo:  eh?

Woman <C>:  I saw you got hit my the bus.

Yakumo:  ah, well...
	 <in very bad English>  A.. Ai donto supeaque Chinesu.

Yakumo:  Good bye.

Woman:  Ah?

	in Hotel

Yakumo:  Hmm....

Yakumo:  .......yeah, that's right.  Anyone who saw me would think I was
	 strange too.....

	 I got healed as soon as I got hurt,

Yakumo - since the time when I was almost killed by that monster.

Yakumo:  and got this symbol on my forehead.

Yakumo:  What's happening to me?

Yakumo:  Better hurry up and find the "MBInc." to ask about this.

Yakumo:  ........... ............
	 REALLY an optimistic girl.

Pai - ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Street person #1:  Monster Buster Inc.?
		   Never heard of it.

#2:  Never heard of that name.

#3:  Don't know.

#4:  You're disrupting my business.

#5:  Donno.

Yakumo:  It's no use searching randomly.
	 Can we find it in two days?  I'm soo tired.
Pai:  All this trouble just for me, sawrry.

Yakumo:  Ah...well, it's not that...

Pai:  Yakumoo, since you got hurt on your knee you'd better go rest in the

Yakumo:  He-Hey!

Pai:  I'll bee awright.  I'll look for the place myself.

Yakumo:  Hey!  I can't communicate with these people.  Don't strand me here!
	 My wound got better.

Yakumo:  Whaaa----

Yakumo:  excuse me

Yakumo:  Heck.  She can walk from Tibet.  No wonder she's fast on her feet.

	 I want to find "MBInc." ASAP too.

	 Can't even get back to the hotel like this.


	 If this is Shinjuku we'd have a lot of police stations around....

	 Yeah---!  That's it.  Find a cop and ask for "MBInc."

	 where are the cops ....... ??

	 Yeah, well, call a taxi.......


	 No wallet........


	 Now you show me the sign, it's too late!  Why do I become so
	 miserable, shit!

Cops:  Can you come to the station with us for a moment?

Yakumo:  ..............

	Sign -  Monster Buster Inc.

Cop:  We have a young man in our custody looking for your Mr. Akuri.  Won't
      you take care of him.

Woman w/ glasses:  Our chief editor isn't here right now. I don't want any
		   unnecessary trouble.

		   Ah, that's yesterday's indestructable youth!!

Yakumo:  Ah?!

Woman <speaking good Japanese>:  Akuri is our chief editor, who isn't in for
				 the moment.

				 I'm the assistant editor Lee Ling Ling.

Yakumo:  Oh, so MBInc. is a magazine publisher.

Lee:  Before the Zombies Boom, we were already this ocult special-zine.
      Circulations so so.

Lee:  We report on spirits, monsters, beings, you name it.

      Sigh, this is an unrealistic company.

      Let's see..

Lee:  You want to know about the Three Eyes?

Lee <narrating> - San Ji Yan Un Ka Ra (Three Eyes)
		  Beautiful in apparence, it's a being that'll not age, and
		  posesses a third eye.

		  Capable of delusion, it will during the course of it's 
		  long life, consume only once a human's life.

Yakumo:  !!

Lee:  What's more

    - The person dies as his life gets consumed.  But his corpse shall 
      remain indestructable.

      His spirit cannot be saved, until the death of the host San
      Ji Yan Un Ka Ra.

    - The corpse's forehead will have the symbol "Wu"

<"Wu" in Chinese means none, empty, lights'-on-but-nobody's-home, etc.>

Yakumo  <not taking this very well>

Lee:  Hmmhmm..... almost like a zombies making machine.

Lee:  The zombified person cannot be killed by starvation nor poison.

Lee:  But what's interesting is,

      it can still feel hunger, pain, as well as all human senses.

      Sigh, superstition.

      People back then created this myth to satisfy their curiosity for 

      Well, then.  What's more important is the Three Eye's humanization

      How Three Eyes turn themselves into humans.......

Lee:  Yakumo-kun!  Where are you going?


Yakumo:  This can't be!!
	 Pai, she....

Yakumo:  Pai took my life.

	 Pai killed me

	 Pai ---!!!

Pai:  Yaakumoo

Pai:  I am soo glad.  When Yaakumo isn't here I get soo warried.

Pai:  Wheere di you go?  <di = did>

      Huh-- Are you hungry?

Yakumo:  This isn't true......

Pai:  ?

Yakumo:  This about you eating my life away.
	 Is it true?!

Yakumo:  I'm still human, right?!
	 I'm not dead, right?!

	 Is that right?!  Pai!!

Pai:  Whaat are you saaaying I don't understand why is Yaakumo mad at me?!

<Pai breaks out this C-koism  Beeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh>

<Pai hii-ku  hii-ku>

Yakumo:  It wasn't like I was angry, you know.....
	 I was just a bit shocked, you know....

Pai<in perfect Japanese>:  You fool.

Pai<?>:  I did not consume your life.
	 I just assimulated your life with mine.

Yakumo:  Who..who are you?!  You're not Pai?!

Pai<?>:  I saved you while you were dying, and now you dare to insult me.

Yakumo: ?!

Pai<?>:  Go cool off your head.

Pai<?> - My life is yours and yours mine.  When I die then so shall you.
	 You will return to normal when I become human.

Pai<?>:  Until then, be thankful when you use the immortality I granted 

Yakumo - That's it.

       - It was Pai who saved me.

       - I forgot the promise I made to Pai to turn her into a person.

       - I'm an IDIOT.

       - ........but

       - How do I go about turning Pai into a human?

<knock knock>

Pai <back to herself>:  Yeeeas

Lee:  Isn't this Yakumo-kun's room?  What?  What happened to that window?
      Is Yakumo-kun around?

Pai:  who is this big sister?

      It waas like this when I woke up.  I donno whaat happened.

Lee:  Well.....
      I finally bring the information related to the Three-Eyes-Humanization-
      technique, the Akuri's Super Secret Does-not-leave-the-door-of-MBInc.

Pai:  Me see, the picture!!

Lee:  Not like this!  <in English>  Give and Take.
      We'll exchange it for the secret of  Yakumo-kun's immortality.

Pai <tears ready to fall>  uru uru

Lee <sigh>

Lee:  Oh well.  It was filed in the "Humanization" section only .  I don't
      know what it is myself......

Pai:  THIS IS..!!

Pai:  "MAN KIND"!!


Yakumo:  <at the bottom of his 12 floor drop>

	 hehehe  Destined Fate Fantastic Fate, Reincarnated by a Lotus Leaf
						<oriental myth>

	 I'll follow you to the bottom of Hell, Pai.


Book 1, Story 3(#3) - Labyrinth of Kaiyanwan - Part I

Translation by Dave Mou, Anime Berkeley

Man:	It's in here.....
	Th...this is great.
	According to my source, there is a black magic altar in this 
	underground warehouse, but this is more like a shrine.
	This will be our magazine's biggest story (headline) ever.

Priestess:	Our father......our God.
		From the abyss of darkness where you hold 
		your eternal slumber, we shall awaken you.
		And then, I, a lower life form, would like to receive 
		your most honorable being's gift of power.
		Then, I will conquer this land and offer it to your majesty.
		King Devil Eyes!  Grant me an indestructible body!
		Grant me immortality!
		I have traveled the world to obtain the item which you so

The priestess holds up a strange statue.

Man:	Aiya. (In Chinese = Holy Shit!)  That's!!

Priestess:	Who's there?!!

Man:	Oh NO!!  These people...

Priestess:  You cannot escape from me!

Man:	They're not black magicians.
	They're Three Eyes believers.
	Moreover, they're not human!!

Servant:	Mistress Huang, please stop.
		We need to find out how much he knows and 
		what organization he belongs to before we
		kill him.

Priestess:	Tchi!  It's too late.
		That bastard will remain petrified until I
		die.   (talk about loose end :)
		Investigate him.
		Find his affiliates and bring them to me.

Servant:	Understood.

ID:  (supposedly in Chinese)

Name:  Chen A Guri  (aguri = ugly;  I'm serious :-)
Business:  Monster Buster Inc.  <magazine>

small print:	This is proof that the above mentioned 
		person is an employee of this institution.

Back at the office of Monster Buster Inc...

Yakumo:	2 nights and 3 days...... yes, I'd like to
	CANCEL the travel plan.
	Ah, no.  I mean EXTEND.
	I'd like to stay a little longer, by myself.
	Yes, would you cancel the return flight for me.
	<without a visa, I can only stay here for one week.  Only 4 days left.
	I wish the Chief Editor Aguri would return before then...>

Ling^2:	Yakumo-kuuun, would you like some dim sum?

Yakumo:	Wow!

Ling^2: What are you doing now?

Yakumo:	Homework from my school.  This is the Winter vacation's text.
	<Story during winter break>
	(Japanese kids get no break, they have school 
	work for summer, spring, winter, afterschool,
	weekends, bathroom, etc..)
	I'm spending most of my Winter break in Hong Kong so I brought my
	homework with me but I don't have much spare time to do it...
	I think I'm in trouble.

Ling-Ling looks over Yakumo's homework.

Ling^2:	...
	<The answers are all wrong.>

Yakumo: Wahh, this is grand.
	Not only do we get to stay (live) here, but we're also being treated
	so well...I'm so embarassed.

Ling:	Heh...That's alright.  I'm interested in you.

Yakumo: Pai!  Let's eat.

Ling:	Heh heh heh...  I understand now.
	You are a NINJA.  That's why you got hit by a bus and came out without
	so much as a scratch.  Let me do an interview with you about your
	NINJUTSU and.......

Yakumo:	<far away>  Paiiii....!

Ling:	Humf....!
	<Why don't you listen to what other people have to say?!>

Yakumo:	Pai is here.... what's she up to?
	She's been acting strange ever since she saw that photograph.


Pai:	Statue of "Mankind"
	A long time ago, when I was a kid.  I can barely remember seeing this
	It was three hundred years ago.
	I really can't remember that much.
	I can't remember anything else, nor can I understand.

Yakumo:	What's up, Pai?
	You don't look so well.

Pai:	Yakumo...
	I'm always in a good mood.

Yakumo:	Something's still wrong.  Not her usual smile.

Pai: 	<stomach> GROWL!

Yakumo:	Heh heh, Ling Ling made this snack.

Pai:	Wow!

Pai:	Yaaaaamm Yaaamm!!
	Just seeing people's food makes Pai sooo happy!
	<your atypical monster reaction to Chinese gourmet> 
	Heeii, since it took her soo much trouble to
	make these, shouldn't we eat with her as well?

Yakumo:	WhAAt?

Pai:	Eating together with everyone makes the food taste even better.  :-)

Yakumo:	Woman....no, monster is so hard to figure out.>

Man:	Please.

Ling:	I understand.  I'll accept.
	Could you wait just a moment?  Let me get ready.

Yakumo:	What's happening?

Ling:	They want to borrow our EXPERTISE.
	His master is one of the richest persons in H.K.  But it seems that
	she's been having problems with demons.

Yakumo:	Demon?!  Three Eyes?

Ling:	Let me get this clear, Yakumo
	SUCH non-scientific objects don't exist in the real world.
	BUT work is work.
	You don't have to believe in ghosts, but if there's money to be made,
	just get the job done.

Yakumo, Pai:    ...(looking at each other)

Ling:	He gave me 6 grand, so I'll have to accept. :-)
 (thinking)	Wait....If these kids are some kind of ninjas, maybe they'll
		be useful if I bring them along......

Ling:	Hey, you guys want to come along and be my assistants? 
	They'll treat us to a splendid dinner.  They do have a lot of dough.

Pai:	ME GO!  PAI GO!!

Hostess:	Thank you for waiting.  Welcome everyone.
		I'm your hostess, Huang Shun Li.

Ling:	I'm Lee Ling Ling from MBInc.  These are my assistants.
	Let's get to the point.  Ms. Huang, what anomalies did you observe

A waiter carts in some expensive-looking food.


Yakumo:	shiiiii.
	<you'll have to translate for me.>

Huang:	It happened about a month ago.
	The night was sprinkling with rain.
	I was awakened by the sound of something being cut and split open.
	I realized that I was wearing something I've never seen before.
	<Hubby!! What's this!!>
	It was my husband's practical joke.  At least, that's what I thought
	it was until I walked into the study.
	<Hubby, this is....>

Huang-san's husband's body is seen, cut in half.
Yakumo and Ling-Ling almost choke on their food.

Yakumo:	<woooup!>

Ling:	<Ge...>

Pai:	<munch, munch, munch.)
	Poor guy...

Huang:	I lost my husband.......
	Every night there are tri-claws slicing and cutting up the household.
	And when I wake up I wear this strange costume.
	Would you help the pitiful me.  If this goes on	I will go mad.

Yakumo:	I feel sorry for her but we can't stay here [to guard her] forever.
	If Aguri tries to contact us, we'll have a problem, and when I get
	back to Japan it'll be tests and a part-time job all over again.
	Right, Pai.....?
	<How come she's still not feeling well?  Is she	still worried about
	 that statue?>
	Aw, hey, don't look so bleak.
	If it's about the statue of "mankind", I'll get it for you somehow.

Pai:	EEhhhe.
	I've always been looking bright.

Yakumo:	You alright, Pai?

Pai:	Yeah.  Looks like this floor is pretty old.

Pai:	I'm soory.  When I saw that picture I remembered some old things.
	Back then I was with everyone.....  :~(
	Now I'm awll by myself....

Yakumo:	Cheer up!
	<I'm here for you.>

Pai:	?
	OH NO!!
	It's here!
	Ah!  My foot.....

The three-clawed monster comes after Yakumo and Pai.

Yakumo:	!!

Pai:	Yakumo, run away!

Yakumo:	You..
	Don't be stupid!!  I can't leave you alone!
	You and I share the same body and soul!!

Pai:	......was it playing with us?

Yakumo:	hahaha....we're saved.....

Pai:	Yakumo, I'm sorry that you worried.  I was a dumb girl.
	I am with Yakumo......  I'm happy now......
	Heeh!  :-)

Yakumo:	I've been waiting for that smile for a long time.



Pai:	That voice!!

Yakumo:	Miss Ling Ling?!

Book 1, Story 4(#4) - Labyrinth of Kaiyanwan - Part II

Translation by Dan Su, Anime Berkeley

Ling-Ling:	IYAAAAAA!!!
Yakumo:		Ling-Ling-san!
		Where?!  Where are you?!
Pai:		Yakumo, over there!
Yakumo:		Ling-Ling-san, are you alri...
Ling-Ling (trying to say something):  uhhhh...

The three stare at the severely slashed remains of Huang-san.

Yakumo:		Huang-san!
Ling-Ling:	I...I was examining the premises (a mansion) when I found her
		collapsed on the ground, all covered with blood.
Pai:		Yakumo, she's still alive!  Give me a hand!
Yakumo:		s-sure!
Servant:	What's going on?  What are you all doing in the study?  

Yakumo stares at a wall safe, partially hidden by what is left of a painting.
The whole wall is cut up pretty badly but the safe is intact.

Yakumo:		A hidden safe?  That's strange.
		The scratch marks are only here	[on the safe].  Unusual...

Yakumo, Ling-Ling, and the servant replay a tape of the incident.

Pai (making funny faces at the camera):  What's this?
Ling-Ling (hitting "FF" on the VCR):  Sorry...

Ling-Ling:	As you can see, this is some footage taken from a video camera
		mounted on the ceiling of the study.  

Ling-Ling plays the tape to the point where Huang-san is attacked.

Ling-Ling:	After this, the "Claw" continues to scratch at the safe for a
		long time.
		So what's in the safe?
		That is the "Claw's" intended target after all, isn't it?

Suddenly, the heavily bandaged Huang-san enters the room.

Huang-san:	Maybe.
Pai:		You should be resting.
Servant:	Madam!
Yakumo:		Huang-san!
  (to himself)	I hope she's OK...
Pai (to herself):  She shouldn't be out of bed.
Huang-san:	Let's go over to the study.
		Within this safe lies one of my husband's relics.

Yakumo doesn't understand the Chinese word "relic".

Yakumo:		?
Huang-San:	Ah, sorry...in Japanese, it's called a "relic".
		It seems to be a treasured article from the Manchu Dynasty.
		It disappeared in the chaos following the collapse of the 
		dynasty...that's what my husband told me.
		And now, it is a stolen good my husband obtained through 
		illegal channels.  It's also something I didn't want outsiders
		to see.
Yakumo:		Heh...I feel the excitement.
Pai (excited):	What is it?
Huang-san:	Please take a look for yourself.
Yakumo:		Wh-why...this...could it be?
Pai:		It's...
Yakumo:		Alright!  We found it!  Hehe...

Pai is ecstatic now that she can become human.

Pai (happy):	Yeah!
Yakumo:		You don't have to cry over this kind of thing.
Pai:		But...but but but but but but...
Yakumo (smiling):  Pai...

Pai lets out a hearty sneeze...on Yakumo's arm!

Pai:		I'b sorry.
Yakumo:		You idiot!
Huang-san:	...
Ling-Ling:	Anyways, Huang-san...
		We call this "The Statue of Mortality".  We don't know much 
		about it though.
		The only person who would know about it is Aguri, the 
		editor-in-chief of Monster Buster Inc. (a Chinese magazine)
		but he's currently away on some obscure business trip.
		Nobody else would know why a ghost would want this object.
[Aguri was the guy who witnessed Huang-san's ritual in the previous chapter]
Huang-san:	I see...
Yakumo:		Do you know anything else about it?
Huang-san:	No...
Pai:		Can I touch it?
Yakumo:		Yeah!  Mind if I take a closer look?

Suddenly, the servant moves in front of Yakumo, preventing Yakumo from 
touching the statue.

Yakumo:		!!
Servant (closing the safe):  Sorry, my late master ordered that only 
		trustworthy people can be allowed to touch this.
Yakumo (pissed off):  What?!
Huang-san:	Chou, touching it should be OK.
Chou:		NO.
Ling-Ling:	What can we do to make you trust us?
Chou:		Well, I'll trust you if you kill the three-clawed ghost.
Yakumo:		Alright then, we'll do it!!!
		<give me a break!>
Ling-Ling:	But we're not going to do it for free!
		In addition to the required fee, we're asking for 3000 yuan
                per day.
		As a service, I'll offer you these charms that ward off 
		evil spirits for 750 Yuan each.
		Once I affix this to the safe, no ghost can touch it.
[yuan is Chinese currency]

Everyone else quickly rushes out of the room since they count as "ghosts".
(the scroll wards them off :-)

Chou:		Uh, it's time to retire for the night, madam.
Ling-Ling:	It's a high-quality charm used by many (Taoist) priests 
		and it works wonders!  A 10-piece set will cost you 620 yuan
		per month, so for twelve months the total comes out to...

...but everyone has already left the room.

Ling-Ling:	Don't leave me here alone!

The scene changes to Yakumo, Pai, and Ling-Ling's room.

Pai:		Good luck, Yakumo.
Yakumo:		Thanks.
 (to himself):	Look at me, I'm even scared of a charm...
Yakumo:		If I'm willing to die, I can do anything.  But I cannot die...
		I shouldn't have talked so big.
		So how are we going to do it, Ling-Ling-san?
		Can we kill the ghost?

Ling-Ling is examining her ghostbusting gear.

Ling-Ling:	Hmmm...camera, video camera, transmitter, receiver,
		infra-red scope, survival knife...
		I've also prepared some other goodies.
		Let's go, Yakumo-kun, Pai-chan!

The trio go into the study.  Ling-Ling starts working on the safe.

Yakumo:		What are you doing?!
Ling-Ling:	Don't worry about it - I disabled the security system.
		This is how we'll catch the culprit.
Yakumo, Pai:	?!
Ling-Ling:	I think that this whole affair is only made to look 
		like a ghost's doing.
Yakumo:		But there really is a "claw" ghost!
Ling-Ling:	There's no such thing as a ghost.  The "claw" is just some 
		kind of a trick.
Pai:		Even though you don't believe in ghosts, you still use charms?
Yakumo:		Pai, if you're going to become human, you'd better understand
		the human "commercial spirit".

Ling-Ling opens the safe and takes out the statue.

Ling-Ling:	So what do you think?  It's in our hands now.
		Now that we've provoked the criminals,
		they should be coming soon.
Yakumo:		Huang-san won't be too happy about that.
		What's wrong, Pai?
Pai:		I sense it...yesterday's ghost is getting closer.
Yakumo:		Yesterday's ghost?  Where?!
Pai:		Ling-Ling-san!  Look out!  Behind you!

A blinding light appears behind Ling-Ling.  It takes possession of the
statue and Ling-Ling is thrown across the room.

Yakumo:		It's here?!
Pai:		Ling-Ling-san!
Yakumo:		Damn it!
Pai:		Huh?  Who is it?  It's not the ghost from yesterday!
Yakumo:		?!
		What?!  You mean it's not the "claw" ghost?!

The light starts to fade.  Yakumo chases after the it.

Yakumo:		W-Wait!!!
Pai:		Yakumo!  Behind you - on the ground!

Three claw marks appear on the ground and start to move toward Yakumo.
Yakumo picks up a chair, ready to defend himself against the "claw" ghost.

Yakumo:		Goddamn "Claw"!  Stop chasing me!

Yakumo hits the ghost with the chair.  The chair shatters, leaving only the
chair backing in Yakumo's hands.

Yakumo:		Uh oh...
Pai:		Yakumo!

Yakumo pins the ghost to the floor with the back of the chair.  Yakumo is 
blown away by the resulting explosion and lands rather painfully on a desk.

Pai:		Yakumo!
Yakumo:		Yeeoww!

Undaunted, the impaled ghost makes its way toward Pai, who is holding the
unconscious Ling-Ling in her arms.

Yakumo:		Pai!

Yakumo reaches back at the desk for something to throw at the ghost.  
Unfortunately, he's not looking and picks up Ling-Ling's charm.

Yakumo:		Aaargh!  I'm paralyzed!

As the ghost gets closer, Pai takes up a defensive position in front of 
Ling-Ling's body.

Pai:		Noooooo!!!
		If you kill any more people, Pai won't forgive you!

Yakumo manages to grab a lantern on the desk and throws it at the moving chair.
The chair backing bursts into flames and stops dead in its tracks.

Yakumo:		What?!  Why did it run away?


Yakumo:		In conclusion, the Statue of Mortality was stolen, 
		and there was a small fire...
		What do we do now?

A blip appears on Ling-Ling's scanner.

Ling-Ling:	Hehehe!  Just as I planned!  I planted a bug on the statue.
		It's still on the premises.

[Translator's notes:  "ghost" and "monster" can be used interchangeably.
 Also, I prefer "statue of mortality" over "statue of mankind" but they both
 refer to the same object.]

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