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Book 1, Story 5(#5) - Labyrinth of Kaiyanwan - Part III

Translation by Dan Su, Anime Berkeley

We see a bird's eye view of the mansion.  Yakumo and Pai are filling up a
fountain with gasoline.

A mysterious voice says, "Kill them.  Now that I know that they don't know how 
to use the Statue of Mortality, I have no use for them.  Make sure not even
one of them makes it back home alive.

Ling-Ling:	You're late!  What have you two been up to?
Yakumo:		Sorry.  We drained all the water from the fountain in the
		courtyard and replaced it with gasoline.
		Since the claw ghost seems to be afraid of bright light,
		we're planning to drive it into the gasoline-filled fountain
		with a light [Pai is carrying a flashlight] and then toast 
		the sucker by setting the fountain on fire.
Ling-Ling:	...
Yakumo:		Pretty clever of me, huh?
		If I'm always this clever I won't have any problems with
		my final exams...

Ling-Ling picks Yakumo up by the collar.

Ling-Ling:	I'm telling you, there's no such thing as a ghost!
		What do we do if the Statue of Mortality is carried off the
Yakumo:		Waa!
Ling-Ling:	Stop pulling my leg...
		<Don't blow it!>
[They've come this far, Ling-Ling doesn't want Yakumo to screw everything
 up with this ghost nonsense]

Yakumo (whispering to Pai):  I can't argue with her.
Pai:		...
[implied meaning: Finally, I will become human]

The search for the statue goes on...

Yakumo:		Once we get our hands on the statue, the secret of turning
		you into a human will be revealed.  
		You will finally become human...
Pai:		Mmmm.
Yakumo:		What do you plan to do once you've become human?
		<Watch your step.>
Pai:		Eh?
Yakumo:		You've never thought about it?
		You mean, after living for all this time, you've never really
		thought about it?  You sure don't have too many wrinkles in 
		your "noumiso".

[noumiso = brain.  The more wrinkles you have in your brain, the smarter/wiser
 you are.  Aren't idioms fun?  :-]

Pai:		What's a "noumiso"?
		Pai doesn't have such a thing.
Yakumo:		...
		Oh well.
		After this thing's over with, I can return to my regular life,
		a life without supernatural monsters or ghosts. 
		I can go to school, take tests, ride my motorcycle, party,

Pai looks rather insecure.

Yakumo:		Wha..?  What's wrong?
Ling-Ling:	Yakumo-kun!

Ling-Ling throws him a huge knife.

Yakumo:		Huh?
Ling-Ling (pointing to a door):	 I've found it!  It's here.

Ling-Ling kicks the door down and rushes into the room.

Ling-Ling:	The statue's in this room!

The three see Chou holding the statue.

Pai, Yakumo:	Eh?!
Ling-Ling:	!!
Chou:		What the hell?!
Ling-Ling:	So, you're the culprit!

Ling-Ling charges straight at Chou.

Yakumo:		It's no good, Ling-Ling-san!

Pai:		Ling-Ling-sa...
Ling-Ling:	Haa!

Ling-Ling hits Chou's arm and makes him drop the statue.  

Yakumo:		Huh?  Owaa!
Yakumo catches the statue before it hits the floor.  Meanwhile, Ling-Ling
continues to beat the living crap out of Chou with her kung-fu.

Ling-Ling:	You can't get away like you did last night.
		You have nowhere to run.
Chou:		Oh yeah?  We'll see about that...

Chou tries his blinding light trick again but Ling-Ling throws her jacket
over Chou, effectively blocking the light coming from his body.

Pai, Yakumo:	?!

Yakumo:		Ling-Ling-san!

Pai notices something behind her.

Pai:		!!
Yakumo:		Pai!

Pai is knocked down and cut up by something.

Yakumo:		Are you OK, Pai?
Pai:		Yea.  Sorry...the flashlight's broken...
Yakumo:		Don't worry about it.  As long as you're safe.
Pai:		But that thing is still in this room.
		It's waiting for us at the entrance (door)...
Yakumo:		Give us a break!
		Without a light, not only are we unable to destroy you,
		we can't even run away.
Pai:		Yeah.
Yakumo:		There's gotta be another way...
		The window?!

Yakumo opens the window.

Yakumo:		Rain?
		Aww...c'mon!  This isn't happening!
		The sun is hidden [behind the clouds]!!
		I got an idea! Pai!  Can't you turn into three eyes?
Pai:		I don't know how to tell it to come out.
		For now, let's just run!

Pai climbs through the window and steps onto the balcony.

Yakumo:		Eh?

Three claw marks appear on the ground and head towards Yakumo.

Yakumo:		!!
		It's coooooming!

Yakumo picks up Pai and runs for his life.  The window behind him is utterly

Yakumo:		Yikes!
		This is not my day!
		I'm scared of heights!
		Wa!  It's a dead end!

Yakumo decides to jump.

Yakumo:		Dowaa!!
		Geez!  This monster is persistent!!

Yakumo and Pai land on a roof.

Pai:		Yakumo!
Yakumo:		What?  It's still coming?!
		It's after the statue!
Yakumo (struggling to climb back onto the roof):  Ugh!!

Pai picks up the statue to draw the claw ghost away from Yakumo.  And just in
time too, as the claw ghost barely misses Yakumo.

Yakumo:		!!
Pai:		It's over here!  Come on!
Yakumo:		You fool!  What are you doing?!
Pai:		It's OK.  As long as you're safe, I don't care what happens
		to me!
Yakumo:		I got it!
		<I didn't want to resort to this but...>
		You idiot!  Your death would be in vain.
		<I still have that option - my last resort!>

Yakumo makes a last ditch effort and tackles the claw ghost.  
Yakumo manages to stab the monster with his knife.

Pai:		Yakumo!
Yakumo:		I got it!

Yakumo lights his lighter and jumps into the gasoline-filled fountain along
with the ghost.

Yakumo:		Take this!!!

Yakumo, the claw ghost, and the fountain burst into flames.
Pai looks on in shock.

Huang-san quietly observes all this.

Huang-san:	Heh...

Suddenly, Chou appears and takes the statue from Pai's arms.

Pai:		Ahhh!
Chou:		You fool!
		This statue belongs to "King Devil Eyes"!!!

Yakumo comes out from the flames.

Chou:		!!
Yakumo:		Who's "King Devil Eyes"?
Chou:		There's an "Wu" character on his forehead?!!!
		I don't believe it!
Pai:		Yakumo!
Yakumo:		Pai...

Chou tries to run away with the statue but he's stopped by Ling-Ling.

Ling-Ling:	Going somewhere?


Huang-san shoots Chou with a shotgun.

Huang-san:	Hahaha.
Chou:		You...You betrayed me...Jinki
[Jinki = Huang-san's real (monster) name]

Huang-san:	Hahaha...So, you're the culprit.
		I will avenge my husband.
		<Before the police come to arrest you.>

Huang-san continues to blast away at Chou.

Pai:		Stop!
		Don't die, Mr. Butler.
[Mr. Butler refers to Chou]

Ling-Ling:	Huh?
Chou:		You...
		You think I'm going to let you have the statue???
Pai:		Kyaaa!!!
Yakumo:		!!

Everyone stares in disbelief as Chou sends the statue up into the sky.
A huge hand comes out from the clouds to receive it.

Chou:		Heheheh...Once again, the statue disappears into the
		world of darkness.
Huang-san:	Chou!  You...
Chou:		Heheh...struggle...struggle in your search for the statue...

The police and ambulance come and take Chou's body away.
Later that night...

Yakumo:		I'm worn out after all this work.
		It looks like we won't be returning to an ordinary life
		anytime soon.
Pai:		But I feel a little relieved.

Pai snuggles up to Yakumo.

Yakumo:		What are you smiling for?
Pai:		Mmmm-mm.
Yakumo:		You know, you'll remain a monster.
Yakumo:		Well, TEMPORARILY, we are one in flesh and spirit.
Pai:		Mmmm.  Totally.
Yakumo:		Suit yourself.

At a San Ji Yan shrine under Hong Kong...

Huang-san:	I'm terribly sorry, King Devil Eyes.
		I'm sure I will recover the statue by the time of your rebirth.
		Please forgive me.
		But, the boy with the "Wu" mark on his forehead...

Our heroes are having a feast.

Pai:		I'm starving!

Yakumo is too busy scarfing up food to talk.

Ling-Ling:	Hey, take it easy on the food!
		<My money!>


Book 1, Story 6(#6) - Fujii Yakumo - Part I

Translation by Dave Mou, Anime Berkeley

Yakumo:		Thank you for taking care of us.

Ling:		Naah.  I should be saying that.
		Well, come back to Hong Kong again sometime.

Ling:		Leave the statue business to me.  The transmitter can still
		function for two years.

		Ms. Huang will back up our finances.

Huang:		Darn.  You have to go back to Japan!!

Ling:		When we find Aguri we'll contact you.

Yakumo:		Thank you very much.

		Zai Chien (Chinese:  goodbye)

<Apartment: Shinjuku New Height>
Yakumo:		Japan is still the best place to be.

		This kind of life is most invigorating.  (??)

Yakumo:		Pai!  Breakfast is ready!!  Hurry up....

Yakumo:		You're up already.  What are you looking at?

Pai:		This picture has you....

Yakumo:		Ah, this one...

Yakumo:		They're my buddies.

		Look, while we're in Hong Kong, they keep sending me these 

Pai:		"bud-dei-s?"

Yakumo:		They're friends.

		We go to school together, play together, eat together.

Yakumo:		Everyone will go on a trip.

		That's the best part!

Pai(?):		...so that means.....

<Post card:	Damn you idiot.  You defaulted the trip and now where the hell
		did you go?!  When you come back I'll kill you!!>

Yakumo:		Nevermind that.

Yakumo:		I'm going to school now.  So now you be good and stay home,
		okay Pai?

		I'll be back soon.

Yakumo:		Hehe

		Those guys....

		If they hear I've become an indestructible hero, they'll
		really be surprised.

		he heh he

Speaker:	......and so hence therefore..............

Speaker:	......er, which means........

Tatchan:	STUPID!!

Yakumo:		Ah....Tatchan!!  Don't talk so loud!!

Tatchan:	Squid brain!!  (Tako- octopus ja nai?  :-)
		What's this immortal hero story?  Boy!!

Tatchan:	The one who breaks the promise doesn't deserve to speak.

Yakumo:		But, I was helping Pai to become human...

		<hmm.. they probably won't get this.>

Yakumo:		I'm sorry.

Shigeru:	What happened before doesn't matter now.  What about the next

Yakumo:		Shigeru-san.  Do you believe me?

Tatchan:	Huf!

Yakumo:		I really did exorcise a demon in Hong Kong!

Saru:		ehehehe

Yakumo:		How about you, Saru (monkey)?

Saru:		Where's the gift you picked up for me in Hong Kong?


Saru:		...no, about the gift.....

Speaker:	You there!!  BE QUIET!!

Tatchan:	Stupid.

Natsuko:	You guys are getting punished again, aren't ya?

		You people don't learn.  (??)

Yakumo:		Yo, Natsuko.  Long time no see.

Natsuko:	Don't "long-time-no-see" me.  You've been very bad, Fujii-kun.
		Did you really go to Hong Kong?

Yakumo:		Sorry.

Natsuko:	Nevermind.  I'm not mad.  Let's go for our last trip in 2nd
		year high school.  (Junior year here.)

<Travel brochure - The End of Winter Trip, Karuizawa, etc..>

<calligraphy by Takada Yuzo>

Tatchan:	Stupid!

Natsuko:	Heh?

Tatchan:	This idiot here (points to Yakumo), ditching us aside, pawned
		his scooter to get the dough for his Hong Kong trip.

		Now how can he go on the trip?!!

Natsuko:	You're the worst!!

someone:	This....
		one of our senpai (upperclassman) left it here a long time ago
		because it won't move.

Natsuko:	Can we use it?

Saru:		OK, it still looks like it's in good shape.

Yakumo:		(English)  Lucky!!

Natsuko:	Okay, the trip next Saturday to Karuizawa is then decided.

Saru:		Karuizawa!  Babes, babes!

Tatchan:	Oh!  I like that place already.

Shigeru-san:	Alright!  Good thing deems urgency.  (Proverb?)  When I get
		my dad's truck we can get things rolling.

Tatchan:	Hey, I'll navigate.  (Nabi??)

Yakumo:		Shigeru-san do you have a license?

Shigeru-san:	No license!!  The ability is all that matters!!

Yakumo:		Bad boy!

Natsuko:	What?  Why are you smirking?  Your eyes are as narrow as
		a string.

Yakumo:		hm

Yakumo:		After returning to Japan and seeing everyone's team work
		spirit, I'm very touched.

Natsuko:	Stop it!  <giggle giggle>
		Fujii-kun you sound like someone who stopped being Japanese
		for a long time.

Yakumo:		Heh!

Yakumo:		Next week I'll be going to Karuizawa....

		I'm happy just thinking about it.

3x3:		Foolish person.

Yakumo:		Heh?

Yakumo:		AH?!

3x3:		You promised to make Pai a human.  What are you going to 
		do about it?

Yakumo:		That...
		I'd done everything I could in Hong Kong.

		Besides that, I have tons of questions to ask you.

3x3:		Yakumo, leave this land.

3x3:		Don't you see, you can't live like a normal person anymore...
		This small island nation will only bring you misery.

3x3:		The life you have now won't last another week.

Yakumo:		I've had enough of this!!

		And above that, don't disturb my life!!

Natsuko:	What's wrong, Fujii-kun?

Yakumo:		Ah, nothing....

Nastuko:	Strange.

Yakumo:		Is this really alright?!

Shigeru-san:	O..oh, leave it to me.

<Went home and changed his clothes.>

Yakumo:		Even if I die I'm going to next week's trip.

		DON'T cause an accident!!

Tatchan:	Idiot!  I'm navigating, how can we have an accident?

Natsuko:	How is that relevant...... (to an accident.) (??)

Tatchan:	Stupid!  Of course they're irrelevant.

Natsuko:	Hey!

Yakumo:		LET'S GO!!

Natsuko:	Stop that!  There you go again.

Yakumo:		Eh?

Natsuko:	Watching us, and smiling..... as if you have distanced 
		yourself from us.

		As if Fujii-kun is going somewhere, by yourself.

Yakumo:		Why do you say..  WHAH!

Yakumo:		What?  What's going on?

Yakumo:		Eh, a check-point?!

Natsuko:	What are we going to do...

Shigeru-san:	I might....get suspended....

Tatchan:	No good....

Shigeru-san:	Suspension.....

Yakumo:		Calm down, everyone!!

Yakumo:		Stop this nonsense!!

Police:		Aye!  That small truck!!

Yakumo:		Calm down, Shigeru-san!!

		Don't run away!

Tatchan:	We..we're done for.

Yakumo:		Shit.  Anyways, cover the plate first.

3x3 -		The life you have now won't last another week.

Yakumo:		Tse

Yakumo:		I insist on going to Karuizawa!!

Police:		The small truck in front.  Stop at once!!

Yakumo:		We're already in this situation.....  Let me handle the
		patrol car!!

Yakumo:		You guys can for sure

		get away.

Natsuko:	FUJII-KUN!!

Yakumo:		See ya at Karuizawa.

Tatchan:	YAKUMO!!

Police:		Wuaa!!

everyone:	YAKUMO!!

Police:		Y..YOU

Police 1:	wuo..  This is terrible....

Police 2:	Without a doubt.....  this is dead-on-the-scene.

Yakumo:		<boo!>


Police:		Wuaaa!!

Police:		Heiiiii

Yakumo:		Hehehe

		Doesn't hurt anymore.

Yakumo:		It....it doesn't hurt.  Not one bit....

		I..I'm the immortal hero, hah.......

Yakumo:		He..hey, what are you all doing?

		Let's get out of here, quick.

Yakumo:		Hehehe

		I did it!

3x3:		........... ..........

Book 1, Story 7(#7) - Fujii Yakumo - Part II

Translation by Dan Su and Dave Mou, Anime Berkeley

Yakumo's friends seem to be terrified of Yakumo.

Natsuko:	A-Are you sure you're OK?
		Uhh...I-I'm sorry about being s-so pushy about the tour...
Shigeru:	P-please forgive me...
		I w-won't ever drive without a license again...
Yakumo:		What are you guys worrying about?
		Take it easy, we're all in the same circle [of friends].

But Yakumo's friends are still uneasy.
On his way to his apartment...

Yakumo:		Hmmm...I've got my scooter, everyone's safe, and later on
		I'm going touring with the money I earned but...

Yakumo recalls the San Ji Yan's words.

San Ji Yan:	You can only live like this until next week...
[This has the connotation: you only have enough money to last until next week]

Yakumo:		Something's not right.  I've got a bad feeling about this...
		That San Ji Yan...
		How am I going to deal with her [San Ji Yan] from now on...

Yakumo sees a suspicous-looking fellow in a trenchcoat.  The stranger leaves.

Yakumo:		Scary...that guy gives me the creeps...

Yakumo goes to his room.

Yakumo:		Huh...the door's open.
		Yo, Pai!  Are you home?

Yakumo sees his father's skull on the ground.

Yakumo:		Dad?
		<Yakumo's father did not receive a proper burial.
		 Let us pray...>

Yakumo turns on the light.  The room is a mess.

Yakumo:		...
		This is not my day...
		Pai!!!  Are you here?  Pai!!!

Yakumo runs over to "Mama's" apartment.

Yakumo:		Mama!  Mama!  Are you there?
Mama:		What the hell is your problem?  Pounding on the door like
		Oh, it's you, Yakumo.
Yakumo:		Geez...you scared me to death...
		<but I'm immortal>
Mama:		Pai-chan?  Pai-chan's staying over here.
Yakumo:		Eh?
Mama:		She showed up at my door tired and hungry so I let her in.
		It reminds me of how you used to come here to eat when you
		were little.  Heh...Those were the good 'ol days...

Yakumo sees Pai sleeping on the couch, dressed in one of Culture Shock's
waitress (ahem...waiter) uniforms (lingerie).
[Culture Shock is the gay bar that Yakumo works at.]

Yakumo:		How could you do this to Pai?!  Dressing her up in the
		store's clothes...
Mama:		Heh?
		My, my, aren't we being a little possessive?
		A little brat like you can't keep her all to yourself.
		Are you in love with her?
Yakumo (steamed):  Ah!
		Hey, there's nothing between me and Pai!
		I was just protecting her, that's all.
		Sure, she's cute...b-but she's like a little sister to me!
Mama:		Now you're turning it into incest?
Yakumo:		Oh, please...
		Anyways, now's not the time to be joking around.

Mama and Yakumo return to Yakumo's apartment and observe the destruction.

Mama:		Man, this is terrible.  Have you gone to the police yet?
Yakumo:		No.  I want to avoid the police, at least for tonight.
		Mama, you live next door, didn't you notice anything unusual?
Mama:		Ahh...Whoever did this was very thorough.  
		It looks like the work of a pro.
Yakumo:		Hmmm...I wonder if it's Pai's doing...
Mama:		You think Pai-chan is behind all this?
Yakumo:		Well, the truth is...

Yakumo and Mama have a long talk.

Mama:		I can't believe it...
		Pai is a three-eyed kid with a dual personality -
		And above that, you're immortal...
		What about that Ling-Ling from Hong Kong?
		Isn't she suspicious?  She was very kind to you even 
		though she didn't know a thing about you.
Yakumo:		She's not that kind of person.
		She was just trying to make some money from my immortality.
		But Huang could have something to do with it.
		Chou's dead so who else could it be?
		The only valuable things that were stolen were two or three
		books that my dad wrote.
		Why me?  Why does this kind of thing always happen to me?
Mama:		You can't turn back now, can you?  It's like the Yakuza.
		You can't lead an honest life. 
		Just as Pai says, you cannot find happiness by trying to
		lead a normal human life while you are, in fact, not human.
		You see, there is nothing else on this Earth like you.
		Nothing	cannot be damaged; nothing cannot die.
		Being immortal is more than reason enough for people
		[monsters] to go after you.
		But isn't it nice to throw away this boring way of life...
		In exchange for a life full of adventure, rescuing the woman
		you love...
		Isn't it nice?
["Yakuza" = Japanese mob]

Yakumo blushes.
Yakumo:		Uh...I don't see it like that.  Pai's a monster.
Mama:		So are you.
Yakumo (overlooking Pai's sleeping form):
		The truth is, I think Pai is really cute...but...
		I'm sorry...for the time being I can't trust you.
		Because of that, I don't know when you can become human.
		We can't wander around aimlessly.
		Because all my friends are here, in Tokyo.

The next day, at school.

Yakumo:		Yo!
Tatchan (surprised):  Waa!	
Yakumo:		Thanks for yesterday!
		Replacing the scooter battery seems to have fixed the problem
		with the ignition system.
		Hehe...We'll have a lot of fun in Karuizawa.
[Karuizawa is a city in Nagano prefecture]

Tatchan (sweating):  Uh...yeah...
Yakumo:		Let me get a sip...
Shigeru:	Ah!

Yakumo takes the soda can from his friend's hand and takes a sip.

Yakumo (in English):  "Thank You"
Shigeru:	S-sure...you can have the whole can.
Yakumo:		Aw, you don't have to do that!  There's still so much left!
Shigeru:	It's...It's OK.  Well, I'd better be going now...
Tatchan:	M-Me too!

Yakumo's friends take off.  Yakumo approaches his girlfriend.

Yakumo:		Hey, miss, are you alone?
		Nobody's with you now? 
Natsuko:	Kyaaaaa!!!
 (terrified)	Ah...Fu-Fuji-kun...I didn't mean to do that...

Somewhere else on the school grounds...

Girl:		Eh?  You're kidding!
Saruwata:	It's true!  I'm not kidding.
		He was hit by a car but he got up as if nothing had happened.
		The Fujii [Yakumo] you see now is not the real Fujii.
Girl:		Then...what is he?
Saruwata:	He's a monster!

Yakumo overhears this.

Yakumo:		Mon..monster???
		Hey, Saruwata-kun!
Saruwata:	Eh? Aah!  Yakumo...
Yakumo:		Saru, listen to me...
		["saru" means "monkey" :]
Saruwata:	Forgive me!  I'm sorry!  I didn't mean anything by it!
Yakumo:		L-listen to me!  Saruwata!  I'm...
Saruwata (on his knees):  H-Help!!!
Yakumo:		No, you've got it all wrong...

Yakumo can't take it anymore and runs away.

Natsuko:	Fujii-kun!

Nearby, a one-eyed monster in a trenchcoat says...

Monster:	Fu-ji-i-Ya-ku-mo...

Later on...

Natsuko:	I'm sorry...I really am, Fujii-kun.
		We're...really scared.
Yakumo:		It's OK.  It's not your fault.
		I know how you feel.
		I still can't trust Pai.
Natsuko:	?
Yakumo:		Ah...I mean, what the San Ji Yan said.
		It really pisses me off...
		Hehe...Let everyone know that I'll be OK.
Natsuko:	Eh?
Yakumo:		I'm going away for a while.
		And when I return, I will return as a human being.
Natsuko:	Fujii-kun...
Yakumo:		Hurry up and go back!  Don't worry about me...

Suddenly, the one-eyed monster sends a concrete pillar (bridge support)
flying towards Yakumo.  Yakumo is crushed.  The monster grabs Natsuko.

Natsuko:	Kyaaaa!!!

Book 1, Story 8(#8) - Fujii Yakumo - Part III

Translation by Dan Su, Anime Berkeley

"I'm Fujii Yakumo, 16 years old.
 In an unusual accident, I was saved by a monster but...
 The unfortunate side effect was that my body was made invulnerable.
 Because of this, my "Dachinko" (posse/friends) think that I'm a monster.
 Also, strange people have started to follow me around.
 This is too much for me.  That's why I've decided..."

(flashback):	I'm going away for a while.
		And when I return, I will return as a human being.

"I will return as a human being!!!"

Two of Yakumo's friends stop at the collapsed bridge.

Tatchan:	What the hell is going on here?

A wounded man is helping the other victims to safety.

Man:		Hey you!  Call 119 NOW!
		The bridge supports just collapsed all of the sudden!
[119 is Japan's equivalent of our 911 :-]

Tatchan:	G-Got it.
Saruwata:	Tatchan!  Over there!
Tatchan:	!!
Saruwata:	Did you find Yakumo?
Tatchan:	No!  It's Natsuko!

The two see the monster carry the unconscious Natsuko.

Monster:	U...uu...
		[monster noises]

The monster taps Natsuko's forehead.

Monster:	You...You're not a San Ji Yan...
Tatchan:	Natsukooo!!!
Monster:	You...are you a San Ji Yan?
Tatchan:	Sa..San Ji...what?
Saruwata:	What's that?
Monster:	Nope...

The monster knocks Yakumo's friends down.

Tatchan:	Uuuugh!
Monster:	Ge..ge..ge..If you're not a San Ji Yan then you can die.
Yakumo:		Wait!
		What are you doing to my Dachinko?
		Let go of Natsuko!
		What the hell are you trying to do?!
Monster:	Well...well...well...you really...are immortal...

The monster attacks Yakumo.

Yakumo:		?!
 (to himself)	Th-This guy destroyed the bridge?!
		Is he after me?  What does he want?
		<I've seen this guy before somewhere>
Tatchan:	Natsukooo!!!
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...looks...delicious...
Yakumo:		STOP!!!
		You bastard!  If you do anything to hurt Natsuko,
		I won't forgive you!
Monster:	Won't..forgive...
		What...will..you do?
		You...don't have...any...power...

The monster steps on Yakumo's head.

Yakumo:		Uuuggh!
Monster:	You...don't have....what it takes...to be an immortal...Wu!!

Yakumo can only stare in horror as the monster sinks its teeth into Natsuko.

Yakumo:		Na..Natsuko!!!
Natsuko:	AAAAAAHHHH!!!
Yakumo:		Stop!  Natsuko has nothing to do with this!
		I'll tell you what you want, if you stop.
Monster:	...
		Where...is the...San Ji Yan?

Pai's walking stick comes flying out of nowhere towards the monster.
The monster barely avoids it.  Pai appears, her giant pet Takuhi beside her.

San Ji Yan:	Don't be so imposing, scum bag.
Monster:	Sa...San Ji Yan...
Yakumo:		Pai.
San Ji Yan:	You were tempted by some ghost to come here to capture me?
		You scum...
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...I've finally...found...you...
		Ge...ge...you look...so delicious...
Yakumo:		Huh?!

The monster leaps at Pai.

Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...here I come!
San Ji Yan:	Hmph!!!  Low-life.
Monster:	?!

Takuhi easily knocks the monster down.

Yakumo:		Takuhi...
Tatchan:	Hey...that human-faced bird...
San Ji Yan:	Let me end your miserable existence.
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...

The monster runs away.

Monster:	I'll...remember...this...
San Ji Yan:	What a weakling.
Yakumo:		...

At a hospital...

Doctor:		Well, you don't have to worry.
		Her chest lacerations are minor.
		She doesn't have a fever so she'll regain consciousness
		and recover from her injuries soon.
		As for the other girl, she's just sleeping.
Yakumo:		Ha!

Yakumo goes over to Natsuko's room.

Yakumo:		...
Friends (still scared of Yakumo):  ...
Yakumo:		I...uhh...

Suddenly, Pai pops out from under Natsuko's bed, scaring the living daylights
out of Yakumo.

Pai:		Waaa!
Yakumo:		Waaa!!!
Pai:		Hee hee.  That's what you get for neglecting me...
 (to herself)	At least I got a chance to brush up on my Japanese.
Yakumo:		...
		Why you...this is not the time nor the place...

Pai has a concerned look on her face.

Pai:		Oh no!  You're hurt.
		Don't die!  Don't die!

Yakumo appreciates her concern.

Yakumo:		Pai.
		Silly girl, I can't die.
Pai:		Really?
Yakumo:		If I can be killed I would've been killed a long time ago.
		Everyone, I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess...
		I'll be leaving Japan shortly.
		If I stay like this, everyone will be in big trouble...
		That's why I'm going to find a way to turn myself back into
		a human being.
Pai:		Ah!
		Pai knows these people!  These are the people in your picture!
		Yakumo's Dachinko!  Yeah, that's it!
Tatchan:	That's right!  We're all good friends!
		We-We're sorry for freaking out.
		We wanted to apologize...
		...but then we got even more scared.

Pai notices some movement from Natsuko's body.
Yakumo and his friends take their conversation just outside the room.

Tatchan:	We'll be waiting for you.
		Make sure you come back!
Yakumo:		I will!
Pai:		Kyaaaa!!!
Yakumo:		What the hell?

Natsuko appears with an eye-blob monster attached to her chest.  She carries
Pai, who is helpless because there is a charm attached to her forehead.

Yakumo:		?!

Natsuko jumps out of the window, carrying Pai with her.

Yakumo:		Pai!  Natsukooo!!!

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