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Book 5, Story 1(#27) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part V

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 6)
  Pai:		Father Tinzuin!	 [He's the head of the monastery.  I'm not
		sure what the appropriate English word for this is so
		I'm using "Father".  The Japanese simply says "Monistary Leader

  Monk:		What are you doing Surundesu?  Have you lost your mind Associate
		Father!! [The rank just below Father].

  Tinzuin:	Stop!  Don't go near him!!

  Tinzuin:	Ramuba has had Cho An Ling Ling cast upon him and has lost
		his memory.  He's being controlled at the evil whims of the 
		spell caster.

pg. 7)
  Pai:		We..we must do something...

  Pai:		Say?  What should we do Yakumo?

pg. 8)
  Yakumo:	I can't be.... Surly it isn't him.....

  Yakumo:	Or is there someone else who can use this spell?
  Pai:		Yakumo

  Ramu:		OOooohhh
  Pai:		No!  Stay away!

pg. 9)
  Pai:		Bara.... [about to do her Sanjiyan attack]

pg. 10)
  Yakumo:	Pai!

  Pai:		Eeeeiiiii!

pg. 11)
  Pai:		What happened?

  Tinzuin:	Because the spell was incomplete, an abnormality occurred
		within his body.
  Pai:		Father Tinzuin

  Yakumo:	Then the one who cast this spell must be different than
		the one who cast the spell on Pai.

  Yakumo:	Probably.... [The Japanese word also has the nuance that
		it is the possibility of something not good]

pg. 12)
  Tinzuin:	Lady Pai.  I'm finnishied.  I deeply regret that I can be
		of no further use.

  Pai:		Don't give up like that!  We have a scroll that will cure
		wounds instantly.

  Tinzuin:	I don't need the assistance from evil teachings [remember
		where the scroll came from].  Rather than that, look
		at my back.

pg. 13)
  Pai:		A map!?

  Tinzuin:	Naparuba.  Take these people there...
  Naparuba:	Understood.

  Tinzuin:	I'm sorry that I am unable to tell you directly anything about
		the Seichi (Holy Ground).  But...  On this land lies the Holy
		Hall filled with objects and information pertaining to the
		Seichi obtained over many years by this monistary sealed inside.

  Pai:		Father Tinzuin

pg. 14)
  Choukai:	Ho ho ho ho!  Very interesting.  I'll just take that map.

  Pai:		That...that voice!?

  Choukai:	On She Fu Tun Ling Long

pg. 15)
  Pai:		EEeeiiii!

  Yakumo:	Pai!
  MacDonald:	Miss Pai!

pg. 16)
  Yakumo:	Ran Pao Pao...

pg. 17)
  MacDonald:	You... Choukai! ("Choukai" means "spell demon")

  Choukai:	Later folks!

  Pai:		Father Tinzuin.....

pg. 18)
  Naparuba:	How is the water, Lady Pai?  Has the cold left your body?
  Pai:		Yes, thank you.

pg. 19)
  Pai:		Naparuba?
  Naparuba:	Yes?

  Pai:		I'm terribly sorry.  Because of us, Father Tinzuin met
		this terrible fate.

  Naparuba:	No.  It was fate.  And besides, we abducted you first.
		Please don't pay it any more head.

  Naparuba:	And there is still a happiness among the unhappiness.
		The position of the Holy Hall can not be detemined
		only by the map.

pg. 20)
  Naparuba:	In other words. The map on the Father's back only shows the
		entrance to the underground route.  The route from there
		is shown on this key to the Hall gate.

  MacDonald:	Is that the only advantage he have?  How are we going to
		find the enterance.

  Naparuba:	Don't worry.  I've seen it clearly.  I know the place well.

pg. 21)
  Yakumo:	What shall we do.  If we go to the Hall tomorrow, surely
		the demons and goblins will have set up a net for us and
		be waiting.

  Yakumo:	And surely *it* too....

pg. 22)
  Pai:		Your body.... is it all right?
  Yakumo:	Yeah.  It's a little inconvenient without a right hand though.

  Pai:		Isn't it about time you told me?  Everything.... About who
		cast Choan Ling Ling on me.  You know don't you.

Book 5, Story 2(#28) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part VI

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 23)
  Yakumo:	All right.  I'll tell you anything you want to know.

  Yakumo:	But in exchnage, you must promise me this one thing.

pg. 24)
  Yakumo:	Stay here and wait while we go to the Holy Hall.

pg. 25)
  Naparuba:	Ah!  Mr. MacDonald, please don't drop ashes onto the floor.

  MacDonald:	Hey!  Don't you have any better weapons here?
  Naparuba:	We use no tools for killing which engrave that crime
		upon the body and upon this monistary.

pg. 26)
  Naparuba:	Do you understand now?  Killing is....

  MacDonald:	Shut up!  You octopus (= stupid)

  MacDonald:	Well, I guess I wasn't expecting any guns at
		a place like this.

  MacDonald:	Don't you have anything that we can use against

  MacDonald:	What is this?

  Naparuba:	It is the egg of Shi Yao Chon.  With this you
		can resist monsters.

  MacDonald:	My God!  Son of a bitch [This is in English
		transliterated phonetically into Japanese

pg. 27)
  MacDonald:	If you do that again, I'm gonna sock you one.

  MacDonald:	Shiiit!  I didn't bring anything of any use either.

  Naparuba:	Do you mind if I ask a question, Mr. MacDonald?
  MacDonald:	What?
  Naparuba:	Why are you trying to go to the Holy ground?

  MacDonald:	To get Pai's memory back, and have her use the
		undead power.
  Naparuba:	On you?

pg. 28)

  MacDonald:	[I'm not sure how to express this in English.  It's
		basicly an ambiguous reply you can give to
		dodge a question]

  Pai:		Why can't I go?  Please take me.  I'm prepared for
		the danger.

  Pai:		If I have Shiva's claw, I'll be all right.

  Yakumo:	All right, I'll tell you everything.  We have a
		promise now, OK?  Where shall I start?

pg. 29)
  Yakumo:	300 years ago there was a violent Sanjiyan who was
		sealed by his fellow Sanjiyan.  Among the Sanjiyan,
		he was the most wicked and most powerful of all,
		and he tried to gain control of heaven and earth.

  Pai:		I didn't think that man was such a horrible person.
  Yakumo:	How can you know that.  He killed all of the other

pg. 30)
  Yakumo:	At any rate.  Because Kaiyanwan was gone, the one
		remaining Sanjiya made a big blunder, thinking that
		days of peace would last forever.
  Pai:		Big blunder?

  Yakumo:	She saved me when I was dieing.

  Yakumo:	In other words, she used her undead powers on
		me to make me a Wu.  The Wu who is supposed to
		protect the Sanjiyan.  But instead, she choose
		me who had no power at all.

pg. 31)
  Yakumo:	I was unable to protect Pai.

  Yakumo:	I was unable to protect the woman I love.  I...

pg. 32)
  Yakumo:	Yakumo!

pg. 33)
  Pai:		You've been in training for four years, right?
		Have confidance.  And this time, please protect me.

  Yakumo:	It's no good.  It's too dangerous.
  Pai:		It's OK.  That Choukai is nothing.

  Yakumo:	Our enemy is not the likes of him....Look.  the
		one who cast Choan Ling Ling on you is probably
		this person.

  Yakumo:	naagadahateyaapurishivimemamu barasu vidaahi

pg. 34)
  Yakumo:	Access!!  Maha Kaiyan!

pg. 35)
  Pai:		What is it?  Who is it?
  Yakumo:	Shhh.  Calm down.  He's not really here.  It's a
		kind of information network within the Earth.

  Benaresu:	 To the servents of darkness I proclaim.

pg. 36)

  Benaresu:	I am the Wu of Kaiyanwan, Benaresu.  I command in
		the name of Kaiyanwan, find the remaining Sanjiyan
		and capture her alive.

  Benaresu:	Whatever you do, do not kill her.  Bring her to me
		alive.  If you do this, our king will be able to
		obtain eternal life.

  Benaresu:	The resurection of Kaiyanwan is near.  Being of
		darkness, capture the Sanjiyan alive.

pg. 37)
  Yakumo:	Just as I protect your life, Kaiyanwan also has a
		bodyguard who shares a life with him.

  Yakumo:	You understand don't you?  The Wu that Kaiyanwan
		selected, on top of having terrible power, is
		also immortal.  I don't have any confidence that
		I can protect you against that kind of enemy.

  Pai:		Heh

  Pai:		Heh heh.

pg. 38)
  Pai:		If he's so strong, staying here isn't any safer.
		Let's go!  Benaresu said he didn't intend to take
		my life.
  Yakumo:	Uh, um, but.

  Pai:		You said "woman" right?
  Yakumo:	uh.

  Pai:		I want to be proected by the man I love.

  Pai:		Please
  Yakumo:	uh, um.

pg. 39)
  Choukai:	Yes, we've obtained the map of the underground
		passage leading to the Holy Hall.
  Choukai:	Yes, we've already set up a trap.

  Choukai:	Yes, understood.  This time there will be no failure.
		Please leave it to me.

  Choukai:	Lord Benaresu!!

  Choukai:	Look at this!  You Fujii rat!

Book 5, Story 3(#29) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part VII

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 41)
  Pai:		Let's see.... compass, rope, binoculars, light, matches,
		mineral water

  Pai:		what else?  biskets biskets

  Pai:		Hey MacDonald, can you help me out here?

pg. 43)
  Naparuba:	The seem to have gotten in by force.  The boulder that
		was sealing the entrance has been reduced to rubble.

pg. 44)
  Pai:		Are you sure its all right?  We seem to have been passed
		by Choukai.  It's only 300 meters to the Holy Hall from
		here isn't it?

  Naparuba:	If you find your way throught the underground maze.

  Naparuba:	And furthermore, there are many traps left by our ancestors.

  Naparuba:	Even for us, getting to the Holy Hall is quite a task.  Even
		for monsters and such, it won't be easy.
  Pai:		I wonder if everything is going to be OK?

  Yakumo:	If you want to turn back, now's your chance Pai.

pg. 45)
  Pai[thinking]:   I can't leave it at this.
  Pai[flashback]:  I want to be protected by the man I love.
  Pai[thinking]:   After saying such a big words.

  Pai[thinking]:   Ahh. I feel embarrassed and don't know how I should behave.
  Pai:		Let's go together Mr. MacDonald.

  Pai:		Uh.  Mr. MacDonald?

pg. 46)
  MacDonald:	I'm sorry but.  I'm going to have to get off here.

  MacDonald:	The Sanjiyan Legend, the Seichi (Holy Grounds) and such are
		fine things if your alive.  But If I hang out with you guys
		no matter how many live I have, it won't be enough.  I'm
		going home to L.A.

  MacDonald:	See you later.  Farewell.
  Pai:		Wait!  MacDonald!  You came this far with us, why are you

pg. 47)
  MacDonald:	Because I don't want to die.

  Pai:		How can you say that!!  How can you just leave us all of
		a sudden?

  MacDonald:	You've got Yakumo right?  You should just think of him.

  MacDonald:	You like him right?  Quit being so akward and just admit it.

  MacDonald:	What you keep think of as embarrassing is the most important
		thing of all.

pg. 48)
  MacDonald:	When you've realized something is dear to you, no matter
		what trials and tribulations there are, you should take good
		care of it.  Understand?  Farewell, punks [a deragatory
		word, but used in an affectionate way].
  Pai:		Ah!

  Pai:		Mr. MacDonald....

  Yakumo:	There are all kind of people.  Give it up Pai....

  Pai:		Something dear to oneself... what could be the thing that is
		dear to MacDonald....

pg. 49)
  Pai:		I guess I really don't have the "holy power" for making friends
		after all, Kaiyanwan....

  Yakumo:	Wow, this is a quite an underground stream.
  Naparuba:	Be careful!  Don't fall in!

pg. 50)
  Naparuba:	There can be no telling what kinds of traps are in the water.

  Pai:		okey

  Yakumo:	But if this place is so full of traps, will we be OK if
		something happens.
  Naparuba:	Be at ease.

  Naparuba:	We should be able to flee in a hurry.  I've left a rope trailing
		from the entrance,  We shouldn't get lost.

  Naparuba:	DON'T TOUCH THAT!
  Pai:		Wahh!

pg. 51)
  Naparuba:	Do you understand!  You mustn't go around touching the walls
		and such.  If we're not careful, the intruder prevension
		traps will activate, and it could be all over at once.
  Pai:		Understood.

  Naparbua:	All right, it's this way.

  Pai[thinking]: oh. don't touch. don't touch.....

  Yakumo:	That's right.  Ever since he made that phone call to L.A.
		this morning, he's been acting kind of strange.
  Naparuba:	I see.
  Pai:		Hey!

  Pai:		Hey!
  Naparuba:	L.A., huh?

pg. 52)
  [begin flashback]
  MacDonald:	It's my woman.  She's home in Amarica now.

  Naparuba:	You're very enviable.
  MacDonald:	No, not at all.  She's been in the hospital in L.A. for three
		years now.

  Naparuba:	Then the undead power?  Is it for her?

  Naparuba:	What got me interested in the undead power was that when I
		was small, mu mother was always very sick.  But since
		then she has already died so....

  MacDonald:	I'm sorry to hear that.  With my girlfriend, it's that she's
		had a bad heart from childhood.

pg. 53)
  MacDonald:	With this scroll, perhaps the advance of the disease will
		be stopped at least.  But I really have to get the undead
		power and go home.

  MacDonald:	Why I had to fall for her I don't know.  I'm always worrying.
  [end flashback]

  Naparuba:	After saying all that last night, and now he's suddenly going

  Pai:		Hiiii!
  Yakumo:	Waaaa!

pg. 54)
  MacDonald:	What do you mean you have no seats!!

  MacDonald:	A ticket to America!!

  MacDonald:	My woman is in critcal condition! critcal condition I tell you.
		I have to get back immediatly.
  Ticket Seller: Well there is a cancel on the afternoon flight.

  MacDonald:	All right!  Give me that.

pg. 56)
  Pai:		I'm sorry Yakumo....I....
  Yakumo:	Forget it!!  Of course I'm going to protect you.

  Pai:		Yakumo....
  Yakumo:	It's a little early for celebration.  Do it after we get
		through this.

pg. 57)
  Yakumo:	Errr!

  Pai:		Hiiii!

  Pai:		I can't hold on any more!

pg. 58)
  MacDonald:	I guess if I'm not around, you guys get into all sorts
		if trouble.  Be grateful, since you're all so hopeless
		I'm gonna' stick it out to the end.
  Pai:		Mr. MacDonald!

  Yakumo:	Tochaou
  MacDonald:	Looks like things have been settled over there too.

  Naparuba:	What are you doing here.... Did something happen with your
		girlfriend in L.A.

  MacDonald:	I just sent Choukai's scroll by airmail, and by following the
		rope I was able to get here without a hitch.

  Pai:		You came after all!  Together, to the Seichi (Holy Ground),
		let's go together.

  MacDonald:	Something precious....sorry....

Book 5, Story 4(#30) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part VIII

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 59)
  ?:		Earthly City of the Gods.... The emptyness of the Konron

  MacDonald:	Hmm

  MacDonald:	They're also desperate to get there

pg. 60)

  Yakumo:	That's because the secret of the Konron is hidden there.

  MacDonald:	You still green under the gills, aren't you.

  MacDonald:	From the number of traps, and the attitude of the enemy,
		there must be something even more important there.

pg. 63)
  Choukai:	Fools!

  Choukai:	If you use up all the traps like this, you'll just
		make it easier for Fujii and his crowd do get here.

  Choukai:	Hurry on ahead!!  Naoshikai (brain eating demon)!!
		Where do we go from here!?

  Naoshikai:	Kurururururu

pg. 64)
  Naoshikai:	This way, Lord Choukai

  Choukai:	It just a dead isn't it.  Are you sure its this way!?

  Choukai:	You got it!  I won't forgive any mistakes!!  This Holy
		Hall we're going to isn't just some treasure room.  At
		all costs, we must not let Fujii get there.  If we can't
		prevent him, Benaresu will kill us all, myself included.

pg. 65)
  Naoshikai:	Please be at ease.   Tinzuin's brain is old, but the path
		to the Holy Hall is strongly imprinted.  There should
		be a small hole off to the side.  Inside is a lever that
		will open the path.

  Choukai:	Hmmph.  [thinking]  It looks about the right size
		for Honnyan to fit through.

  Choukai:	I see.  The're getting close.  Well, that's OK.  The'll
		all be dead soon.

pg. 66)
  Choukai:	Not by one of the cheap traps in this cave, by a trap
		set by us.

  Yakumo:	Konron?  Here?

  MacDonald:	It must be.

pg. 67)
  MacDonald:	I can think of no other reason why they would be so desparate
		to get here.  If that wern't the case, then they would be
		able to just kill us and be done with it.

  Pai:		It would be nice if that were the case, but Tinzuin didn't
		say anything about it.

  MacDonald:	That old grandfather couldn't speak anything directly
		about the Seichi (Holy Ground).  Even the fact that
		this was the Seichi.

  Yakumo:	But if this we're the Konron, then Choukai should
		have already known the location.
  MacDonald:	That's the problem [with my suggestion].

  MacDonald:	When I think of that, I just can't figure it out at all.

  Naparuba:	If I might make a suggestion...
  MacDonald:	Shut up!  If you're going to give one of your lectures,
		we don't need it.
  Naparuba:	No, it's not that...

pg. 68)
  Yakumo:	Shhh

  Yakumo:	There's somthing here.

  Pai:		Honnyan!

pg. 69)
  Pai:		Honnyan!?  What are you doing here!!

  MacDonald:	She got caught in a trap and was left behind.
  Yakumo:	No, it might be a trap that Choukai set!!

  Pai:		Honnyan!!

  Yakumo:	Look out Pai!!

pg. 70)
  Choukai:	That last barrier, eh....

pg. 71)
  Choukai:	We can't get in without the key.

  Choukai:	All right, we'll wait here for Fujii.  This will be the
		battle ground where the Choukai army meets them.  Everyone
		be ready.

  Creature:	But I feel bad leaving Ranpaopao behind caught in a trap.

  Choukai:	A few sacrifices can't be helped.  But since she's in
		Honnyan form, Fujii and all might being her along for

  Choukai:	That is, if they can get past the trap we left and get
		this far.

pg. 73)
  MacDonald:	Oh, cool, cool
  Naparuba:	Hiii

  Yakumo:	Are you all right, Pai?
  Pai:		Thank you.

  Pai:		Hey, Yakumo, please.  Please help Honnyan.

  Yakumo:	Give it up!  It must be one of Choukai's traps.

  Pai:		But Honnyan is not a bad girl.

  Yakumo:	But even if you say that, she could turn into
		the Ranpaopao that made off with my right arm.

  Pai:		But that was only because you pulled off her arm first.
  Yakumo:	If I hadn't she would have done us in.  It couldn't
		be helped.

pg. 74)
  Yakumo:	Give it up!!
  Pai:		No!

  Pai[thinking]:  Why did we have to get this wway....

  Pai:		Say, MacDonald.  Please.  Do somthing.
  MacDonald:	OK, OK.  Just don't touch anything.

pg. 75)
  Yakumo:	Shiit!  Stop depending on MacDonald.  I can't be indebted
		to MacDonald.
  Naparuba:	Be calm, please be calm.

  Pai:		Honnyan!!
  MacDonald:	It's good that we've saved her, plug her ears will you.
		If Choukai blows his whistle, she'll turn in Ranpaopao.

  Yakumo[thinking]:  I was sure this was one of Choukai's traps.

  Yakumo[thinking]:  I guess I was getting paranoid.

pg. 76)
  Naparuba:	Wha...what is this....

  Naparuba:	Father Tinzuin!!

Book 5, Story 5(#31) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part IX

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 79)
  Choukai:	No!  Yaaron!  Get back!

pg. 80)
  Naoshikai:	This is no ordinary laval pool.  It seem that it
		is the Guardian of the Gate to the Holy Hall.

  Choukai:	Guardian of the Gate, you say!?  So you mean that
		this thing has inteligence and will try to stop anyone
		from getting near the gate?
  Naoshikai:	Uh huh.

  Naoshikai:	If anyone tries to cross, they will be burned by
		1000 degree heat.

  Choukai:	Then, then how do we get across?
  Naoshikai:	That... even with Tinzuin's brain, I don't know.
pg. 81)
  Choukai:	How could it be...

  Choukai:	Even though Tinzuin doesn't know, the monks were able
		to get in and out of here.

  Choukai:	If humans can past here, there has to be a way.

  Choukai:	A key hole.

pg. 82)
  Monster:	We'll just have you hand over the key and the incense
		burner.  If that doesn't agree with you, then you
		can think of this grandfather's life as being over.

  Pai:		Father Tinzuin....

pg. 83)
  Tinzuin:	Uhhhh...

  Yakumo:	Shit...
  MacDonald:	Jesus

  Naparuba:	Gulp

  Pai:		I won't permit it.  I won't perimit it.  I won't
		permit these monsters to do this.

  Monster:	Ohh!  I've heard that was dangerous.  If you use that
		thing in a cave like this, the cave will crumble and
		cave in in an instant.  You fool.

pg. 84)
  Yakumo:	Give it up Pai.  I know we can't trust what they say,
		but if we try to resist here, we'll just waste Tinzuin's
		life.  For now we'll just grit our teeth, and wait for
		our chance.

  Pai:		Take care of Honnyan!
  Yakumo:	Huh!?

  Monster:	So this kid is going to try to resist!!
  Pai:		Uh!

  Pai:		Waaa

  Yakumo:	Pai!

pg. 85)
  Pai:		Waa
  Yakumo:	Pai!!  What are you doing?

  Pai:		I'm counting on you to put things in order after
		this, Mr. MacDonald.

  MacDonald:	The traps!?  She's going to try to destroy the cave.

  Pai:		Eeeeiiii

pg. 86)
  Yakumo:	Wa!

  Pai:		Waaa!

pg. 87)
  Pai:		Father Tinzuin.

  Naparuba:	Tinzuin.

  Naparuba:	OK, let's get out of here quickly, Lady Pai.

pg. 88)
  Pai:		Honnyan!!

  Pai:		Honnyan don't!!  Run!

pg. 89)
  Pai:		Honnyan!!

  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Yakumo:	Leave this to MacDonald and I.  We'll clean up these

  Yakumo:	And if this is the Konron, don't hesitate to open the
		door to the Seichi (Holy Ground).

  Honnyan:	Grrrrr
  Yakumo:	What!  I just save you didn't I?

pg. 90)
  Honnyan:	Grrrr!
  Yakumo:	Shut up, or I'm not going to take you to the Holy Hall.
  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  MacDonald:	Naparuba, hurry take Pai ahead to the Holy Hall.

  Naparuba:	Understood!!  Be careful MacDonald.

  MacDonald:	Ah!  You too!

pg. 91)
  Naparuba:	Hurry, Lady Pai!!  We're almost there.  If Choukai's
		bunch is alrady around here, then we don't have any
		time to waste.

  Pai:		What if Choukai has already made it there and is
		waiting for us.

  Naparuba:	I don't think that is possible.  They shouldn't be
		able to make it without the map.

  Pai:		But if they had an impression of the map?
  Naparuba:	Tinzuin is the only one who knows the path
		engraved on the key.  It's OK.

pg. 92)
  Naparuba:	That's the entrance to the Holy Hall.

  Pai:		It's hot... how do we get across?

  Naparuba:	It says "Place this in the key hole, calm Chiruuo,
		and cross with your heart", but [what does it mean?]

  Pai:		Chiruuo?  What is that?
  Naparuba:	I don't know either.

pg. 93)
  Tinzuin:	La....Lady Pai...
  Pai:		Father Tinzuin!!  Your body...your body...

  Tinzuin:	Do not be concerned about my life.

  Tinzuin:	Chiruuo is the lava pool Gate Guardian.  It is
		impossible to try to cross right now.  Please hand
		me the key to the Holy Hall and the incense burner.

  Pai:		What are you going to do with those?

pg. 94)
  Tinzuin:	I'm going to do this!!

  Pai:		Eiiii!
  Naparuba:	Wa!

  Choukai:	Without even knowing it was my trap, I thank you
		for your efforts, young Sanjiyan.  He he he he he.

Book 5, Story 6(#32) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part X

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 95)
  Benaresu:	Hmmm.

  Benaresu:	So there's one here too.

  Benaresu:	a Konron.

pg. 97)
  Pai:		What the...what is that...

  Choukai:	He he he.  Don't worry, young girl.  As long as you
		don't try to cross, it won't come after you.  It's
		only the Gate Guardian.

pg. 98)
  Pai:		So, this is Chiruuo?

  Choukai:	That does seem to be the name, according to this key.

  Naparuba:	You monster!!  What have you done to Tinzuin?
  Choukai:	What have I done you say?

pg. 99)
  Choukai:	Something hard for human ears.  I simply put the
		unneeded carcass of Tinzuin to good use.

  Choukai:	He he he.  We were able to find the path to here
		using his brain.

  Choukai:	I used my Shitsaoshu spell to control his already
		rotting body to get you to hand over the key and
		insence burner for me.  I owe this grandfather
		my thanks.

  Pai:		Then Father Tinzuin!?
  Choukai:	You fools!  He's been long dead.

  Choukai:	Sorry to disappoint you young girl.  At this point
		you powers will do you no good.

pg. 100)
  Pai:		I won't permit it!!

  Pai:		Barasu...

  Choukai:	You fools!!  Do you intend to destroy the underground
		Holy Hall, the Konron, and die yourselves?

  Naparuba:	Konron!?

  Naparuba:	So this is the Konron after all!!

  Pai:		Eeeiii

pg. 101)
  Pai:		If this is the Konron, then why didn't you already know
		the location of the Holy Hall!?

pg. 102)
  Naparuba:	That's probably because there is more than one.

  Pai:		Wha!

  Naparuba:	There are many records on the Konron, but all of them
		are very vague and it is imposible to pin down the
		location of them today.  But that is not unusual since
		the name "Konron" means "dimensional crack".

  Choukai:	That's right....  The Konron exists at places which
		reach the world.

  Pai:		I get it!!  Since there are many entrances, in order
		to protect the Seichi, its necessary to destroy all
		the keys.
  Choukai:	That's right, by using Tinzuin's brain, we we're able
		to determine that this is also a Konron.

  Choukai:	Furthermore, I am about to go into this Konron, and
		seal it forever.

pg. 103)
  Pai:		I won't let you.

  Choukai:	Do her in, Tsiaochekai.
  Tsiaochekai:	Huh?  But, Benaresu said not to kill the Sanjiyan.

  Choukai:	It's too dangerous to let her live.

pg. 104)
  Pai:		Eiiii!

  Naparuba:	Lady Pai!
  Pai:		No!

  Pai:		EiiiI!

pg. 105)
  Yakumo:	Hey!  MacDonald?  Is that little shit Honnyan OK?

pg. 106)
  Yakumo:	Grrr.  So there were still some of you alive, huh?
  		Come forth....

  Yakumo:	Tochao (Earth Claw)

  Monster:	Graaaa

pg. 107)
  Monster?:	Houchao (Fire Claw)

  Yakumo:	Gaaa
  Monster:	Gua

pg. 108)
  Yakumo:	Uhh.  Did I get it?

  Yakumo:	No, its going to get me.

pg. 109)
  Yakumo:	Don't surprise me you fool [lit. octopus] (tochao's

  Yakumo:	All right, now lets go catch up with Pai....

pg. 110)
  Yakumo:	Yo...You

  Pai:		It's no good.  There's nothing I can do.

pg. 111)
  Choukai:	Hmph.  Even more powerless than I though.

  Naparuba:	Lady Pai!!

  Pai:		Please!!   Grant me some power!!

  Sanjiyan:	You've done quite well up to now, Ayanokouji Pai!!
		Now leave the rest to me.

pg. 112)
  Sanjiyan:	You're very brave, all of you.  But don't think
		you're going to be able to go home in one piece.

  Choukai:	It looks like we're going to have to play our
		last card after all.  Very interesting!!  I'm
		ready for you Sanjiyan!!

Book 5, Story 7(#33) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part XI

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 113)
  Choukai:	All right, give me what you've got, Sanjiyan.  I'll show you the
		true powers of a great wizard.

  Sanjiyan:	Impudent trash!  If you think you can stop me, go ahead and

pg. 115)
  Choukai:	Waaa!

  Creature:	Grrrrr!

  Sanjiyan:	You!

pg. 116)
  Creature:	Naoshikai! Graaa!

pg. 117)
  Creature:	Graaaaa!

  Naoshikai:	How dare you!

  Sanjiyan:	What's with this "How dare you"!?

  Sanjiyan:	You're the one you was treating grandpa's brain as a play thing!!

pg. 118)
  Sanjiyan:	Next time you're born, try being born with a cute face like mine.

  Sanjiyan:	A face like yours is more suitable in hell

pg. 119)
  Sanjiyan:	Ah ha ha ha ha!  Ah ha ha ha!

  Feiou:	Grooowwww!

pg. 120)
  Sanjiyan:	You! Attacking from behind!  Are there no limits to how dirty
		you fight!  You scum!

  Choukai:	Say what you like.  You are going to die here, Sanjiyan!!

  Sanjiyan:	You...

  Sanjiyan:	Don't get your hopes up, trash.  Don't think you can do
		me in with that kind of an attack.

pg. 121)
  Sanjiyan:	Die pig!

  Sanjiyan:	You!

  Choukai:	Kwaaaa!

pg. 122)
  Choukai:	I...I've won!

pg. 123)
  Sanjiyan:	Wha..what is this!!

  Benaresu:	Long time no see kid....

  Benaresu:	You've become a couple of levels more powerful, I almost
		didn't recognize you.

pg. 124)
  Yakumo:	Shut up!!  Give back Pai's memory!!  Benaresu!!

  Yakumo:	I'll have you tell me you to remove Choanrinrin!!

  Yakumo:	Come out!  Touchao (Earth Claw)

  Benaresu:	Sorry, it's just not in my nature to talk.

pg. 125)
  MacDonald:	Hey!  Yakumo!

  Benaresu:	It looks like something has gotten in the way.  Farewell, kid.

  Benaresu:	I have no time to be paying any mind to you...

pg. 126)
  MacDonald:	Yakumo!  You're all right!

  Yakumo:	No!  Hurry!  Pai is in danger!!

  Sanjiyan:	Hiii!

  Sanjiyan:	What the hell is this?  I'm being sucked in!

pg. 127)
  Choukai:	He he he!  I've created a "void space" in my body.
		Behold, "Ya Shen Fuu Yao Shia", which sucks in
		all magical energy.

  Sanjiyan:	Grrrrrr.... Shit!

  Choukai:	No matter how much magical powers you have,
		you can't kill me now.  Give it up, Sanjiyan!!
		Be sucked into my void space and roam inside

  Sanjiyan:	Grrrrr ... Shit!

pg. 128)
  Sanjiyan:	Grr.  This can't be happening....

  Sanjiyan:	This can't be happening....

  Choukai:	He he he he.  Banzai (lit. "ten thousand years") to
		Lord Kaiyanwan!

  Sanjiyan:	I won't let you do this!

pg. 129)
  Choukai:	Wa!

  Sanjiyan:	Fall in!

  Sanjiyan:	Raaaaa!

  Sanjiyan:	Die! Choukai!

pg. 130)
  Choukai:	Gyaaaa!

  Naparuba:	L...Lady Pai!

  Naparuba:	Lady Pai!

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