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Book 4, Story 7(#20) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part V

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.120

Yakumo:	 A hidden circle...  I don't know what kind of magic circle they
         laid out, but they sure don't want to do a fair trade...

Yakumo:	 Just wait, Pai!!  I'll rescue you soon!!

Yakumo:	 Pai!

--------------------- p.121

Macd.:	 H-hey!  Parachute, where's the parachute!!

Pai:	 Please, don't talk to me right now!  I can't concentrate!!

Macd.:	 Idiot!  We're gonna go down, I can tell, anyone can see that!

--------------------- p.122

Pai:	 Nothing like that'll happen!  Don't worry!  Pai played something like
         this in an arcade!!

Pai:	 Oh, no, don't!  Please don't fall silent!  I'm scared and worried
         too!  Please say something!

Macd.:	 O-okay, I got it, look in front of you, in front of you!

Pai:	 O-okay.

Pai:	 What's wrong?  Are you okay?

Macd.:	 Shit, don't throw up in here, kid!

--------------------- p.123

Macd.:	 I'll kick you out, you damn brat!

Pai:	 Stop!  Don't be mean to little kids even if you're joking!

Pai:	 I'm sorry.  It's because I can't fly this thing. Sorry.

Macd.:	 If you really feel sorry, then land this thing somewhere quick!

Pai:	 But, then I can't help Mr. Yakumo!

Macd.:	 Whatcha talkin' about!  There's no guarantee that he'll go to 
         Mt. Ryougyoku with the incense burner to rescue you!!

--------------------- p.124

Macd.:	 Wah----crash landing!  Land somewhere!

--------------------- p.125

Yakumo:	 Like you asked, I brought the incense burner.  So free the
         hostages now.

Choukai: Let us examine if it's genuine or not.  Put it down and step back
         about 10 m.

Yakumo:	 Nay!  I want to see if the hostages are safe.
         Free the hostages first!

--------------------- p. 126

Choukai: Okay.  Then put a drop of blood on the incense burner.  Then we'll see
         whether it's genuine or not.

--------------------- p.127

Yakumo:	 Wha... What the...

Choukai: Seems like it's a genuine key to open the gate of the holy land.  
         Now, I'll...

--------------------- p.128

Choukai: Return the hostages!

Yakumo:	 Pai!

Yakumo:	 Pai!

Yakumo:	 Pa-pai!  Are you okay!!

Yakumo:	 Pa...

--------------------- p.130

Choukai: On Fuyaoshou Teichinhoan On Fuyaoshou Hoochinhoan *
[*In the name of Earth sprits, bind the monster.
in the name of Fire scprits, bind the monster.]

Yakumo:	 Guooorgh, damnit, it's Fuyaochen.
[*the mosnter binding square or circle.]

Choukai: So much for Yougekisha's Yakumo Fujii! I, Choukai, guardian of the
         holy land, defeated him!

--------------------- p.132

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Yakumo:	 Pai...

Choukai: Th-that's...

--------------------- p.134

Yakumo:	 Thanks for the spectacular welcome, Pai!  You're safe, thank god...

Pai:	 I believed in you.  I belived you'd come to rescue me...and I came

Pai:	 So wonderful!

Book 4, Story 8(#21) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part VI

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.138

Macd.:	 "Set me on the hollow of Konron, the city beneath the world of the
         God Emperor, and sacrifice blood unto me.
         Then the key shall pierce the heavens, and in the name of God and by
         the contract of five Kaian Generals*, all shall be led to the holy

[* Evil Eye one's generals??  It's not clear on who they are.]

--------------------- p.139

Macd.:	 If what the ancient manuscript says is true, I gotta find the
         ancient city of Konron and spill blood on the burner... hehehe, at long
         last I'll meet a Sanjiyan!

Macd.:	 Please forgive me, brats.  ^_^

--------------------- p.140

Choukai: Are you going to desert your friends, Mr. McDonald?

--------------------- p.141

Macd.:	 You're really persistent, pal.  People hate that kind of person.

Choukai: Oh, I don't mind that.  I couldn't care less about being hated by
         someone who'll soon be dead.

Choukai: You know too much about the holy land.  You and your friends must die.

Macd.:	 Wait a sec!  The one who has the incense burner is me!  You don't
         need to kill silly brats!

--------------------- p.142-3

Choukai: Hehehe, we'll see...  Hong-Nyang, who you brought here, is an
         incarnation of Ran Pao Pao...she doesn't know the meaning of mercy!

Pai:	 Stop!  It's me!  Don't you recognize me?  Please stop!

--------------------- p.144 

Pai:	 You were such a sweet and quiet girl!!  What happened to you!

Yakumo:	 Stop, Pai!  Don't go near it, it's incredibly vicious!
         On top of that, Fuyaochen is still active!  Once pulled inside it,
         you won't be able to come out!

Pai:	 Please!  Give me back 'Shiva's Claw'!  Give it back to me!

--------------------- p.145

Yakumo:	 No use!  Run, Pai!

Pai:	 Please!

Yakumo:	 Come forth, Touchao!

Yakumo:	 Die, monster!

--------------------- p.146 

Comment: Ah, the wrong hand!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Yakumo:	 Let go!

Pai:	 Please let Mr. Yakumo go!

Yakumo:	 S-stop, Pai!  You'll be caught in Fuyaochen, too...

--------------------- p.147

Pai:	 But, Mr. Yakumo!  Mr. Yakumo!

Yakumo:	 P-Pai!

--------------------- p.148

Macd.:	 Oh...god...

Choukai: It's too late now, Mr. Macdonald.

Choukai: "Kaiyan Fuyao Ryoushinchen"...once you're inside it, you're gone.
         Very powerful Furei* continue to destroy your body from inside and
         torment you forever, even you became only chunks of flesh.  No one
         has returned alive to this date.

* Binding Thunder.

Choukai: Who was she anyway?

Macd.:	 I don't know...

--------------------- p.150

Yakumo:	 Even Ran-Pao-Pao's strength can't break Fuyaochen.

Pai:	 How can I, how can I break out of this!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo...

--------------------- p.151

Pai:	 I-I can't stand it anymore!  Grandpa, grandma, Don-chan, KenKen!

Pai:	 Help me, god!  Someone help...

--------------------- p.152

Shiva:   Then show me whether your Holy power or mine wins...

Pai:	 I shan't die until I triumph over you!

Pai:	 I can't escape!

--------------------- p.153

Yakumo:	 Pa...

Pai:	 BA..

--------------------- p. 154

Macd.:	 And she was kinda cute...that fool...

Macd.:	 W-what the hell!

Book 4, Story 9(#22) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part VII

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.155

Choukai: Ri.. Ridiculous!!  No one has yet been able to counter Fuu-Yao-Chen!
         Why?  How come...

--------------------- p.159

Macd.:	 I c-can't believe this brat is a Sanjiyan Unkara!!

--------------------- p. 160

Choukai: W-what are you waiting for!  K-kill that girl!

Choukai: H-hey, wait, fools!  Something's not right!  A girl like that 
	shouldn't be a Sanjiyan...

Yakumo:	 Don't talk tough...  You're doomed now.  Guide us to the holy
         land...to Kaiyanwang.

--------------------- p.161

Choukai: Fu-Fujii...

Yakumo:	 Hehheh, no one can stand against us two.  Give it up, old man.

Choukai: S-shut up!  W-what are you doing!  Kill that girl, Ran-Pao-Pao!!

--------------------- p. 162

Yakumo:	 Heh heh, if both of us are wounded!!

Yakumo:	 I have...

Yakumo:	 ...the advantage!!

--------------------- p.163

Yakumo:	 Tou-Chao!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Pai:	 Stop!  Please don't kill her, Mr. Yakumo!

Yakumo:	 Pai...

Choukai: Damn...

--------------------- p.164

Choukai: This is the end!  Sanjiyan, you must die!!

Choukai: On Shiie Fuu!!  Chanlinron!!

--------------------- p.165


--------------------- p.166

Choukai: Spare me my life!!  Please, at least my life...I'll do anything.  
         I'll even guide you two to the holy land!  So please spare me...

Yakumo:	 I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Choukai: Please, Lord Fujii!  Lady Sanjiyan...

--------------------- p.167

Yakumo:	 Pa-Pai!

Choukai: Hyo, hyo, hyo! See you later!

Yakumo:	 Damn.

--------------------- p.168

Yakumo:	 Damnit!  Come on!  Come on, Pai!!  Pai!  Pai!

Pai:	 Ah-h, it's so cold...

--------------------- p.169

Pai:	 that my body feels like it's going to tear into pieces...so sleepy...

Pai:	 Kaiyanwang,

Pai:	 I'm sorry...for not being able to settle the struggle with you...
         I...end in failure...

--------------------- p.170

Pai:	 even before finding the Holy power to oppose you...Kaiyanwang...

--------------------- p.171

Pai:	 This talisman...

Macd.:	 Don't cry like a wimp, man!

Yakumo:	 But I can't help it...

Macd.:	 That talisman works really well, so don't worry!

Yakumo:	 I worry!  If Pai dies, how can I...

Yakumo:	 I...I...I...

--------------------- p.172

Yakumo:	 Pai!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Yakumo:	 Pai!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Pai:	 My 'Holy power'...everything I have...
               Now, to the holy land.

Pai:	 To the holy land.

Book 4, Story 10(#23) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part I

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

------------------- p.177

Yakumo:	 It's no use.  Again, we failed.

------------------- p.178

Narration:  Lhasa, Tibet.

Yakumo:	 "Set me on the 'Hollow of Konron', the city beneath the world of
	 the God Emperor, and sacrifice blood unto me..."
	 It's impossible to reach the Holy land, no matter how much we try.

	 'cause we don't exactly know where this 'Konron' is...

------------------- p.179

Pai:	 Don't you think it'd be somewhere in the Konron Mountains?

Yakumo:	 That's a pretty remote possibility...
	 That mountain range was named 'Konron' long after the period when
	 the real Konron exsisted.  The meaning is different.

	 According to the oldest Chinese map *,

[* "Sankaikyou", Seisankyou no bu]

  	 Konron is an...
	 ancient city, feared as a monsters' kingdom by the ancient Chinese
	 in Tibet.

------------------- p.180

Yakumo:	 Do you know where Konron, "The city beneath the world of the
	 God Emperor", is?
	 It's a place that leads to Sanjiyan Unkara's holy land...

	 I see.

------------------- p.181

Pai:	 People of Tibet worship the statue with three eyes, yet they don't
	 know about Konron...
	 Ancient Chinese knew about the Sanjiyans' holy land, right?

Yakumo:	 I'm not sure if that's so...

	 I don't know about it myself...  how Sanjiyans were involved in
	 human civilization in the past.

	 There aren't any children of Sanjiyans in the present world, nor
	 any trace of their culture.
	 Only the 'three eyes' scarcely remains in some religions.

------------------- p.182

Yakumo:	 For example, that statue, 'Funnuson' -- Maha-Kala.
	 He's Shiva in the Indian Hindu religion...

	 He's a thunder god of Destruction, but on the other hand,
	 he's also a god of healing.  He has two opposite personalities--
	 a split personality.

Pai:	 Thunder... healing god... two opposite personalities...

Yakumo:	 Isn't he just like a Sanjiyan?
	 On top of that, the Hindus say that when the world is utterly
	 corrupted, Siva will destroy everything and return the universe
	 to chaos.

------------------- p.183

Pai:	 K-Kaiyanwang!

Yakumo:	 Don't jump to conclusions.

Pai:	 But, in a fragment of my memory, he said he'll destroy the world.

Yakumo:	 That was just 300 years ago, right?
	 Hinduism was founded over 2000 years ago.
	 You can't possibly conclude that Kaiyanwan and Siva are the same.

	 Anyway, in ancient times, the Indians and the Tibetans knew
	 of the Sanjiyans.
	 I think that's why they left the relationship between humanity and
	 the Sanjiyans in their religions.
	 Of course, I don't know what that means in reality.

------------------- p.184

Pai:	 That's why you're going to assasinate Kaiyanwan?

	 In either way, Kaiyanwan is a god of Destruction,
	 so before he can be resurrected,
	 you'll assassinate...

	 You approached me for that reason, didn't you...

Yakumo:	 Mr. Long is the only one who seriously plans to defeat Kaiyanwang.
	 I just want your memory to come back.

	 I'll bet my life on it.  I only care about you.

------------------- p.185

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo...

Yakumo:	 You can stab me if I'm lying.

Pai:	 (I wonder if I should trust him... the life he bet isn't worth
	 anything, anyway...)

Shopkeeper: I'm sorry, but I don't know of either "Konron" or "Sanjiyan".

------------------- p.186

Macd.:	 Not fucking one of them knows.  Fuck 'em all!

	 The only one I can count on now... is this Japanese...

Macd.:	 I thought I heard something...

------------------- p.186

Macd.:	 I'm back.

Pai:	 Glad you're back.

Macd.:	 Oh, Lady Pai,
	 please don't trouble yourself about me.

Yakumo:	 So?  Did you find anything?

Macd.:	 Shut up, kid!  Don't come near Lady Pai!
	 <I don't take any orders from you!!>

------------------- p.187

Pai:	 S-so, did you find anything about 'Konron'?

Macd.:	 <puff>
	 Nothing, not a clue.

Pai:	 I see...

Macd.:	 However!

Macd.:	 There is an academic who specialises in Sanjiyan study,
	 the only one in the world!!
	 I'm sure he knows about the holy land!!

Yakumo:  What did you say!!

Pai:	 Who is it!?

------------------- p.189

Macd.:	 Hajime Fujii, the Japanese folklorist.

(Yakumo explodes)

Yakumo:	 I think it's kinda impossible to see him now.  He died.

Macd.:	 Whaaat?

	 You tryin' to be picky about what I found out?  Makin' stuff up?

Yakumo:	 I can't help knowing about it, he's my father!!

------------------- p.190

Macd.:	 Sh--it, we lost another lead!  It's your fucking fault!!

Pai:	 Please stop!

Yakumo:	 Hyeee---

Macd.:	 Son of a bitch!

Yakumo:	 Lop-eyed!

Macd.:	 String-eyed!

Book 4, Story 11(#24) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part II

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

------------------- p.194

Pai:	 Hey, who do you think they are?

------------------- p. 195

Yakumo:	 Please don't sneeze here.

Pai:	 I-I'm sorry.

Macd.:	 In any case,
	 they're not our allies.

	 What's more, they must have something to do with the holy land.

Yakumo:	 That might be true, but I can't sense anything supernatural about
	 They're only ordinary humans.  We can't just deal with them

------------------- p.196

Macd.:	 Okay, I see...

Pai:	 H-i!

------------------- p.197
Pai:	 Welcome to Paradise!

Macd.:	 H-i!  Welcome to Paradise.
	 <So we just have to handle them carefully!!>

------------------- p.198

Macd.:	 <The operation succeeded!!.>

Pai:	 <'Lucky!'>

Comment:  <- He's too dumbfounded to say anything.

Pai:	 Who are you people?  If you know where 'Konron' is, please tell me.

------------------- p.199

Pai:	 No use...  I talked to him in every language I know...
	 but he doesn't seem to know any of them.

Yakumo:	 No, he's just very tight-lipped.

Macd.:	 Huh, I knew you guys were gonna attack us!

Pai:	 No, please, no violence!

Macd.:	 What are you guys after?  Is this it?


	 I see you guys really do know about the Holy land.
	 Yo, where's 'Konron'?  I said, 'Konron'.

------------------- p.200

Macd.:	 What's the hell's with the evil eye, huh?

Pai:	 No, don't!!  Stop!!  You can't just torture people!
	 It's not right..

Macd.:	 B-but, Lady Pai...

Pai:	 It's absolutely not right... an attitude like that...
	 Let's take it easy, take it easy!!

Yakumo:	 Watch out, Pai!

------------------- p.201

Yakumo:	 Pai!

Macd.:	 You shit...!

------------------- p.202

Macd.:	 I'll fuckin' kill ya!

Pai:	 Stop it!


------------------- p.203

Yakumo:	 A-are you okay, Pai!

Pai:	 Ouch!

Yakumo:	 Stupid girl!  Stop being so reckless!

Pai:	 Well... I don't like to see someone beaten...
	 But I have a good idea now!  Since he won't talk at all...

------------------- p.204

Pai:	 Why don't we just get caught by them?  Then, we might be able to find
	 some clue, don't you think?

Macd.:	 <Sor--ry!>

Pai:	 Do you think it's a bad idea....?

Yakumo:	 Getting caught, who'd guarantee our lives?

Pai:	 I have "Siva's Claw" and you two are strong, so we can escape

Yakumo:	 Okay...I'll go with your plan.  However, unfortunately...

------------------- p.205

(they are surrounded by monks)

Yakumo:	 There's no need to get caught "intentionally".

------------------- p.206

Yakumo:	 What a great plan this is.

Yakumo:	 Oh, come on, we can easily escape from them if we want.

Macd.:	 Huh, if we find out where Konron is, I'll kick their asses right away.

Pai:	 Look....can you tell me who you guys are now, please?
	 We won't do anything wrong, we just want to know where 'Konron' is.

Monk:	 'Konron'... I do not know...
	  But, "Do not let anyone approach the holy land"...
	  that is a teaching of our religion.

------------------- p.207

Monk: 	 We'll kill anyone who dares approach near.

Yakumo:	 How come!  Why!?  Why would you do such a thing!

------------------- p.208

Macd.:	 Wow, what a well-built cell.  Say...

Macd.:	 with this magical field...do you think we can get out of here?

Pai:	 (M-maybe I was too optimistic...)

Book 4, Story 12(#25) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part III

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

------------------- p.209

Pai:	 What?

Pai:	 What is it!?  Something is here!

------------------- p.210


------------------- p.211

Yakumo:	 B-be careful...  They're Shi-Yao-Chong.

[* Shi-Yao-Chong =Demon-Devouring-Insect]

------------------- p.212

Pai:	 They're what!?

Yakumo:	 They're parasites which feed on supernatural forces...
	 our natural enemy.

Macd.:	 Then they'll do noth...

Yakumo:	 They'll just nibble your flesh.

Pai:	 Then we have no choice!!  Let me kill them with Siva's Claw.

Yakumo:	 No way, Pai!  Stop.

Yakumo:	 It's too dangerous to use that power inside a magic field!!
	 I might save my life & yours, but not Mr. Macdonald's!

Pai:	 Th-then what should we do!?

------------------- p.213

Pai:	 Please!  Help us!!  Let us out, please!
	 I'm sure we can talk it over!  I can explain!!  We didn't come
	 here to do anything evil!

Pai:	 Please, I beg you!  Please let us talk to someone in charge here!

Pai:	 Please!

Naparvha: Gieltsap!! 

[Note - kanji for Gieltsap read "vice recter of the cloister";
"Gieltsap" is Ramuba's title.]

	  Why did you release Nagal, the Shi-Yao-Chong!?

------------------- p.214

Naparvha: We're forbidden to kill them before we find out their intentions!

Pai:	  (That voice...the monk who I talked to yesterday...)

Ramuba:   Don't you think they're dangerous enough just having this, Naparvha?

Naparvha: But, Gieltsap!  The reason we eliminate those who approach
	  the holy land is so that the Sanjiyans' great power would not
	  be misused for evil purposes...
	  I don't believe they have any evil intent.

Pai:	  What did he say?  "So that Sanjiyan's power won't be misused?!"

------------------- p.215

Naparvha: Gieltsap, I beg you.  Please let them see Teinzuin!
	  Then I'm sure you'll understand!  Please...

Ramuba:   You disgust me!  You've been deceived, I see!!  I won't hear 
	  another word out of you!

Naparvha: Gieltsap.

Pai:	 (This is no joke!!  Let us out of here at once!!)
	 (I'm THE Sanjiyan Unkara!)

	 I'm not going to the holy land to abuse their power!!
	 Because I already have the power!!

------------------- p.216

Pai:	 I lost my memory!  So as a way to regain my memory,
	 I'm just looking for my home!

Ramuba:   That's it... Can you still say that they, who masquerade as Sanjiyan,
	  have no evil intention?  Is there a Sanjiyan with two eyes?

Pai:	 Y-you got it all wrong!  If you can dispel the magic field,
	 I can prove it immediately!!  So, please let us out of here!!

Naparvha: Gieltsap...

Ramuba:   I said I won't hear another word!!

Ramuba:   On!!

------------------- p.217

Yakumo:	 Pai!

------------------- p.218

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

------------------- p.219

Pai:	 Damn you!

------------------- p.221

Ramuba:   That was quick...  It's best to dispose of trash as quickly
	  as possible.

Sanjiyan: I've had just about enough...
	  Who are you calling 'trash', you feeble insect!

Ramuba:   Tha.. that's impossible!?

Ramuba:   W-who are you!

------------------- p.222

Pai:	 Fei-Oh!!

<kii---n> <rumble rumble> <growl> <roar>

------------------- p.223

Ramuba:   I- impossible, Nagal... destroyed!?

Sanjiyan: Aaaaha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  You hopeless fool!

------------------- p.224

Sanjiyan: Haaaha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Die, die, die, you miserable insects!!  

	  Go, Fei-Oh!!  Eat them raw!!

------------------- p.226

Teinzuin: Hold it right there, Lady Sanjiyan.
	  I won't just let you kill people.

Sanjiyan: You're the boss here, huh?

Teinzuin: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Book 4, Story 13(#26) - Earthly City of the Gods - Part IV

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

------------------- p.229

Sanjiyan: Well now,
	  How should I deal with a depraved monk like you.

Teinzuin: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

------------------- p.230

Sanjiyan: What's so funny, old shithead!

Teinzuin: I am disturbed by the notion of "the holy being who grants eternal
	  life" attempting murder...

	  That rhombus on your forehead!!
	  You don't have a real memory of your own, do you!?

------------------- p.231

Sanjiyan: Y-you!!  You know what this is!!

Teinzuin: I have nothing to say to a brute!!  Please leave here at once!!

Sanjiyan: <gulp>  What the hell did you say?

Teinzuin: Or, you could beg me to tell you, and you could promise to
	  listen quietly?

Sanjiyan: Y-you impudent old shit!

Teinzuin: If you apologize, saying, "I'm sorry for what I did just then,
	  I promise I won't do anything violent again, so please tell me
	  the story, dear Teinzuin", I might consider talking about it.

Sanjiyan: <zap> [the sound of her brain circuitry fizzing out]

------------------- p.232

Sanjiyan: Shut up, you senile old man!!  I'll crush you with a single blow!!

Monks:    How dare you talk to Teinzuin in that way!  How insolent!!

Sanjiyan: Shut the hell up!

	  In what way do you wish to die!?  Burned, or frozen?  I'll cook you
	  however you please!!

Pai:	  Stop!!

------------------- p.233

Sanjiyan: !?  Pai Ayanokouji!

Pai:	  Please stop, Sanjiyan!!  I really want to hear his story!!
	  I'm sure there will be clues to our goal in his story!!

Sanjiyan: You haven't changed a bit, you're still so naive!!  I won't listen
	  to any story from those who tried to kill us.

Pai:	  But I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding...

Sanjiyan: Shut up!!  I said I'll kill him, so I will!!

Pai:	  No---!  Help, Mr. Yakumo!!  Wake up!!  Mr. Yakumo!!

Yakumo:  !? Pai?

Pai:	 Please!!  Distract Sanjiyan!!

------------------- p.234

Pai:	 Distract her so that I can become 'myself' again.

Yakumo:	 D-distract her...?  How...?

Pai:	 Please!! Mr. Yakumo!!


------------------- p.235

Pai:	 <scream>  Stop please, Fei-Oh!!!  Be quiet this instant!!

------------------- p.237

Choukai:  What's wrong?  You look pretty down.
	  You couldn't kill them, I assume?

	  Now, they must have had the incense burner, as I told you...
	  and why didn't you kill them?  I asked you to kill them, didn't I?

------------------- p.238

Ramuba:  How can we kill Sanjiyan Unkara with our powers!!
	 You didn't know that she was Sanjiyan?

	 Agh, I'm ruined.  I thought I could control the cloister with your
	 financial backing....

	 And finally, Teinzuin himself turned up...
	 It's only a matter of time before he discovers the murders
	 I committed behind his back.

Choukai:  Humph... I thought Sanjiyan might have been careless with the humans,
	  but I guess I was wrong.
	  So we have to change the plan.  First, kill Teinzuin and
	  get the incense burner.

------------------- p.239

Ramuba:   No way!!  I wouldn't dare do anything like murdering Teinzuin!!

Choukai:  Hyo, hyo, hyo, then let me try my lord's "secret art."

------------------- p.240

Pai:	 You understand that I'm Sanjiyan, right?
	 If you understand, please shrink a little.

Teinzuin:  My most profound apologies, Lady Pai.

------------------- p.241

Teinzuin: Even though I was unaware--- it's my responsibility that my
	  monks were trying to kill you, so please forgive me.

Pai:	  Oh, no, no prob!!  I should be apologizing for wrecking the cloister.

Teinzuin: Hmm.. yes, I understand.  You're not a bad girl.

Pai:	  Oh, no, Teinzuin, it doesn't mean I'm a good girl.

Teinzuin: Ho, ho, ho, then you're same as I am.

Comment:  depraved, depraved

Teinzuin: We're so alike, wanna marry me?

Pai:	  Hey!
	  I'm sorry, but I love another man.

Teinzuin:  The boy who you kissed with?  <Ho, ho, ho, I envy the youth.>

------------------- p.242

Pai:	 (Anyhow, I don't actually know anything about Mr. Yakumo.)
	 (I didn't even know his father died...  I'm so pathetic, all
	 I know is how his lips felt...)

Yakumo:	 Are you alright, Mr. Macdonald?

Macd.:	 Yeah.

Pai:	 L-i-p-s

Yakumo:	 Teinzuin!!  Can you tell me about the rhombus on her forehead?

------------------- p.243

Teinzuin:  ...
	  That's an ancient, evil magic called "Choang-Rin-Rin".
	  It seals the memory of the one who is marked with it, and...

[* Choang-Rin-Rin =Penetrate-Soul-Rhombus]

Pai:	  And what happens?

Yakumo:	  How can we remove it?

Teinzuin: With a keyword.
  	  I'm sure that it can be only removed with a keyword, known
	  only to the caster.

------------------- p.244

Pai:	 Ah-h...why didn't I realize that before!!
	 That's right, my memory WAS sealed!!  So I have to find out
	 who sealed it!!

Yakumo:	 Anyway, we wanted to reach the holy land to so we could find
	 a way to remove it.
	 So, please tell us where Konron is.

	 The one who cast the spell!!  He must be near the Holy land!!

	 Please tell me!!  Where is Konron!!  There's no reason for you
	 to keep us away from the Holy land.

Teinzuin: "Don't worship Sanjiyan!!  Don't harm Sanjiyan!!
	  Don't touch Sanjiyan!!"

------------------- p.245

Teinzuin: That is the teaching of our religion...
	  so I can't tell you anything about the holy land.

Yakumo:	  N-no way!!

Teinzuin: Oh, it's you, Ramuba... where were you!!  I had something to ask...


	  Y-you fiend...

All:	  "Choang-Rin-Rin"!?

Pai:	 Teinzuin!!

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