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Book 6, Story 1(#1) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part I

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.5

Narration: The Sanjiyan Unkara...
	   Beautiful, ageless creatures with three eyes.
	   They feed on human souls to achieve immortality...
	   However, their wish is to become human.

--------------------- p.10

Yakumo:   Waaaaaah!!

Yakumo:   Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch...

Teacher:  What happened, No.24?
	  Were you scalded!?  Did the oil catch fire!?

Yakumo:   Oh! It's nothing, sir.  It's OK.

Teacher:  What did you say?  Let me have a look, No.24!!
	  Hey, hey!  Wait!!  Where are you going !?

Teacher:  Hey, No. 24!!  No. 24!!

--------------------- p.11

Yakumo:   Whew.

Sign: 	  Marunouchi Vocational School - culinary, dietetics, tailoring

--------------------- p.12

Yakumo:   That was close.
   	  I can't just live in freedom, like ordinary people!

Yakumo:   The wound's already healed.

Yakumo:   Hm.

Yakumo:   I have to...
          ... get back to being HUMAN, real soon!!

--------------------- p.13

Yakumo:   After that, you and I will...

  (A locust lands on the photo of Pai, and takes off.)

--------------------- p.14

Friend A: Hi!

Yakumo:   Oh... my classmate...

Friend A: Aren't you [lit. "otaku"] acting a bit strangely?
Friend B: I heard that you found some good part-time work, and you're
	  pretty well-off now...

Yakumo:   Heh?

Friend A: Isn't that your secret?  Well?

Friend B: We found out, so now you should pay us double.

Yakumo:   I don't know what you mean...
          I'd prefer not to say.  Otherwise, you might regret it.

--------------------- p.15

Friends:  Wait!! We're not going to ask the earth of you!!
          But we do have to talk to you about something important.

Yakumo:   Ah!

Sakuko:	  What are you guys doing here?  Class hasn't finished yet.

Sakuko:	  Who is she?

Yakumo:   ....

--------------------- p.16 

Friends:  Wow, she has to be Fujii-kun's girlfriend. 
          So the rumor that you have a girlfriend is true!

Friends:  "Although she had the hots for him, he ran away.  But she still
	  waits for him earnestly." Or so they say.

Sign: 	  Mr.Lady's Bar  -Culture Shock-

Friends:  You two really make a good pair! 
     	  We've heard some pretty wild rumors.

Yakumo:   Where did you guys hear things like that? <sigh>

Friend A: See, Sakuko knows all these things about you.

Sakuko:	  Ah! It's nothing like that.

--------------------- p.17

Sakuko:	  B-by the way, does the burn you got today still hurt?

Yakumo:   Oh that, it's OK. 'cause I am an "Immortal Man".

Friends:  Oh yeah, yeah.  You sure don't look like an "Immortal" with
	  your baby face.

Friends:  Well, wanna join our thing?

Sakuko:	  The loft! The Loft!
    	  At the waterfront!

Sakuko:	  I got this through a friend. She found a cheap warehouse to let,
	  over near the bay.
          Do you want to  form a partnership and open a party restaurant
	  there?  Yes?  Yes?

--------------------- p.18

Sakuko:	  We'll serve sake along with some simple dishes! 
   	  With this and some nice party space, we're set!

Friend B: Yeah!  Isn't it a great idea!!
          We just need to get enough money for the warehouse, and already
	  we're big young entrepreneurs!

Yakumo:   (Restaurant?)

Yakumo:   Yeah!! 
   	  Good idea!!  Absolutely great!  I'll chip in too!!

Sakuko:	  However, there's one problem.

Sakuko:	  Although we'll get our culinary licenses soon, we're all still
	  legally minors.
   	  And only adults can rent and own a warehouse.

[In Japan, 20 is the legal age for adulthood. -PY]

--------------------- p.19

Sakuko:	 We couldn't find any suitable person to do that...

Licence: Name, Birth Date: Fujii Yakumo  Showa 46 (1971) March 27th
         Permanent Address/Nationality: Tokyo-to,....., ..ku, Toujin-chou 53
         Present Address: Tokyo-to
         Issuer:...  ...
         Conditions for issue:
         (the vertical line beside the photo): Driving License]

Date:	 1971/3/27

Sakuko:	  How can it be!!  You're 20, with this baby face?!

Friend B: It's awful... You are older than us!!

Friend A: That's the first time I've seen such a disgusting "twenty". 
          I thought I was looking at a grade school picture.

Yakumo:   ... um, please....

Kimie Sanemichiji:
	  Well!! Are those brats over there your friends?

Yakumo:   They're my classmates at the vocational school.
   	  They're not bad, and they cook pretty good food!

--------------------- p.20

Kimie:	  So it's a culinary school, eh?
   	  You are a man, yet you do this queer girly stuff.  What a disgrace.

Yakumo:   Look who's calling me "queer"!  [lit. "okama"]

Kimie:	  By the way, I have this postcard for you...
	  ... from Yougekisha.

Postcard: Y.Fujii, c/o "Culture Shock", 3-4-8 ku..., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

          Hi Yakumo-kun,
	    Would you like to come back to Hongkong to kill more monsters?
	  This time you're getting more money, so you can't turn it down,
	  can you? Besides, both Ms. Wong and Meixing are waiting for you!
				Lee Ling-Ling

Kimie:	  Say, even though you said you quit, how about
	  helping them out sometime?  KILLING MONSTERS, I mean.

Yakumo:   But, Mama... it's all finished.
	  Kaiyanwang is dead. There's no need for fighting any more..

--------------------- p.21

Yakumo:   And so I ....
   	  ...will just live a normal life and wait for Pai...

Kimie:	  A normal life?
	  You think you can have one?

Yakumo:   Of course.

--------------------- p.22

Yakumo:   Wha- what are these things?!

Kimie:	  Ah... I heard it on the news.
	  There's this strange swarm of locusts around Dream Island.

[Dream Island ("Yume no Shima") is the reclaimed island in Tokyo Bay
built from trash. It's the major trash dumping ground of Tokyo. -PY]

Yakumo:   Locusts...

Narration: Tokyo Bay, central breakwater reclaimed land (New Dream Island)

--------------------- p.24

Sakuko:	  Ehh.. What?

Sakuko:	  You don't want to go to Wagan because of these locusts!?
	 Please, no kidding, Fujii-SAN.

[Wagan is one of the easternmost areas of urban Tokyo.  The Tokyo ports
are around this area.  -PY]

Sakuko:	  Pull yourself together. You're the oldest out of all of us.

Yakumo:   But I have this ominous feeling...

Sakuko:	  No buts!!  If Fujii-SAN didn't go, our dream would be gone forever.
	  How can a cook fear locusts?? Hm? 

[BTW, locusts are tasty delicacies. -PY]

Yakumo:   .....

--------------------- p.25

Driver:   Mister, I can only drive up to here.  It's impossible to go any
	  further.  I'm afraid to say that we should turn back now.

Sakuko:	  Ehh! 
	  ... that....

Sakuko:	  That's bad. Today is the day that we sign the provisional contract.
	  If we don't put down a deposit, the place will go to other people.

Yakumo:   But in such a situation....

Yakumo:   (Come to think of it, what on earth is this?)

Sakuko:	  OK!! Thanks anyway! I'll walk from here.

Yakumo:   !?

Yakumo:   You goddamn fool!! Don't go out!!

Sakuko:	  Eh?

--------------------- p.26

Man:	  Wahhhhhhhh!

Man:	  Hiiiiiiiii!

Man:	  Arrrrggghhh!!

--------------------- p.27

Man:	  Waaaaaaahhhhh!

Yakumo:   H- hey!!

Yakumo:   Mi.. Miss Katsuragi!!

Yakumo:   Humph!

Yakumo:   Argh!

Yakumo:   Shit!! She'll be in danger if we keep on like this.

Yakumo:   What can I do? What should I do?

Yakumo:   Wha...

--------------------- p.28


Pai:	  Everyone!! Run to my place!

--------------------- p.30

Yakumo:   PAI!!

Pai:	  YAKUMO!!

--------------------- p.31

Yakumo:   PAI!!

Pai:	  !!

--------------------- p.32

Pai:	  YA...!!!

Yakumo:   PAI!!

Book 6, Story 2(#2) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part II

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.34

Yakumo:   Sanjiyan...

--------------------- p.36

Yakumo:   Welcome back.

Yakumo:   Welcome back.

--------------------- p.37

News:	  And now...
	  Yesterday, there was an exceptional occurence of locusts at the
	  reclaimed land near Tokyo Bay.

News:	  But a fire of unknown cause at the roadside near Ariake,
	  Kohtoh District, managed to eliminate the majority of the locusts,
	  according to the Metropolitan police.

[Kohtoh is one of the easternmost district of urban Tokyo. It's close to the
shore. Ariake is inside Kohtoh. The Tokyo-Chiba expressway passes through 
Ariake. -PY]

Comment: Oh, like the saying goes.. "Summer insects are drawn by the fire". 

[A proverb about doomed attempts. -PY]

News: 	 After the fire burned away the locusts, it was extinguished.
	 There are still many unanswered questions concerning the cause
	 of this swarm of locusts...

Kimie:	  Locusts?

--------------------- p.38

Kimie:	  Hey... Don't you think there's some relation between Pai-chan
	  and the locusts?

Yakumo:   Aaah? You think there is?

Kimie:	  (The dolt has been preparing this feast since the crack
	   of dawn...)

Kimie:	  You don't seem to have any questions about this thing.

Yakumo:   Ah? Questions?

Kimie:	  Like whether Pai-chan's memory came back, and how come she
	  appeared at Wagan with those locusts... those sort of questions.

--------------------- p.39

Yakumo:   No way. What are you talking about, mama.
	  There's no doubt that Pai's got her memory back.

Yakumo:   And so she came straight to see me... nnahahahaha!

Kimie:	  .....

Yakumo:   It just so happened that she came across a big swarm of locusts
	  on her way home.
	  She's so nice to have rushed back from Tibet on Takuhi...

--------------------- p.40

Yakumo:   Heh heh. So this is what you call "LOVE". Heh heh heh heh.

Kimie:	  .....

Kimie:	  Well, I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I can't help feeling  
	  that didn't really come here to see you.

Yakumo:   Heh heh heh... I think you should say something about seeing a 
	  tearful reunion of two people in love.

  (Pai sits up with Fei-Oh gnawing her head.
   <JAN JAN JAN JAAAAN!!> <Baahh...>)

Pai:	  I FLY to you on your SUMMON!!

Yakumo:   WAAAH!!

--------------------- p.41

Pai:	  Teh heh heh.

Yakumo:   Y- you.... Oh!
	  <Hah hah hah hah>

Yakumo:   You're spoiling this mood of tearful reunion...

Pai:	  I'm so glad.. Yakumo.
	  You are really Yakumo.

Pai:	  Yakumo Yakumo Yakumo Yakumo...

--------------------- p.42

Yakumo:   I'd been waiting for you, Pai.
	  I quit Yougekisha and went to a culinary school.
	  I'm doing part time work, and saving money.
	  There's even a plan to open a restaurant in Wagan.

Yakumo:   Heh heh, you see, I am really working hard now...

Pai:	  Hm?

Yakumo:   Let's live here together. Well?

--------------------- p.43

Pai:	  Please help me, Yakumo.
	  There isn't much time left..

--------------------- p.44

Yakumo:   What's that light?

Pai:	  It's not just any light.  It's a "hole".
	  The locusts came from there.

Yakumo:   Oh? Locusts... So those are really...

Pai:	  Those are bait...

Pai:	  Locusts are Taisoei's bait.

Yakumo:   Taisoei?

[Read the 3x3 Eyes Magic & Names list for more information on Taisoei. -PY]

Pai:	  You see that red cocoon over there.. that's Taisoei, which
	  summoned the locusts.

Yakumo:   !?

--------------------- p.45

Pai:	  It's a horrible creature which disrupts the spirit of nature,
	  and can mummify all living creatures.

Pai:	  If it manages to hatch, even Pai cannot defeat it.

Yakumo:   Wait..

Yakumo:   Wait a minute! Where on earth are we?

Yakumo:   How come there's a thing like this over Tokyo Bay?

Yakumo:   A dimensional portal... Would this place be...

--------------------- p.46

Yakumo:   The HOLY LAND?!

Yakumo:   S-so there's a Konron at Tokyo Bay too? It's... it's...

Pai:	  Pai came through this "hole" to try to close it.

Pai:	  In the past, people prevented Taisoei from hatching by sealing
	  it here.
	  But now, since there's a hole opened right below it, the seal is
	  being broken.

--------------------- p.47

Pai:	  We have to be quick.  If we don't seal the hole before this egg
	  hatches, terrible things will happen!!
	  So.. please help Pai, please!! Help me find the "Key to the
	  Holy Land" which opened this hole.

Yakumo:   You mean we're going to look for that incense burner at the
	  trash dumping ground?

Pai:	  Not really.

Pai:	  It isn't necessarily an incense burner... It's just something with
	  the 3-eyed crest on it.
	  Let's look for that something, Yakumo.

--------------------- p.48

Post:	 ... Hospital. Kohtoh-ku, Ariake, 3rd chou-me

--------------------- p.49

Police Radio:
	  Calling all vehicles, this is an emergency!
	  There's been another "Street Devil" murder!!
	  In Kohtoh, Ohmi district, there have already been 6 successive
	  murders at Ariake, Shinonome, Shinkiba and nearby districts along

Radio:	  The corpse bleeds and dries out, and then it mummifies!
	  Nobody knows why!
	  The murderer is suspected of carrying drugs, and even poison!!
	  Alert all vehicles, it's an emergency!!
	  Repeat, all vehicles, this is an emergency!!

Yakumo:   What's the racket over there...

Pai:	  Yah...

Book 6, Story 3(#3) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part III

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.52

[Open 24 hours  Ushinoya]

Pai:	  Eheheh... I'm gonna go back quickly so I can eat this with
	  Yakumo ^_^
	  But it doesn't seem right to eat in a trash dump, does it?

--------------------- p.53

Pai:	  Wh..what's this?

--------------------- p.54

Pai:	  Kyaaaaaaaaah!

  (A dagger-wielding man leaps out from nowhere.  Pai clobbers him with
  her bag of noodles)

Man:	  Ahhhhhhhhh!

--------------------- p.55

Pai:	  Ah!

Pai:	  That dagger...

Pai:	  ......

Yakumo:   Pai! Where's dinner?

Pai:	  !!??

Pai:	  My goodness! I forgot!

Yakumo:   ........

--------------------- p.56

(Fujii Yakumo)

--------------------- p.57

Yakumo:   Hmm hmm...

Yakumo:   Hmm... sleep well tonight.  It's so tiring to have to dig in
	  this garbage every day.

Pai:	  .......

  (Top) Mystery at Wagan shore -- Street Devil -- 8 Victims Already?
  (lines, below) Strange Mummified Corpses of the Deceased. A New Poison?
  (lines, right) The Most Horrible Murders Since the War
  (Rightmost) Headache for the Fukagawa Police Office
  (Leftmost)  Locusts continue to infest the Kohtoh area

--------------------- p.58

  Strange Mummified Corpses of the Deceased.

  (Top) Is the Murderer Still Hiding in Kohtoh?
  (Below) The Weapon is an Ancient Short Sword?
  (small letters) Witness A Testifies.]

Pai:	  Yakumo.. I love you.

--------------------- p.59

Yakumo:   Waa...ah...ah

Yakumo:   Hmm.... I had a nice dream.

(Pai:	  Yakumo, I love you!)

Yakumo:   Heh heh!

--------------------- p.60

Yakumo:   It has been dark {?}, but I feel really good now.

(Pai:	  Pai came through this "hole" to try to block it.)

Yakumo:   Wonder why she said that...

(Pai:	  Pai didn't come to see Yakumo. After the hole is sealed,
	  I go back to the Holy Land.)

Yakumo:   (It seems that she meant to say this.)

Yakumo:   No, no.. I shouldn't think too much.
	  Hey, good morning, Pai!

Yakumo:   Pa...

Yakumo:   Hello Pai!! Where are you? Where are you?

Yakumo:   Hello, Pa..

Mirror:   Goodbye, Yakumo. Thank you for everything :) I came back to meet
	  you because I want to become human. 	-PAI

Yakumo:   Pai...


(Want to be human)

--------------------- p.62 


--------------------- p.63

Friend B: I see..

Friend B: Although she came back to you, she ran away again.

Yakumo:   No, that's not it.  Pai will come back for sure. 
	  She left because of other reasons.

(Helmet: Tokyo Metropolitan Sanitation Dept.)

--------------------- p.64

Friend A: I don't really mind, but why did you ask us to come and work
	  at a place like this?

Friend B: Yeah, that's right.  We are COOKS!!

Yakumo:   I really need your help.  Please help me to find any article
	  with a 3-eyes mark. 'Cause that's what links me and Pai now.

Friend A: Although I don't quite understand..

Friend B: You'll have to pay us for that.

Yakumo:   OK OK...

Friends:  But come to think of it, we'll never find anything in all
	  this trash.

Yakumo:   (Pai came to kiss me and said she loved me... that wasn't a dream.
	  But then, she shouldn't have hid herself from me...

Yakumo:   (Now we've finished with Kaiyanwang, there shouldn't be anything
	  to worry about, but why we can't live together until we become

Yakumo:   Pai..

Friend B: Hey, boss! A girl has come to see you!

Yakumo:   (Pai?!)

Sakuko:	  Hi!

--------------------- p.66

Sakuko:	  Thank you very much for saving me from locusts the other time.

Yakumo:   It's OK.

Sakuko:	  You saved my life. I am very impressed.

Friend A: What's going on?  We got to Bibi...

Sakuko:	  Oh yes, one more thing.  Because of the locusts, and some
	  horrible stories, Wagan has become quite a scary place.
 	  I think we'll just drop the idea of renting the warehouse.

--------------------- p.67

Sakuko:	  I think I was a bit too eager to open a restaurant with you.
	  Now that I've calmed down a bit, let's think about the whole
	  thing properly.

Yakumo:   What are you saying?! Don't give up!!
	  We should do these things while we're still young. 
	  Let's do it!  Let's do this restaurant thing!
	  We can't let this opportunity pass!

Yakumo:   I want to start s restaurant with all of you.

Yakumo:   OK?  Let's have a restaurant together, Miss Tsukaragi.

--------------------- p.68

Sakuko:	  But.. but I'm so worried about that "Street Devil"...
	  ... it'd be nice if Fujii-kun can guard me..

Yakumo:   Street Devil?

Friend A: Hey, what gives?  Don't you read the papers?
	  8 people have already been killed around here. 
	  And the corpses mysteriously turned into mummies.

Yakumo:   Mu... mummies...

Yakumo:   Tell me the whole thing again!! Tell me!!

Friend A: Oh, I'm sorry!  Actually I heard it from the newspapers
	  and the TV.

--------------------- p.69

Yakumo:   So that's it!! Things turn into mummies!!
	  So this is the power of Taisoei.

Yakumo:   Would... would it be that...

Yakumo:   Pai went after that "Street Devil" ... This is no joke!
	  It's not the time to be digging through trash now!!
	  Pai's in danger!!

Sakuko:	  !!??

(Comment: Illegally converted digital bugging wireless device)

Radio:    This is Fukagawa Office. Calling all vehicles.
	  The "Street Devil" murderer has been sighted at JR Keiyoh Line.
	  Escaping from Shinkiba station towards No.14 station.

[JR is Japan Rail. Keiyoh Line is the rail line connecting Tokyo and Chiba.
Shinkiba station is within the Wagan area. -PY]

--------------------- p.70

Yakumo:   No.14... isn't that Dream Island?!

Friends:  What happened to you, Fujii?

Yakumo:   I'm sorry, but please go back first.

Sakuko:	  Wait, I'm going too!

Yakumo:   Stupid! I can't tell what's gonna happen!

Yakumo:   Wait for me!! Pai!

Book 6, Story 4(#4) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part IV

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.71

Yakumo:   PAI!!

--------------------- p.72

<phone ringing>

--------------------- p.73 

<phone ringing>

Kimie:	  <click> Hello, this is Culture Shock.

Wong (H): May I speak to Fujii Yakumo?

Kimie:	  Oh?

[Culture Shock]

Kimie:	  Yakumo? 3 days ago, he went to Dream Island to do part-time work. 
	  May I ask who's calling?

Kimie:	  Hello?

--------------------- p.74

Wong:	  I am Wong Shun Li from Yougekisha, Hongkong.

Wong:	  No, I came to Japan on some business.
	  By the way, is Pai-chan there?

Wong:	  She came back from the "Holy Land", I see.

Wong:	  Please give my regards to both of them.

Minions:  What a splendid performance, Shunkai-sama!!

Wong:	  Well, we still can't tell how things might turn out..

--------------------- p.75

Cop 1:    Help... help... it's the "Street Devil"..

Cop 1:    He... lp... I... don't... want... to... die...

Wong:	  Hm... Let's go.

Minion:   Yes.

Cop 1:    Hel...

<stabbing sound>

--------------------- p.76

Wong:	  That chap is doing really well. Heehee!

Wong:	  Hee hee hee...

--------------------- p.78

Pai:	  I found you!!

Pai:	  You must have been possessed by something.
	  Pai is really mad now!!

Pai:	  Be good and pass the dagger to me!

--------------------- p.79

Yakumo:   Shit!!

Yakumo:   Old Dream Island is so big. I don't know where to start...

Cop 2:    You people, what's up!?

Yakumo:   Officer... the "Street Devil"... How about that "Street Devil"??

Cop 2:    We lost him near the botanical gardens.
	  We're searching for him now.

--------------------- p.80

Yakumo:   Thank you.

Cop 2:    Hey!! Hey!! Where are you heading for?

Cop 2:    Don't interfere with this operation.  Wait, brat!!

Yakumo:   (Damn!! Wait for me, Pai!! PAI!!)

Sakuko:	  Fujii-kun..

Yakumo:   Hmm?

Sakuko:	  Although I don't know what's going on... I can tell that you
	  care a lot about her...

--------------------- p.81

Sakuko:	  In fact you want to start start a restaurant with that girl. 

Yakumo:   That's not the case... I want to be with everybody...

Sakuko:	  It's alright! I support you too! In any case Fujii-kun is the
	  owner of our restaurant.

Sakuko:	  But I want you to promise one thing.  If that girl runs away
	  from Fujii-kun again, Fujii-kun mustn't quit the restaurant.

Sakuko:	  I don't want to forsake our dream...

--------------------- p.82

[Posture for solemn promise making -PY]

Yakumo:   Yeah... I understand...

--------------------- p.83

Pai:	  HANYA!

Yakumo:   HEHH?!

Pai:	  Yakumo, how come you're here?

Yakumo:   I should be asking you that!

Yakumo:   Hey, come on, monster!!  I'm here to fight you!

Pai:	  Be careful, Yakumo!  This person is not ordinary human now! 
	  He is being controlled by some outside force!!

Man:      ... Kuuuah...

Yakumo:   Kuooohhhh..

--------------------- p.84

Wong:	  It seems as if things are going exactly as planned.

Minion:  Now that Yakumo has come after her, she can no longer run away
	 from Yakumo and go back to the Holy Land.

Wong:	 Hmmm... It's taken quite a bit of trouble to lure Pai away
	 from the Holy Land, where she was shut out.

Wong:	 Taisoei has started to show its menacing power!
	 Even though we know it's a little dangerous, we can't
	 anything about it.

--------------------- p.85

Wong:	 After the death of Kaiyanwan, all the monsters who longed for
	 eternal youth turned their attention to the only surviving
	 Sanjiyan - Pai...

Wong:	 Whether she felt the danger herself, or she doesn't want humanity
	 to get involved... Pai shut herself out in the Holy Land.
	 After that, apparently, she could not come out.

Wong:	 But I won't let you go back to the Holy Land!! 
	 The Statue of Humanity is in my hands!! Come and turn to me
	 -- Shunkai!!

Wong:	 And be exalted as the second Kaiyanwan!!

------------------- p.87

Pai:	  I'm sorry, Yakumo!!

Pai:	  Pai can't lead a normal life without becoming a human, because
	  many many many people would be affected...

Pai:	  Actually, the gate of Konron didn't open accidentally.

Pai:	  To go back to the Holy Land?  Or to become human?

Yakumo:   Let's start our trip to become HUMAN again.

Pai:	  Thanks ^_^  But I don't want to interrupt Yakumo's present life...

--------------------- p.88

  (Yakumo looks at his little finger)

Yakumo:   Oh... oh, you mean my present life.

(Sakuko:  Fujii-kun)

(Sakuko:  You can't go. You promised.)

--------------------- p.89

Sakuko:	  Argh!

Sakuko:	  Uh!

--------------------- p.91

Yakumo:   Mi.. Miss Katsuragi!!?

Pai:	  Aiyah!! This time it's this girl's turn to be possessed?!

Sakuko:	  Kuaahhhh!!

--------------------- p.92

Yakumo:   Stop it!! Let go of the dagger!! Sakuko!!

Yakumo:   Sakuko!!

Book 6, Story 5(#5) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part V

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.94 

Yakumo:   Urgh...

Pai:	  Yakumo!!

Yakumo:   Wait, Sakuko!!  Don't go!!  You mustn't go!!

Pai:	  Don't move, Yakumo!!

Yakumo:   Sakuko!!

Pai:	  Yakumo!!

--------------------- p.95

Yakumo:   She is my good friend! I can't let her kill anybody!!
	  Not to mention being caught by the police!!

Passengers: WAAHH!

--------------------- p.96

Yakumo:   !!! It's close for those in the car.

Friend A: Dammit, fucking hell!! What the fuck are you!!

Friend A: !!??

--------------------- p.97

Friend A: Sa... Sakuko??

Friend B: What the hell really...

Yakumo:   Agh, damn!! Something terrible will happen if we let Sakuko go
	  away like this.

Pai:	  Takuhi!!  Fei-Oh!!  Follow that girl!!

Yakumo:   !!?

Friend A: ??

--------------------- p.98

Friend B: Fujii !!??

Friend A: !!?

Friends:  What the hell has happened to Sakuko!?
	  And what happened to your arm!?

Friends:  Fujii!! What happened?? And how about her??

Friends:  Tell us, Fujii!! Hey!!

--------------------- p.99

Yakumo:   Sorry everybody!

Friends:  !?

Yakumo:   (I can't say anything now.... about the Holy Land, the dagger,
	  me and Pai not being human...)

Yakumo:   (After all, for us to be not human, while not causing trouble for
	  others, is merely some wishful thinking!)

Yakumo:   (In the past, there was a secret rite in which the Sanjiyan Unkara
	  used the "Statue of Humanity" to turn themselves into humans!
	  We don't know a single thing about it yet, and I don't know if
	  we could learn it at all, but if we really mean to find it...)

--------------------- p.100

Sakuko:   You mustn't quit the restaurant.. I don't want to forsake our dream.

Yakumo:   Urgh!

Pai:	  Yakumo!

Friend A: Why are you running away, Fujii!!

Yakumo:   Urgh!

Yakumo:   !?

Wong:	  Come here quickly!!

Yakumo:   !!

--------------------- p.101

Yakumo:   Ms. Wong!! [lit. "OWNER"]

Pai:	  Ms. Wong!?

Wong:	  I heard the news from Mama at "Culture Shock".
	  Welcome back, Pai-chan.  Let's talk about it later.  Into the car!!

Friends:  !?

Wong:	  I see.  The gate to Konron was opened, and the seal of the
	  monster Taisoei was broken.  What's your plan now, Yakumo-kun?

--------------------- p.102

Yakumo:   I want to find that girl, but Tokyo is so vast...

Wong:	  What shall we do?

Man: .....

Radio:    It is not yet known where the murderer fled to.

Minion:	  There seems to be no problem on the police front.

Man:	  !? Where am I?

Man:	  What happened? What happened to me?  Who are you?

Pai:	  Don't worry. You were possessed by something.
	  Please tell Pai the story.

--------------------- p.103

Man:	  ....
	  It's at the reclaimed land.
	  Oh yes, I was working at the central breakwater reclaimed land.
	  One day I found something strange there.
	  A crow.  A crow with a dagger stuck in it.


Man:	  Who would do a thing like this!?
	  People in Tokyo keep throwing everything. What a waste. {?}

--------------------- p.104

Man:	  They even throw away neat stuff like this.
	  They don't seem to know how full this trash dump is

Man:	  What happened?  I feel kinda strange...

Man:	  What...

Man:	  !!

Man:	  That..is...!?

--------------------- p.105

Man:	  I can't remember anything after that..
	  What did I...

Pai:	  You were possessed by Taisoei, from this dagger.

Yakumo:   It's controlling a person via the dagger, and killing people
	  to prevent the portal -- the "Gate to Konron" -- from closing up?

Pai:	  Probably.. and in the meantime, it would hatch.

Minion:	  Hmm, well, it's an inspection roadblock.

Wong:	  Pull down the seat and hide this man under the trunk.

--------------------- p.106

Policeman: There's a serial killer around.  Entry to this area is prohibited.
	   Please return at once.

Minion 2:  Sorry.

Yakumo:   (!! Return??)

Yakumo:   (That means there's no way I can look for Sakuko!!)
	  (What can I do?!  What's the best thing to do?!)

Wong:	  By the way, if we manage to get the dagger back, what shall we
	  do then?

Pai:	  At Konron, under the opened "hole", put the dagger in a fire
	  and let the blood from the killings be burnt away.  That should
	  block the "hole".

--------------------- p.107

Yakumo:   Burn the dagger?
	  at Konron -- reclaimed land?

Pai:	  Yeah.

Wong:	  Do you have any ideas?

Yakumo:   ...

Yakumo:   Hm.

Yakumo:   (I just hope Sakuko doesn't go attacking cops.)

--------------------- p.108

Wong:	  How are you going to find the dagger, Yakumo-kun?

Yakumo:   Well, as I haven't found it, I'm not going to look for it.

Yakumo:   Sakuko is the other self of Taisoei now. I'm going to make
	  Sakuko bring the dagger back to Konron!!

Yakumo:   I'll attack Taisoei itself!!

--------------------- p.109

Pai:	  It's not sensible to go by yourself!! Don't do it, Yakumo!!
	  Taisoei is very terrible!!  Yakumo would be beaten!

Pai:	  It's very wrong to think it's common monster.  Well?  Yakumo!

Yakumo:   So you want to tell me not to go, Pai?

Pai:	  ....

Pai:	  Nah.

--------------------- p.110

Pai:	  Pai will go too!!

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