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Book 6, Story 6(#6) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part VI

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.112 

Yakumo:   Excuse me.  Ms Wong, please wait at "Culture Shock".

Pai:	  Let's go, Yakumo.

Wong:	  Got it.  I'll try to find a suitable place for that man to escape.

Yakumo:   My gratitude.

Wong:	  Don't mention it.

Wong:	  (Gratitude and more gratitude!! You'll be owing me gratitude!!)

Pai:	  Thanks, grandma.
	  [lit. "obasan", for old women -PY !!]

--------------------- p.113

Wong:	  Who's the grandma... who is...
	  You're a 300-year old hag...

Minion 2: Oh-oh... the Merc...

Pai:	  First..

Pai:	  ...where do we go to make troubles?  Yakumo!

Yakumo:   Well, first of all, we'll burn its body with incendiary cans!

--------------------- p.114

Yakumo:   If that doesn't work, then we'll destroy its eye!
	  No matter how tough the monster is, it's still in its cocoon.
	  At this time, it can only rely on Sakuko, its other self,
	  for protection!
Yakumo:   (Come here, Sakuko!)
	  (I won't be careless anymore! I'll help you get back to normal!!)

Yakumo:   (So, Sakuko...)

--------------------- p.115

Yakumo:   (...until then, don't kill any more.)

Yakumo:   (SAKUKO!!)

Radio:    We're patrolling inside Dream Island Park.
	  The murderer remains unidentified.

Radio:    It's Fukagawa No.18.  No murderer detected at Meiji Road
	  at Kitoh Office and Gohdoh.

Radio:    This is Central Base, Roger.

Radio:    Fukagawa No.20...
	  Everything OK, No.20?
	  Please respond, No.20.

--------------------- p.116

Radio:	  This is Central Base.
	  Please respond, No.20.

Cop 3:	  Hiii......

Cop 4:	  Urgh.....

Radio:    No.20.

Cop 4:    Aiieee........

Cop 4:    Argh!

Cop 4:    M-monster!!

--------------------- p.117

Cop 4:    !!

Cop 3:    Ca... Captain!!

Cop 4:    Somebody help me!

Cop 3:    Argh!?

Cop 3:    !?

--------------------- p.118

Cop 4:	   ??

--------------------- p.119

Cop 3:    Are we safe?

Cop 3:	  What happened?

--------------------- p.121

Yakumo:   Heheh, It works!!

Pai:	  Yakumo, that's enough now!!  Let's go back.

Yakumo:   This egg is just like a simple wooden figure.

Pai:	  Yakumo.

Yakumo:   It's alright, Pai.  Now it's lost its eye.
	  It can only call Sakuko for help.

Yakumo:   Heh heh..

Pai:	  Yaku...

Yakumo:   Eh?

--------------------- p.122


P/Y: !?

--------------------- p.123

P/Y: Waaaahhh

P/Y: Urgh!

--------------------- p.124

Yakumo:   Heheheh, you're pretty quick.

Yakumo:   Heh heh!

Yakumo:   Come on, Sakuko.  This'll be different to last time.

--------------------- p.125

Yakumo:   What the f--!

Yakumo:   !?

--------------------- p.126

Yakumo:   !?

Yakumo:   LOCUSTS!?

--------------------- p.127

Yakumo:   ARRRGGGHHHH...!!!


Yakumo:   Damn it!!

Yakumo:   Sakuko!!

--------------------- p.128

Yakumo:   Give the dagger to me!!

Yakumo:   Waaaahhhhhh!!

Pai:	  Yakumo!

Yakumo:   Waaaaaaahhhh!!

Book 6, Story 7(#7) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part VII

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.130

TV:	  Today, large locust swarms were again found at the reclaimed
	  land at Tokyo Bay.  There are fears that the locusts would reach
	  Tokyo proper, the Metropolitan Police Office said.
	  The Tokyo Fire Department is evacuating all residents in the

TV:	  Coming to you live from Wagan.  We can see a considerable number
	  of swarms here, and we cannot approach to the site any further.

--------------------- p.131

TV:	  The Tokyo Fire Department has sent fire boats loaded with

Minion:	  Will the two be alright?

Minion:	  We are not going to do anything?  Shunkai-sama!
	  If that Sanjiyan girl died, your Highness could not become
	  the second Benares!

Wong:	  Calm down.

Wong:	  All it involves is taking the dagger from that brat and closing
	  the "Gate to the Holy Land".
	  We must have confidence in their strength.

Minion:	  Their strength...

--------------------- p.132

Pai:	  Yakumo!

Yakumo:   Urggghhhhh... Pai!! Run!! Pai!!

Pai:	  No! I'll stay with Yakumo!

Yakumo:   STUPID!!

--------------------- p.133

Yakumo:   If you die because of this, I'll...!!

Pai:	  Kyyyaaaaaaaa!

Yakumo:   Pai!

Yakumo:   !!

--------------------- p.134

Pai:	  Fly!! Fei-Oh!!

Yakumo:   Pai!

Pai:	  Yakumo!!

--------------------- p.135

Pai:	  Yakumo!!

Yakumo:   Pai!!

--------------------- p.136

Yakumo:   Sorry.  I underestimated Taisoei.

Pai:	  Don't say that.  It's OK as long as Yakumo lives!
	  Now let's run away.

Yakumo:   Ah.... I can hardly move my body.  For the time being, we
	  should retreat and gather our strength.

--------------------- p.137

P/Y:	  !?

Yakumo:   Damn! She's gonna follow us all the way !?

Fei-Oh:	  <Kuooooorrrgh!>

Yakumo:   Stop!  Stop it, Fei-Oh!  Don't hurt Sakuko!

--------------------- p.138

Yakumo:   Let's run away!! Fly away, Fei-Oh!

Yakumo:   (That's all I can do now...)

Yakumo:   What!?

--------------------- p.140

Yakumo:   (NO WAY!!  My body has reached the limit!)

--------------------- p.141

Pai:	  NO!!

Yakumo:   Pai!!

--------------------- p.142

Pai:	  Hiiiii...

--------------------- p.143

Yakumo:   Urgh!

Yakumo:   Goddamn it!

Pai:	  Urgh... It's hot...

Pai:	  Oooh...

Yakumo:   Be strong! Pai!

Pai:	  It's hot... My body feel like it's burning... Yakumo..

Yakumo:   You have to bear it, Pai!  I'll finish Taisoei right now!

Yakumo:   Urgh...!

--------------------- p.144

Yakumo:   I... I just can't...
	  I can't move anymore.  My body feels like it's falling apart.

(Truck:   Let us make the street clean and beautiful)

--------------------- p.145

Yakumo:   Yaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Sakuko:	  Kuooohhhhhhhh

Yakumo:   You piece of shiiit!!  I...

Yakumo:   ...don't care anymore!

--------------------- p.146

Yakumo:   Tou-Chau!!

Yakumo:   Waaahhhhhhhh!

Book 6, Story 8(#8) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part VIII

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.149

Captain:  What? What happened over there?

Fireman:  I don't know! Maybe something inside the locust swarm 

Captain:  All these locusts, and now an explosion?  Jesus Christ!

Captain:  Calling Harbor Office, this is an emergency!!

Captain:  Requesting the chemical fire extinguisher!!
	  Abort the insecticide!!

Fireman:  But, Captain!!

Captain:  Silence!!  It was methane gas which caught fire, it was released
	  from the buried trash.  If the fire spreads to other uninflammable
	  trash, dioxin could be released!!  Go!!

[Dioxin: Defoliant used in the Vietnam War. Highly toxic.]

--------------------- p.150

Sakuko:	  Hnheheheheh.

Sakuko:	  Eheheheheheheheh.

--------------------- p.151

Yakumo:   (No... it's over... it's all over...)

Pai:	  Stop... help Yakumo..

--------------------- p.152

Pai:	  Let Yakumo go! If you want to stab, then stab Pai!

--------------------- p.153

Yakumo:   Sorry, Sakuko!

--------------------- p.154

Sakuko:	  Urgh!

Yakumo:   Ohhhhhhhh!

Yakumo:   Waaaaahhhhhh!

Yakumo:   Heh heh! Taisoei, I got the dagger.

--------------------- p.155

Yakumo:   Too late!  Adios, monster...

Sakuko:	  Fujii-kun?!

Sakuko:	  What happened to you!?  Are you alright?  I'm coming!

Yakumo:   Run away!! Run away now, Sakuko!

Sakuko:	  No!  Fujii-kun mustn't die!!  You mustn't die, Fujii-kun!!

--------------------- p.156

Memories: (OK? We'll open a restaurant together.
	  We just need to get enough money.
	  We're big young entrepreneurs.
	  Can you really make it?
	  Ordinary life..
	  It's a promise.
	  You'll be the owner.  Don't forsake our dream.)

--------------------- p.157

Yakumo:   Forgive me.

Yakumo:   I couldn't keep the promise after all.

Yakumo:   But I'll come back some day, for sure.

Sakuko:	  Fuj...

Sakuko:	  ??

--------------------- p.161

Yakumo:   So long... Sakuko...

--------------------- p.162

Sanjiyan: You performed quite well as a "Wu"...

Sanjiyan: ...youngster...

Book 6, Story 9(#9) - Advent of the City of Demons - Part IX

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (pckyip@athena.mit.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.165

Yakumo:   Konron...

Yakumo:   ...

Yakumo:   is a dangerous place.  Naparvha and the others have
	  certainly shrouded it in darkness.

--------------------- p.166

Yakumo:   Although there's some restrictions on the destination,
	  it's possible to go to any place you want via the Holy Land. 
	  It's just like the magic door in Doraemon.

[Doraemon: One of the most popular and longest-running kids' manga.
Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the future. His magic door is the 
most commonly used tool in the stories. -PY]

Yakumo:   (It's just as well Konron appeared above reclaimed land this time.
	  If it had been above some military base or nuclear power station,
	  I alone would have been unable to do anything..)

Yakumo:   First of all, if the Konron's presence was made known, it'd
	  be exploited by some terrorist or military group.  It's just as
	  bad as the presence of nuclear missiles.

--------------------- p.167

Pai:	  Thank you for all the hard work.  Thanks, Yakumo.

Yakumo:   Pa...

Yakumo:	  ...

Yakumo:   Waaaa-hh!!

Yakumo:   Damn it!! Turn around, turn around!!

Pai:	  !?

--------------------- p.168

Pai:	  What's wrong, Yakumo?  Hurry up and let me treat your wounds.
	  Pai has made some effective medicine for wounds.

Yakumo:   No, no, no.  I don't need it!  Step back!  Step back!

Pai:	  Nah!

Yakumo:   You silly...

Yakumo:   Wah!

--------------------- p.169

Yakumo:   <gasping noises>

Pai:	  Hmm?  What on earth was THAT?

Yakumo:   Sheeeesh, you...
	  A girl like you shouldn't be so curious!

--------------------- p.170

(Shinjuku News Height)

TV:	  There were concerns that the locusts from Tokyo Bay would
	  reach Tokyo proper, but this morning it was confirmed that a
	  sudden fire at the reclaimed land has annihilated all the locusts.

Background:  Super-Time
Small words: Kanossa (?) stop it!
	     Marketing Paradise comes back!
Bottom:      AH! I can't remember Ueda-san's face...

TV:	  There was a poisionous gas emission after the fire.
	  It's fortunate that fire boats reached the site in time and put
	  the fire out.

Newspaper: Takada Yuzah... work amount.... "Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi" on sale 
	   on 8/20.

["MgN" is one of Takada's early works.  Note the little self-portrait! -IS]

--------------------- p.171

Kimie:	  So the crisis is over, right?

Wong:	  It seems that way... What are the two of them going to do?

Kimie:	  Well...

Kimie:	  What are they going to do?  Looks like Yakumo has decided
	  to say goodbye to his friends, and has resumed his travels.

--------------------- p.172

Kimie:	  Why does he travel so much...

Wong:	  He spent 4 years travelling around the world and investigating
	  things.  Yet the "Sanjiyan Humanization Rite" is still a mystery.

Paper:    Eyewitness accounts of mysterious flying objects above the
	  reclaimed land.  Mystery of Locusts.  UFO theory?!

Wong:	  Come to think of it, it's too dangerous for them to live
	  with ordinary people.

Kimie:	  Yes, I agree.

Kimie:	  Could I ask "Yougekisha" to take care of these two?

Wong:	  Sure.  That's the reason I came here.

Kimie:	  Really? Then I'll ask the lads in Sassoku-gumi [=a yakuza gang]
	  for fake passports...

--------------------- p.173

Yakumo:   Hongkong?

Yakumo:   What's up, Pai?


Yakumo:   You...  Leaving all the serious problems to me while you sleep
	  like a baby.  You're so cunning!
	  I even broke the promise with my friends...

Yakumo:   Sakuko... would she think that I've died?
	  I feel sorry for everybody...

Sanjiyan: Well, now...
	  It's all your fault!!

--------------------- p.174

Sanjiyan: You are but scum, scum in collusion with jackasses!!

Yakumo:   Waaahhh!!

Sanjiyan: Failing to honor the proud mission of the "Wu", you wilfully
	  overlook your own stupidity.
	  Where are the serious problems!!

Yakumo:   Er, well...

Sanjiyan: When my memory is fully restored, I shall bother you no longer.
	  Can you begin to understand Pai's solitude, living alone
	  in the Holy Land??

Yakumo:   Waaahhh! I'm sorry!!

--------------------- p.175

Sanjiyan: After all, I should praise you for your splendid efforts
	  against Taisoei.
	  I permit you to come with me.  You must bring the dagger of Konron.

Sanjiyan: Now we can start our journey.
	  But first, I have to get ready!!  Wait for me at that nearby park.

Yakumo:   Oh...

Yakumo:   YES!!

--------------------- p.176

Yakumo:   (Ah! It's been a long wait, Pai...
	  But I won't let you leave me again!!  No matter what's waiting
	  in store for us, I will definitely...)

Yakumo:   (And then, we will become human... Pai...)

--------------------- p.177

Yakumo:   How come she's so late? What's she doing?

Sign:	  Mr.Lady's Bar -Culture Shock-

Kimie:	  What?  Yakumo's arm was cut off and burnt at the trash dump?
	  Are you trying out some infantile prank on me?

Sakuko:	  But...

Friend A: But I did see Fujii, with a girl, carry a man and his arm...

Sakuko:	  Somehow I was brought back to my home later...

Kimie:	  To be honest, although I was told not to say it...
	  HE ran away last night.

--------------------- p.178

Friend A: RAN..

Friend B: ..A...

Sakuko:	  ..WAY??

Kimie:	  He borrowed too much money... since he was concerned that you guys
	  might get involved with his problems...  he left Tokyo during the
	  He can't see you again.

Sakuko:	  I see... actually, I feel kinda relieved.
	  From the very beginning, Mr. Fujii had been worrying...

Sakuko:	  But it's OK now. Fujii-kun chose his girl instead of the
	  restaurant..  that's really good.

Sakuko:	  As long as he lives, he'll definitely come back sometime and open
	  a restuarant with us.

--------------------- p.179

Friends:  Ah! Definitely...

Sign:	  Culture Shock: Reserved Tonight)

Kimie:	  Hmph!

Wong:	  How was it?

Kimie:	  I said something and sent them away..

--------------------- p.180

Sanjiyan: Puwah...^_^ ^_^
	  Dear me, I've been living this way for 4 years, and now I love this
	  kind of life.
	  However, when that guy's around, Pai's consciousness becomes
	  too strong and I can't come out!

Sanjiyan: Hark!  At least I'll have some fun tonight!

Kimie:	  Do you think it's OK?

Wong:	  W-well...

Narration: Now a new journey has begun (from where?)

Yakumo:   .......

Book 6, Story 10(#10) - A Rest for the Seima - Part I

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 183)
  Sign: Chiba
        Tatsumi Heights ["Chiba" is a prefecture of Japan near
	Tokyo.  "Tatsu" is the character for "dragon" (as in "year
	of the"), and "mi" is the character for "snake" (also
	as in "year of the").]

  Yotsuya:	Unnnn.....

pg. 184)
  Yotsuya:	Afu..

  Yotsuya:	What an empty life I lead, living alone here.  Without
		thinking I drank too much again last night.

  Yotsuya:	But what am I doing sleeping on the sofa. (uhn, what
		a hangover).

pg. 186)
  Yotsuya:	Wah!

  Yotsuya:	Whats going on here....

  Sign:		Yotsuya Keiichiro (Unsure about first name).

  Yotsuya:	Well it is my apartment.  But why is there this girl
		I don't even know in my bed?

pg. 187)
  Yotsuya:	Let's see, yesterday....

  Yotsuya:	yak, yak, yak...
  Sanjiyan:	he he he he....

  Yotsuya:	And because of that I think that the Earth's environment
		is become like that.  In the end, as long as there
		are people, the world won't be pretty.

  Sanjiyan:	Un hun, yu hun.  Humans are just parasites on this plant.
		I'll wipe them out for you.

pg. 188)
  Yotsuya:	You can really talk can't you.  I like you.  For such
		a pretty face you reall have a venemous toung.  And
		that ornament on your forehead is the best.

  Yotsuya:	If you ever have any problems, just let me know
		and I will help you out.

  Card:		Yominichi Newspaper Company
		Culture Depatment Journalist
		Yotsuya Keiichiro
		[The name "Yominichi" comes from merging the names
		of two real-life Tokyo newspapers, the "Yomiuri"
		and the "Mainichi".]

  Sanjiyan:	Hmmm, a reporter....

  Sanjiyan:	all right, in substitute for a card, take this.
		It's a charm.

  Sanjiyan:	This should be enough to protect you from
		weak monsters.
  Yotsuya:	Ho ho, thank you very much.  I'm deeply moved.
		Haa, tonight we're having a real feast.

  Yotsuya:	Let's drink!!  Let's get thoroghly drunk.

pg. 189)
  Yotsuya:	I am the worst.  Bringing home a woman I picked
		up at a bar to my own home.

  Yotsuya:	Well, I guess I'd better be off to work.

  Pai:		Good morning Yakumo!!
  Yotsuya:	Wa!!

pg. 190)
  Pai:		Eiiiii!  Ojisan!  Who are you!!  ["Ojisan" literaly
		means "uncle", but is used to refer in general to
		men in thier 30's and 40's].
  Yotsuya:	Don't make such a commotion when you look like that.

  Yotsuya:	I don't know about young ladies these days, but
		this ojisan has a reputation to keep.

  Yotsuya:	It seems that you too have forgotten.  That last night
		we hit it off talking at a bar!?  I'm not a dangerous

  Pai:		I feel awful.  My head is throbing.
  Yotsuya:	Give me a break.  If I don't leave soon I'm going
		to be late.

pg. 191)
  Yotsuya:	All right, go ahead and rest.  When you feel better
		go on home.  Leave the key in the newspaper box.

  Pai:		Go home.... how?

  Yotsuya:	Taxi money!!  (The bill is a 10,000 yen note, about $100).

pg. 192)
  Boss:		Hey, Yotsuya!!  How is the story on the environmental
		problem comming?

  Yotsuya:	Terrible... Can you take a look at this...

pg. 193)
  Yotsuya:	I'm trying to write a warning that Japan alone in one
		day uses enough wood imported from Malasia to fill the
		Tokyo dome 480 times.  But someone who wastes as much
		paper as I do isn't in a position to be critisizing.

  Boss:		Fool!!  So what!!  The deadline won't wait!!

  Yotsuya:	I'm more suited as a field reporter.

  Boss:		You came here because you haven't come up with a single
		scoop aren't you.  Stop your complaining and write the
		artical.  The artical.

  Yotsuya[thinking]: A scoop....

  Yotsuya[thinking]: Since I was a kid, that was my dream...

  Yotsuya[thinking]: To have the top story on page one be written
		by my own hand.  But after seven years here...

pg. 194)
  Yotsuya[thinking]: ...not returning to the society department, ...
		no desire for women, ... so is this what has become
		of my life?

  Co-worker:	Hey, Yotsuya!  Wanna' go get somthing to drink?
  Yotsuya:	Nah, today I'm going to go home.  (I don't have
		any money anyway).

  Yotsuya[thinking]: And furthermore, I wonder what happended to
		that girl.

  Yotsuya[thinking]: She was a strange one, but kind of cute.

pg. 195)
  Yotsuya:	What is this!  The door isn't locked.

  Yotsuya:	Hehh... That girl cleaned up for me.  I guess she
		felt in debt for the meal and the nights rest.
		Unusual for young women these days.

  Yotsuya:	Yaa..  I'm quite grateful..

pg. 196)
  Yotsuya:	Hey!  What happened!  What are you doing here?

  Yotsuya:	Woah!  What a feaver!

  Pai:		Ah ha! sorry [slurred].

  Pai:		I tried to go home, but I couldn't get through with
		my telepathy and neither Feiou(flying jaw), nor
		Takuhi came.
  Yotsuya:	Never mind about that, just keep calm.

  Yotsuya:	So I guess your lost then, huh?
  Book:		Cooking Today - Home cooking for one.

pg. 197)
  Yotsuya:	You don't know at all?  Is it Tokyo?
  Pai:		I used to be in Shinjuku, but now I'm living
		in a secret hide out.

  Yotsuya:	Hide out....?
  Pai:		Since Pai is a Sanjiyanunkara, everyone is after
		Pai.  Therefore, I have to hide.

  Yotsuya:	Ummm.  This old fogey here isn't up an all the
		latest words, but what is "Pai"?  The thing you eat?

  Pai:		Ah ha ha.  Sorry.  That's my name....  I'm Pai.
		As the professor says, I'm the last of the mystical
		race, Sanjiyanunkara.

pg. 198)
  Pai:		The Sanjiyanunkara have the power to make living
		things immortal.  The professor says that's
		why everyone is after Pai.

  Pai:		But that's OK.  I'm going to become human soon.

  Pai:		Yakumo promissed, "I will make you human no
		matter what".

  Pai:		In order to do that, you need to use the "statue
		of humanity", but how you use it, Pai has
		no idea.

  Pai:		Thus, I've been on a quest with with Yakumo to
		find out how to use it.

  Yotsuya:	I just can't understand young people these days.

pg. 199)
  Yotsuya:	First of all, who is this "professor"?

  Pai:		Yakumo's father.  He died in Tibet.

  Yotsuya:	Okey... and Yakumo, who's he?

  Pai:		Pai's number one dachinko! ["dachinko"="friend",
		see the 3x3 Eyes page for a more detailed

  Yotsuya:	Shiiit!  Now that I think of it, I don't have
		any rice so I can't even make okayu ["okayu" is
		a kind of rice gruel.  It's often used as a
		home cold remedy like chicken soup in the US].

 [The package he is getting out is "Sapporo" instant ramen].

pg. 200)
  Pai:		Yakumo...

  Yotsuya:	A lost, lost kitten... What shall I do?  

Book 6, Story 11(#11) - A Rest for the Seima - Part II

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 202)
  Co-worker:	Are you playing hookey?

  Yotsuya:	Don't joke!  It's a cold, a cold!!

  Yotsuya:	It's the truth I tell you.  Well, I don't want to
		brag, but even if I did go into work, my job isn't
		exactly all that important anyway.  Besides,
		I have another good reason for deliberately using
		a holiday.

pg. 203)
  Yotsuya:	At any rate, if I say it's a cold, it's a cold
		39! 39 degrees (centegrade)!  Woah!  What a
		temperature!  I said I'm taking the day of,
		take care of my desk for me.

  Yotsuya[remembering Pai's words]: Pai is a member of the immortality
		power weilding Sanjiyanunkara.  Therefore, until
		Pai becomes human, everyone is after her.

  Yotsuya:	In the bar, she wasn't like this at all.  Her imagination
		must be playing tricks on here with that fever.

pg. 204)
  Yotsuya:	If there really are things after the immortality
		power, then that's something I'd like to see.

pg. 205)
  Yotsuya:	I must be getting a little tipsy. 

  Yotsuya:	Well what should I expect drinking all this alcohol.
		I've got to think of what to do with this girl.

pg. 206)
  Pai:		Good morning!

  Yotsuya:	Hey!

  Pai:		Thanks very much for yesterday.  I don't have a way
		to thank you today, but...
  Yotsuya:	Hmmm.

  Yotsuya:	Well, the fever seems to be down a bit, but today
		you should probably rest a bit more.  Do you want
		to go to a doctor?

  Pai:		That's all right.  Thanks.  But if I stay here
		I'll be an inconvenience to you.
  Yotsuya:	Hey!  Where are you going?

  Yotsuya:	Do you even have a place to go?  You're lost aren't

  Yotsuya:	You must be hungry.  How about having some rice[i.e.,
		grub] and then going to the doctor.

pg. 207)
  Pai:		By rice(grub) do you mean rice(food)?
  Yotsuya:	uh, yeah.

  Pai:		Like, choushoku (breakfast in Japanese), and
		breakfast (in English) and zaofan (breakfast
		in Chinese).
  Yotsuya:	Yeah, I think so.

  Pai:		Like, rice and noodles and bread and beef and fish
		and, and,....

  Pai:		No! No! Pai!! Stop it!!  You've got to go.  This
		man will also be in danger if you don't.

  Yotsuya:	What weirdo...  Not the type that I want to
		spend too much time with.

  Pai:		Sorry, mister!!  Someday I promise I'll come
		to repay you.

  Yotsuya:	Hey!

pg. 208)
  Yotsuya:	Is this some kind of joke.  I can't just leave
		sick girl to herself.

  Yotsuya:	Hey!  Where did you go Pai!

pg. 209)
  Yotsuya:	Uhh...

  Pai:		Oh good!  Your alive.  Your legs broken, but
		your alive.

  Pai:		Good....

pg. 210)
  Yotsuya:	You really are a strange one, aren't you.  You
		feel so deeply.

pg. 211)
  Pai:		Heh heh...  But you are pretty unusual too mister.
		Coming with me to help me find my way home.

  Pai:		Even though your not my dachinko (friend) why are
		you so kind.

  Yotsuya:	I'm not nearly as nice as you are... and stop
		calling me "mister",  I have a name you know.
		Yotsuya Keiichiro.  Call me Keiichiro ["Keiichiro"
		is his given name].

  Pai:		Pai, by all means, will do something to repay you.
		Keiichiro, what do you want most of all.
  Yotsuya:	A scoop!

  Yotsuya:	As a present you can restore me to the society

  Pai:		Scoop....

pg. 212)
  Pai:		By "scoop" do mean like that commercial that
		Kyonkyon does...
  Yotsuya:	That's "soup"!!

  Pai:		Then do you mean those things that Mr. Malick bends...
  Yotsuya:	That's "spoon"!!

  Yotsuya:	Well, it was a joke, a joke.  I don't need an thanks.
		I just want to get you home.

  Yotsuya:	Well, do you recognize anything here?
  Pai:		No, it's no good.  Mama's store is no longer
		around, and I don't know where Yakumo lives...

  Yotsuya:	Well it can't be helped...  The only place I
		know is the bar where we met.

  Message board: To Yakumo, went to the "WFF" bar in Shibuya.  Pai.

pg. 213)
  Yotsuya:	You can't remember anything.  Not even which direction
		you came here from?

  Pai:		un unh. 
  Yotsuya:	Maybe if we get drunk again like before you will
		be able to remember.

  Yotsuya:	A joke, a joke.

  Pai:		That's right.  Inside Pai, there's another Pai.

pg. 214)
  Yotsuya:	Pai...

  Yotsuya:	Until you find you're way home, I'd like to hang
		out with you.

  Yotsuya:	But...

  Yotsuya:	it's so strange.  Before she could really hold her
		liquor, and today she's down after one glass.  (maybe
		it's the cold)

  Yotsuya:	Well, I guess we should be getting home.

pg. 215)
  Yotsuya:	Wahh!

  Customers:	Eiiiii!

  Yotsuya:	Ar...are you okey Pai....

  Yotsuya:	Wha...what... is that.

pg. 217)
  Yotsuya:	Hiiii!

pg. 218)
  Headline:	Mysterious explosion in Shibuya bar.
  Off to right:	Possibly due to rotten gas pipes.
  Next to picture: By coincidence a reporter from this paper
		was on the scene.
  At bottom:	Police department investigation

  Boss:		You did good Yotsuya!!  This is a reall fine
		piece of work.  You got your scoop didn't you.

  Yotsuya:	I didn't write anything about what I really
		saw with my own eyes.  The real scoop is yet
		to come.

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