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Book 11, Story 14(#77) - Elegy of Ambition

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Patrick Yip (AWOL)
Minimal proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

Do not skip ahead and read this chapter unless you really like spoilers. You have been warned.

Sanjiyan:  You...

Sanjiyan:  Could it be...

Yakumo:	   !?

Kinkara:   It's been a long time, Parvati.

Sanjiyan:  (That guy is still alive!?)


  (Wong is sitting on the roof of her house)


Yakumo:	   You're part of my family.  I'd do anything for you, even if I die.


Wong:	   What have I been doing up untll now?  What do I really...

Wong:	   !?

Wong:	   This is....!?


  (In a car on a congested road)

F1:	   What!! Our house caught fire!?

F1:	   Ha!?  Is Shunkai OK?!
    	   Those humans from Yougekisha have been rescued, but they can't
    	   find Shunkai-sama?!j

F3:	   Yes!! And neither Pai-sama nor Yakumo-sama can be found.

F1:	   Those stupid fools, they still can't find them!!
	   And now we're now stuck in this traffic jam, not moving an inch!

F2:	   Just leave the car and run to our place!! We'll search for
           Shunkai-sama when we get there!!

F2:	   Come on, Chin!! Let's go to the subway!

F1: 	   OK!

F1,F2:	   (Shunkai-sama)


Sanjiyan:  Uuuaaa.. grghhh...

Yakumo:	   Sanjiyan!!

Yakumo:	   What did you do, Kinkara!!
   	   Are you one of Ms.Wong's followers, too?!!

Kinkara:   Huh.  Shunkai and her flunkeys aren't even in my league.

   	   But since I've just finished working on a new beast magic,
	   I thought I'd stop by and use you in my experiment.

Yakumo:	   Eh!?

Kinkara:   Don't worry.  The beast-demon on Sanjiyan is called
   	   'Tei-Chin-Chii-Chii-Chong'.  If she tries to use any power,
	   the beast will store it within her.

Yakumo:	   Eh!?

  (Yakumo sees somthing)

Yakumo:	   !?

Galga:	   Kinkara-sama, the 'Humanity Statue' and the 'Key to Konron'
	   have been acquired.

Kinkara:   Yes.

Yakumo:	   Ga.. Galga...


Galga:	   Kukukuku... Surprised, right?  You little fool!
    	   Because of my thirst for vengeance, Kinkara-sama's sorcery
	   brought me back from the depths of hell!!

Kinkara:   Enough said.  Now take the statue and the key and go, Galga.

Galga:	   Yes, sir.

Yakumo:	   Wai..wait!!  Leave the Humanity Statue right here!
      	   Otherwise, I'll blast you with 'Kuan-Yaa'!

Kinkara:   That's interesting.  Why don't you try it and see, boy.

  (He clenches Yakumo's Life)

Yakumo:	   Ugu..

Yakumo:	   Ki.. Kinkara... Are you our enemy, or are you our friend!?
	   Who are you!?


Sanjiyan:  Our enemy, obviously.

Yakumo:	   !?

Sanjiyan:  'Kinkara' means "summon and serve".  It is the Sanskrit word
   	   for a Konkara Douji, a side servant of FuudoMyouou.

Sanjiyan:  And the Sanskrit name of FuudoMyouou, "Acalanatha"...

Galga:	   In the name of Kinkara, come forth...

Sanjiyan:  ... is the nickname of SHIVA!!

  (Sanjiyan attacks Kinkara with a massive blast of power)


Sanjiyan:  Imbecile!! You dare face my force directly!!
   	   Things have changed since 'Kuuon', you'll be blown to a thousand


Benares:    The experiment was a success.
	    Now I can defend against Parvati's strongest power, there's
	    nothing I need fear.

  (As you've guessed, Kinkara is Benares, Kaiyanwang's "Wu")


Yakumo:	   What... no way...

Sanjiyan:  Ha ha ha.. huh! When I destroyed the Seima Stone in the Holy Land,
   	   Kaiyan had already been revived. That's why we found nothing in
	   the Seima Stone.

Benares:   Of course. And it'd be foolish for me to risk danger before my

Sanjiyan:  However, Kaiyan didn't look like he used to.

Benares:   I was just released from the seal of Galga and so Kaiyan..

Benares:   ....

Sanjiyan:  I see. So you intentionally let us find out the broken piece of
	   Seima Stone, and then tried to make me fall asleep.
   	   Damn you...

Benares:   Your power can no longer threaten me.  Soon, I won't have to
	   bother with you two at all.

--------------- 269

Benares:   Before I find the third Sanjiyan, I'll be looking after this

Sanjiyan:  Wa..wait!! Yakumo's Life, give it back to me! Yakumo's Life!!

Benares:   I'm sorry.  Even though it's so insignificant, I must keep it
	   to prevent any further obstructions.

Yakumo:	   (vomit) guooorgh!

Sanjiyan:  Stop!!


  (Shunkai suddenly appears and chops off Benares' left arm, which is
  holding Yakumo's life)

Sanjiyan:  (grabbing the Life) Watch out!! Run, Shunkai!!

  (Shunkai is blasted by Benares)


Galga:	   What happened, Kinkara-sama?

Benares:   Shunkai distracted me for a moment, and I had to let them off.

Benares:   Let's go.

Galga:	   Yes, sir.


Wong:	   I was only after power... it was the only thing I wanted.

Wong:	   But it was your words, Yakumo... your words which opened my
	   eyes.  In truth, your heart is the strongest.

Wong:	   I suddenly questioned everything I was doing up until now.
	   And I didn't know what I really wanted.

Wong:	   I was so stupid. And now I can't share your victory against

Yakumo:	   Owner!!

Sanjiyan:  Shunkai!!


Wong:	  (I was happy in these past five years)

Sanjiyan:  Don't cry, Yakumo.

Sanjiyan:  Perhaps it's better that she dies now.  Our real battle has
	   only just started.


Sanjiyan:  Shiva-Kaiyanwang and Benares are both alive. They all... and now...

Yakumo:	   Aah.

[They all.. and now...]

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