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Book 10, Story 1(#51) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part I

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 5)
  Yakumo:       We can no longer return to the "Holy Land" Pai!

  Pai:          Huh?

  Yakumo:       If you are not a Sanjiyan, you can't cross KwunLun.

  Pai:          After we become human, we will be together forever,

pg. 7)
  Yakumo [quoting Pai]: Together forever...

  Yakumo:       mm...

  Yakumo:       hehehe, I can't believe it.

pg. 8)
  Yakumo:       Aha..then...Rent a small place, even if it's not in the
                city, then find a place to work.

  [begin daydream]
  Yakumo:       Pai smiles and greets me after work.

  Pai:          Yakumo, welcome home! Tired?  [Note: Pai is wearing an
                all purpose cat girl nuku nuku apron.]

  Yakumo:       The work is very light, no problem.

  Pai:          Thank you.  Kiss
  [end daydream]

  Yakumo:       Wa!! Su...Sugoi!

  Yakumo:       Hahahahahahha

  Long:         ....

pg. 9)
  Long:         Hey!  Find a better place to enjoy yourself!

  Yakumo:       What does this have to do with anything?

  Yakumo:       Finally, I can be human.

  Long:         What are you going to do after you become human?

  Yakumo:       Why do you care? ^_^

  Long:         Hmm.. It's here.

pg. 10)
  Yakumo:       Manager!

  Long:         Ha!  That was fast.

  Ling Ling:    Idiot!  If I can't even do this much, how can I be a

  Ling Ling:    Hmm..  Is it OK to just send `Hyouma' to the hospital?
                Is Pai OK?

  Long:         Ah, she's not as weak as Gupta, she is just tired and
                went to sleep.

pg. 11)
  Ling Ling:    Because Yakumo defeated the guardian, Pai and Hyouma's
                petrification magic was dispelled, and the Guardian
                became a statue.  Where is that thing?

  Long:         Ah, you still haven't changed, I still have a lot to
                tell you.

  Ling Ling:    It can wait.

pg. 12)
  Ling Ling:    So, this is the Divine Demon rock?

  Long:         Hmm..  Even as human, I can feel the demonic power it

  Long?:        I bet it has a very powerful memory.

  Ling Ling:    Does it?..

  Ling Ling:    Does it mean that those two can finally become human?

  Yakumo:       Yes, this time, we will get the humanization method.

  Yakumo:       Tomorrow, when Pai is awake, everyone come to see that
                we call forth Kwaiyanwang's memory from the rock.

  Yakumo:       Ling Ling, you can make it back right?

  Ling Ling:    Yes, I will prepare some food for the celebration.

  Yakumo:       Ling Ling, get some chicken and remember to get high
                quality meat!

  Long:         And wine of course!

  Ling Ling:    Grr.. this..

pg. 13)
  Ling Ling:    I'll just take the money out of your salary for the

  Yakumo:       Hey!

  Yakumo [thinking]:    Tomorrow, everything..  Tomorrow when the sky
                lights up.  Everything can come to an end.

  Yakumo:       Hmm..  There's still someone who is not asleep.

pg. 14)
  Yakumo:       Pai!  Why did you get up?

  Parvati:      ....

  Yakumo:       San... Sanjiyan!

  Yakumo:       Sanjiyan, you are tired too, get some rest today.  We
                can do this tomorrow.

pg. 15)
  Parvati:      Get lost!

  Yakumo:       Huh?

  Parvati:      I'm very disappointed in you.

  Yakumo:       Eh?

  Parvati:      Just because you have defeated the guardian, don't think
                that I could forgive you.  Idiot.

  Parvati:      Not only are you useless, you also put your master in
                danger!  You don't qualify to become a Wu!

  Yakumo:       What the..  Pai and I promised that we are going to live

  Parvati:      That has nothing to do with me! Get lost!

pg. 16)
  Yakumo:       Why?

  Parvati:      "Spirit of the earth, listen to my will, here and now,
                show me his thoughts!"

  Parvati:      Don't have wild thoughts, brat.  I'm calling out
                Kwaiyanwang's memory not for the humanization method,
                but for the method to get rid of a Wu.

  Yakumo:       Wha..What?

pg. 17)
  Parvati:      Come out, Kwaiyanwang!

Book 10, Story 2(#52) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part II

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 19)
  Parvati:      Kwai...Kwaiyanwang...

pg. 23)
  Yakumo:       E..Excellent.  Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:       Say it.  I..

  Yakumo:       Heh, doesn't matter if you don't want to talk to me.  I
                only want to know the humanization method, so Pai and I
                can become human.

pg. 24)
  Yakumo:       Kwai.. Kwaiyanwang.

  Yakumo:       Hurry up and tell us how to utilize the 'Statue of 
                Humanity' to use the Sanjiyan humanization method.

  Yakumo:       Hurry up and say it!  How do we do it!

  Yakumo:       What do we have to..

pg. 25)
  Parvati:      Shiva...

pg. 26)
  Yakumo:       Wai.  Wai!  Sanjiyan!

  Yakumo:       What happened?  Sanjiyan!

  Parvati:      He's calling me, his heart is calling me.

  Yakumo:       Hold on just a second.

pg. 27)
  Yakumo:       Ahh

  Parvati:      Shiva!!

  Yakumo:       Stop!  Sanjiyan!

  Parvati:      I looked at Kwaiyan.  He no longer have the demonic
                presence, he has returned to his original caring self!

pg. 28)
  Yakumo:       Can't be!  Get away from him!  He is just a memory!

  Yakumo:       Sanjiyan!!

pg. 30)
  Yakumo:       umm..

  Yakumo:       I command you in the name of Fujii Yakumo!

  Yakumo:       Come out Kuan Yaa!

pg. 31)
  Yakumo:       umm..

  Yakumo:       Return Pai to me!!!

pg. 32)
  Yakumo:       AAAAH!

pg. 33)
  Crowd:        Wha..What's going on?

  Crowd:        What happened anyway?  What happened to the Divine Demon

pg. 34)
  Long:         Yakumo!  You OK, Yakumo?  What happened?

  Long:         Yakumo?

  Yakumo:       Pai!  Where's Pai?  Pai..She..

pg. 36)
  Yakumo:       Pai..

  Hyouma:       It's OK, Lady Divine Demon is fine.

  Hyouma:       What happened anyway?  The evil presence is gone.

  Yakumo:       Huh?

  Hyouma:       This divine demon rock is now only an empty shell.

Book 10, Story 3(#53) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part III

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 38)
  Ling Ling[narr.]:     Today is the third day.

  Ling Ling[narr.]:     Must be something wrong.

  Ling Ling:    Doesn't matter how much power she spent,
  Ling Ling:    she's asleep for three days, that's too weird.

pg. 39)
  Gupta:        But we can't just send Lady Divine Demon to the hospital
                for a better check.

  Ling Ling:    Steve's magic is not working on her either.

  Gupta:        Where's that brat?

  Ling Ling:    He went to help seal KwunLun.  He always puts Pai as his
                priority, but...

  Haan:         This..This is...

pg. 40)
  Long:         Ready, OK!  Everyone move to safety!

  Long:         Is everyone here?

  Hyouma:       Yakumo!  Hurry!

  Long:         Ready to ignite!

  Yakumo:       Ah, wait.

  Long:         Release the safety.

pg. 41)
  Hyouma:       Hurry, what are you doing?

  Yakumo:       To put explosives on the cliff, I need time!

  Yakumo:       Wait!  Mr. Long!

  Long:         Can't, according to time, ignite!

  Yakumo:       Ah!!

  Yakumo:       AHAHAH

pg. 42)
  Yakumo:       You bastard, told you to hold!

  Long:         Let it go, you are OK after all.

  Long:         There's no other way, but I really don't want to destroy
                this piece of history.

  Yakumo:       We had no idea, we can't just leave KwunLun here

  Hyouma:       I'm really sorry, you should let us take care of the
                matter here.

pg. 43)
  Yakumo:       No, everyone finally found the divine demon rock, but I
                didn't use it well, and it didn't help us any.  I'm the
                one who should apologize.

  Hyouma:       It's OK.  Kwaiyawang's memory's disappearance is not your

  Yakumo:       I guess this will be fine, there's nothing more to think

  Hyouma:       ??

  Yakumo:       No, I didn't say anything.

pg. 44)
  [begin flashback]
  Pai:          After we become human, we need to always be together,

  Parvati:      You are not qualified to become my Wu, get lost!
  [end flashback]

  Yakumo [thinking]:    There has to be a way to get the humanization
                method.  Where did Kwaiyanwang's memory go?

pg. 45)
  Haan:         Sitting here by yourself, how can you call yourself a

pg. 46)
  Haan:         Why are you leaving Pai at the hospital by herself,

  Long:         Haan, what are you doing?

  Haan:         Shut up!

  Yakumo:       umm.

  Yakumo:       Sanjiyan sleep is very normal, even if I was there,
                nothing is going to change anyway.

  Haan:         You are a big idiot!

  Haan:         Hurry, follow me!

pg. 47)
  Yakumo:       It's OK, Haan.  When Pai wakes up, I wouldn't know how
                to meet her.

  Haan:         I don't know what happened between you two.

  Haan:         But Sanjiyan has been sealed by a powerful memory. If it
                continues like this, she will never wake up!

  Yakumo [thinking]:    Strong memory!?

pg. 48)
  Haan:         What?  The memory was Kwaiyanwang?

  Yakumo:       Doesn't matter, let's go!

  Yakumo:       Wait, what is this, isn't this a hospital?

  Haan:         I rented a warehouse, don't ask, just follow me.

pg. 49)
  Haan:         Is everything ready?

  Ling Ling:    OK.

  Yakumo:       Pai.

  Yakumo:       Pai..

pg. 50)
  Yakumo [thinking]:    Can it be that Sanjiyan herself... she went into
                Kwaiyanwang's memory herself?

  Haan:         Heh, don't blame me, there's no time to explain
                everything to you.

  Haan:         If we don't hurry up, Sanjiyan will be sealed into her
                own deep memory.

pg. 51)
  Haan:         I'm leaving the rest to you, Ling Ling.

  Ling Ling:    No problem, but are you really going to go with Yakumo
                to leave your physical body and send your spirit into Pai's

  Haan:         If you don't believe me, so be it.

  Haan:         Just that Yakumo and I have to bring Sanjiyan back.

  Yakumo [thinking]:    Spirit leaving the flesh and into Pai's body?
                What the heck is this?

pg. 54)
  Yakumo:       This is...

Book 10, Story 4(#54) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part IV

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 57)
  Yakumo:       Could this be?!

pg. 58)
  Yakumo:       Takuhi's egg!?
  Haan:         This really is the Holy Land!

  Yakumo:       No, the Holy Land I know is an abandoned city.

  Haan:	        This is Pai's inner world.

pg. 59)
  Yakumo:       !?

  Haan:         Fujii...

  Haan:         Don't let me see that stupid thing!!
  Yakumo:       Aah!!

  Yakumo:       Why are we naked?
                Haan, What is going on?
                What do you mean Pai's inner world!?

  Haan:         This is...
  Yakumo:       Shss!

  Yakumo:       Something is coming...

pg. 60)
  Haan:         Oh shit, monsters?!
  Yakumo:       Don't know yet, but there are quite a few of them!

  Haan:         Hu..hurry! Run! Fujii!
  Yakumo:       Hold on, Haan, something is not right!

pg. 61)
  Madurai:      <hurrying the horse sound>

pg. 62)
  Madurai:      !?

  Madurai:      Come on! Everyone stick together and defeat our foes!

pg. 63)
  Madurai:      Damn! Too many!

pg. 64)
  Madurai:      In the name of Madurai!!

  Madurai:      Come out! Exploding Bug!

  Haan:         Hey, what do we do now? Run?! [to Yakumo]

  Haan:         Fujii!!

pg. 65)
  Haan:         You can't go! Fujii!
  Haan:         We still have things we have to do! This does not concern us!

  Yakumo:       I can't just let go!

  Yakumo:       Bastards!

pg. 66)
  Monster:      Hurry!

pg. 67)
  Madurai:      Charge!

  Yakumo:       Damn! I can only do this now!

pg. 68)
  Yakumo:       Eat this!

pg. 70)
  Yakumo:       Pai...
  Yakumo:       No.. Sanjiyan?

  Yakumo:       What is this...where is this place really?

  Haan:         I already told you! 
  Haan:         This is Pai's inner world!!
                In another word, we are now body of thoughts, 
                invading into Pai's spiritual world!

  Yakumo:       Spiritual world?

pg. 71)
  Haan:         That's right!!
                It looks real, but this is not reality. This is only 
                Sanjiyan's dream world.
  Haan:         When we don't know where, when, and what this world is made 
                out of, we can't do as we please!

  Yakumo:       What are you talking about? This is definitely Sanjiyan 
                Unkara's Holy Land..
  Yakumo:       But the rest of the Sanjiyan are still alive, so it has 
                to be 300 years ago.

  Yakumo:       If we are successful, we can find the humanization method.
  Haan:         Hey!

  Haan:         Don't think about what exists or doesn't. 
                We have things that we have to do.

pg. 72)
  Haan:         Sneak into this world and find Sanjiyan..
  Haan:         Then release her imprisoned self.

  Haan:         Only then, can Pai be back to normal!

  Yakumo:       Come out! Kuaan Yaa!(Light Fang)
  Yakumo:       Kuaan Yaa!!!

Book 10, Story 5(#55) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part V

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 74)
  Haan:         Fujii!!

  Yakumo:       Grr...

  Haan:         You ok? Fujii?

pg. 75)
  Haan:         It's all your fault.
                If you don't think about what's there and what's not, such 
                things won't happen then.

  Yakumo:       Idiot, what are you talking about?
  Haan:         Before we know the composition of this world, even I can not
                use my magic.

  Yakumo:       Beast magic can not be used as well?

  Haan:         You have to realize the situation first!

pg. 76)
  Haan:         In this world, we are but spirits, we can't use beast magic 
                that uses the forces of our physical forms.
                Especially you are but the spirit of a 'human' Yakumo Fujii,
                not an immortal Wu.

  Haan:         We will die, if this continues.
                When our spirits die, our physical bodies will be no 
                different from a couple of corpses.

  Yakumo:       How...
  Haan:         Bastard! I haven't had a date with a girl yet, how can I die
                at places like this!!

  Yakumo:       That's absurd! I can't die here! I can't leave Pai and die!!

pg. 77)
  Ganesa?:      STOP!

pg. 79)
  Ganesa:       Hahaha. Who are you? Never seen you two before.

  Ganesa:       Are you Madurai's slave?

  Ganesa:       Looks like Madurai ran away already.
                Hahaha, you two naked monkeys have no right to talk with me.

  Yakumo:       I'm Fujii Yakumo, Parvati's Wu!

pg. 80)
  Haan:         You.. you idiot!

  Ganesa:       ?

  Yakumo:       We just want to find Parvati.
                We have nothing to do with the people who just passed by.

  Ganesa:       Hahaha, you can't do it this way.

  Yakumo:       huh?

  Ganesa:       A lovely boy like you shouldn't lie.
  Yakumo:       Wa!!

pg. 81)
  Ganesa:       You think I don't know what a 'Wu' is?

  Ganesa:       Hahaha, very cute.

  Yakumo:       Ah!!
  Ganesa:       I like you, boy.

  Ganesa:       We are having a Wu's meeting soon. I'll let you two go take 
                a look.

  Ganesa:       Let's go to the Kwaiyan-city!

pg. 83)
  Haan:         The Sanjiyan's city looks awesome!
  Yakumo:       Mm.. This too is my first time seeing it not in ruins.

  Yakumo[thinking]: Kwaiyan city, is Pai there?

pg. 84)
  Yakumo:       Don't know, but Sanjiyan should be with that bastard called 

  Yakumo:       Looks like Sanjiyan is still in love with Kwaiyanwang, but 

pg. 85)
  Yakumo:       Here.

pg. 86)
  Haan:         Hey, what are you thinking about doing!?

  Haan:         Bastards!! They don't look like underlings of the pacifist 
                Sanjiyanunkara. Damn!
  Yakumo:       What to do? At this rate, I can't go find Pai.
                We better find a way to leave this place first.
                Looks like we are in the middle of something.

  Yakumo:       Ah, looks like.
  Haan:         !?

pg. 87)
  victim:       Ahhh

  victim:       Ahhh..

  Haan/Yakumo:  This is...!!

pg. 88)
  Yakumo:       It's Tou-Chao.
  Haan:         Is this an execution place?

  Yakumo[thinking]: Damn, We have to find a way out of here.

pg. 89)
  Ganesa:       Sorry to keep you waiting, boys.
                It's all because of you, that Madurai run away, let's play!!

  Ganesa:       You can choose to use whatever weapon. I like strong people.

  Ganesa:       If you survive after a battle with me, I'll let you become 
                Kwaiyanwang's Wu!

pg. 90)
  Haan/Yakumo:  !?

  Ganesa:       In the name of Ganesa, come out! Touchao!

Book 10, Story 6(#56) - The Illusion of the Seima - Part VI

Translation by John Rong (yakumo@airmail.net)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 91)
  Haan:         Think of something, Fujii!
  Yakumo:       I can't think of anything!

pg. 92)
  Haan:         AH!
  Yakumo:       Gr..

  Ganesa:       I won't let you die like that.
                If I don't extract the whereabouts of Madurai out of you two 
                monkeys, I'll be punished by Kwaiyanwang.

pg. 95)
  Kwaiyanwang:  Did Madurai and the others escape?

  Hyouma:       Yes, the soldiers have said that.

  Kwaiyanwang:  I can't believe that Ganesa bastard is still playing with 
                those monkeys at a time like this.

  Hyouma:       Looks like it.

  Kwaiyanwang:  Ok, I understand, tell Ganesa to get over here.

  Kwaiyanwang:	Do it now!
  Hyouma:       As you ordered! Kwaiyanwang!!

pg. 96)
  Haan:         Looks different than what we have heard. Aren't all Sanjiyan 
                Unkara peaceful and loving Divine demons?

  Yakumo:       Maybe it's because of Kwaiyanwang.

pg. 97)
  Haan:         Idiot, what are you talking about...

  Ganesa:       The Sanjiyan hate stupid people.

  Ganesa:       The ugly, weak, and stupid are hated people. That's why 
                killing you monkeys is my pleasure.

  Ganesa:       I'm not going to play with you any more! Tell me where 
                Madurai is now, or I'll extract	the information from your 
                brains after you are dead! Choose!

  Haan:         What do you think you are doing, Fujii?
                That guy has the wrong idea about us.

pg. 98)
  Yakumo:       Then I will let him see the power of monkeys.

  Yakumo:       Haan, take this opportunity to go find Kwaiyanwang while I'm 
                fighting with him.
  Haan:         Find..find Kwaiyanwang?

  Yakumo:       He said Kwaiyanwang would punish him, so Kwaiyanwang is in the 
                city! I think it's better to find him as soon as possible.
  Haan:         Yes! Pai should be with him.

  Yakumo:       No... Pai.. The one with Kwaiyanwang is Sanjiyan.
  Haan:         Hey, hey

  Haan:         You can't be depressed at a time like this!

pg. 99)
  Ganesa:       Idiots, realize this!!
                If you don't concentrate I'll kill you now.

  Ganesa:       Come out! Tou-chou!

  Haan:         Wait!!

pg. 100)
  Haan:         Ah..

  Ganesa:       What?

pg. 101)
  Yakumo:       Taste this!

  Ganesa:       Shiit!

pg. 102)
  Ganesa:       You have done well, boy!

  Yakumo:       Damn, I missed..

  Ganesa:       Too bad, that's not enough to defeat Kwaiyanwang's Wu,

  Yakumo:       Shouldn't Kwaiyanwang's Wu be Benares?
  Ganesa:       Die, boy!

pg. 103)
  Ganesa:       !?

  Ganesa:       Grrah

  Haan:         Hurry! Fujii! Hurry!

  Yakumo:       Haan!

  Ganesa:       Bastards how dare you!

pg. 104)
  Ganesa:       In the name of Ganesa, come out! Rei-shou (Lighting Snake)

  Hyouma:       Stop, Ganesa! You dare to make Seima angry?

  Ganesa:       Shunkane, are you saying we just let them go wild in the city?
  Hyouma:       It's your entire fault, I don't care. 
                Kwaiyanwang wants you immediately!

pg. 105)
  Ganesa:       I'll have to go to Kwaiyanwang's place. 5-6 of you fellow me, 
                the rest go find those two monkeys.

  Ganesa:       What a pain, probably will be punished cause of the escape 
                of Madurai.
                You too will have to ask for forgiveness from him.

pg. 106)
  Haan:         What a headache, Shiva's son from Hindu mythology, Ganesa, is 
                actually a Wu. This is like in a history class.

  Yakumo:       Don't you think it is funny? That he is Kwaiyanwang's Wu.

  Haan:         Isn't there are many Wu?
  Yakumo:       Are there?

pg. 107)
  Ganesa:       Ganesa is here.

  Yakumo[thinking]: Is that Kwaiyanwang? Where is Sanjiyan?

pg. 108)
  Kwaiyanwang:  Three days from now, we will be having the humanization 
                ceremony.  I will not forgive you for letting Parvati 
                escape, Ganesa!

  Ganesa:       I'm very sorry. It's because of Parvati's Wu, Madurai, she 
                was causing trouble.
  Yakumo:       !?

  Kwaiyanwang:  I smell dirty monkeys, Ganesa.

  Ganesa:       Huh?

  Yakumo:       It's not Kwaiyanwang!

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