Shuttle XPC SG45H7

Bhairavi is another step on my quest for a powerful small-form-factor PC. After building a micro-ATX box (Bhavani) and realizing that micro-ATX isn't really that small, I looked for other options. I liked this Shuttle design primarily because it was very small, yet it had a relatively beefy power supply and the case was long enough to fit a full-size graphics card. Plus, there was an optional watercooling kit that I thought would keep the small case cool plus be an easy way to experiment with watercooling.

I was initially going to make the Shuttle a multimedia bedroom PC that could also be used for distributed computing, and I even bought a little LCD TV to use as a monitor. However, after cramming a GTX 285 into the case, I realized it got too hot for use with DC projects. The bedroom PC aspect didn't turn out to be very useful either. I think it will be more useful as a workstation. I installed more RAM and upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, and right now it's hooked up to the KVM serving as a secondary PC.

The name Bhairavi means "awe-inspiring, fierce" in Sanskrit. It is closely associated with Kali and is another one of the names of the consort of Shiva (or in this case, Bhairava) in Hinduism. This should not be confused with Bhairavi Goswami, a very attractive Indian actress and model.

Shuttle XPC SG45H7

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