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about sazan.net

This is the personal domain of David Park. For the latest site news (and lots of meaningless rambling), see my .plan file.

what's sazan mean?

In Japanese, the word sazan (written in katakana, as in the site logo above) has several possible meanings. First, it is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "southern", as in the name of the popular Japanese band Southern All Stars. Second, it is the way "3 × 3" is pronounced when memorizing multiplication tables. Finally, it is the first part of the name of the manga series 3x3 Eyes (sazan aizu). The title 3×3 EYES actually originated from both of the previous meanings, as explained in the 3x3 Eyes FAQ.

I chose sazan.net because it's short, anime-related but not blatantly so, and because I'm from Virginia, a southern state. (Also, sazan.com was taken.)

about this server

A quick WHOIS lookup will reveal that this server is hosted by Superb Internet. The server itself is located at a top-secret location in the DC metro area (just as I am). Below is a clock showing the current server time.

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(Washington, D.C., USA)
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link buttons

Here are a few 88×31 link buttons if you would like to link to this server. They are not that great, but Fred wanted buttons so I quickly made these. There are some better buttons for the 3x3 Eyes Digest.

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