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News: (1/9/2001)
I changed the .procmailrc recipe on the Smartlist page to automatically create the archive directory if it does not exist, since I forgot to do it manually this year. If anyone has suggestions for cleaning up the code, let me know; I'm not an awk wizard. In other news, I did port the ASP image browser to PHP, but I'm going to play with it some more to make it handle thumbnails. I have been working a lot with PHP lately, but I still don't have any code packaged for distribution yet. Maybe before 2002... software was founded in 1998 in order to have a name to write in the "Company" space on most software development questionnaires. The company's mission is to distribute quality free software (not to mention software that doesn't cost you any money). Everything is done by David Park in his copious free time.

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