Active Server Pages

As a web surfer, I've never been impressed with ASP. Whenever a web page times out halfway through loading, I'm not surprised to see the .asp extension in the URL. Plus, I don't like web technology that isn't cross-platform. However, I couldn't really comment on ASP from a programming perspective until I had created some scripts of my own. Since I already run IIS for testing web pages on my personal Windows 2000 machine, all I needed to get started was the information on the Microsoft Web Workshop and Scripting sites.

Image Gallery

This is a single page, imagegal.asp, for browsing a directory tree containing various image files. The program has some interesting features:

The browser only displays full-size images, since there is no way to generate thumbnails on the fly in VBScript. Sorry, an online demo is not available, since this site uses a real web server that does not support ASP.

So, now that I've worked with ASP, what do I think? Um, well... version 2.0 of the Image Gallery script will be written in PHP.


Download Image Gallery v1.0 (3.15KB zip file)

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