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Book 2, Story 1(#9) - Fujii Yakumo - Part IV

Translation by Dan Su, Anime Berkeley

Tatchan:	What the hell happened to Natsuko?!  Yakumo!
Yakumo:		I don't know!  Don't just stand there, we've got to catch them!
		If we don't, God only knows what's going to happen!
		I need your help, Takuhi!
 (to himself)	Shit!  He did something to Natsuko.

Yakumo frees Takuhi from Pai's walking stick.

Natsuko:	?
Yakumo:		If you hurt Natsuko...I won't forgive you!

Takuhi grabs Natsuko and Pai.

Nearby, the one-eyed monster is watching.

Monster:	So...they've caught...them...
		Soon...the San Ji Yan...will be...mine...
		Soon...I want to...suck...the San Ji Yan's blood...
		That Wu...could...mean trouble...

A security guard spots the monster standing at the edge of the building.

Guard:		Hey you!  Over there!
		Get down from there!
		Isn't it dangerous to be standing there like tha-

The monster bites the guard.

Guard:		Waaa!
Monster:	...

The guard is down for a moment but then he rises, with an eye-blob attached
to his neck.  He seems to be under the control of the monster.

Monster:	Bring me the San Ji Yan.
Guard:		Yes sir...
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...

Yakumo is talking to Takuhi, trying to coax it back into Pai's walking stick.

Yakumo:		"Thank you"
		She's saved.
		Thanks to you, Pai is also safe.
		Now, could you go back into the stick?
		See, I'm Pai's friend.

Yakumo shows Takuhi his "Wu" mark.  Takuhi goes back into the stick.

Yakumo:		Whew...
		Tatchan, how's Natsuko doing?
Tatchan:	I dunno...
Tatchan:	Shit...it's all that monster's fault...
		The monster that looked like Dracula...
		Will Natsuko also be leaving our company [Dachinko]?
Yakumo:		...
Tatchan:	Natsuko...is it too late for you?
		You were so cute...how could this happen to you...
Yakumo:		Dammit...Just when I decided to leave...
		Dammit...it's all my fault...
		Shit!  I'm going to get you for this!!!

Yakumo and company are riding in a taxi.

Yakumo:		Don't worry, Tatchan.
		I will find a way to turn myself back into a human.
		Rest assured, Natsuko can return to her normal self.
		I'll return Natsuko to normal even if I have to kill that
Tatchan:	Yakumo...
Yakumo:		Anyways, can you take this charm off Pai's forehead?
		I can't touch it...
Tatchan:	OK...?

The taxi approaches a roadblock.

Taxi driver:	What's up?  Is something wrong?
Policeman:	N-Nope...

The policeman shoots the taxi driver.  There's an eye-blob monster on the 
policeman's face.

Policeman:	Ge...ge...ge...
Yakumo:		Awww shit!!!  Tatchan, get the hell outta here!
Tatchan:	No way...It's too late, Yakumo...

The taxi is completely surrounded by eye-blob-possessed people.
The crowd moves in on Yakumo and company.

Yakumo:		What the hell?!  I can't return Natsuko to normal this way...
		She'll be killed before I can meet the leader (monster).
 (thinking)	I'd better do something...

Yakumo notices Pai being carried off.

Yakumo:		Pai!!!
Pai:		Ya...Yakumo...
Yakumo:		PAI!!!!!
Natsuko:	Ge...ge...ge...
		You made a...big mistake...
Yakumo:		You!  What do you plan to do with Pai?
Natsuko:	I'm going...to bite her...She will be mine...
		The...the secret of...eternal youth...and immortality...
		will be mine...
Yakumo:		No...
Natsuko:	Ge...ge...ge...How simple...
		Hmmm...this woman...seems to...like you...
		She dreams...of being raped...by you...
		Ge...ge...ge...How amusing...

Tears are coming from Natsuko's eyes...

Yakumo:		!!
Natsuko:	So...Why don't...you rape her...
Yakumo:		Natsuko!!!
		Stop it!  You coward!

Yakumo is being held back by the crowd.

Yakumo:		Even though you've taken Pai away from me, you still can't 
		face me alone?
		What...Are you that scared of me?
Natsuko:	Co-coward?  You think I'm scared?

On a giant clock platform next to a building, the monster has Natsuko keep
Pai immobilized while it prepares to fight Yakumo.

Monster (thinking):  This punk...thinks...I'm a coward...
		He thinks I'm scared...
Monster:	I will not be laughed at!
		You're...just a little...brat...who's immortal...but...
		As you wished...we are now...face to face.
Yakumo:		Heheh...I'm waiting for you.
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...
		Here I come!
Yakumo:		Come on!

The monster jumps down from the platform to attack Yakumo.

Tatchan:	Ya...Yakumo...

Yakumo barely avoids the monster's attack.

Yakumo (thinking):  This guy's pretty good.
		There's no way I'm going to beat him.
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...
		Already running away?
		Now...who's the coward?
Yakumo:		Shit.  I can't say anything...
		This is different from the Hong Kong monster extermination.
		You think you can win without any kind of preparation?

Just as Yakumo reaches the platform Pai's on, the monster jumps in front
of him.

Monster:	So are you going to beg the San Ji Yan for help?
Yakumo:		Dammit.
Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...
		I'm going to...keep your head in a bottle forever...

The monster raises its hand, ready to blast Yakumo.

Yakumo:		W-Wait!  I have a last request!
		Whatever you do, return Natsuko and everybody else back to
		normal.  Promise me!

The monster ignores Yakumo's words and blasts Yakumo's head off.

Monster:	Ge...ge...ge...
		That will only happen...when I die...
		What a weakling...

The beheaded Yakumo charges at the monster.

Monster:	!!

Yakumo runs past the monster and towards Pai.  He manages to remove the charm
from Pai's forehead.

San Ji Yan:	I'll see you in hell, scum bag.

Yakumo slaps the charm on the monster's eye, removes the cap from Pai's 
walking stick, and shoves the open end into the monster's mouth.

San Ji Yan:	Takuhi?

The monster expands and blows up like a balloon.

San Ji Yan:	Using Takuhi to blow up your opponent from the stomach...
		Not bad...

Yakumo's body is wandering around, searching for Yakumo's head.
Pai is carrying Yakumo's head some distance away.

San Ji Yan:	This is what you get for not taking that charm off earlier.
Yakumo's body:	My head...
Yakumo's head:	I want to be human again...

Book 2, Story 2(#10) - Fujii Yakumo - Part V

Translated by d.n.a.b. (davmou@ocf.berkeley.edu), studio 3x3

narration>  It has been three days since that incident.....

narration>  Since we defeated the monster, everything is back to 

narration>  As for me......

[Scene moves to Natsuko's bedroom window.  She is looking out to 
the night sky, thinking about HIM.]

Natsuko:  Fujii-kun

narration>  ......I thought I have settled everything here.

[Morning, in Yakumo's apartment.  He is overjoyed that his head 
actually grows back to his neck.]

Yakumo:  Alright!  Now my head is back in place!!

Yakumo:  He he.

Yakumo:  Now I have nothing to worry about here, I can begin my 
tour of Japan.

Yakumo:  First, I need to withdraw from the school...

[Pai, sleeping on the makeshift bed, is posing seductively.]

Yakumo:  This dosing Pai has no caution whatsoever.....

Yakumo:  Living in the same room, does she know what kind of guy 
I am?

narration>  Well, she doesn't treat me like a nobody.

Yakumo - In that case, is this what's called......

Yakumo - a free meal on platter?

[Yakumo is ready to score on Pai's lips.]

Yakumo:  <pant pant>

[The 3rd eye opens!]

Yakumo:  eh?

Sanjiyan:  HEY!

Yakumo:  WHAA!

[Outside.  Obviously Sanjiyan had chewed up Yakumo for most of 
the morning.]

Sanjiyan:  Fool!!  Stupid!!  Idoit!!  Shameless!!

Sanjiyan:  Nowadays, one has to be more careful about kids than 

Yakumo:  I've apologized already, for crying out loud!!

Yakumo:  Besides, in general, it should be woman's responsibility 
if she decides to sleep alone in the man's room.

Sanjiyan:  And it's the man's responsibility to sleep elsewhere, 

Yakumo:  Hey, that is MY house.

Sanjiyan:  Its different bodies, but we share the same life.

Sanjiyan:  What is yours is now mine.

Yakumo:  You're not cute!  
(haven't we heard of this line before?)

Sanjiyan:  Then don't try to kiss me.

	<note: attempt failed>

Yakumo:  That's because PAI was so adorable, I couldn't 

Sanjiyan:  So then, do you like me?


Yakumo - I hate split personality.

Yakumo:  Let me tell you...!

[Natsuko looks out from the window at the couple.]

[In the school's office, Yakumo is seen tring to explain to the 
teacher why he's quitting.]

narration>  Damn,...

narration>  To Sanjiyan, what am I?

narration>  And to Pai, what am I?

Yakumo:  Hmm....  Now all I have to do is go to the airport and 
wait for open seats.

Yakumo:  Where did she go....?

[Yakumo sees Pai/Sanjiyan out alone, and Natsuko running towards 
her.  Natsuko wants a conversation with Sanjiyan.]

Sanjiyan:  So, do you mind me being with Yakumo?

Natsuko:  Ah, no...... well.......

Natsuko:  I'm sorry, it does trouble me.

[Yakumo listens from behind a tree, feeling rather embarassed.]

Natsuko:  What do you think of Fujii-kun?

[Sanjiyan pauses.]

Sanjiyan:  A slave.

[Yakumo didn't take that news very well.]

Sanjiyan:  Our race posesses great abilities to cast powerful 
spells.  Our bodies, however, can't sustain such stress for long.  
Each spell will cause us to slumber for some days.

Sanjiyan:  Heh, how can we protect ourselves like this?

Natsuko:  In short, that makes Fujii-kun...

Sanjiyan:  Yes, a "wu" is nothing but a sanjiyan's tool to 
pretect herself with.

Sanjiyan:  He becomes immortal, but loses his freedom.

Yakumo - She's kidding me!!

narration>  What's this deal with slavery?  She's treating me 
like nothing.

Natsuko:  Well.....

Natsuko:  What about others?  Those who are stronger and fights 
better.  Can they replace Fujii-kun as the "wu"?  I beg you.

Natsuko:  Can it be done?  Return Fujii-kun to human, and make a 
wu out of someone else?

Natsuko:  Can you!?  Can you!?

Sanjiyan:  ..... .....

[Sanjiyan has this bad habit of reverting to Pai when asked tough 

Pai:  ..... .....

Pai:  Eh?  What!?

Pai:  Eh?  Eh!?  Eeeeh!?

Natsuko:  ..... .....

Pai:  Where's here's where?

Yakumo:  !?  Pai...

Yakumo - Does Pai too think I'm just a tool to protect her?

[Pai spots Yakumo.]

Pai:  Yeaahkumoo!!

Yakumo:  Ah!!

Natsuko:  ..... Fujii-kun ......

[Yakumo thinks back (to Chapter 9).  Seems Natsuko remembers some 
of that too.]

Flashback>  Demon:  For example, this girl...... seems to take a 
liking of you.....

Flashback>  Demon:  To be violated by you ..... would be a dream 
come true for her.

Yakumo:  ....  Natsuko ....  I ......

Yakumo:  I ......


Yakumo:  Eh?

Natsuko:  Stop that!  This is so funny.  You were actually 

Natsuko:  You actually believe everything a demon says!?

Natsuko:  I only see you as a good friend, that's all.

Natsuko:  Don't feel awkward about it.  You and Pai make a nice 

Natsuko:  Really, don't worry about me...  You go have a nice 
trip now.

Yakumo:  Natsu.....

[Something is happening to Natsuko.]

Natsuko:  !?

Yakumo:  Natsu.....

[Natsuko's voice(font) changes.  She's now reposessed.]

Demon:  She says not to worry ......

Demon:  Hehehe, if you're not worried, then I am.

Yakumo:  That voice!!

[Things begin to pop out of Natsuko's body.  A head merges from 
Natsuko's throat.  Blood splats and Natsuko seems to feel every 
bit of it.]

Natsuko:  kyaaaaaa

Pai:  Aye Ya (Chinese: on my)!!  What is happening to her!?

Yakumo:  That scum is still alive!?

[Now the outgrown demon is branching to all corners of the campus 
like an oversized tree.]

Demon:  Fool, that thing you killed was only my double....

Demon:  I merged with this girl from the start.

Demon:  This girl's life is in my hands now.....

Demon:  To save her, make me a "Wu."

[Students in classrooms.]

A student:  WHA!!

A student:  What's that!?

A student:  A monster!?

A teacher:  It's dangerous!!  You people, don't leave the school 

Demon:  Well...  give me an immortal body...

Demon:  Or you want to see her killed!?  The choice is yours.

Yakumo:  STOP!  I can't make you a "wu."

[Splat, splat]

Yakumo:  eh....?

[Splat more.]

Demon:  Hurry... if you don't act it'll be too late....

Demon:  If you can't, you can tell Sanjiyan to do it...

[The little seen Pai has turned into Sanjiyan again.]

Sanjiyan:  Who's making a low life like you into a "wu?"

Yakumo:  San - Sanjiyan

Yakumo:  Don't say that, help Natsuko!  Please give him 

Yakumo:  Quickly!  Help Natsuko!!

Sanjiyan:  Kid!  ..... you're ordering me?

Yakumo:  I beg you!!  I can be your slave.  I'll do anything you 

Yakumo:  I beg you, save Natsuko!!

Sanjiyan:  Nope.

Sanjiyan:  That girl's life or death is none of my concern.

Sanjiyan:  Hurry to Hong Kong.

[The eye closes before Yakumo can respond.  Typical.  Yakumo is 
as shocked as anyone has ever seen.]

Yakumo:  I hate you(Sanjiyan)!!  Don't show up in front of me 

[Of course Pai doesn't know what's going on.  She thinks Yakumo 
is refering to her.  This will lead to another joke in Chapter 
11.  Studio Proteus should get to that in another 18 months. :) ]

Yakumo:  Damn you!!

Yakumo:  Hey, you demon!!  I'll let you have immortality!!

Yakumo:  Come in and merge with me!!

[Pai, Natsuko, and the rest of the Yakumo gang watch in shock.]

Demon:  Well.... I can settle for that!!

Demon:  I'll take your body!!

Yakumo - Farewell, everyone -------- 

Yakumo - Farewell, PAI!!

[The demon lurches forward in position to take Yakumo's body.  
Pai watches in tears and disbelief.  How does Yakumo get out of 
this one?]

Yakumo - PAI!!

[Typical of Sanjiyan, she bails Yakumo out in the last moment.  
She now holds a staff, intercepting the demon's path by its 
mouth.  Sanjiyan winks at Yakumo.]

Sanjiyan:  Moron!!  If you can't even defeat this low life, how 
can you ask to be my slave?

Yakumo:  Sanjiyan!!

Sanjiyan:  While I'm asleep, 

Sanjiyan:  ... don't TRY anything funny.

[Sanjiyan produces a spell which completely demolishes the demon, 
and thin the process freeing Natsuko.]

Demon:  geee!

[Demon flesh spatters as Sanjiyan falls unconscience, still 
smiling.  Natsuko lies on the ground, naked and awake.]

narration>  .... I'm turly lost now ....

narration>  Where is the real demon ..... and what does Sanjiyan 
really feel about me?

narration>  Nevertheless, to me .....

[Natsuko is wearing Yakumo's jacket.  Yakumo looks back to his 
gang for the last time.......]

Natsuko:  Thank you.  Be strong, Fujii-kun.

narration>  This fearful Sanjiyan, and Pai ....

Tatchan:  Go get 'em, Yakumo.

Saru:  Be human soon, and come back you hear.

[..... and he carries the sleeping Pai and leaves into the 

narration>  I like them both.

Translator's comment:
well, hope you're not totally lost in all these notations, 
because I certainly was.  Translation done in 4 hours, with 
minimal proof reading.  Hope it's any good.

Book 2, Story 3(#11) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part I

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 62)
  Pai:		Hey Yakumo!  What are we going to do now?

  Yakumo:	Uh! Er!  Well go to Yougekisha (Monster Buster Company)

pg. 63)
  Yakumo:	Ta da!

  Yakumo:	Actually, this arrived from Ling Ling just before we left Japan.
  Postcard:	To: Fujii Yakumo.  Discovered whereabouts of the statue.  Details
		in Hong Kong.

  Pai:		Statue....

  Pai:		Statute of Humanity!?

pg. 64)
  Pai:		We did it!  We found the statue of humanity!!  With that
		I can become human!!

  Yakumo[thinking]: Hmm... Thing seem all mixed up.  I wonder if it's OK.

  Yakumo[thinking]: Even though it was in haste, I said "I hate your(Sanjiyan) guts!!
		Don't ever appear in front of me again!!".

pg. 65)
  Pai:		Ever since she woke in Japan, she's been sticking to me like fly
		paper and has been happy and bubbly.  I'm worried...
  Sign:		Yougekisha (Monster Buster Company)

  Yakumo[thinking]: very complicated

  Yakumo?:	You want to become human soon, don't you Pai?
  Pai?:		Yeah

  Yakumo:	At any rate, after you become human....

pg. 66)
  Stranger:	Hey you! Where are you going? [in Chinese]

  Yakumo:	Huh? [then thinking]: I have a bad feeling about this.

  Stranger:	Are you with Yougekisha? [in Chinese]

  Pai:		Yeah!  We came for the statue!! [in Chinese]
  Yakumo:	Um.  Would someone mind translating for me...

  Stanger:	The statue you say... [in Chinese]

pg. 67)
  Stranger:	Is that so? [in Chinese]

  Yakumo:	It looks like things have gotten a little sticky.  Get back Pai!!
  Pai:		Eeeeiiii!!
  Yakumo:	It might be another monster after you.

pg. 68)
  Yakumo:	What do you think your doing?  You're not fighting fair!

pg. 69)
  Meixing:	I'm Steve Long's younger sister Meixing Long.  Return my
		brother	at once!! [in Chinese]

  [Note:	Even though Meixing is female, her speach is masculine.
		In Japanese "male" speach and "female" speach are quite
		distinct.  Also note that a Chinese "x" is pronounced
		as a soft "sh" sound.]

pg. 70)
  Yakumo:	Errr..  What are you saying?  Will you speak in Japanese for
		crying out loud.

  Pai:		Leave Yakumo alone!!  If you don't Pai will get mad!!
		[in Chinese]

pg. 71)
  Meixing:	No playing innocent on me!!  I'll exchange the statue skull for
		my brother. [in Chinese]
  Pai:		Huh!?

  Pai:		Let Yakumo go.... [in Chinese]

  Meixing:	You guys really don't know do you.... [in Chinese]

  [Note: 	As a general rule, Meixing, Ling Ling and Steve Long speak
		Cantonese with each other, and Ling Ling and Steve
		Long seem to know a little Japanese.  Yakumo doesn't
		know any Chinese yet though.  Of course everything
		is written in Japanese, but as a general (but not
		absolute) rule horizontal text is used to represent
		what is Chinese within the story].

pg. 72)
  Pai:		DON'T DO THAT!!

  Pai:		Don't put Yakumo in front of me!!  If I appear in front of
		Yakumo, he will hate me.

  Pai[quoting Yakumo]:	I hate your(Sanjiyan) guts!!  Don't ever appear in
		front of me again!

  Pai:		Therefore, Pai has to be on Yakumo's "side".

  Meixing:	Have you ever heard of a figure of speach?

  Meixing:	Have you ever been to school?

  Meixing:	I think I was the fool for doubting these clueless types.

pg. 73)
  Meixing:	That was ten days ago.

  Meixing:	My big brother is a psychic[not quite correct, literaly
		"spirit ability person"] who earns his bread by doing
		purification and exorcism.  The name "Steve Long" is
		actually rather well respected in Hong Kong.

pg. 74)
  Meixing:	Then this person from Yougekisha comes along.

  [Note: Meixing is relating this conversation]
  Long:		Long time no see.  What are you after today.

  Ling Ling:	The statue of humanity

  Long:		Waa!  Just as always, you're really fast.  How did
		you find out I had it so soon.

  Ling Ling:	There was a tracking device on the statue.  But rather
		than that, tell me how you got your hand on it.

  Long:		I felt the evil presense in the night sky, so I tried
		doing a purification.  When I did, the statue fell from
		the sky.

pg. 75)
  Long:		Although it was broken a little.

  Ling Ling:	What!!

  Long:		It wasn't my fault!!

  Ling Ling:	How could you do such a thing you dim witted would-be
		psychic swindler!

  Long:		What!  You're the one who makes a mockery of the spirit
		world you lowest of the low.

  Meixing:	My brother got really mad and said that he would never
		hand over the statue, and a big fight went on for three

  Meixing:	However, on the evening of the fourth day....

pg. 76)
  Meixing:	Big brother?  What happened?  What was that sound?

pg. 77)
  Meixing:	When the sound subsided and I came to, my brother
		was gone.  Since that day, the woman from Yogekisha
		was also gone.  All that was left was this one
		forgotten fragment.

  Book:		Chinese Made Simple

  Meixing:	I will come again.  If you see that woman, tell her
		that I will exchange the fragment for my brother.

  Yakumo:	Ah, wait!  Please let me see that fragment [in Chinese]

pg. 78)
  Meixing:	I don't think that a weakling like you could be the
		culpret, but if I'm not careful my brother's life
		could be in danger.  I don't trust you.

  Yakumo:	What a bitch!

  Pai:		It's OK.  Cheer up.  Surely your brother is all right.
		My instincts are usually on the mark.

  Pai:		Leave it to us!!  Yakumo will rescue you're brother!!

  [Note:	Of course Pai is speaking in Chinese.  How Yakumo
		seems to understand what Pai is saying, I don't know.]

pg. 79)
  Meixing:	I'm not counting on it.

pg. 80)
  Yakumo:	Hey!

  Yakumo:	So you guys are the culprits!?

pg. 81)
  Pai:		Eeeeiiiii!  Someone help!

  Meixing:	You!

pg. 82)
  Meixing:	Even if I die, I won't let you have it!!

  Pai:		Someone help!!

pg. 85)
  Yakumo:	Tell your boss!!  We will trade the fragment for
		the psychic.

pg. 86)
  Pai:		Yakumo....

  Yakumo:	Don't worry about me.  I'm fine, Pai.
  Pai:		Yakumo....

  Yakumo:	He he he he!  It seems that things have gotten

Book 2, Story 4(#12) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part II

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 88)
  Yakumo+Pai:	Puff.. Puff.. Puff.. Puff..

  Pai:		Are you sure your all right Yakumo?

  Yakumo:	aaah.  There aren't any suspicious character's
		around here are there?  If we're attacked, now
		it's all over.

pg. 89)
  Yakumo:	Shit!  Who the hell are they?

  Yakumo:	Even though this statue of humanity doesn't seem to
		be of any artistic value, why are they after it?
		There doesn't seem to be any point in it.

pg. 90)
  Yakumo:	Unless you're a Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:	Sanjiyan?

  Yakumo:	It couldn't be...
  Pai:		Pai will know who they really are soon. 

  Pai:		I made Takuhi really small, and sent him off after

pg. 91)
  Pai:		Pai and Takuhi are connected by telepathy now.  Whatever
		Takuhi sees, Pai also seems.

  Yakumo:	Ah ha!  You did it!  Great work!
  Pai:		Ahhh!  Praise me! Praise me! Praise me more!

  Yakumo:	All right lets hurry and get ourselve hid.
  Pai:		OK
  Naration:	If things go well, we will find not only
		Ling Ling and the psychic, but we will also get
		the statue of humanity.

pg. 92)
  Pai:		You're doing great, Takuhi!!

pg. 93)
  Meixing:	What!  Where am I? [in Chinese]

  Meixing:	Damn!  The fragment is gone!!  Was it those Japanese...

pg. 94)
  Meixing:	Ahh... If only I hadn't let down my guard.....

  Yakumo:	Shiiit.  Is the secret of humanization really hidden
		in this filthy little thing?  Next time I'll
		have to as Sanjiyan.

  Meixing:	Ha! [in Chinese]

pg. 95)
  Meixing:	You!  Give back the fragment or I'll kill you!

  Yakumo:	Calm down!  I saved your life you know!

  Meixing:	I'm going to kill you!!
  Yakumo:	eeiii

  Meixing:	Waa

  Meixing:	Wa ah ah ah...
  Yakumo:	Look out...

pg. 96)
  Pai:		Will you be quiet!

pg. 97)
  Pai:		If you're not quite, you'll break the telepathy

  Meixing:	Telepathy!?

  Yakumo:	Wern't you taking a bath?
  Pai:		I was passing water over to me to concentrate my

  Pai:		Hold on just a bit Meixing.  I'm searching for
		your brother now.

  Meixing:	Wh..who are you?

  Yakumo:	I say...we be inconvenient to you...like this...
		please trust us [in broken Chinese]

pg. 98)
  Pai:		....Hotel Royal Soala Hong Kong....hotel....

pg. 99)
  Pai:		...yes...it's a hallway....Takuhi is in the hallway

  Pai:		Ah... the masked people....

  Meixing:	Can you really see them!?  Is my brother there?  My
		brother!!  Search for my brother!!

  Yakumo[thinking]:	She really is praisworthy, isn't she...

  Pai:		Wait!  There's a room....

pg. 100)
  Pai:		Huh!? What?

  Pai:		What is this room!?

pg. 101)
  Pai:		What are these women!?  Why are all these women here?

  Yakumo:	Ling Ling!?  Is Ling Ling there!?
  Meixing:	Brother!!  Is my brother there!?

  Pai:		That....

pg. 102)
  Pai:		There is one man....

  Pai:		It looks like he's been totured horribly.  He looks
		like he is on the verge of death!!

  Meixing:	Royal Hotel Soala Hong Kong!! 32nd floor, right?

  Meixing:	Big brother!!  I'm on my way...

pg. 103)
  Yakumo:	Ah ah ah. hold on!
  Meixing:	What are you doing!!

  Yakumo:	Go to hotel.  You be killed.  Bad.  Wait!  Until I 
		contacted person I know, Ms. Wong. [in Chinese while
		reading Chinese conversation book]

  Meixing:	Shut up!

  Pai:		Yakumo...

pg. 104)
  Meixing:	Sorry, but I'm in a hurry!!

  Pai:		Wait!!  Pai will also go!!

  Pai:		I can't let people do such horrible things!!

  Pai:		Come on, lets hurry.

pg. 105)
  Meixing:	You guys really are strange...
  Pai:		Huh?

  Meixing:	Thank you!  I really am grateful.  But I can't
		can't be an inconvenience to you either.
  Yakumo:	You fool!

  Yakumo:	You're going to get killed you stupid bitch!!

pg. 106)
  Yakumo:	Are you all right Pai!!
  Pai:		Yeah...

  Pai:		We have to save Meixing.
  Yakumo:	What are you talking about!!  I feel relieved
		that she's gone.

  Pai:		No!  Pai likes that girl.

  Pai:		Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	Who could like that bitch....

  Yakumo:	that bit....ch.

pg. 107)
  Pai:		Takuhi!!  Please Takuhi!!  Until Pai and Yakumo
		arrive, protect Meixing.

pg. 108)
  Meixing:	What do you mean there's no 32nd floor!!
  Clerk:	No matter what you say, we only have 30 floors!!

  Meixing:	Don't lie to me!!  There's a bunch of no-goods surrounded
		by naked women renting that floor.
  Clerk:	I'm sorry but...

  Man:		My lady.... [lit. honored customer]

  Man:		If you please, this way.

pg. 109)
  Man:		We have floors that we loan only to special customers.

  Man:		I do request that you keep this a secret though.

  Meixing:	Don't worry, I'm not especially interested in your
		special floors.
  Meixing[thinking]: brother....

  Meixing[thinking]: Don't die brother!!

pg. 110)
  Meixing:	Eeeeiiii!

pg. 111)
  Ryouko:	The statue.... where is the statue fragment....

pg. 112)
  Pai:		No Takuhi!  Don't!

  Yakumo:	What is it Pai!
  Pai:		No!  Run!

  Yakumo:	TAKUHI!!

pg. 113)
  Yakumo:	Come on!  Let's go save Meixing!!

  Pai:		Takuhi....

  Pai:		...is dead.

pg. 116)
  Pai:		Pai's one and only "dachinko" (friend) is dead....

  Yakumo[thinking]: That day was the first time I saw Pai overcome
		by sadness, shuddering and crying.

Book 2, Story 5(#13) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part III

Translated by Ming the Merciless from the Korean version of the manga.
Distributed by RAMP (Rutgers Anime Manga Project) & Studio Otaku
From: Steve Pearl (starbuck@cybercomm.net)

Studio RAMP returns with a new translator and new manga! We gratefully thank the
work of Studio 3x3 whose previous efforts inspired us to continue. Maybe one day
Studio Proteus will continue the manga.  Until then, enjoy this!

This translation can be freely distributed for non-profit use, as long
as all credits remain intact.  If this is used in any publication,
please send a copy to:

Rutgers Anime
C/O Steve Pearl
359 Lloyd Rd
Aberdeen, NJ 07747-1826


<>= comments by me :)
()= thought/narrative
(f)= footnote/underbreath words :)
each <name>: is new speech bubble

pg. 118:

pg. 119:

        Yakumo: T... Take it easy...

        Yakumo: (gasping)

        Yakumo: W...

        Yakumo: Where is the 32nd floor...

        Yakumo: Both the stairs and the elevator end on the 30th floor...

        Yakumo: How will I get to the upper levels...

pg. 120:

        Yakumo: (Just as I thought!!)

        Yakumo: (If I go up the outer wall there will be no chance of those
                 guys to see me, then from the roof I could rescue Mycine...)

        Yakumo: ........

        Yakumo: That's that...

        Yakumo: This is going to be troublesome...

        Yakumo: Even if I go around the danger it will be troublesome...

        Yakumo: ........

pg. 121:

        Yakumo: It may be premature for you to cry...

        Yakumo: Hey... Takuhi's a demon, just because his head is gone
                you can't conclude that he's dead.

        Pai: But the head isn't just for decoration. He would die.

        Yakumo: My head was gone but I'm ok.

        Pai: Yakumo your head!!
             It's just decoration!?

pg. 122:

        Yakumo: heh heh heh...

        Yakumo: Yeah. My head is just a removable decoration

        Pai: Unng

        Pai's arms: (Squeeze)

        Yakumo: Keq <choke+surprise>

        Yakumo: Hey. What are you thinking?

        Pai: I'm sorry Yakumo

        Pai: Unng. We haven't even made sure that Takuhi is dead...
             Hope, however little you shouldn't throw away...

        Pai: And we have to rescue Mycine

pg. 123:

        Pai: Oh...

        Pai: (f) fighting fighting <cheer>

        Yakumo: ........

        Yakumo: Good!! Officer Pai!! Wash your face and meet me in the lobby
                in 3 minutes!!

        Pai: Yes Sir!!

        Yakumo: ........

        Yakumo: We can't fail to get revenge... on Takuhi's enemy...

pg. 124:

        Yakumo: Pai... use this for your face.

        Yakumo: (f) ha ha ha

        Pai: Good!!

pg. 125:

        Pai: You waited a long time right!! Yakumo!!

        Pai: Ya

        Pai: Ku

        Pai: ........

        Pai: huh...

        Letter: I'll go rescue Mycine. Pai, wait in the lobby!! If I'm not
                back in 2 hours call Mrs. Hong and call the police.

        Pai: Yaku...

pg. 126:

        Yakumo: ha ha

        Yakumo: I can't do it...

        Yakumo: This is impossible!!

        Yakumo: Even "wu" besides being immortal there is nothing special
                about them! Besides I'm scared of heights!!!

pg. 127:

        Yakumo: (gasping)

        Yakumo: Now I want to go back to Japan!!!

        Yakumo: I hate this!!! I'm scared!!!

        Yakumo: This isn't right!!

        Yakumo: This isn't...

        Yakumo: Eh!?

pg. 128:

        Yakumo: I...

        Yakumo: I made it...

        Yakumo: La La La

        Yakumo: I'm a genius.

        Yakumo: (f) Ha Ha Ha Ha

        Yakumo: (f) ha

        Yakumo: ACK!!!

        Yakumo: MOMMY!!!

        Yakumo: Then...

        Yakumo: What do I do now...?

pg. 129:

        Yakumo: But...

        Yakumo: To put this kind of helicopter pad on top of a modern hotel
                <unknown> is something only a demon could do.

        Yakumo: No one will believe this...

        Yakumo: heh heh

        Yakumo: No one's here...

pg. 130:

        Yakumo: !?

pg. 131:

        Yakumo: This... is not a statue of Buddha... 

        Yakumo: This is a San... San Ji Yan...

        Yakumo: Why <build>... something like this...

        Yakumo: Is there a connection between those guys and San Ji Yans...?

        Yakumo: Is that why they are looking for the Statue of Humanity?

        Yakumo: But...

        Yakumo: W...

        Yakumo: What is this dread I feel inside...

Pg. 132:

        Yakumo: What is this Statue... <Buddha-like one>

        Man: It's King Devil Eyes

        Man: Many monsters worship San Ji Yan and offer virgin sacrifices
             <human> to them...

        Man: That statue they worship is an image of King Devil Eyes
             a demon with 3 eyes...

        Yakumo: W...

        Yakumo: Who are you!!

Pg. 133:

        Man: I don't know who you are but...

        Man: Would you mind freeing me...? eh kid?

        Yakumo: !?

        Yakumo: Could you be... Steve Lun!! The Spiritualist...!?

        Steve: !?

        Steve: How did...?

        Yakumo: I came to rescue your younger sister Mycine!! I'll tell
                you about it later...

        Steve: M... Mycine was captured!?

        Yakumo: eh...? Yes

Pg. 134:

Pg. 135:

        Monster: keq keq keq <laughing>

        Monster: Finally I have you... keq keq keq

        Monster: Even found the Statue... <of Humanity>

        Monster: But first I'll give this girl as a sacrifice to King Devil

Pg. 136:

        Monster: keq keq keq <laughing>

        Mycine: (screaming)

Pg. 137:

        Yakumo: Ack

        Mycine: (screaming)

Pg. 138:

        Yakumo: Mycine!!

        Steve: Are you ok!? Mycine!!

        Monster: ARGGH!!

        Steve: Mycine!!

        Yakumo: You Bastard!!
                Take care of Mycine!! <to Steve>

        Monster: Aargh!!

        Yakumo: This is for Takuhi!!

Pg. 139:

Pg. 140:

        Yakumo: D...

        Yakumo: Did I do it!?

        Yakumo: heh...

        Yakumo: I did it!!

        Yakumo: Pai. Takuhi is revenged!!

Pg. 141:

        Steve: Amazing... To kill Louko...

        Yakumo: (heh heh. because I'm immortal I'm not scared of heights.)

        Yakumo: heh heh heh I'm a genius!!

        Yakumo: Eh!?

        Steve: !?

Pg. 142:

        Pai: (gasping) Yakumo...

        Pai: Yakumo!! Where are you!!

        Pai: Yakumo!!

        Pai: (No!! Yakumo will die too!!)

        Pai: (Strange... Strange this is the last floor!!)

        Pai: (No!! Yakumo. Don't Die!!)

Pg. 143:

        Monster: You insect!! Taste some real pain before you die!! Look
                 while I break every bone in your body!!

        Yakumo: Shit

        Yakumo: (However immortal I am if my head is ripped off it'll stop me
                 from moving for a while...)

Pg. 144:

        Pai: (Yakumo!! Where are you...)

        Pai: Yakumo...

        Pai: Yakumo...

        Yakumo: (W...)

        Yakumo: (Why me...) <really "this situation is wrong">

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