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Book 1, Story 6(#14) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part IV

Translated by Ming the Merciless from the Korean version of the manga.
Distributed by RAMP (Rutgers Anime Manga Project) & Studio Otaku
From: Steve Pearl (starbuck@cybercomm.net)

Studio RAMP returns with a new translator and new manga! We gratefully thank the
work of Studio 3x3 whose previous efforts inspired us to continue. Maybe one day
Studio Proteus will continue the manga.  Until then, enjoy this!

This translation can be freely distributed for non-profit use, as long
as all credits remain intact.  If this is used in any publication,
please send a copy to:

Rutgers Anime
C/O Steve Pearl
359 Lloyd Rd
Aberdeen, NJ 07747-1826


<>= comments by me :)
()= thought/narrative
(f)= footnote/underbreath words :)
each <name>: is new speech bubble

Page 148:

Page 149:

        Mycine: !?

        Mycine: ack!!

        Mycine: M... Monster...

        Monster: sheet <grin>

        Mycine: ACK!!

        Mycine: Who are you!! W... What are you going to do to me!?

Page 150:

        Monster: keq keq keq <laughing>

        Monster: I'm going to rip open that white belly of yours and let
                 loose all that red blood it's protecting... to add strength
                 for the return of King Devil Eyes...

        Monster: Heh!! Listen to the drums!! Because I'm going to kill you!!

        Monster: The fear that your head hides.

        Monster: Without it a monster won't have any fun...

Page 151:

        Mycine: L... Leave me alone!!!

        Mycine: Please...!!

        Monster: keq keq keq...

        Monster: Cry like that!!
                 The fear of a human is like a sweet wine!!

        Mycine: Someone save me!!!

        Monster: (f) (Laughing)

        Yakumo: Hey!! Baldy!! I can't understand what your saying so talk
                in Japanese!!

        Monster: !?

Page 152:

        Yakumo: If you keep bothering girls I'll get angry...

        Yakumo: heh heh.

        Monster: This is surprising... Your still alive? a novice...

        Yakumo: heh heh.

        Yakumo: I owe it to my healing ability... even if I can't move yet...

Page 153:

        Mycine: You should have attacked him by surprise you idiot!!
                (in Chinese)

        Yakumo: heh heh heh... This is awkward... She must be commending me...

        Monster: (idiot)

        Yakumo: Anyway it's a relief. Mycine!! She's here.

        Yakumo: I'll rescue you for sure now!!

        Yakumo: Aargh!!

        Monster: keq keq keq... You'll save her!?

        Yakumo: Ack!!

Page 154:

        Monster: Funny guy... try your best

        Yakumo: !?

        Mycine: What are you...

        Monster: (keq keq keq)

Page 155:

        Yakumo: My luck is good!! heh heh. I even got the Statue of Humanity!!

        Yakumo: Y... You jerk!! Your not human!!

Page 156:

        Monster: Shut Up!!

        Monster: You bastard!!!

        Yakumo: ARRRGGGHH!!

        Yakumo: Don't move, if you even move a little I'll shatter the Statue
                of Humanity!!

Page 157:

        Monster: I... I understand... What is it you want?

        Yakumo: whew...

        Yakumo: T... Thank god. That I don't have to shatter the Statue...

        Yakumo: First...

        Yakumo: Those guys over there have them throw away their weapons!

        Monster: ......

        Yakumo: And Baldy!! Don't try to use your strength!!

        Yakumo: Good. and third...

        Yakumo: Tell me the secret of this statue...

Page 158:

        Monster: Secret...?

        Yakumo: The secret of San Ji Yan's "Humanization Magic" is what
                I mean.

        Monster: Humanization!? What are you talking about? That...?

        Yakumo: To ask... Then why are you guys trying to get this Statue?

        Yakumo: Oh. rebelliousness!! I'll shatter this...

        Monster: Chie!!

        Monster: T... That is because a long time ago some guy who first
                 united us revealed that he wanted it and that's it.

Page 159:

        Yakumo: Was it King Devil Eyes...

        Monster: Yes...

        Monster: He said he will bestow never aging/never dying on the person
                 who finds the statue...

        Yakumo: As I thought... Your purpose was immortality...
                Though I don't know all the details...

        Yakumo: Hey. Where is this King Devil Eyes now?

Page 160:

        Monster: To bad youth...

        Monster: No one knows where he is now...

        Yakumo: ........

        Monster: 300 years ago someone

Page 161:

        Monster: Is said to have put a seal on him...

        Monster: The reason...

        Monster: Do you know what we have been working toward in the
                 Its to bring King Devil Eyes back!!

Page 162:

        Yakumo: keq <choke>

Page 163:

        Yakumo: keeq

        Monster: keq keq keq. Stupid kid...

        Monster: You would dirty the ceremony to bring back King Devil Eyes...

        Yakumo: !?

        Monster: This time I'll take care of you for sure!!

        Yakumo: !?

Page 164:

        Monster: keq keq keq

        Monster: Novice... You will kill the girl now!!

        Yakumo: What!!

        Monster: Your role will be to cut her stomach open and take out the 
                 innards directly

        Yakumo: Kaq

        Yakumo: (My hand is moving by itself!?)

Page 165:

        Yakumo: (It's moving by itself... Agh!!)

        Yakumo: (My body's starting to be moved over there... kaq!!)

        Yakumo: Kaq!!

        Mycine: (scream)

        Yakumo: Stop!!

        Yakumo: Stop! I beg you!!!

Page 166:

        Monster: Kuhahahaha... You can't stand it can you!!

        Yakumo: STOP!!

        Monster: Here!! At one time. Cut her in two!!

        Mycine: (E...Enough...)

        Mycine: (Some... one help!!!)

        Mycine: aacckk!!

        Mycine: (Someone please...)

        Mycine: (Pai!!!)

        Mycine: (Pai!! Save me!)

Page 167:

        Monster: !?

Page 168:

        Yakumo: agh!!

        Monster: heh heh heh! The insect-like man is getting violent!!
                 I'll stop the pain and kill him at once!!

        Yakumo: Shut Up!! I mean you!!!

        Yakumo: Because I will kill you!!!

Page 169:

        Monster: This is fun!!

        Monster: Here!! Die by your own hand!!

        Yakumo: If you can kill me!!

        Yakumo: Chie!!

Page 170:

        Monster: Aargh

        Yakumo: !?

Page 171:

        Pai: Ack!! It won't stop!!

Page 172:

        Yakumo: Pai!!

        Pai: Yakumo! Yakumo!!

        Yakumo: Aargh!! You idiot!!

        Pai: Yakumo!!

Page 173:

        Yakumo: Pai...

        Pai: Stupid Stupid Stupid!! You left Pai all alone!! I really hate you

        Yakumo: Uh... uh uh uh about that. Pai...

        Yakumo: ........

        Yakumo: I'm sorry...

        Pai: Okay!!

        Mycine: ........

        Masked Person: Hey. You two. What are you doing in this emergency!!
                       Hurry Escape!!

        Yakumo: !?

Page 174:

        Ling-Ling: Long time no see!!

        Yakumo: Ms. Ling-Ling!!

        Ling-Ling: Here... Talk later!! Hurry and escape.

        Monster: (keq keq keq... I'm alive so I won't let you just leave.)

Book 2, Story 7(#15) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part V

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 175)
  Crowd:	What is it?  What is it?  A fire?
  Crowd:	Don't you know?  You know that all those women that have been
		kidnapped lately.  They say the kidnapper is at the Royal
		Hotel Soala Hong Kong.

  Crowd:	A kidnapping?
  Crowd:	It seems there was an anonymous tip to the police and it has
		caused quite a stir.

  Crowd:	Ho...yet another terrible event....

pg. 176)
  Crowd:	Ah!  Look out!

pg. 179)
  Pai:		Does it hurt?  Are you OK Yakumo?
  Yakumo:	Ah...  Thank you!

pg. 180)
  Yakumo:	Hehn!  What's with that attitude.  I saved her didn't I.  Isn't
		that right Pai?

  Yakumo:	Pai?

pg. 181)
  Ling Ling:	Err!  What do you think your doing?  How many times to I have to
		tell not to be goofing off at times like this!!

  Ling Ling:	There's a hellicopter on the roof.  We'd better run there quickly, 
		this place is going to be a sea of fire soon.

  Yakumo:	That's because you over did it isn't it?

pg. 182)
  Ling Ling:	Ha ha ha!  Don't worry about it! Don't worry about!!  It's
		all right!!  The weapons, ammo, everything is being paid
		for by Ms. Wong!
  Yakumo:	That's not what I meant!!

  Yakumo:	There are some women being held captive here!!

  Ling Ling:	Waste not want not!

  Ling Ling:	Everyone has fleed downstairs.  Since Ms. Wong notified
		the police, they should all be rescued down there.

  Yakumo:	Whaa!

pg. 183)
  Ling Ling:	Come on!  Hurry!  To the roof!! 

  Yakumo:	Of course.  Now that I think of it, Ryouko has
		dissapeared.  If you hang out around here too long,
		you'll just get enveloped in the flames and die.

  Ling Ling:	At any rate

  Ling Ling:	Since we were armed, and we got the statue back, we
		don't need any help from the police.  Thus it's better
		to do things in a fancy way, cause a great confusion
		and escape in the helicopter.

  Yakumo:	But we'll just be tracked in the helicopter.
  Ling Ling:	We're going to ditch it in the ocean.  Ms. Wong will
		pick us up with her Cruiser.

  Yakumo:	You have everything planed don't you.

  Ling Ling:	Me along with Wong's secret army. [lit. "followers"
		or "subordinates"]

pg. 184)
  Yakumo:	Weapons and followers.... That Ms. Wong person is really
		somthing isn't she.  [note: In Japanese the first
		pharse becomes "buki ni buka" which is somewhat of a play
		on words because of the similarity between "followers"
		and "weapons"]

  Yakumo:	However, becomeing involved in something like this
		is bad for my reputation.

  Pai:		Eh he he.  Not at all.  I don't think your reputation
		is dameged for saving Meixing.  I just think you're
		I nice guy!
  Yakumo:	That's not what I ment...

  Pai:		It's OK, I understand.  Pai likes Meixing *too*.
  Yakumo:	Uh!

  Yakumo:	I don't think anything at all about Meixing [in other
		words he's emphatically stating he has no love interests
		in Meixing].

pg. 185)
  Pai:		You're lying!
  Yakumo:	It's the truth!  I don't think anything at all of that

  Meixing:	Hey!
  Yakumo:	ahhh!

  Yakumo:	Wha..What is it that you want?  Since we're in kind of an
		emergency situtation here, be gentle...

  Meixing:	It was wrong of me to doubt you..... I'm sorry... and thanks.
		[in Japanese with a Chinese accent].

  Meixing:	You're right hand... for me....
  Yakumo:	Ah! Don't worry about....  I'll just grow another one soon.

pg. 186)
  Meixing:	I'm sorry.

  Meixing:	I damaged.... your boyfriend...

  Yakumo:	Boy
  Pai:		friend?

  Yakumo:	Ah ha ha ha ha, Um, well, we're not yet... That is we like
		each other but...
  Pai:		Yakumo isn't my boyfriend.  He's my "dachinko" (Friend)

pg. 187)
  Meixing:	Da-chi-n-ko?
  Pai:		Academically speaking, its what they call "friend"
		in the study of primates. (Pai is really cool isn't she).

  Meixing:	The..then he's not you're boyfriend at all?
  Pai:		Not at all!!

  Yakumo[thinking]: Not at all!?

  Meixing:	Ah ha ha ha ha is that so ah ha ha ha ha
  Pai[thinking]: eh he he.  I wonder what a "boyfriend" is?

  Meixing:	Ah ha!  Somehow I suddenly feel much happier!!  Really!!
		I'm so glad I didn't become a sacrafice for this
		Kaiyanwan or whatever guy.

pg. 188)
  Pai:		Kai

  Pai:		Yan

pg. 189)
  Pilot:	Instruments OK!!  Engine OK!!  Fule OK!!

  Yakumo[thinking]: A dachinko huh?

  Yakumo[thinking]: Well, I guess that really is true isn't it.  We're not
		really boyfriend/girlfriend yet.  But still.... At least
		she could be a little embarassed or her face could turn
		red before she ansered "no".

pg. 190)
  Yakumo[thinking]: But just saying we're only friends without even
		hesitating, I...I....

  Ling Ling:	All right, we're going!!  Everyone's on right?

  Ling Ling:	Here we go!!

  Yakumo:	Pai!!  Where's Pai!!  Pai's not here!!

  Yakumo:	What is this?  She's still in there!!

pg. 191)
  Yakumo:	Pai!!
  Ling Ling:	Don't go!!  It's too dangerous!!  If it's Pai, she's fine.
		I met her on the 30th floor and told her the way to the

  Yakumo:	But still, I have to go save her.  Everyone go on ahead.

  Ling Ling:	Yakumo!!

pg. 192)
  Ryouko:	You!! I won't let you leave alive!!

  Yakumo:	Ryouko!?  You're still alive!?

pg. 193)
  Ling Ling:	Yakumo!!

pg. 194)
  Long:		It's no good.... With the defence field he's putting out with
		his wings, no matter what weapon we used, we can't hurt him.

  Ling Ling:	This is no time for you're lectures...

  Long:		It's... If only we could prevent him from using his wings...

  Yakumo:	It's no use!!  We already got the statue of humanity... Yakumo
		come back!!  You'll just be killed!

  Yakumo:	I won't die!!

  Yakumo:	Everyone has something that is more important to them than

  Yakumo:	For me that something is...

pg. 195)
  Yakumo:	Pai!

  Ling Ling:	Tha...that forehead!?

  Long:		Wu!?

  Ryouko:  	Wh.. what the...

pg. 196)
  Yakumo:	No matter what happens, I won't die!!  Therefore, everyone go
		on ahead.

  Ryouko:	It can't be!!  It can't be!!  Is there really another
		Sanjiyan other than Kaiyanwan!?

  Ryouko:	It can't be!!  It can't be!!

pg. 197)
  Ryouko:	Wait!!

  Meixing:	No!  Don't go!!  I won't let you just leave them behind.
  Ling Ling:	Be quite!!

  Ling Ling:	We're not going to leave them behind.  We'll wait right up to
		the last second.

pg. 200)
  Sanjiyan:	Don't remember....Pai!  The things of your past....

  Sanjiyan:	You went to all the trouble to forget....

  Sanjiyan:	Don't remember....

  Sanjiyan:	He's gone now....

pg. 202)
  Ryouko:	It's a lie!  It's a lie!

  Ryouko:	You can't be an Wu!!

  Ryouko:	Die! Die!  Die and let me tear you skin off!!

  Yakumo:	Uhhhh

  Yakumo:	Ha!

pg. 203)
  Yakumo:	Grrrr... All you do is get in my way!!

  Yakumo:	You!!

  Yakumo:	Rrrroowww!

  Ryouko:	Wha..what!?

  Yakumo:	Die and go to hell!!

pg. 204)
  Yakumo:	Down!

pg. 206)
  Sanjiyan:	Y..you are....

Book 2, Story 8(#16) - Sacrifice of the Devil Wing - Part VI

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 207)
  Sanjiyan:	He...help me Yakumooo..

pg. 208)
  Yakumo:	I'm coming Pai!!

pg. 210)
  Yakumo:	I...I can't believe it.

  Yakumo:	It feels like a surge of energy is suddenly flowing through
		my body. [lit. Like a lie, my body is filled with power]
		Pai.  Pai is calling me!!

  Yakumo:	I have to hurry!!  I have to hurry and get Pai out of here...

  Ryouko:	Ooohhh..  Please stop.  Please don't kill me...

pg. 211)
  Yakumo:	So you go and kill all those women, and no you are pleading
		for your life!!

  Ryouko:	It wasn't me...

  Ryouko:	I did the sacrafices because I was ordered to by someone.  It
		wasn't because I wanted to...

  Ryouko:	That "someone" is searching for a way to bring back Kaiyanwan.
		He's having many beings of darkness try all sorts of
		different rituals....

pg. 212)
  Ryouko:	I'm just one of the many....

  Yakumo:	Wha...

  Ryouko:	Therefore, I beg you!  Spare my life.

  Ryouko:	If you are an Wu, then you are one of us....Work for the
		resurection of Kaiyanwan and establish the creatures of
		darkness as a nation of undead!!

pg. 213)
  Man:		How surprising... A Sanjiyan still alive.

  Man:		What are you doing here?

  Sanjiyan:	The same as you... I came for the statue.  One of my
		followers was able to find it immediately using a
		tracking device.
pg. 214)
  Man:		Follower?  Is the statue with them?
  Sanjiyan:	I'm not going to tell you.

  Man:		What do you want?  Do you want to become human?  If you give
		me the statue, I'll make you human.
  Sanjiyan:	Rather than that...

  Sanjiyan:	What has happend with Kaiyan?

  Sanjiyan:	Why are you seeking the statue?  Kaiyanwan is supposed to
		be sealed in the Seichi (Holy Land).

pg. 215)
  Man:		An old seal like that isn't something that can bind my
		leader forever.  The resurection of Kaiyanwan is only
		a matter of time now.

  Sanjiyan:	And that's why you want the statue!!

  Sanjiyan:	The statue is a two-edged sword.  It can be a tool for
		humanization, or it can be a horrible source of power
		for the desruction of the world...

  Sanjiyan:	I'm quite satisfied with the world as it is right now.  I
		won't let it be used by those drunk with power and bent
		on destruction.

  Sanjiyan:	I will never hand over the statue!!

pg. 216)
  Man:		No matter what?
  Sanjiyan:	Of course not!!  Even if it's in trade for my own life, I won't
		let him be resurected.

  Man:		I see.  But what are you going to do?  Do you think you can
		kill me?

  Sanjiyan:	Be quite!!

  Sanjiyan:	For vermin like you!!  I'll do this!!

  Sanjiyan:	Ah!

pg. 218)
  Yakumo:	Pheww...

  Yakumo:	This is really supprising.  The foor is going to pieces.

  Yakumo:	This room is///!

  Yakumo:	Pai, Pai,  Where's Pai!?

pg. 220)
  Yakumo:	Ah ah.

  Ryouko:	Lord Benaresu

  Yakumo[thinking]: Of course!  Could this guy be the General over all the
		monsters.  Or even more than that, the Wu of Kaiyanwan?

  Ryouko:	He he he he.  Please be happy.  Here's an unbelievable[?]
		find.  An Wu.  But a fool who won't even finnish off his

  Benaresu:	The fool...

pg. 221)
  Benaresu:	is you!

  Benaresu:	Come forth!!  Touchao!! (Earth Claw)

pg. 222)
  Benaresu:	I have no need for someone who gets beat up by a little

  Benaresu:	Kid....where's the statue?
  Ryouko:	But...

pg. 223)
  Yakumo:	What shall I do...

  Pai:		Uhh...
  Yakumo:	Pai!!

  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  Pai:		EEeeiii!
  Benaresu:	Hmmph

  Yakumo:	Uh..

pg. 224)
  Yakumo:	Grrr.....

  Benaresu:	He he he...  A fight between Wu's is a waste of time.

  Benaresu:	I will have you return the statue shortly.  In the mean
		time take good care of the girl.

pg. 225)
  Yakumo:	We're saved...

  Yakumo:	Whew

  Sanjiyan:	You're slow, fool!

  Sanjiyan:	But for you, not bad.

  Yakumo:	You, you, I'm gonna' sock you one!!

  Pai:		Hey Yakumo!!  You're right arm is already better!!  Wow!!

  Pai:		Yakumo?  What is it?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?
  Yakumo:	(That's really underhanded)

pg. 226)
  Yakumo:	Shit!!

  Yakumo:	The elevator, the emergancy ladder, everything is no good.
		How are we going to get out of here.
  Pai:		I'm sorry.  It's all Pai's fault...
  Yakumo:	That's not true at all.  It's all that thing's fault.

  Ryouko:	Uhh....I don't want to die...

pg. 227)
  Pai:		I'm sorry.  But don't worry.  We'll save you.

  Pai:		I'm sorry.

  Yakumo:	Unbelievable....

  Yakumo:	Ryouko!!  Is there another route up!!

pg. 228)
  Ryouko:	Fools.  What do you hope to gain by fleeing up?

  Yakumo:	Perhase everyone is still waiting for us on the roof.

  Ryouko:	He he he.  You're overly optimistic.  Look at me.  Even that
		undead Benaresu is only thinking of himself.

  Ryouko:	As for ordinary humans....

  Ryouko:	they have their hand full just looking out for their own

  Ryouko:	Why should they wait on the roof of a burning building?  What
		do they have to gain by waiting for you?  There's nobody
		that thinks about others.

pg. 229)
  Pai:		Uhn uhn.  That't not true at all.

  Yakumo:	Pai...

  Pai:		Yakumo sticks his neck out for me.  Therefor, Pai is also betting
		her life on Yakumo.

  Pai:		Because we are "dachinko" (friends).  Ordinary humans stick their
		necks out for their friends.

pg. 230)
  Pai:		Meixing too, Ling Ling too.  We're all friends.
  Yakumo:	Pai....

  Ryouko:	Inside that column, there's a ladder going to the roof.  Hurry!!

  Yakumo:	Ryouko...

  Ryouko:	Hurry up and go!!  You're an eyesore.  You're going to die anyway,
		so go die on the roof.

  Pai:		Ryouko, flee with us.

  Ryouko:	Would you hurry up and take her away!!

  Yakumo:	Thank you!
  Pai:		Yakumo!?

pg. 231)
  Pai:		Ryouko!!
  Yakumo:	Give it up, Pai!

  Ryouko:	He he he.  The final sacrafice will be with my own blood.

  Pai:		Ryouko!!
  Yakumo:	This is no time to be crying!!

  Yakumo:	Since he went to the trouble to tell us the way, we can't
		let it go to waste!!

pg. 232)
  Yakumo:	Ha.... ha ha.... (I guess there was no reason to think
		they'd be here...)

  Yakumo:	Oh well... I guess....

  Yakumo:	...after all...

  Yakumo:	this is it....

  Pai:		Look!  It's just as Pai said!
  Yakumo:	Ah Ah

pg. 233)
  Pai:		Therefore, Pai really likes humans!!

pg. 234)
  Pai:		Dachinko!

  Pai[narration]: Pai, by all means, wants to become human.

Book 2, Story 9(#17) - Lost

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 236)
  Meixing:	Ohhh!  You go it!  You got it!
  Pai:		Morning!

pg. 237)
  Pai:		Hmphm (clearing throat)  Good morning Yakumo!
  Ling Ling:	(Hey!  Pull in your stomach!!)

  Ling Ling:	You're open!

  Yakumo:	Waaa!

  Ling Ling:	Ha!

  Yakumo:	Wa!  All right you got me Ling Ling, now stop....

pg. 238)
  Ling Ling:	Things aren't that sweet in reality

  Ling Ling:	If you let your back be taking this easy, you won't
		be able to protect Pai.

  Ling Ling:	Tickle. Tickle.

  Yakumo[Naration]: It's been two weeks since we got back the statue of
		humanity.  We've been at Ms. Wong's house [lit.
		been a trouble to Ms. Wong]

pg. 239)
  Yakumo[Naration]: Leading a life of ease on the pretense that we are
		waiting for the analysis on the statue.

  Pai:		You must be anxious.  You're hospital release party
		is tomorrow.
  Long:		Sorry to make you go to all that bother.
  Meixing:	Take it easy on the food, brother.

  Long:		Rather than my hospital release, why don't we celebrate
		your becoming human?

  Yakumo[Narration]: What if we become human?  That's the biggest problem.

pg. 240)
  Yakumo[Narration]: I, of course, will return to Japan.  But Pai.  What
		will Pai do?  Go back to Tibet, I suppose.

  Yakumo's Day Dream:
     Yakumo:	Let's live together in Japan.
     Pai:	That would make me so happy.  I like Yakumo a lot
		[Remember, in Japanese "like" is pretty close to "love"]

  Yakumo:	Oh Yeah!  Oh Yeah!

  Pai:		You're so strange Yakumo.  What's wrong?

  Yakumo:	Nothing.

pg. 241)
  Yakumo:	Uh, um.  If....if...we become human.  Wha....what will
		you d...do P...Pai?

  Yakumo[thinking]: Now's my chance.  I'll just ask her to live in Japan
		with me.

  Pai:		PARTY!
  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Pai:		That's right.  A humanization celebration.  Actually, this
		is going to be Pai's first party.
  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Pai:		But, I'm looking forward to tomorrow to.  Why do you suppose
		it is so fun living together with *everyone*.  He he he.

pg. 242)
  Pai:		Isn't Yakumo happy too?  LIVING TOGETHER WITH EVERYONE.

  Yakumo:	No..no it's not that but...
  Pai:		You're strange.

  Wong:		All clear?
  Thug:		Yeah.  I don't think Benaresu will come after them in the
		middle of town.

  Figure:	Shunkai.  What do you indent to do?

  Wong:		What are you talking about.  Those two are a real Sanjiyan
		and Wu.  We must follow Benaresu and not make enemies of

pg. 243)
  Wong:		If we keep them in our palm, they will surely be useful
		some day.

  Wong:		And if for some reason Kaiyanwan can't be resurected,
		then.... [lit. the original says "in the one in ten thousand
		chance", a Japanese expression]

  Wong:		we will make her the 2nd Kaiyanwan.

  Wong:		All right.  Don't go after her again, you hear?

  Figure:	Ge he he he.

  Bug Eye:	Understood.

pg. 244)
  Yakumo:	Arrrgh!  Shit!  I can't stand it.  Why can't I just ask her
		to live in Japan with me.

  Yakumo:	I guess my courage doesn't beome invincable with the rest of me.

pg. 245)
  Yakumo:	Sigh.  I just won't be satisfied until I get this over with.

  Yakumo:	I'll just go ask Pai what her feelings are.

  Yakumo:	I'll just tell her to come with me, and not complain
		about the reply.

  Yakumo:	Here we go.  Are you awake Pai!!  I'm comming in.

  Sanjiyan:	Be quite!

pg. 246)
  Sanjiyan:	We have a guest which has taken over the body of Takuhi.

  Face:		How are you doing, kid?

  Yakumo:	Be..Benaresu.  You're Kaiyanwan's Wu aren't you.

  Benaresu:	That's right.

  Yakumo:	We're about to become human.  We have nothing to do with
		you.  Go home!!

pg. 247)
  Benaresu:	I'll give you one day.

  Benaresu:	The Sanjiyan will come to Aberdeen alone by morning 
		two days hence.

  Benaresu:	Don't be alarmed.  I won't take her and eat her or anything.
		In order to assure the resurection of Kaiyanwan, I will
		just have her sleep for a while.  I guarantee her life,
		and as soon as Kaiyanwan is resurected, I will return her.

  Yakumo:	And why should we hand Pai over to the likes of you!?

pg. 248)
  Benaresu:	If you don't want the people in the mansion to become
		like this, you'd best do as I say.

  Benaresu:	Think it over well.  The morning two days hence.

  Benaresu:	I'll be waiting.

pg. 249)
  Yakumo:	Will you tell me the details.  About Wu, and about

  Sanjiyan:	Long ago.... There was a wicked Sanjiyan who tried
		to become the rule over all life on this land.

  Snajiyan:	We tried to admonish him against it, but it was no
		use.  Instead, we were treated as enemies, and 

pg. 250)
  Sanjiyan:	Combined with the power of Benaresu, the days passed
		as living hell.

  Sanjiyan:	In the end, the remaining Sanjiyan sealed him in the
		Seichi (Holy Land).  In exchange for their lives.

  Sanjiyan:	When I(Pai) came to.  I was alone.  That's all I
		know.  I had thought that that was the end of it all.

pg. 251)
  Sanjiyan:	We must fight, Yakumo!

  Sanjiyan:	I think that bastard will keep his promise and let
		Pai live.  But rather than that, he will cause
		Kaiyanwan's resurection and set humanity on a
		path to destruction.

  Sanjiyan:	Don't tell this to anyone.  Not even to Pai.  Nor
		talk of Takuhi.  We take off on the morning two days
		hence.  Be prepared.
  Yakumo:	Und..understood.

pg. 252)
  Yakumo[narration]: Do we really stand a chance against him?  If we
		loose, what's going to happen.
  Pai:		Yakumo, Yakumo.

pg. 253)
  Yakumo[narration]: We must win.  We must make this the final battle.
		Win, and become human with Pai.

pg. 254)
  Yakumo:	Pai...
  Pai:		What is it?  What are you thinking?  Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	Whe...when we become human, I...I will return to Japan.
  Pai:		Yakumo....

  Yakumo:	Th..th...therefore, wo...wont you come too Pai?
		I...you [note: He's trying to say "I like you",
		but in Japanese the "like" comes at the end
		of the sentance and is omitted here].

  Pai:		Yes.  When we become human.

pg. 256)
  Yakumo[thinking]: I did it!  With this, my little adventure that started
		in Tokyo will come to a happy ending.

  Sideline:	*when* we become human...

  Ling Ling:	Come on!  Since you went to all the trouble to become
		undead, we could do monster extermination and make
		a lot of money.
  Yakumo:	No way!  I'm going to become human soon.
  Wong:		My!  You're in a good mood Yakumo.

  Meixing:	Say! Where's Pai?

  Yakumo:	Hm?  She was jyst here a second ago.  How strange.

pg. 257)
  Pai:		Yakumo.... Everyone.... Pai is going to defeat Kaiyanwan,
		and promises to return.

  Sanjiyan:	Did you realize it, Pai?
  Pai:		Yes.  Takuhi's spirt told me.

  Sanjiyan:	Going alone is foolish.  There's nothing better for defeating
		a Sanjiyan than an Wu.
  Pai:		I don't want to inconvenience anyone anymore.

  Pai:		For everyone's sake, for Yakumo's sake, Pai will risk
		her life.
  Sanjiyan:	But you know, if you should die, so will Yakumo.

pg. 258)
  Sanjiyan:	Never mind.  Lets go.  To defeat Kaiyanwan.  And then.  To
		return.  To Yakumo's side.
pg. 259)
  Yakumo:	Pai!  Where are you Pai!  Pai!

  Yakumo:	Pai....

  Note:		I'm sorry.  Pai is going to fight alone.  I promise
		to return.  Wait for me OK?

  Yakumo:	That, foolish...

pg. 260)
  People:	What is that?  It's coming from Aberdeen.
  Yakumo:	PAI!!!!!

pg. 262)
  Yakumo[narration]: Pai didn't return....  But as long as I'm alive,
		I know Pai's alive too.

pg. 263)
  Yakumo[narration]: This time it's my turn to search.  No matter how
		many years it takes.  Then, we will become human together.

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