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Book 3, Story 1(#1) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part I

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 7)
  Person:       You're looking for someone?

  Person:       I'm sorry but, I haven't seen her.  Who is
                she anyway?

   Yakumo:      Well, for the moment, lets just say she's the
                goddess of fortune.

pg. 11)
  Pai:          Puff, Puff, Puff, ...

pg. 12)
  Ken-chan:     Hey Pabou!
  Pai:          Sorry! So you did wait for me after all.
  [Pabou is a nickname for "Pie"]

  Ken-chan:     Well when one of our friends has been called to the
                principal's office (life-style guidance office)
                we can't really go home can we.

  Pai:          Don't say that, you'll make me depressed.

pg. 13)
  Don-chan:     Well, feel depressed.
                It was really careless of you to get your self
                get put in one of these kinds of magazines.

  Pai:          Uh

  Don-chan:     If you let yourself have your picture taken in
                your school uniform like this, of course you'll
                get called to the principal's office. he he.
  Magazine:     Cute girl seen in city [Harajuku special edition]
                1) name 2) age 3) BWH 4) Interests

  Don-chan:     But that's OK, with this you're famous aren't you pabou!
  Pai:          Uh, uh, no not at all!
  Magazine:     The girls of Harajuku (Grand collection of Harajuku girls).
                So is it a randevous in front of Laforet?  K girls school
                uniform girl. 1) Pai 2) 15 3) B?W?H? 4) Looking for boyfriend!!

pg. 14)
  Don-chan:     Well, famous in the staff room at any rate.
                Well, don't get too upset over it, ok.

  Don-chan:     Today your friends are going to take you out
                to play to cheer you up.

  Pai:          Huh!  I couldn't possibly today.  I just got into trouble.

  Don-chan:     Don't pay any attention to that.  We'll treat you to
                something so lets go.

pg. 15)
  Pai:          Oh! I guess it's ok.

  Don-chan:     What is it Pabou?

pg. 16)
  Pai:          I had this feeling I was beeing watched.

  Don/Ken-chan: HEY CELEBRETY!
  Pai:          Err! I said I wasn't famous.

  Pai:          hmm.

  Pai[narr.]:   Let me tell you who I am. I'm ...

pg. 17)

  Pai[narr.]:   Pai Ayanokouji.  I'm a first year student at
                Kouka private girl's school, a lonely middle
                class girl without a boyfriend.

  Pai[narr.]:   I certainly not of any calibre to be a celebrity.

  Don-chan:     Your dreams for the future?

  Pai:          I want a really great (suteki) boyfriend!!

  Don-chan:     Oh course!  middle class girl!!

pg. 18)

  Pai:          Say!  After all, don't you think there's something
                strange about Harajuku today?

  Don-chan:     What?

  Pai:          Like, some sort of evil presence.  Like we're being watched.

  Don-chan:     Don't pay any attention to it.  You're just imagining things.
  Ken-chan:     Hey!  There's lots of people in front of Laforet!

  Don-chan:     Come on!  Let's go!

pg. 19)

  Crowd:        Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!

pg. 20)

  Pai?:         What is that?

  Don-chan:     He's some sort of bum who's taken up residence
                in front of Laforet from three days ago.
  Ken-chan:     Bums? in Harajuku?
  Don-chan:     Well, this place is famous
  Pai:          hmm, it takes all kinds I guess (in this world there
                are some really strange people).

  Pai:          Eww!  He's got that magazine.

pg 21)

  Yakumo:       Ah! Oh!

  Don-chan:     Is he looking this way?
  Pai:          I have a bad feeling about this.
  Ken-chan:     Let's get out of here.

  Pai?:         Yeah!  Let's get out of here.

pg. 23)
  Yakumo:       Uh!

  Pai:          What! What's going on? eeee!

  Yakumo:       uhuh

  Pai:          EEEEEEEIIIIIIII!

  Pai:          HELP!

  Pai:          Molester! Pervert!

  Yakumo:       a! aa!

pg. 24)

  Don-chan:     Have you calmed down?

  Pai:          honestly!

  Ken-chan:     Let's go home.  There is somthing strange
                going on here.  The town seems to have changed.

  Pai:          When I came last week, it was the same old Harajuku.
                This magazine came out this week, and that bum
                moved in here three days ago.

pg. 25)

  Pai:          Surely something... something someplace we don't know
                about it going on.
                Ever since this magazine came out, it seems like
                the town has changed.

  Ken-chan:     You think too much. You think too much.
  Don-chan:     If you're ok now, lets just go home.

  Pai:          ok

  Yakumo:       puff, puff, ...

pg. 26)

  Yakumo:       kyoro-kyoro
 [action of Yakumo looking around]

  Pai:          I'm scarrreed!

  Don-chan:     In the mean time, lets go in somewhere.

  Pai:          yeah, yeah!

  Man:          Excuse me.

pg. 27)

  Man:          How about it, ladies?  Right now its discount time
                at our club, won't you come in and dance?  There's
                an additional discount for ladies.

  Don/Ken/Pai:  Let's go in.

pg. 28)

  Pai:          The music stopped.

pg. 29)

  Pai:          Something is strange.  Everyone stopped.

  Pai:          Mannequins?

  Don/Ken/Pai:  EEEEEIIIII!

pg. 30)

  Pai:          No! This can't be!  Open Up!  Open Up!

  Pai:          Someone! Help!

pg. 31)

  Pai:          What!  What's going on!

  Matsue:       kkktt

  Matsue:       Welcome!

Book 3, Story 2(#2) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part II

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 33)

  Don/Ken:      Pabou!  Are you ok, Pabou!

  Don-chan:     Its no good!  It won't open.

  Ken-chan:     Let's go tell the police whats going on!

pg. 34)

  Don-chan:     So are you saying we should just tell them that
                we went into this disco, and inside there
                were these dancing mannequins, and there
                is a girl trapped inside?

  Ken-chan:     Yes!  They may not believe the mannequin stuff,
                but that Pabou is trapped inside is a fact.

  Don-chan:     You're right!  Let's go hurry to a police box.
  [mini-police stations.  Quite common in Japan]

pg. 35)

  Pai:          Mannequins!

  Pai:          Eeeeiiii!

  Pai:          The mannequin, the mennequin talked!

  Pai:          Ahh!  Open up! Someone help!

  Pai:          Someone! Please!  I haven't done anything wrong!

pg. 36)

  Pai:          Why?  What did I do to have this happen to me?

  Pai:          Why?

  Sounds:       creak, creak, rattle, rattle....

pg. 37)

  Pai:          AHHHHHHHH!

pg. 38)

  Woman:        What is it miss?  Why are you so agitated? 
                Did something happen?

  Pai:          Mannequins! Mannequins!

  Pai:          I don't know whats going on.  But these mannequins
                really seem to be after me!

pg. 39)

  Woman:        So you don't understand?

  Pai:          No I don't understand!  I'm really scared!

  Woman:        Did you even forget that you have such amazing powers?

  Pai:          Huh?

pg. 40)

  Kinoni:       We have been seeking you.  We've found you Sanjiyan!

pg. 41)

  Pai:          EEEIIII!

  Kinoni:       All right, lets see your powers!

  Pai:          Som...

  Pai:          Somebody!

pg. 42)

  Pai:          ummph!

  Pai:          Ahhh!

pg. 44)

  People:       Waaaa!  Eiiii!

pg. 45)

  Don-chan:     What the...!

pg. 46)

  Pai:          What? What is happening to me?

  Pai:          What am I?

  Pai:          I'm scared.  Someone, someone help me.

  Pai:          Hel...

Book 3, Story 3(#3) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part III

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 50)

  Sign:         Ayanokouji

  clock:        beep, beep, ....

pg. 51)

  Pai:          uuhhh...

  Pai:          uh. five more minutes.

  Pai:          hmm?

pg. 52)

  Pai:          Morning, Grandpa, Grandma.

  Grandpa:      Ah! Pai!

  Grandpa:      Th, this.

pg. 53)

  [begin flashback]
  Matsue:        Did you even forget that you have such amazing powers?
  [end flashback]

  Pai:          It wasn't a dream, was it?

  Pai:          Did I really destroy it?  That Disco.  If so,
                I could be in big trouble.

pg. 54)
  Pai:          So I must be psychic or something!!

  Pai:          Maybe that's how I got home, by teleportion!?

  Pai:          In other words the birth of Japan's first psychic high
                school girl star!!  ah, maybe "star" is going a
                little far?

  Pai:          Door!! Open!!

  Pai:          What am I thinking!  There's no reason to think that
                an ordinary high school girl like me should have
                powers like that.

pg. 55)
  Yakumo:       ahh, I should brush my teeth in here?

  Yakumo:       ah, ah, ah,...

  Yakumo:       I, I'm sorr...

pg. 56)
  Grandmother:  That boy?  He and your two friends brought you
                home yesterday.

  Grandmother:  And since he said he didn't have a place to sleep
                it seemed only natural that we should let him stay
                one night.

  Pai:          But, he's scary.

  Grandmother:  Don't say such silly things.  Now go say thank you
                to him.

  Pai:          Ah, ok.

pg. 57)
  Yakumo:       So you say, that you took on the daughter of your
                son who died in Hong Kong.  In otherwords, your

  Grandfather:  Yes, it was a bus accident.  By a miracle only
                she was saved.

  Grandfather:  Poor girl.  She's lost all her memory before the accident.

  Yakumo:       Hmmm. Is that so?

pg. 58)
  Pai:          Ah, um.  [Thanks] for saving me yesterday.  [in Japanese,
                the word "thanks" which comes at the end of the sentance
                is not explicitly spoken.]

  Yakumo:       Ah, um.  A..About before, ah..

  Yakumo:       Where you going? School?

  Yakumo:       I was just about to leave too.  I'll go with you.

  Pai:          Huh?

pg. 59)
  Pai(thinking):Oohh, I'm scared.  Who is this person?  What does he want?
                I can't take this much longer.

  Pai:          Uh, uh.

  Pai:          Wh..Who are you?

pg. 60)
  Pai:          Uh, uh... Are you the one who made those mannequins
                and is after my "power"?

  Pai:          If...If that's the case then stop it!  I'm just an
                ordinary girl!!

  Pai:          I really don't know what happened yesterday, but
                it has nothing to do with me.

  Yakumo:       So you have forgotten after all.  Everything.

pg. 61)
  Yakumo:       Yesterday, when I saw the fuuin (seal) on your forehead,
                I was afraid that was the case.

  Pai:          Fuu...in?

  Yakumo:       That's right.  Your powers are sealed off by that thing
                that looks like a birthmark.

  Pai:          A lie.  That's a lie!  This mark was made in the bus
  Yakumo:       So is that what your grandfather said?

  Pai:          What?  What are you talking about?  I don't understand
                what you're saying.
pg. 62)
  Yakumo:       Pai....This is really hard to say but...

  Yakumo:       You are not human....

  Yakumo:       You are a kind of monster.  You are of the legendary
                race that wields the immortality power.  The last
                of the Sanjiyanunkara.

pg. 63)
  Yakumo:       All of the evil spirits and goblins are wandering
                about trying to get a hold of your power.  Because
                you let yourself be put in that magazine, the've come
                to Harajuku in swarms.

  Pai:          Ah..Ah... (what is with this guy)

  Yakumo:       Everything your grandfather told you is all lies
                and fabrication.

  Yakumo:       Your not their granddaughter at all.  You just happened
                to look like her so they picked you up in Hong Kong.
  Pai:          Liar!

  Yakumo:       No.  I'm just telling the truth.
  Pai:          Liar!  You are the absolute worst!

pg. 64)
  Pai:          Don't ever come near me again!!

  Policeman:    Whow
  Pai:          Ah!

  Policeman:    Hey!  It's already 9:00, what are you doing hanging
                around here?
  Pai:          It..it's

  Pai:          It's this wierdo that won't leave me alone.

pg. 65)
  Pai:          Huh?

  Pai:          Mur...murderer!

pg. 66)
  Pai:          A mannequin!?

  Yakumo:       Now will you believe me.  That I don't have anything
                to do with these mannequins?

  Yakumo:       My name is Fujii Yakumo.  The one who life is bound
                with yours.

Book 3, Story 4(#4) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part IV

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 68)
  Pai:          Ha!

  Pai:          Ha ha ha ha.  What's all that about?

pg. 69)
  Yakumo:       Huh?  Why are you laughing...
                I meant that your life and mine were connected so
                we can't separate from each other no matter what...
  Pai:          Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. 
  Pai:          I get it.  So that's what it's all about. 
  Pai:          Well, I've got to go to school.

  Yakumo:       Wait a minute.  Did you really understand what I meant?
  Pai:          Ha ha ha ha.  I'm going to get mad if you don't cool it.

pg. 70)
  Yakumo:       You can be such a bitch.

  Yakumo:       Look, I am not lying!

  Pai:          Well then!  What makes you say that I'm a youkai?
                You scared the hell out of me when all you wanted to do
                was pick me up.

  Yakumo:       Pick... You... Up... !?

  Pai:          See.

  Yakumo:       Sigh.  I'm not trying to pick you up, I'm not lying.  The
                one who's lying is your grandfather.

pg. 71)
  Pai:          You be quiet!  I hate your guts!!

  Pai:          I won't forgive anyone who says bad things about
                my grandfather.

  Yakumo:       Ah!  Wait!

pg. 72)
  Yakumo:       Put that on your hand!!  It's a kind of Sanjiyan charm.
                It will allow you to use your powers to a limited degree.

  Yakumo:       In otherwords, if you can use your powers using that,
                then its proof that you are not human.

  Yakumo:       Damn!

pg. 73)
  Pai:          Arrgh!!  If only he showed up in a normal sort of
                way and tried to talk to me in a normal sort of
                way.  It's too bad, he's the sort of type I like too.

  Yakumo:       You can be such a bitch.

  Pai:          That big liar!!  I hate him!!  hummph!

pg. 74)
  Pai:          So what part of a quiet girl like me isn't human?
                There's no such thing as monsters.

  Pai:          Uh..umm.  Driver.  We've gone past the last stop...

  Driver:       There's nothing to be worried about....

  Pai:          Eiii!  Someone!  Help!

pg. 75)
  Pai:          No!  Stop!  This is some kind of joke isn't it?

  Pai:          Eiii!

  [Pai remembering]
  Yakumo:       It will allow you to use your powers to a limited degree.

pg. 76)
  Pai:          Vannish! Begone!

  Pai:          Ahhhh!  I guess I am human after all!

pg. 77)
  Matsue:       Please don't be frightened, and please don't use
                your powers.

  Pai:          Huh?

  Matsue:       All I want is for you to grant your eternal life powers.
                If you refuse, your friends will be in a bit of a pinch.

  Pai:          KenKen!!  Don-chan!!

pg. 80)
  Matsue:       Be happy father!! I brought the Sanjiyan who is going
                to grant you eternal life.

  Matsue:        All right Sanjiyan.  Use your eternal life powers
                on my father.

pg. 81)
  Pai:          Please!  Please let us go home!

  Matsue:       You have but two choices.  Whether to give my father
                 eternal life or not.

  Pai:          H...help...

  Pai:          I..I don't know what you're talking about.  This "eternal
                life", this "sanjiyan".... I'm telling the truth.  I'm
                just an ordinary human.

pg. 82)
  Matsue:       So you're going to refuse me after all?  So you don't
                care what happens to your poor friends?

pg. 83)
  Pai:          fa...Their faces...!?

pg. 84)
  Pai:          EEEiiiiii!

Book 3, Story 5(#5) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part V

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 87)
  Pai:          Please stop!

  Pai:          What did you do to them?

  Matsue:       I made them into my servent.  Into a living mannequin.
                You're the one who made me do it, Sanjiyan.

  Pai:          kuu...

pg. 88)
  Matsue:       Awaken you!  Kill the Sanjiyan!  Eat her alive!

pg. 89)
  Matsue:       Death to the bird that does not sing.

  Ken/Don-chan: Where?  Where is this?  my body feels heavy.

  Pai:          Eeeiiii!!

  Matsue:       Ha Ha Ha Ha.... Even a sanjiyan can't use her powers
                against her friends.  Ha ha ha ha....
  Pai:          Help!

pg. 91)
  Matsue:       Father! Inside! Hurry!

  Yakumo:       It looks like you're all having a lot of fun down
                there!  Won't you let me join in too?

pg. 92)
  Pai:          It's... it's the liar boy!

  Yakumo:       Who are you calling a liar!  If you don't act cute
                I'm not going to rescue you!

pg. 93)
  Matsue:       You meddlesome brat!

  Matsue:       How dare you damage father's study!

  Yakumo:       Ho ho... so you're the famed toy doll huh?

  Matsue:       You!

  Yakumo:       He he.  Wood figures should behave like wood figures

pg. 94)
  Yakumo:       And go sleep in your toy box.

  Matsue:       You!

  Matsue:       You don't seem to be an ordinary human either!

  Yakumo:       And you don't seem to be ordinary burnable garbage
                either. [in Japan trash is separated into "burnable"
                and "non-burnable"]
pg. 95)
  Matsue:       Ah ha ha ha ha!  You foolish brat!  You will regret
                making me angry!!
  Matsue:       Go ahead and curse your mistake.  Of throwing away
                your one and only life!!

pg. 96)
  Yakumo:       Only one life you say?  Thats quite a thing for
                a wood figure to say.

  Pai:          Ahhh!  Don't look!

  Yakumo:       Ah Ah. Somehow this looks even more erotic than if
                you were completly naked...

  Pai:          Oh! You pervert!

  Yakumo:       Perv...

pg. 97)
  Yakumo:       Pervert you say!

  Yakumo:       What...about

  Yakumo:       ...me is a pervert!?
  Pai(thinking): Wow!  He's strong...

pg. 98)
  Pai(thinking): He's really cool!

  Pai:          Everything!  No matter how you look at it, you're a

  Yakumo:       If you don't act cute, I'm really not going to save you!!

  Pai:          Ha ha ha.  What about me isn't cute?

  Yakumo:       hmm

pg. 99)
  Yakumo:       Everything!!

  Pai(thinking): I guess I have a baby face and an immature body...

  Yakumo:       These small fry are getting to be a real pain in the butt.

pg. 100)
  Yakumo:       In the name of Yakumo I command!!  Come out!  Touchao
                (Earth Claw)!

pg. 102)
  Pai:          What!  What are you?

  Yakumo:       I already told you didn't I? Young lady [He uses the
                word "ojousama" which usually refers to a young
                woman from a wealthy family along with the usual
                connotations of such] My name is Fujii Yakumo.  

  Yakumo:       The one whose life is bound with yours.  I guess your
                bodyguard of sorts.  Can you walk?

pg. 103)
  Yakumo:       So..What happened to these two anyway?

  Pai:          I don't really know but, their faces were moved
                to a mannequin.  A spider-like one around here somewhere.

  Yakumo:       Stop!  Look out!  Don't touch!

  Pai:          huh?

pg. 104)
  Matsue:       he he he... Die!

  Matsue:       Die you piece of shit!

Book 3, Story 6(#6) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part VI

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 106)
  Yakumo:       Sh...shit!

  Pai:          What..oh what has happened!
pg. 107)

  Matsue:       My only request is for you to give my father eternal life.

  Matsue:       Since you're not going to grant my request, you are all
                going to die!!  It's too late to regret it now, sanjiyan!!

  Pai:          You're the one who's going to regret it!!

pg. 108)
  Pai:          All this you've done is to no avail!!  Your father
                can't become immortal.  I'm just an ordinary human!!

  Pai:          But.  If you'll return these to back to normal, and
                take that boy to a hospital, I...I'll do whatever
                I can to help.

  Yakumo:       "I'll do anything" is not a promise for a young girl
                to make lightly.

pg. 109)
  Yakumo:       "Barasuvidaahi"!  You're not human.

  Matsue:        You!  You're still alive?!

  Yakumo:       You have the power to defeat this piece of trash monster.
                The incantation Pai!  "Barasuvidahii"!!

  Pai:          Ba...Ba..ra..su..?

pg. 110)
  Yakumo:       All of it.  Finish the incantation Pai!!

  Pai:          No...no...no.... what is this?  

pg. 111)
  Yakumo:       Shit!  It's no good!  Sorry!

  Yakumo:       Are you all right.  Hang in there!

  Pai:          Don-chan!  Ken-ken!

  Matsue:        It's pointless to struggle.  So have you decided
                to change your mind yet?

  Pai:          What do we do?
  Yakumo:       Shit!!  It looks like I'm going to have to fight
                with your friends.

pg. 112)
  Yakumo:       Of all things!  I've really got caught up in a real mess.
  Pai:          Sorry!

  Yakumo:       I don't have time for this!

  Matsue:       Waaa..arrrr...

  Pai:          What are you doing?
  Yakumo:       Don't worry!  I'm not trying to burn your friends!

pg. 113)
  Pai:          But!

  Yakumo:       Come on!  If you want to return your friends to normal,
                then we've got to find the Puppetmaster.

  Yakumo:       I figured it out from the policeman mannequin.  This
                place is the home of their father, the Puppetmaster.

  Pai:          Puppetmaster?
  Yakumo:       That's right!!  In order to stop this mess, we have to do
                something about the black grave.

  Pai:          Rather than that, er have to do something about your wounds.
                You shouldn't even be moving.
  Yakumo:       I'm fine!

  Pai:          Don't talk!!  We have to stop the bleeding!

  Yakumo:       I'm all right I said.   I'm not human, so this is no big deal.

pg. 114)
  Pai:          If that's the case, then I'm not human either am I?

  Yakumo:       Don't cry!

  Yakumo:       First, I want to apologize to you.  That charm I gave to
                to you, in conjunction with the appropriate incantation
                will allow you to use your destructive powers.  I'm sorry
                I didn't have time to teach you the incantation.

  Pai:          Me too.  I said a lot of horrible things about you.  I'm sorry.

pg. 115)
  Pai:          However, I still can't believe that I'm some sort of monster.
                But I guess that can't be helped.

  Yakumo:       Right now, on the surface you're no different than any other human,
                to the point where you weren't prepared for such strong powers.  As
                long as you don't use your powers, there will probably be no awakening.
  Pai:          Awakening?

  Yakumo:       If you go through the incantation to the end and use your powers...
                you will awaken sanjiyan for sure.

  Pai:          If I become sanjiyan, then what?
  Yakumo:       Well, you will probably be no longer able to live as a human.

  Pai:          Then what do you intend to do with me.
  Yakumo:       Well, for now let's just not worry about it.

pg. 116)
  Yakumo:       Unlike them, I'm not after your powers.  I just want you to
                awaken and get your memory back.

  Pai:          Well no matter which way it is, if I can't live as a normal
                human thats a big problem.

pg. 117)
  Pai:          What is it?  What happened?

  Yakumo:       I misread the situation...

  Yakumo:       Oh well.  For the time being, lets get out of here.
  Pai:          What?  The puppetmaster wasn't there?

  Yakumo:       hmm?

  Pai:          Eeeeiiii!

pg. 118)
  Pai:          err!

  Don/ken:      arrrggghh...eiiiii

pg. 119)
  Matsue:       I'll just have the four of you die here together.

  Yakumo:       Shit!  You're the one who I'm going to send to hell!!
  Pai:          Eiiiii!

pg. 120)
  Pai:          You! You!

  Pai:          Enough!

  Yakumo:       No Pai!  Don't use your powers!!  You won't be able to live
                as a human!!

  Matsue:       he he he!
  Yakumo:       uuhh!

pg. 121)
  Pai:          barasuvidaahi!

Book 3, Story 7(#7) - Daughter of the Archdevil - Part VII

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 125)

  Yakumo:       P...Pai!

  Pai:          EEiiii!  My head is going to split!

pg. 126)
  Matsue:       Die!  Sanjiyan!

pg. 127)
  Matsue:       You!

pg. 132)
  Pai:          Ah ha!

  Pai:          A ha ha ha ha...

  Pai:          We did it!

  Pai:          We're saved!  We did it!

pg. 134)
  Pai:          Good night!  [this is written in Chinese]

pg. 135)
  Newspaper:    Puppet Artist Kuruici Dead at 99.
                Aged puppet artist dies alone in high priced estate.  Refusing to
                depend on anyone, his body went undiscovered for six months.
                He was mummified and surrounded by his puppets.  The first class
                dwelling he left behind will be left to distant relatives after
                inheritance tax....

  Pai:          I...I somehow feel maybe I did something terrible to that
                poor mannequin.

  Door:         Pai's Room.  [sign on door] Changing.  Don't peek!

pg. 136)
  Yakumo:       No it's nothing like that.  Being a puppet, it wasn't able to
                understand human death, and was moving only to seek immortality
                for its master.  Now, she can sleep peacefully without ever having
                to know her master's death.

  Pai:          Thank you!

  Pai:          Are you still sulking.  I think it was bad too so cheer up!

pg. 137)
  Pai:          Hey!

  Yakumo:       Why hasn't your memory come back!  That should have done it!
  Pai:          Waa!

pg. 138)
  Yakumo:       I spent four years combing the world for you and when I finally
                find you, you do this half-way job of awaking.  You fool!

  Pai:          I'm sorry if I made you feel like that.

  Yakumo:       Ah!  I feel better!  It can't be helped if you don't get your
                memory back.  It isn't your fault after all.

  Pai:          Just who are you anyway!
  Yakumo:       It's good isn't it?  Since you didn't get your memory back, you
                can go on leading a normal life.

  Yakumo:       But I haven't given up.  My goal is to get your memory back no
                matter what!

pg. 139)
  Yakumo:       Until then, I will not leave your side.

  Pai:          Why are you so set on getting my memory back?  What's
                kind of memory is it?

  Yakumo:       It's a secret.

  Yakumo:       Don't panic.  I'll find a way soon to get your memory back.
  Pai:          gulp

  Yakumo:       hmm

  Pai:          Don't worry about it!

  Yakumo:       Shock treatment!

  Pai:          Eeeeeiiii!

pg. 140)
  Grandmother:  Are you looking at the picture Pai was carrying when we found
                her wandering about Hong Kong?

  Grandfather:  I think that she may be leaving us....

  Grandmother:  Well, until she says something, lets just forget about it.
  Grandfather:  hmmm.

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