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Book 3, Story 8(#8) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part I

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 144)
  Girl:         [A spell in some mysterious language]

pg. 145)
  Can:          "Garbage Can - Experiment Preparation Room"

  Girl:         Ah ha ha ha ha ha..... behold fool.  I'm free! ah ha ha ha ha

pg. 146)
  Girl:         ha ha ....

pg. 147)
  Pai:          Eeeiiiiii!

  Pai:          NO!

  Pai:          Eh?  A dream....

pg. 148)
  Pai:          Waa!  Where am I?  What was I doing sleeping around here?

  Sign:         Gay Bar - Culture Shock

  Everyone:     To everyone being safe and getting together!!  Cheers!!

  Don-chan:     Well, it seems that we are indebted to you Fujii.  We're
                very grateful.

  Yakumo:       What are you talking about?  I just took the two of you who
                had passed out from low blood pressure home.

  Ken-chan:     That's certainly enough to be grateful about.  Our school is
                real strict about being absent without a reason.

pg. 149)
  Ken-chan:     Yeah, that was a close one.
  Don-chan:     And, I almost blew my "perfect attendance" award.

  Yakumo:       Don't worry about it.  Even if we told them about the mannequins
                they wouldn't believe us.
  Pai:          Mmm.

  Don-chan?:    But anyway.  This is the first time I've been to a place like
                this.  I'm kind of nervous.
  Yakumo:       Aha ha ha.  I used to work part-time here a long time ago.
  Don-chan?:    huh?

  Pai:          Surprising
  Ken-chan:     So what do you do Fujii?  Are you a college student?
  Yakumo:       Nope.  I'm high school drop-out.
  Don-chan:     You mean you're a hoodlum!?

  Yakumo:       Aha ha ha ha... You must be joking.  I don't have that kind of courage.

  Yakumo:       When I was 16, I joined a company in Hong Kong.  For four years I've
                been on business trips to China, the Soviet Union, the Middle East
                and South America.

pg. 150)
  Pai:          Really?  Wow!  What kind of work?

  Yakumo:       I Exorcise Monsters.

  Yakumo:       It used to be an occult publishing company.  But since the president
                went missing, its become an exorcism business.  If you ever,
                need us, just give us a call.
  Card:         Yougekisha (Monster Buster Company) - Fujii Yakumo

  Mama:         Welcome pretty ladies!

pg. 151)
  Ken/Don/Pai:  Eiiii!  A monster!  Save us Yakumo!
  Yakumo:       Ah ha ha ha.  Don't worry.  Leave this to me.

  Yakumo:       I'm sorry Mama, but could you....
  Mama:         Sorry!?

  Mama:         And just who do you think gave you a job here, you ingrate!
  Don-chan:     Well it doesn't look like we can depend on him too much.
  Ken-chan:     He can't even handle a single transvestite.

  Don/Ken:      Thank you!  It was delicious!

pg. 152)
  Pai:          Hmmm....
  Yakumo:       What?

  Pai:          You're a high school drop out, you work exorcising monsters,
                .... and you worked in a gay bar?  You really are a strange
                person.  What does someone like you have to do with me?  The
                more I think about the more I don't understand.
  Yakumo:       Are you worried?  About me?

  Pai:          It's not that but...
  Yakumo:       Don't worry about me.  It's you...

  Pai:          Huh?

  Pai:          What do you mean by....

  Yakumo:       It's the fact that you have such strong powers.

  Yakumo:       I wonder what you think of that?  As a sort of convenience?

pg. 153)
  Pai:          I don't know anymore.  I don't think it's that.

  Pai:          But somehow I still really don't believe it.
  Yakumo:       Are you happy that you're different from other people since you can
                release great power?

  Pai:          It does kind of give me a sense of superiority.

  Pai:          ...that frail little me can have such awesome powers.  It's a kind
                of revolution.  A windfall revolution.

pg. 154)
  Pai:          It does kind of make me excited.  Do you think I'm strange?
  Yakumo:       Not especially.  When someone gets great power, that's only
                a natural feeling.  I was also like that.

  Yakumo:       But don't forget!  There's a time and place for it.  If not used
                properly great powers like that can bring misery to people.

  Yakumo:       Therefore I worry a bit.  I have no idea what you will do in your
                half awakened state.  Well, for the time being, as long as you have
                that charm (Shiva's Claw) I gave you, you should be OK.

pg. 155)
  Pai:          Yeah.  That.

  Yakumo:       You have it.  Right?
  Pai:          Yeah.  It's in my bag.

  Pai:          Wait!  Stop!

  Pai:          My bag!  Where is it?

  Pai:          At school?  That's right.  It's so strange.  After class ended,
                what happened?

  Yakumo:       Don't tell me this.  If we don't have it, we're in deep shit.
                This is really irregular Pai.

pg. 156)
  Yakumo:       Everyone agreed to meet here after going home and changing into
                casual clothes.  But you came late, and in your school uniform.

  Pai:          Yes, this is very strange.  When I came to, I was sleeping in
                the park.

  Yakumo:       Hey!  Are you OK?  You didn't even drink any alcohol.
  Pai:          I feel dizzy.

  Yakumo:       Wait!  I'll call a taxi
  Pai:          ok.

pg. 157)
  Pai:          What's going on?  I feel so sleepy.

  Yakumo:       P..Pai?

pg. 158)
  Ken-chan:     Errr... Why does there have to be a traffic jam now?

  Don?:         What's that!
  Ken?:         Huh?

Book 3, Story 9(#9) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part II

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 160)
  Pai:          Waaa!

  Pai:          A...another dream?

pg. 161)
  Pai:          Another dream about monsters.  And it was so realistic.

  Pai:          Hmm?  What's this?

pg. 162)
  Pai:          What the...

  Pai:          What is all this stuff doing in my room.

  Yakumo:       That's what I'd like to ask.  Yawn.

  Pai:          Eeii! Yakumo!  What are you doing here!?

pg. 163)
  Yakumo:       Well since you disappeared on the way home, I spent the whole night
                looking for you.  Despite all that you were here all this time.

  Yakumo:       But forget about me.  What have you been doing?  What's all this?

  Pai:          What have I been doing?

  Yakumo:       Zzzzzzz....

pg. 164)
  Paper:        Mysterious Flying Object.  Midnite in Tokyo.  Monster Appears.  Took
                various objects, and disappeared before dawn.

  Paper:        On the back of the monster sat what appeared to be a young girl.

pg. 165)
  Don-chan:     It's true!  I saw the monster with my own eyes!  It was far out!
  Boy:          But the girl sitting on it's back looks just like you Pabou!

  Pai[thinking]: Does this mean...

  Pai[thinking]: That my dream really happened.  That I did all this in my sleep.
                That it was a kind of "sleep walking"?

  Pai[thinking]: I guess that I'm really not normal after all.

  Pai:          What should I do.  Even though I'm not conscious, I go around wild.
  Yakumo:       Hmmm.

pg. 166)
  Pai:          So.  I guess I really can't live a normal life.

  Yakumo:       Come on.  This isn't like you.  Cheer up!  If I haven't read things
                wrong, it's still OK.  There is a way.

  Pai:          I feel uneasy....
  Yakumo:       Um...

  Yakumo:       Sanjiyan Unkara are from the start split personality.
                Thus because of your half-done awakening, your other half
                has awoken.

pg. 167)
  Pai:          Yuck!  It gives me the creeps.
  Yakumo:       Don't worry!

  Yakumo:       The other you, sanjiyan, that appears when your third eye is
                open has a weak point.

  Yakumo:       "Shiva's Claw"!!  I got a hold of it while I was at a temple
                in Tibet.  As long as you have that.  Even if you become three
                eyes and use your powers, "sanjiyan" won't come out.

  Yakumo:       It seems that it was originally intended to reduce the power
                of Sanjiyan that could not completely control their full power.
                Fortunately, "reduce the power" means keep the sanjiyan
                personality from surfacing.

pg. 168)
  Pai:          All right.  Then all we have to do is find that charm.  If I do
                that, then I can continue living as a human, right?

  Yakumo:       At least until you get yout memory back anyway.

  Sign:         Staff room.

pg. 169)
  Pai:          I'd better be careful.  I shouldn't let myself trust that
                Yakumo guy too much.
  Tag:          Lost-and-found: Experiment Preparation Room

  Pai:          I don't know what he's after, and I don't know what he wants with me.
                Until I know clearly, I can't let myself lower my guard.

  Pai:          It's not here!?  The charm isn't here!?

  Pai:          Then where...

  Pai:          Wait.  I put it in that bag....

pg. 170)
  Pai:          That's right.  I tossed it in the trash.

  Pai:          Wh...what!?  I feel dizzy...sleepy...

  Teacher 1:    What's wrong? 
  Teacher 2:    What's wrong?  Ayanokouji?

  Pai:          Somebody, help me....

  Teacher 3:    Hey!  Are you all right Ayanakouji?  Do you feel faint?

pg. 171)
  Teacher:      Hey! Are you OK?  Maybe you should lay down Ayanakouji.

  Teacher:      I'll take you to the nurses office.

  Teacher:      Wait up Ayanakouji.

  Teacher:      You're a girl, so you should take care of your body....

  Teacher:      Eeeeiiii

  Sanjiyan:     Ah ha ha ha ha!  Weak lifeforms are so uninteresting.

pg. 172)
  Sanjiyan:     Ah ha ha ha...

  Student:      Teacher!  What happened here?
  Sanjiyan:     Ah ha ha ha...

  Sanjiyan:     I'm free!!  And I won't let anyone get in my way!!

pg. 173)
  Sanjiyan:     I'm going to live how I want to live!!  Live as I please.
                Ah ha ha ha....

  Yakumo:       Now where the hell is she off to....

pg. 174)
  People:       Some strange animal is flying this way.  It's much too big to be
                a bird.  Maybe it's a UFO.  No, it's the monster from last night.

  Yakumo:       Shit!  That Sanjiyan is really making a mess of things.

  Yakumo:       What the hell is she thinking anyway.

  Man:          Excuse me.  Would you mind filling out a questionnaire for me?
  Sanjiyan:     Is it fun?

  Man:          Of course!
  Sanjiyan:     All right!  I'll do it.

pg. 175)
  Sanjiyan:     And if you win, I'll let you be my friend.

  Man:          Huh?  Win?  Friend?

  Sanjiyan:     But if I win, I want that.

  Man:          Huh?

  Sanjiyan:     No that!  or maybe that!

  Yakumo:       That's enough!

pg. 176)
  Sanjiyan:     You.... You're the boy that goes by the name Yakumo aren't
                you.  Why are you following me about?  If you get in my way,
                I'll kill you.

Book 3, Story 10(#10) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part III

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 179)
  Sanjiyan:     Well, say something!  Why are you following me about?

  Whispers:     What's with that girl.  She's got three eyes!

  Yakumo:       Well what about you!?  Why are you running off wild like this!?
                What are you getting so excited about?

pg. 180)
  Sanjiyan:     Excited?  Running off wild?  Me?

  Sanjiyan:     Don't make me laugh.

  Sanjiyan:     Feioo!! (Flying Jaw) [The characters are Chinese style]

  Sanjiyan:     he he he.  I'm not afraid of anything!

pg. 181)
  Sanjiyan:     I just want to live my own life.  A Sanjiyan with the immortality
                power like me doesn't get excited!!

  Crowd:        What's that!  It's that flying monster thing that was in the papers!
                I wasn't made up after all!

  Yakumo:       Immortality power?  Sanjiyan?  Now it's you who makes me laugh.

pg. 182)
  Yakumo:       You've lost your memory haven't you.

  Yakumo:       What's with this "Sanjiyan" buisiness?  All you're doing is feeding
                back what I told Pai!!
  Sanjiyan:     That...that...

  Yakumo:       All right, then lets see you try your "immortality power"!!

pg. 183)
  Sanjiyan:     What are you trying to say!?
  Yakumo:       That you don't know who you are and that you're running off

  Yakumo:       Ooops.  It looks like I misread things.

  Yakumo:       Ah! Wait!  At any rate, just calm down and let Pai come back.
                There are lots of demons and devils out there that want
                immortality that will come after you.  Please try not to stand
                out too much.
  Sanjiyan:     No way!

pg. 184)
  Yakumo:       I'm just saying this because I'm worried about you.
  Sanjiyan:     I don't trust you!!

  Sanjiyan:     See you later!!
  Yakumo:       You!!

pg. 185)
  Sanjiyan:     You really are persistant aren't you.  Do you really want to die!!
  Yakumo:       Please!  Just believe me!!

  Yakumo:       I won't try to hurt you!!  I promise I'll get you your memory back.

  Sanjiyan:     Really?
  Yakumo:       Yeah, really!!

  Sanjiyan:     Really really?

  Yakumo:       Really really really, OK?

pg. 186)
  Sanjiyan:     Really really really really!?
  Yakumo:       Eiii!  Please don't do that!!

  Sanjiyan:     All right....

  Sanjiyan:     Will I discover who this male presense inside me is?

pg. 187)
  Yakumo:       Male?  You mean female right?  Don't you mean Pai?

  Sanjiyan:     I'm Pai!  I already know that!!

  Sanjiyan:     I don't really know what it is but it's a strong and warm
                male-like feeling.  Something like a soul inside of me.

pg. 188)
  Sanjiyan:     If I get my memory back, will I find out who that is!?
                Will I be able to meet that person!?

pg. 189)
  Yakumo:       Ahh...that's "true form" of your immortality power?
  Sanjiyan:     "true form" [a direct translation, sorry?]
  Yakumo:       That's right!  That warm "thing" is the life force of
                another person.

  Sanjiyan:     Life force.... another person's life force....

  Yakumo:       You can pull the life force of others inside you.  And
                as long as you don't die.  The person who's life is inside
                you won't die either.  They will be granted immortality.

pg. 190)
  Yakumo:       Therefore.  You'll certainly meet him.

  Sanjiyan:     Ah ha ha... I look forward to it.

  Sanjiyan:     If I get my memory back, will I also know where to go home to?
                Will I know where the other's of my kind are?

pg. 191)
  Yakumo:       So that's it?  You feel alone and lonely and that's why
                you're running off wild.

  Sanjiyan:     Shut up!!  There's no reason to think I'm lonely!!  I'm an
                invincible Sanjiyan!!

  Yakumo:       Huh?

  Sanjiyan:     Ah!  I...that...

  Yakumo[thinking]:     That's it!  She's returned to childhood and is lonely.

pg. 192)
  Yakumo:       Waaa...

  Sanjiyan:     Hey!  Yakumo!

  Sanjiyan:     Ahh!

pg. 193)
  Sanjiyan:             No! Stop it [Pai inside]

  Sanjiyan:             Err..  What's going on!  Who is it!?

pg. 194)
  Sanjiyan:     My head hurts.

  Pai:          Yakumo!  Yakumo!!

  Pai:          N..Nooo...

Book 3, Story 11(#11) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part IV

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 196)
  Pai:          Police!?

  Pai:          This must be some kind of joke!!  Let me down!! Let me down I say!!

  Pai:          No good!?

pg. 197)
  Pai:          This can't be happening?

  Pai:          Stop!! Don't shoot!!

  Police 1:     What the hell do you think you're doing!!  Don't shoot until
                you're given permission!!
  Police 2:     I'm sorry. I...

  Police 2:     I just saw the monster and got frightened.

pg. 198)
  Pai:          Why...

  Pai:          Why is this happening....

  Sanjiyan:     What do you think you are doing you insignificant vermin.

  Police:       What the?  Three eyes?

  Sanjiyan:     Feioo!  Knock them out of the sky!
  (Pai):        No! Stop it!

pg. 199)
  Sanjiyan:     Do it!  I'll show those vermin the power of a Sanjiyan!!
  (Pai):        NO!

  Pai:          I won't let you do that!!

  Sanjiyan:     Shut up!  If one is attacked, one fights back!  Be quiet Pai!

pg. 200)
  Sanjiyan:     I'm not doing anything wrong!!  I can't just sit back and let
                people do this to me.
  (Pai):        But that doesn't mean you can go wild!!  If you hadn't raised
                such a fuss, none of this would have happened.

  Sanjiyan:     I'm not some bird in a cage.  And I've commanded Feioo to kill
                and eat anyone who has any bad intentions for Sanjiyan.
                Even without my orders, he'll kill everyone. ah ha ha ha ha
  Sanjiyan:     Waa..

pg. 201)
  Yakumo:       Pai!  Wake up!

pg. 202)
  Pai:          Yakumo!

  Yakumo:       Good!  You've come to, Pai.  Now lets hurry and find Shiva's claw.
                If we let some child Sanjiyan run loose, we're going to
                have a real mess.

  Pai:          Agreed!

  Yakumo:       Here you go!

  Pai:          Huh?

pg. 203)

  Pai:          Eeeii!

  Pai:          Eeeii!

  Yakumo:       Hurry Pai!  Don't worry about me!!  Hurry up and find Shiva's claw.

  Pai:          Couldn't you have set me down just a little more gently.

  Yakumo:       Don't worry about me.  Go find it!

pg. 204)
  Pai[flashback of Yakumo]: But don't forget!  There's a time and place for it.
                If not used properly great powers like that can bring misery
                to people.

  Pai:          I'm sorry...  I took having powers too lightly.  I was wrong.
                Sorry.... Yakumo....

pg. 205)
  Pai:          I will do it.  I will seal up the Sanjiyan...

  Pai:          Eeeiiii!

  Pai:          What!  Why!?

pg. 206)
  Pai:          Sanjiyan and I are one in the same.

  Pai[flashback]: And I've commanded Feioo to kill and eat anyone who has
                 any bad intentions for Sanjiyan.

  Pai:          Eeiii!

  Pai:          That monster... it doesn't seem to understand that Sanjiyan
                and I are in the same body.  Only that Sanjiyan and I are
                not on good terms.

  Pai:          At any rate... to the school...

pg. 207)
  Pai:          I've got to hurry!!  I've got to hurry and do something.

  Pai:          Somehow I've got to get my powers under control....

  Pai:          Puff...Puff...Puff...Puff... [Pai is running]

pg. 208)
  Pai:          Puff....Puff...Puff...

  Pai:          No!  It can't be!

  Pai:          It's got to be here!!  I clearly remember it being here!

  Pai:          That must be it!!  The garbage has been taken out.

pg. 209)
  Pai:          It's gone!!  Why is this happening!

  Pai:          The dust chute!

  Pai:          No!  I'm getting sleepy...

  Pai:          I won't let you get me Sanjiyan!!

  Pai:          I won't let you have your way!!

pg. 210)
  Pai:          There it is!!  It's stuck between the third and fourth floors.

  Pai:          Great!  It's not gone after all...

  (Sanjiyan):   Ah ha ha ha.  What are you going to do Pai!!  Feioo will only
                listen to me!  Wherever you run to, it will follow after you!!

pg. 211)
  (Sanjiyan):   If you try to seal me up, you will be eaten!!  If you don't want
                to die, hurry and let me be free!!

  Pai:          Who is going to let you have your way!!  Even if I have to die,
                I'm going to seal you up.

  Pai:          Otherwise I won't be able to look Yakumo in the face.

  (Sanjiyan):   Do you really want to die?  This is no game you know!!  You
                really will die!!

  Pai:          That's fine!!  If it comes to that, you'll die with me!!

  (Sanjiyan):   Why!  Why do you hate me so...
  Pai:          Just a little more....
  (Sanjiyan):   Stop! Stop it!

pg. 212)
  (Sanjiyan):   No!  I don't want to die!  Please stop!!
  Pai:          It's too late for tears now!

  Pai:          Ah!  I can't reach it...

  Pai:          Damn!
  (Sanjiyan):   Helllp!

Book 3, Story 12(#12) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part V

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 214)
  (Sanjiyan):   What are you doing!!  Hurry up and change over to me!!  If you
                don't we'll be killed!

  Pai:          No!
  (Sanjiyan):   Hurry!

  Pai:          No!

pg. 215)
  Pai:          Never!

  (Sanjiyan):   Nooooo!

pg. 216)
  (Sanjiyan):   How about it now!?  If it goes on like this, we really will
                be killed!

pg. 217)
  (Sanjiyan):   Don't be a fool!! Stop!!  You can't win!!

  (Sanjiyan):   Stop!

  Pai:          Would you please

  Pai:          SHUT UP!

pg. 218)
  Pai:          Sanjiyan...

pg. 219)
  Pai:          I don't know who you are or what you want.  But my body is
                my own!!  I won't let you do as you please with it!!

  (Sanjiyan):   Then why did you wake me!!
  Pai:          Huh?
  (Sanjiyan):   You wake me up because you want to use my powers, and then you
                turn around and want to seal me up.  I won't permit it!

  Pai:          Even if you put it like that.  I didn't even know about you!!

pg. 220)
  (Sanjiyan):   That's not good enough!!  You're just going on enjoying life
                as a human not worrying about our lost memory.

  (Sanjiyan):   Who are we?  What happened to other's like us?  Where did
                they all go?  And you just want to lock me up.  You too
                want to get in my way.

  (Sanjiyan):   What will I do if I'm all alone?
  Pai:          Stop!!  I don't know what's what!!

pg. 221)
  (Sanjiyan):   Thus, you can't just lock me up.  We have to go find the
                other Sanjiyan!  That image.... I've got to verify it.

  Pai:          Memory.... you have some memory?

  Pai:          AH!?
  (Sanjiyan):   It's no good.  We're going to be eaten.

pg. 222)
  Pai:          I won't permit a cute high school girl like me....

  Pai:          ....to become monster shit!! (Wa!  I'm stuck on the dust chute).

pg. 223)
  (Sanjiyan):   No stop!! Don't leave me alone!!

pg. 224)
  (Sanjiyan):   What!?

pg. 225)
  (Sanjiyan):   What is this?  A dream!?

  (Sanjiyan):   A child!?

  (Sanjiyan):   Me!?

pg. 227)
  (Sanjiyan):   Me as a child... but who is that other person.....

pg. 228)
  Other Sanjiyan:       Aahhhhhrrggg!

  (Sanjiyan):   What is this!?  What is it!?

  (Sanjiyan):   How is this scene connected with the previous?

pg. 229)
  (Sanjiyan):   Sanjiyan!!  Then this place is... that is...

   Figure:      Girl!  Don't forget!!  I shall return!!

  (Sanjiyan):   What!  What is going on!?

  Figure:       And when I do.... you fools will be utterly wiped out.

pg. 230)
  Figure:       Utterly....

  Yakumo:       Pai!  Wake up! Pai! Pai!

Book 3, Story 13(#13) - Summoning of the Devil Beast - Part VI

Translation by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)
Proofreading by David Park (dpark@sazan.net)

pg. 232)
  Yakumo:       Pai!!  Use your power!!  Use Shiva's Claw!!

  Pai:          Ya.. Yakumo!?

  Yakumo:       Hurry!!

pg. 233)
  Pai:          If I do that, then this monster will die!!  I don't want
                to kill anything...

  Yakumo:       Don't be a fool!  This is no time for such pleasantries...

pg. 234)
  Pai:          Eeiii!

  Yakumo:       Pai!

  Pai:          Barasuvi....

pg. 235)
  Yakumo:       Ah!

  Yakumo:       You!!  You!!

  Pai:          daahi!!

pg. 237)
  Yakumo:       Pai!!

  Pai:          Please!!  Hurry and return to your own world!!  Hurry!!

  Pai:          Before I release my power!!

  Pai:          Please!  Go home!

pg. 238)
  Feioo:        Gooooowwwn

  Pai:          Ah ah... I can't hold it any longer....

pg. 239)
  Yakumo:       Pa..

pg. 240)
  Sign:         Experiment Preparation Room

pg. 241)
  Pai:          I understand now!  Even if you're torn to pieces, you
                don't die!

  Pai:          You're the one who's life is inside of me right?  You
                are the undead who received my immortality power.

  Pai:          It's amazing isn't it?  Your body has already returned to normal.

  Pai:          Uh!  Are you angry?

pg. 242)
  Yakumo:       Why didn't you just kill Fieoo then and there?  Since
                you're OK, I guess it's all right.  But you really could
                have died!!

  Pai:          B...But...
  Yakumo:       I told you not to have any feelings for monsters.

  Yakumo:       Before saying such idealistic things, you should think
                of your own life.

  Yakumo:       You may have strong powers, but unlike me you're not immortal.

  Pai:          I'm sorry....  If I die, you'll die too won't you.  I guess
                it's only natural for you to be angry....

pg. 243)
  Yakumo:       Do you want me to hit you!

  Pai:          But you're trying to get my memory back, and you're trying to
                protect me right?
  Yakumo:       That's not the reason I'm worried about you.

  Yakumo:       I'm only going to say this once, so listen up.  The reason
                I'm hang out around you is...

pg. 244)
  Yakumo:       Because I like you [in Japanese "like" is very close to "love"]

  Pai:          Wha..wha...what did you just say?

  Yakumo:       Be quiet! Be quiet!  If we get your memory back, you'll
                understand.  I said I wasn't going to say it twice, and
                I'm not going to say it twice.

  Yakumo:       At any rate.

pg. 245)
  Yakumo:       I guess this incident is over.

pg. 246)
  Teacher:      What are you thinking Ayanakouji.  It's almost finals time
                You're still a first year student, and if you're thoughtless
                like this it will reflect on the exams.

  Note:         Request for leave of absense.
  Teacher:      What do you think you're doing leaving at a time like this?

  Pai:          Um.
  Pai[thinking]: It's not over.

  Pai[thinking]: The problem with me and Sanjiyan has just begun.

pg. 247)
  Pai[thinking]: And who was that *man*.  And what happened to the other
                Sanjiyan?  You're right Sanjiyan,  I can't just let it
                end at "I don't know"....

  Pai[thinking]: At least I know that strange figure had evil intentions
                for me.

  Yakumo:       All right!  You wear that charm even when you're sleeping,
                hear?  Good night.
  Pai:          Good night, Yakumo

pg. 248)
  Pai:          Sanjiyan, I don't mean to seal you up by force.  Please don't
                run off wild.  Yakumo and I are with you.

  Pai:          You're not alone any longer.

  Sanjiyan:     He!  Shall I be good?

  Snajiyan/Pai?:  Let's search together... for our lost selves....

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