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Book 4, Story 1(#14) - A Journey Begins - Part I

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.6

Yakumo:	 Because I love you.

--------------------- p.7

Pai:	 And that's it...

Pai:	 I really don't know what to do...
         But it's not like I was asked to go on a date or anything,
         and besides, nothing has changed in the 2 weeks since.

--------------------- p.8

Pai:	 I don't know how I should interpret those words...

Domino:	 What do you think about this, Ken-ken?

Kenken:	 I can only think that she's just showing off, Domino.

Pai:	 No, nothing like that.  I'm seriously troubl...

(Pai gets what she deserves for showing off.  ^_^)

Domino:	 Yeah, but it's a really enviable trouble for a highschool girl!

Kenken:	 You're on a different label to those of us who are troubled by not
         having a boyfriend!  A different label!!

Comment:   Level! Not Label!!

Pai:	 ..........

D/K: So, what is Mr. Yakumo doing right now?

--------------------- p.9

Pai:	 He's studying files he ordered from Hong Kong, trying to locate some 
         place in my memory.
         This design...he said he saw it somewhere in the files he 
         submitted to Yougekisha...

Pai:	 He wouldn't let me help,
         he just stared at the file from dawn to dusk.

Pai:	 Although I took leave of absence from the school, I don't have 
         anything to do, since we don't know any method to restore my memory.
         I wonder what Mr. Yakumo is thinking of.

Domino:	 But do you care about what Mr. Yakumo thinks?

Kenken:	 It's all up to what you think, Pai!!

D/K: Don't worry about what to do, just ask him to go out with you, Pai!!

Pai:	 N-no way, I can't.

--------------------- p.10

Kenken:	 You like him, Mr. Yakumo, don't you?  You just feel lonely 'cause he
         doesn't play with you, right?

Domino:	 Come on, confess!

Pai:	 Wah---

Pai:	 I-if I tell you, you won't throw me down?

Pai:	 I guess I like him just a little bit...

Pai:	 ..........

--------------------- p.11

D/K: Take this, take this!  How can you have the hide to say something like 
         that in front of us!!  Aaarrgh, we're gonna throw you down!  You have
         nothing to be troubled about!!!

Pai:	 Wah-, liars!!  No, no!

Pai:	 N...

Pai:	 Wah!

P/K/D: Waaaah!  eeeek!

Narration: ...what the hell are they doing, really...

--------------------- p.12

Yakumo:	 This is it!!  Now I remember, that design was on an incense burner I
         saw in an antique shop in Yunnan.

Yakumo:	 I guess I'd better go there to check it out, it might be of some use.

--------------------- p.13

<Knock knock>

Mr. Ayanokouji: A visitor for you, Mr. Yakumo.  He says he comes from
                      the company in Hong Kong you're working for.

Long:	 Yo, you sure seem to be well looked-after here.

Yakumo:	  Mr. Long!

--------------------- p.14

Pai:	 I'm home!

Pai:	 Visitors?

Sign:	 Yakumo-kun's room

--------------------- p.15

K/D: You should definitely ask him out!!

Kenken:	 Mr. Yakumo must be shy!  So he feels uneasy, even though he
         declared his love.  Just forget waiting for him to ask you out; this
         time, you can make some moves on him.

Pai:	 But...a girl asking a boy out...isn't it kinda...

Domino:	 It'll be alright!  "A couple who likes each other always wants to be
         together", it says in the book.  Just ask him out, then Mr. Yakumo and
         you will be travelling together in no time!

Domino:	 It'll be alright!  Travelling together in no time!

--------------------- p.16

Pai:	 M-mr. Yakumo?

Pai:	 I-I'm s-sorry...I'd gone to play while you're working...I-I mean...

Pai:	 If you don't mind, do you want to go to the beach together sometime?

Pai:	 Oh, he's not here...

Pai:	 Thi, this...

--------------------- p.17

Pai:	 I-is this me!?

Yakumo:	 Pai?

Yakumo:	 Wow, when did you come back?

Pai:	 I-I'm sorry...  I-I'm home now.

--------------------- p.18

Yakumo:	 Good news, Pai!  We might be able to find out the place you said
         you saw in your memory...the holy land of the mysterious Sanjiyan
	 Unkara...  by going from an antique shop in Yunnan, China.

Pai:	 Then if I go there my memory'll be restored!
         I'll know who that man is!

Yakumo:	 Heh?  That man?

Pai:	 Ah, no, nothing.
         I forgot I was keeping that secret.

--------------------- p.19

Pai:	 I don't want him to misunderstand me...

Man: 	I'll destroy you all!

Pai:	 This is a problem between the Sanjiyan and me....

Yakumo:	 Of course, it's not simply a matter of regaining your memory just
         by going there.

Pai:	 Oh, yeah!  I'd better ask grandpa to get me a passport...

Pai:	 (Eheheh, I wanted to go to the beach, but it's not a bad idea; going
         on a trip to China, with just the two of us.  Neat!)

Yakumo:	 I'll fly to China immediately.  I don't know when I'll be able to
         come back, but please wait for me quietly, Pai.

--------------------- p.20

Yakumo:	 Well, it won't take like two or three years.  At most about a half
         year or so.

Domino:	 It'll be alright!  "a couple who likes each other always wants to be
         together," it says in the book.  Just ask him out, then Mr. Yakumo and
         you will be travelling together in no time!

Pai:	 (I... I donn't really like him anyway!!)

Long:	 Yo, Pai-chan!  I'm glad to see you're really safe and well.

--------------------- p.21

Yakumo:	 Uncle was so worried about you, Pai-chan!

Pai:	 Argh!

Yakumo:	 He's the exorcist Steve Long, the brain behind Yougekisha. He's
         very trustworthy.  He arrived in Japan today, so I asked him to take
         over from me and guard you from tomorrow.

Pai:	 No...

--------------------- p.22

Pai:	 No!  I want to go, too!  This is just between the Sanjiyan and me!
         I'll go, too!

Yakumo:	 No, you won't.  Definitely not.

Pai:	 I can't stand it!  I hate Yakumo when I don't understand what he's

Pai:	 No!

Yakumo:	 Definitely not!

Pai:	 I want to!

Book 4, Story 2(#15) - A Journey Begins - Part II

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.24

Doctor:	 What's this about, Mr. Long?  What in the world is she?

Doctor:	 I can't believe this!  A life form which has a third eye on its
         forehead and isn't a mutant...
         No, the appearance is of no concern, but these cell structures!
         It's impossible to have genes like this!

Doctor:	 Yes!  I don't think this is a creature evolved on Earth...
         In any case, she's not a 'human being'!

--------------------- p.25

Doctor:	 Please tell me, Mr. Long, what is she?

Long:	 'No comment'.
         I'm sorry, but we have no time to get involved with science.

Yakumo:	 Sorry.

Doctor:	 Damn...she's live evidence which'll stir up controversy about the
         theory of evolution...

--------------------- p.26

Doctor:	 The matter which you wanted examined... the cause of her amnesia and
         the material composition of the rhombus on her forehead....

Doctor:	 Jumping to conclusions, it seems impossible to recover her
         memory without removing this rhombus.

--------------------- p. 27

Long:	 So what is that rhombus?

Doctor:	 It's a conglomeration of organic molecules.

Long:	 Hey, Yakumo, you understood what he said?

Yakumo:	 Well, I didn't quit highschool for nothing...

Doctor:	 How can I explain... it's an assembly of organic molecules which has
         some kind of information processing ability... a kind of bio-chip.
         It receives some sort of command signal, and emits a particular low
         frequency wave from its roots, causing the amnesia.

--------------------- p.28

Yakumo:	 (The roots...)

Long:	 Then if we remove the rhombus, her memory will be restored...

Doctor:	 In theory, yes...

Doctor:	 For example, it's not an organism, but the shape-memory alloy...

Doctor:	 I mean, it reverts back to its original shape, producing heat

Doctor:	 By finding the rhombus's 'stop' signal and sending it, you could
         remove it from the subject.  However, using other methods, such as a
         normal operation or removing it forcibly, would result in leaving
         microscopic traces of the roots... which would then make memory
         restoration permanently impossible.

--------------------- p.29

Yakumo:	 So does that mean we have to find a spell to remove it?

Long:	 It doesn't have to be a spell.  It could be some kind of holy
         water or it might react with some kind of supersonic wave...

Yakumo:	 Douh!

Long:	 It's no use wondering about it.  We have no leads right now, we
         can only try to find the home of the Sanjiyans.

--------------------- p.30

Yakumo:	 But it won't make Pai's memory come back even if we find her home.

Long:	 It can't be helped.

Long:	 Pai-chan's memory problem is important, but our final objective
         has nothing to do with that.

Long:	 It's enough that Pai is the only one whose primary objective is to
         restore her memory.  We have to think further ahead than that.

Long:	 Don't let the emotion of a man-woman relationship cloud your judgement.

Yakumo:	 What's that supposed to mean!

--------------------- p.31

Long:	 I know you liked Pai-chan...and your girlfriend, Pai, turned out not
         to be the one you loved when you found her...

Long:	 All I'm saying is, 'don't just think you can get her memory back
               and you'll have your girlfriend back again'.

Long:	 What we really have to do is...

Yakumo:	 Yes, yes, I understand!! I understand!!

Yakumo:	 The plan's all laid out!  I'll go to China on the flight this

Yakumo:	 Ah...

Pai:	 Hi.

Long:	 Hi, you must be tired.  Wasn't it scary doing the CT scan for the first

--------------------- p.32

Pai:	 No, not at all.  Many thanks for the troubles you went through for me,
         Mr. Long.

Long:	 Oh, don't worry about it, it's nothing, it's my pleasure, Pai-chan.

Pai:	 You're so good at flattering.

Yakumo:	 A-aren't you tired?  Do you want me to get a can of juice for you?

Pai:	 No, thanks, I don't want it.

--------------------- p.33

Long:	 Then I know a delicious cake place, wanna have a tea there?

Pai:	 Wow, neat!  Let's go, let's go!

Yakumo:	 Okay, then I'll go with...

Long:	 You must be busy preparing for the departure, so just leave it to me.

Yakumo:	 Heh...

Long:	 Later!

Yakumo:	 What, what, what the hell is she trying to do!!

--------------------- p.34

Pai:	 I'll go to China with you!  Definitely I'm going!  This is a
         promise with the Sanjiyan!  I'll do anything to restore my memory!

Yakumo:	 ...saying something like that...

Background: Bring it to Lab. 5.  Yessir.

Yakumo:	 Fuck the delicious cakes!

Yakumo:	 You bitc...


Yakumo:	 He..heheh, I'm sor..

--------------------- p.35

Yakumo:	 ...rry!  Wah-!

Pai:	 Can I ask you a question?  Why is everyone so cooperative with me?

Long:	 Hm?

Long:	 Well, that's because the Sanjiyan has a certain appeal; their
         secret arts and their history...a timeless interest.

--------------------- p.36

Long:	 Let's change the subject.  Please understand about Yakumo.

Pai:	 Hah?

Long:	 He became a "Uu", an immortal, by your power, but he's a kind guy just
         like any other person...

Long:	 The reason he doesn't want let you go to China is because he's a real
         warrior who's been through hell for 4 years and learnt martial arts
         and, to some extent, beast magics such as Tou-Chao.  He's very
         sensitive to genuine danger.

Long:	 The more one nears the Sanjiyan's home, the more monsters who'll come
         after the Sanjiyan.

Long:	 He's worried about you.  Please understand Yakumo's heart.  You
         like him yourself, don't you?

--------------------- p.37

Pai:	 I hate him very much.

--------------------- p.38

Yakumo:	 What did you say?

Long:	 She said she doesn't like you.  Also said she couldn't understand how
         you think.

Yakumo:	 That bitch!  That's why she won't even come to say good-bye!

Long:	 Well, don't worry about it, just leave it to me.  Seeya.

Yakumo:	 Shit, that's why I can't understand women!  What does she mean
         "I hate him very much", when she doesn't know how much I'm worried
          about her.

--------------------- p.39

Yakumo:	 Anyway, I can't let the ups & downs of our relationship interfere.
         Even though she can't, at least I must have a solid sense of purpose.

Yakumo:	 It doesn't matter how hard it is, I'll obtain the key to dispel Pai's
         rhombus, and awaken my Fortune as soon as possible.

--------------------- p.40

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo, finally we're going.

Yakumo:	 Y-you...no way!

Pai:	 I told you, I'll do anything to restore my memory.
         I fooled Mr. Long and here I am.

Yakumo:	 Finally our journey has begun.  On to the mysterious home of Seima.

Book 4, Story 3(#16) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part I

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

[AD 1678]

--------------------- p.46

Voice: Hyeeee!

--------------------- p.47

Sanjiyan: H-help...  Please...

Exc'ner:  Behold, if you disobey our king even a little,
         you'll suffer like this!

Exc'ner: Disobeying the king's will means forfeiting your life.
         Remember this!

Exc'ner: The king is everything!  The king is the heritage of the Sanjiyans.
         The king is God.

--------------------- p.48

Pai:	 Stop it!

Pai:	 Don't do cruel things, we're all friends!

--------------------- p.49

Pai:	 Please stop...  Please make them stop...

Siva:	 Friends?


Sanjiyan: Heee, hel...

--------------------- p.50

Siva:	There are no 'friends' in this world.  There is only the blood that
         fools bleed and the Holy power.

Pai:	 Violence and slaughter are the Holy power?

Siva:	 Yes.  The strength to fight is the proof that we live.

Pai:	 If that is so, I'll oppose you.

--------------------- p.51

Pai:	 We don't need the strength to fight.  Relinquishing violence...
         making friends... that is my Holy power.

Siva:	 How interesting.  Then show me your Holy power...

--------------------- p.52

Siva:	 Show me whether your Holy power or mine wins...

	 Even if it takes hundreds of years...

--------------------- p.53

Narration:  AD1992  People's Republic of China, Yunnan Province, Kunmin

Yakumo:	 Pai, Pai, wake up.

Yakumo:	 We're here.  Wake up.

--------------------- p.54

Yakumo:	 Gosh, you sure sleep a lot.  I'm worried about the future if you're
         gonna be like that.

Pai:	 Oh, that was a dream.

Pai:	 I wonder if it's because we're near the holy land of Sanjiyans.
         I dream that fragment of my lost memory a lot these days.

Pai:	 It must be impossible to relinquish the strength to fight.

Pai:	 The Holy power...

--------------------- p.55

Pai:	 Dear KenKen & Don-chan:
         Best wishes for the hot season.  How's life in Tokyo?  Right now I'm
         in Kunmin, China with Mr. Yakumo.

Pai:	 But don't get it wrong!  I don't like him at all!  The reason I
         came here is to restore my memory.

Pai:	 To do that I need to remove the rhombus on my forehead, but we've
         no idea about how to remove it.

Pai:	 Ah!

Macd.:	 'Sorry'.

Pai:	 Ouch---

--------------------- p.56

Pai:	 Well, anyway!  We came here to seek an incense burner which could be
         the key to find my home,  the home in a fragment of my memory.

Pai:	 What was that all about?...

--------------------- p. 57

Pai:	 So I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'll keep in touch.  Pai.

[Antique blah blah blah]

Pai:	 Wah-, what a huge dog!

Yakumo:	 It's the antique shop's guard dog.  Be careful, it's pretty vicious.

Pai:	 I wonder if it eats tinned meat?

Dog:     Grrrr

Pai:	 Where's the can opener...

--------------------- p.58

Dog:     ROWF!

Pai:	 Wha!  Oh, no!

Pai:	 Looks like I came to a scary place.

--------------------- p.59

Yakumo:	 78 thousand Yuan!?  That's too expensive!  Discount it!

SK: Don't be ridiculous.  It's said that this is a key to open the gates of
          the Tibetan nirvana.

Yakumo:	 Nirvana!?  The key to open the gates...

SK: I don't know how to use this incense burner, since there're no manuals or
          ancient manuscripts about this thing available, but something with a
          legend attached to it should certainly fetch a high price.

Pai:	 How much is 78 thousand Yuan in Yen?

Yakumo:	 3 million yen. (approx. US$22,000)

--------------------- p.60

Yakumo:	 Don't worry, I can haggle with him.  You can count on me to speak

Pai:	 ....

Book: Easy Chinese

Yakumo:	 Er...reduce price...ah...please...well...

SK:	Ah-, no, no, I can't reduce the price even one yuan.

Pai:	 We buy it.  We don't have the cash right now, but we'll pay a
         deposit so please hold on to it.

SK: 	Alright.  But make it fast.  You're not the only one who wants it.

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo, you don't mind paying 3 million...

--------------------- p.61

Pai:	 O-oh my gosh!  I can speak Chinese--  Pai, you're a genius!!

Yakumo:	 I feel so dumb...

Macd.:	 What!  Three days ago, you said this incense burner was
          70 thousand Yuan!

SK:      This increased to the price of 78 thousand just a while ago.

Macd.:	 You greedy bastard!

--------------------- p.62

Pai:	 Y-you're...

SK: 	I sold the burner to that girl.

Macd.:	 W-what!

Choukai: I'll buy the incense burner for triple the current price.

Macd.:	 I see, I was followed.

Book 4, Story 4(#17) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part II

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.64

Choukai: What do you think, shopkeeper?  I'm saying I'll buy it for three
         times as much.  Do you have anything to say in that?

--------------------- p.65

SK:      No, not at all.  I'd be only too happy to sell it to you.

Pai:	 No way!  You promised to sell it to us.

Choukai: That's too bad, young lady.  <hyo hyo hyo>

[NB: Choukai laughs like this all the way through the series. ^_^]

Pai:	 Just a moment, please!  That incense burner is very important to us.
         I beg you...

--------------------- p.66

Yakumo:	 Prepare to run.  They're not normal creatures.

SK: 	Then this is for 234 thousand Yuan...

--------------------- p.67

Macd.:	 Heh, I thought there were none left anymore, but I finally found a
         key to the holy land.  I won't let you destroy the key this time.

Choukai: Ha ha ha, it's futile.  Do you think you can escape from us, fool.

--------------------- p.68

Choukai: Very unfortunate, Mr. McDonald.

--------------------- p.69

Yakumo:	 Let's run, Pai.  (fish in troubled waters)

Pai:	 B-but...

Yakumo:	 Idiot!  Come quickly!

Choukai: Don't let them escape!  Kill them if necessary!  Get the burner back!

--------------------- p.70

Choukai: He's not...is he?

--------------------- p.71

Yakumo:	 Listen!  I'm gonna go back to the shop and draw them to me, so you
         just go back to the hotel first!!

Pai:	 No!  I can't just leave you here!  I'll fight, too.

Yakumo:	 No.  Don't you understand what'd happen if you revealed your true
         identity?  We don't even know who they are!

Pai:	 But...

Yakumo:	 Never mind.  You'll be just a hindrance, so go back.

Pai:	 You're always mean to me.  I hate you.

--------------------- p.72

Yakumo:	 Don't worry about me.  I'm an immortal...I'll see you soon with this

Pai:	 Please come back to me!  Please come back to me safely!  I'll be
         waiting for you!

Pai:	 By all means, Mr. Yakumo!  Don't make me alone in a place like this!
         (I feel soooo lonely)

--------------------- p.73

Pai:	 Instead, I won't become a total hindrance!

Pai:	 The other side of the street is a river...I wonder if I can go back to
         the hotel sooner if I have a boat....

Pai:	 Wah--, are you okay?

Pai:	 Hold on!  Are you alright?  Don't die, I won't allow it--

Macd.:	 Y-you bitch, how dare you snatch my quarry away...

Pai:	 I'm sorry...but that was...

Macd.:	 Shut up, don't worry about me!  Get outa here, quickly!

Pai:	 But...

Macd.:	 You'll get captured if you don't!  Go, run!

Pai:	 Don't worry, we're not going to get captured.

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo...

--------------------- p.76

Yakumo:	 That talk about the incense burner and stuff...  what do you want?

Yakumo:	 Don't try to do anything stupid.  This dog has the strength to tear
         a sheet of iron easily.

Yakumo:	 Tell me now..."the key to the holy land"...what does that mean...

Choukai: You're doing well, Mr. Yakumo from Hong Kong's Yougekisha...  I'm
         honored to meet a famous person like you.

--------------------- p.77

Choukai: Now, I don't know why a person like you comes here wanting this 
	incense burner... but I'd like to avenge the killing of my comrades
	of the dark.

Choukai: Kill him, Ran-Pao-Pao!

[* Ran-Pao-Pao =Wolf-Fierce-Fierce]

--------------------- p.78

Yakumo:	 Take this!

Dog:     Gaarrr

--------------------- p.79

Yakumo:	 W-what!

Pai:	 Yakumo...help me, Mr. Yakumo...

Book 4, Story 5(#18) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part III

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.82

Yakumo:	 Come out, Tou-Chao!

--------------------- p.83

Ran-Pao-Pao:  Nguaaaaah!

Yakumo:	 ?!

--------------------- p.86

Pai:	 Where is this...?

--------------------- p.87

Pai:	 Oh, my god, we were captured.  Oh, no...

Pai:	 Please get better.  You can't die!  I'll be angry if you do!
         Don't die, please!

--------------------- p.88

Choukai: Good morning, young lady.  How goes it?

Choukai: Hyo, hyo! You have nothing to be scared of.

Choukai: I'm not planning to take your lives or anything like that.

Pai:	 T-then, please take this man to hospital!  Please save him!

Choukai: No, I can't take him to hospital, you two are my important

--------------------- p.89

Pai:	 Hostages?

Choukai: Indeed!!

Choukai: Yesterday, we drove Fujii the "Uu" into a corner, and were but one
         step from finishing him...

Yakumo:	 What a brutal strengh!  Tou-Chao was crushed!?

Choukai: Hehehe, did you think you could beat Ran-Pao-Pao with a petty beast
         magic like that!!  Now, go, Ran-Pao-Pao, finish him!  Tear Fujii into
         pieces and crush the incense burner into dust!

--------------------- p.90

Yakumo:	 That's it!

Choukai: D-damn!

Choukai: Don't let him get away!  Chase after him!!  By all means don't let
         him get away!

Choukai: But despite all that, he got away...

--------------------- p.91

Choukai: Put that talisman on the man's wound.  It'll heal him in about 2-3

Pai:	 W-who are you anyway!?  What're you planning to do to us?

Choukai: I put an ad on morning news paper for Yakumo.  "Tonight at 12am,
         at Mt.  Ryougyuku, I'll swap the incense burner for the hostages'
	 lives." in Japanese.

--------------------- p.92

Choukai: Hehehe, in Mt. Ryougyoku, I've already set up a trap, 
	"Kaiyan Fuyao Ryoushinchen"* to seal off Fujii...  Even if 
	he's an "Uu", he won't be able to come back to this world once 
	pulled into the magic field with Ran-Pao-Pao's strength.

[* Evil Eye's monster binding Hexagram...]

Pai:	 Why!  You're after the incense burner, right!  Why do you want Mr.
         Yakumo as well?...

Choukai: Young lady...Yougekishya and I are mortal enemies.  You don't know
         what their purpose is?

Pai:	 Purpose?

Choukai: Yes...their final objective is...

--------------------- p.93

Choukai: To assassinate the king of the dwellers of darkness, who sleeps

Choukai: But, yet, there are only few who know where he is...  And because
         of that, many of our comrades of darkness were killed by Fujii...
         In short...don't you see?  This is the best chance to destroy our old enemy.

Pai:	 I-I don't understand what you're saying...

Choukai: Seems like you don't know anything.

Pai:	 W-wait!  I won't let you do that!  BARASU...

--------------------- p.94

Pai:	 No 'Shiva's claw'!?

Choukai: Hehehe, what can a young lady do...It's better to be quiet for your
         own good.

Pai:	 Oh, no...Mr. Yakumo'll be in danger if I leave the situation as
         it is.  But...I can't wield the power if I don't have 'Shiva's claw'...

Pai:	 What should I do....

Macd.:	 Let's get out of here.

--------------------- p.95

Pai:	 Ah. Ah. Ah...are you alright already?

Macd.:	 Hem!
         Don't underestimate me, you brat!  When I was in college, I was a
         heavyweight boxer.  I was called "Macdonald the Invincible", and had
         a fearsome reputation.

Macd.:	 If I'm careful, I can beat a monster like that with one hit.
         O-ne hi-t!!

Macd.:	 In any case, this talisman really works well.  Kinda scary.

--------------------- p.96

Macd.:	 My name is Jake McDonald.  A treasure hunter.  Sounds cool, eh?  But
         truthfully, I'm known as a thief of ancient artifacts.

Macd.:	 When I was into Tibetan culture, I heard about the legend of the
         Sanjiyan Unkara by accident.

Macd.:	 Well, it's no use telling this to a brat like you, but I was
         charmed by that Sanjiyan legend, and so I read up on it and found out
         about the keys to the Sanjiyans' holy land.

--------------------- p.97

Macd.:	 "The items engraved with the Sanjiyan crest...  he who possesses
         them shall be led to the holy land..."  I went crazy with joy!
	 Finally, I'd be able to fulfil my dreams and meet a Sanjiyan!!
	 That's what I thought.

Macd.:	 So I traveled around the world seeking the items.  But everywhere
         I went, there were those who came and destroyed the items.

Macd.:	 Do you know why?

Macd.:	 In the holy land, there is a Sanjiyan, they hold dear, sleeping...
         So, to protect him, they go about the human world and destroy the keys.
         So we became enemies.

Macd.:	 So understand this, kid:  it's my dream to meet a Sanjiyan!
         I want the incense burner back, no matter what, okay!

Macd.:	 T-this is...

--------------------- p.98

Pai:	 T-this man is...

Book 4, Story 6(#19) - Key to the Seichi (Sacred Land) - Part IV

This English translation Copyright (C) 1992 Goddess Studio
Translation by Hiroshi Haga (hh0u+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Proofreading by Iain Sinclair (axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au)

--------------------- p.99

Pai:	 This is him!  The answer I was looking for is in here.  I want to
         know! I want to know anything about this man!

Pai:	 But for now...

Macd.:	 Damn!

Macd.:	 Shit, don't they have any cars?  I can't pilot a plane even
         though there's one here!

Pai:	 I must get away from here and help Mr. Yakumo!

--------------------- p.100

Pai:	 Who is it!?

--------------------- p.102

Bat: <squeak squeak>

Choukai: So, "Hong-Nyang"* has gone with them, too...

[*Crimson girl.]

--------------------- p.103

Soldier: Yessir.  I'm sorry. This house is very old, so in spite of our 
         guarding, they got away.

Soldier: W-what shall I do now, Mr. Choukai?

Choukai: It's rather unpleasant to think that mere humans can escape from under
         my nose.  Why don't you try and escape, too?  If you can get away, your
         mistake will be forgiven.

Soldier: He!?  Wah----

--------------------- p.104

Choukai: On Shiiefu Chanlinron!!!

--------------------- p.105

Soldier: Byaa---

Choukai: Listen carefully!  From now on, we aim to kill that Fujii from
         Yougekisha.  In the meantime, find Macdonald and the girl!  Even though
         they got out of the house, they have no transportation, and shouldn't
	 be able to get very far.

--------------------- p.106

Choukai: I'll leave Ran-Pao-Pao here!  Kill them if necessary.  I'm counting
         on you.

Minions:  Yessir.

Macd.:	 Damn, they took off with the only car!

Pai:	 How'd it go?  Did you find anything?

--------------------- p.107

Macd.:	 Nope, not even a boat.  On top of that, the guy with the dark glasses
         left.  The incense burner is doomed now.

Pai:	 Mr. Yakumo!

Macd.:	 Geez, why did you bring the underservant's kid!  She'll be just a
         pain in the ass.

Pai:	 ...but I can't just leave her be, and besides, she's wearing my

Macd.:	 God, no wonder I hate teenagers.  When our lives are at stake,
         thinking about their fucking clothes!

--------------------- p.108

Pai:	 That's wonderful, you recovered all on your own.

Macd.:	 Humph!

Long:	 Wahoon. (just a howl)

Pai:	 Wah!

Long:	 <sniffle sniffle>

Pai:	 Sto..un, please stop!!...  Please listen to me!!

--------------------- p.109

Pai:	 The clothes you're wearing are mine...did you see the amulet I was
         putting on my hand?  It's very important to me, you must tell me
         where it is, please.

Macd.:	 Humph.

Soldier: Hey, I found them!

Macd.:	 Shit, run!

--------------------- p.110

Soldier: Summon Ran-Pao-Pao right away!

Soldier: Yessir.

Macd.:	 No thanks, I don't care to meet such a monster!

Pai:	 Please give me back 'Shiva's claw'!

--------------------- p.111

Pai:	 Take this!

Pai:	 Pai-chan strong!

Pai:	 Eeek Eeek Eeek!

Macd.:	 (What the hell is she doing...)

--------------------- p.112

Pai:	 How about it!  The only thing we can do is to steal that airplane!

Macd.:	 Idiot!  Who's gonna pilot it!

Pai:	 Give it a try!  I must help Mr. Yakumo!

Pai:	 That's right, the engine's running...if I could draw the people
         around the airplane away...

--------------------- p.113

Minion: Lord Kaiyanwang!

Minion: Oh, no, Lord Kaiyanwang's picture is...

Minion: What, what happened?

Pai:	 Kaiyanwang...

Pai:	 No, this isn't the time to think about it!

Pai:	 Now, please fly!  Fly, you stupid airplane!!

--------------------- p.114

Macd.:	 That idiot!  Is she trying to kill herself?  No way!

Macd.:	 No!

Macd.:	 'Shit'!

Pai:	 Fly!  Move it, please!

Pai:	 Wow!

--------------------- p.115

Macd.:	 'My god'!

Pai:	 Stupid!!

--------------------- p.116

Pai:	 Please wait, Mr. Yakumo!  I'll be there soon!

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