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Book 7, Story 1(#12) - Eyes of the Undead - Part I

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 8..10)
  Woman:	MNnnn, Mnnnnn

pg. 12)
  Voice (in bed): I see.  A failure again.

  Garuga:	What is your wish?

  Voice:	So in the end us Hyouma are unable to perfect the immortality
		spell ourselves.

  Voice:	It seems that without the help of a Sanjiyan, there is
		nothing we can do.

pg. 13)
  Voice:	From the first Emperor Jin and the Warlord Kan, many
		heros, Taoists, and alchemists have risked their lives
		even killing in search of the immortality spell.
		But all lost their lives in the search...

  Voice:	Even the symbol of immortality Kaiyanwan is no more...
		Soon, eveything will return to the darkness.  Even
		this weak life of mine will not last much longer.

  Garuga:	Be at ease.  We have found a Sanjiyan.

  Garuga:	Gupta is in Hong Kong to act on it.

  Garuga:	Wait just a little moew, father.  We will get the
		immortality spell for sure.

pg. 15)
  Yakumo:	"Female Japanese college Student Missing in Lind
		South-East Asia and India is really scarry isn't it.

  Yakumo (naration): I am Yakumo Fujii, age 21.  Having a reason, I am
		leaving Japan.  Now, Pai and I are leaving for
		Yougekisha (monster busters) in Hong Kong.

		Things got a little worring when Pai and I were
		spotted by a newspaper reporter, but things seem
		ok now.

  Sanjiyan:	There is nothing to be worried about.

pg. 16)
  Sanjiyan:	That man is not the type to really find out about us.

  Yakumo:	You can't be certain of that.

  Sanjian:	Well, look for yourself.

  Sanjiyan:	Earth Spirit Naaga, here and now show the image of
		this man.  Hear my request.

  Yotuya:	ahh, I'm sleepy.
		Going to work makes me so tired.
		Won't the boss just die.
		When I'm drunk, Yoshigyu [Name of bar?] is best.
		ahh, I'm hungry
		I want to go drinking...
		ahh, I feel like shit is going to leak out....

  Yakumo:	hm?  What is this?

  Sanjiyan:	It's the remaining thoughts spell (zanson sounen no hou).

  Sanjiyan:	It's a spell for reading strong thoughts left
		at places or on things.

  Yakumo:	hmmm....

  Sanjiyan:	So don't you think that this type of person is no
		nothing to worry about?
  Yakumo:	yeah

  Bodyguard:	Be plenty careful, Shunkai.  There may be others after
		the Sanjiyan girl besides us.

  Ms. Wong:	Well, were you able to get the object?

  Bodyguard:	There are two years of effort in obtaining this
		"Fonmoohoan" (Seal Magic Ring).

pg. 18)
  Bodyguard:	If you put this on the girl's neck, not only will
		you prevent the appearance of the Sanjiyan, you will
		be able to control both Pai and the Sanjiyan at
		your will.
  Ms. Wong:	Hmm.

  Bodyguard:	In order to control the Sanjiyan, use this
		"Fonmootsaoyaochiu" (Seal Magic Control Spirit Ball)
  Bodyguard:	Surely the Sanjiyan will become yours Shunkai.

  Bodyguard:	Well, as soon as we have finnished our study on the
		Konron [gate to Sanjiyan Holy Land] and Konron key,
		we will take the humanization statue and return to
		Hong Kong.  Take care.

pg. 19)
  Ms. Wong:	Honestly, Yakumo.  What do you intend to do from here?

  Ms. Wong:	Unfortunately, even at a Japan University, we were
		unable to discover the secret of the humanization
		statue.  And staying in one place for a long time
		is dangerous...

pg. 20)
  Yakumo:	The remaining thoughts spell!!  Why don't we use it
		on the humanization statue.

  Yakumo:	Then we should have no problem finding out about the
		humanization spell.
  Sanjiyan:	There are so many different thoughts mixed up in that
		that one could never make anything of it.  And besides
		that, its too old.

  Yakumo:	But, I went to all the trouble of thinking up that idea.
  Sanjiyan:	It doesn't that much to think up something like
		that.  Shallow minded dolt.

  Sanjiyan:	Hey girl!  Bring me bourbon!
  Stuardess:	Ye.. yes

pg. 21)
  Yakumo:	hmmm.

  Yakumo:	Something recent with strong thoughts of the only
		one who knows all about the Sanjian.

  Yakumo:	I guess there really isn't such a thing.

  Pai:		he he he. Yakoumooo.

  Yakumo:	oh... Pai... (what happened to Sanjiyan)

  Pai:		Isn't it pretty.  There isn't anything like this in
		the Seichi.

  Yakumo:	Hmmm, the Seichi...

  Yakumo:	That's it!!

  Yakumo:	hmm? 

Book 7, Story 2(#13) - Eyes of the Undead - Part II

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 24)
  Intercom:	We have entered an area of turbulance.  Please return
		to your seats and fasten your seat belts.

pg. 25)
  Yakumo:	This is why I don't like high placess....
  Pai:		giggle, Yakumo is afraid.

  Ms. Wong:	Well, what?

  Yakumo:	hmm?

pg. 26)
  Ms. Wong:	You had just thought of something.

  Yakumo:	That's right!!  The Seimaseki (Holy Magic Stone)
		If we can find a piece of the seima seki, not only
		can we find out about the humanization ritual, we
		can find out everything about the Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:	Until only 2 months ago, Kaiyanwan was living in
		that stone.  If we read the thoughts from the stone,
		we will be able to make clear everything about
		the Sanjiyan.

pg. 27)
  Ms. Wong:	Of course.

  Pai:		Seimaseki?  What's that?

  Ms. Wong:	With the girl wearing the Foomoohoan and the Sanjiyan
		under my control, this may be a good oportunity to
		learn all the secrets of the Sanjiyan.

  Ms. Wong:	Understood.  I'll help you find the Seimaseki in
		the Seichi.
  Yakumo:	We did it!

  Yakumo:	With this we will be able to become human.

  Pai:		We did it!  Pai is going to become human.

pg. 28)
  Figure:	Heh heh,  human you say....

  Figure:	Throw away your immortality powers you say.  We
		can't have that now.

pg. 29)
  Figure:	You don't know the preciousness of life....  You don't
		think of the thankfulness of immortality...

  Figure:	I didn't know the choosen one would be such a fool.

  Yakumo:	Who are you?

  Stuardess:	Miss, its dangerous, so please return to your seat
		and fasten...

  Stuardess:	Eiii!

pg. 30)
  Gupta:	Hyouma (possesion magic) clan

pg. 31)
  Pai:		Eiii!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

  Yakumo:	Ah!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

pg. 32)
  Yakumo:	Paaiiii!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

pg. 33)
  Passengers:	Eiii!  Help!

  Yakumo:	Paaii!

  Yakumo:	Owner!  Ms. Wong!!

pg. 34)
  Yakumo:	Shit!!

pg. 35)
  Yakumo:	Gr...

  Pai:		Ya.. Yakumo....

pg. 36)
  Gupta:	Sorry, but I'm going to have you remain here.  We
		now have the Sanjiyan.  Farewell.

  Gupta:	I won't let you get away.

  Gupta:	You are a sore loser aren't you.  Then burn in holy

  Yakumo: 	In the name of Yakumo.  Come out!

  Gupta:	(something)!

pg. 38)
  Sign:		Yominichi Newspaper Company (Cross of Yomiuri
		and Mainichi newspapers)
  Sign:		Materials Room

  News Guy:	Its not here.  This "Sanjiyan Unkara" word.

pg. 39)
  News Guy:	In Chinese "Sanjian" means "thee eyes".  And in
		Esoteric Buddhism, there's the word "Unkara kongou".

  Yotsuya:	Thanks.  But I'm not interested in relligion.

  Yotsuya:	What a mystery.  I guess I just have to search for
		this Yakumo Fujii guy.

  Note:		"Unkara kongou" is another name for "Gouzanzemyouou",
		one of the five great guardian gods of Buddhism.

  Sign:		Culture Department.
  Yotsuya:	But he seems to be in hidding or something.  I can't
		find anything on his wherabouts.

  News people:	Hurry! What!  More Clearly!

  Yotsuya:	Did something happen boss?
  Boss:		A wire just came in.  The culture department is going
		to cooperate with the society deparment on this.

pg. 40)
  Message:	Today at early dawn.  New Japan Air flight 36.
		Prowing 797 craft crashed near Hong Kong.
		All on board feared lost.  One Japanese male in critical
		condition miracuously survived.  According to the flight
		manifest, the name is Yakumo Fujii, age 21.

Book 7, Story 3(#14) - Eyes of the Undead - Part III

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 43)
  Yakumo:	wh.. where...

pg. 44)
  Yakumo:	Damn!!

pg. 45)
  Yakumo:	Pai was taken from me!!  Shiiit!!

  Yakumo:	Hyouma clan huh?  What are they anyway.

  Yakumo:	ouch, ouch, ouch.
		But what am I doing in this hospital anyway.  What
		happend after they did me in.

  Yakumo:	At any rate, I've got to get to Yougekisya and get
		some help in finding Pai.

  Yakumo:	Eh!

pg. 46)
  Yakumo:	Keiichiro Yotsuya!!  What is he doing here?

  Yakumo:	I'm in a tight spot.  I've got to get out of here

  Reporters:	At any rate, it being such a big accident, I can't
		just go home empty handed.  Just give us one look at
		the survivor.  We are running out of time for the
		morning edition.  There are many reports who came
		here all the way from Japan.

  Nurse:	He needs absolute rest.  For the time being please
		give it up.  For the time being, the hospital head
		will give an announcement in another room.  Please
		go to the first floor.

pg. 47)
  Kouenji:	 What shall we do senpai (someone's senior).  Shall
		we leave this to the society department and go to
		one of those on the water restraunts?

  Kouenji:	Ah!  Some Dim Sum would also be nice.

  Kouenji:	But after that, we have to go to a night club.  We've
		got to have a gorgous night in Hong Kong.

  Kouenji:	What a treat.  Being able to do Hong Kong sightseeing
		on company money.

  Kouenji:	I know this great place...

  Kouenji:	Whaa!

  Kouenji:	What are you doing senpai?

  Yotsuya:	You are going to be hospitalized here, and then we
		can go searching.
  Kouenji:	Of course.

pg. 48)
  Kouenji:	Then we should leave the honor of such a big job
		to you senpai.
  Yotsuya:	Wah!

  Yotsuya:	I'm greatful for your kindness.  But I'm no good
		with doctors.

  Kouenji:	Then lets go home.  We're in the culture department
		after all.  We don't have to go to all these
  Yotsuya:	You fool.  We're running out of time.

  Boss:		What!  You say you know the survior from the crash.

  Yotsuya:	I'll also do an "Introduction to Hong Kong" for the
		Sunday edition, so please let me go Boss.

pg. 49)
  Boss:		All right.  Go to Hong Kong.  But you onlu have five nights
		six days.  Don't stay any longer than that.

  Yotsuya:	Thanks.

  Yotsuya:	I just hope I can talk to Yakumo before then...

  Yotsuya:	Say, nurse!!

  Yotsuya:	Please meet Yakumo!!  Please! (attempting English)

pg. 50) 
  Yotsuya:	Of course.  I don't mean for free.

  Nurse:	Hey!  The patient is gone!!

  Yotsuya:	hm? hey!

  Yakumo:	I gotta get outta here.
  Yotsuya:	Wait!

  Yotsuya:	Kouenji!!  Get him!  Don't let him get away!!

pg. 51)
  Kouenji:	eh? eh?

  Yakumo:	Shit!

  Yakumo:	Wa!

  Yotsuya:	After him!
  Kouenji:	ye...yes.

pg. 52)
  Yakumo:	Well this is Hong Kong.

  Yakumo:	I have now money and no shoes.  Will me body last
		until I get to Yougekisha?

  Newspaper:	New Japan Air Jet Crash, 273 dead.

pg. 53)
  Newspaper:	Single Survivor Yakumo Fujii.

  Yotsuya:	Yakumo.  Your Pai's "dachinko" (friend) Yakumo Fujii, right?

  Yakumo:	Keiichiro Yotsuya...

  Yotsuya:	Wait Yakumo!!  Pai, let me talk to Pai!!
  Yakumo:	I don't know!!  I don't know anything!!

pg. 54)
  Yotsuya:	I won't let you say you don't know anything.  The
		lives of 273 people have been mixed up in this.

  Yakumo:	Be quiet!!  If you don't want to die too, stay away
		from me.

  Kouenji:	What are we doing Senpai!?  If we go on chasing him
		like this it will be unpaid overtime.
  Yotsuya:	Shut up and come.

  Yotsuya:	Shit!  Maybe I went a little too far hitting him
		with that pot.

pg. 55)
  Yakumo:	Haah, Hah, Phew!

  Sign:		Yougekisha

  Yakumo:	Everyone!!

pg. 56)
  Yakumo:	What shall I do.

  Yakumo:	President.  President Ling Ling!!

pg. 57)
  Yakumo:	What the...

  Yakumo:	There's nobody here.

  Voice:	hee, hee

  Voice:	hee, hee, hee.  Amazing!  Even though it was only
		yesterday, you can already move.

pg. 58)
  Voice:	Amazing resurrection power.  Truely it is the Sanjiyan
		immortality spell.

  Yakumo:	You!

  Yakumo:	Hyouma Clan!!

Book 7, Story 4(#15) - Eyes of the Undead - Part IV

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 60)
  Yakumo:	You!!

pg. 61)
  Yakumo:	On top of murdering more than 200 people why have you come?
		Where is Pai!

  Yakumo:	Give me back Pai!!

pg. 62)
  Gupta:	Don't get all excited boy.  I didn't come to fight with you.
		I just stopped by to check something out.

  Yakumo:	Grrr..

  Gupta:	I didn't intend to ever see you again.

  Gupta:	But thing didn't go like that.  And I have to use up a lot of
		time coming to see you.

  Gupta:	All right.  Answer me.  I have a lot questions I want to ask you.

  Yakumo:	Give me back Pai.  I don't have anything to say to you.

pg. 63)
  Thug:		Watch your mouth!  If you go against Gupta, you can say goodby to
		the live of the people at this company.

  Yakumo:	You...

  Yakumo:	In the name of Yakumo, I command you to come out!  Touchao!!

pg. 64)
  Thug:		Waahh!

  Yakumo:	Shit!

  Gupta:	That's the first time you've shown us beast magic isn't it.

pg. 65)
  Gupta:	I'll just have to show you our Hyouma magic.

pg. 66)
  Yakumo:	Grrrraaw.

  Yakumo:	Nnnmmmm...

  Thug:		Fukuseichuu (Stomac Bug) huh?
  Gupta:	Ah ha.  Even for a immortal, if you release deadly poison in his
		stomach he can't move.

  Gupta:	Prepare the freezer car.  It doesn't seem that we can get any
		information from this kid.  Lets put him to sleep perminantly
		so he doesn't get in our way.

pg. 67)
  Yotsuya:	This must be some sort of dream...  All of a sudden these flames
		come up, and then this woman's hand turns into something like
		a catapillar.

  Yotsuya:	What are these people anyway.

  Yotsuya:	What is it Kouenji!!  Did you find anything out?
  Kouenji:	Yes.  I used money on people in the neiborhood.

pg. 68)
  Yotsuya:	Ho!  Your amazing.  I didn't know you could speak Chinese.

  Kouenji:	In English.  English.

  Kouenji:	Yougekisha.  They uses to be an occult magazine company, but
		recently they do Taoist rituals, and do spirit world business.
		Yakumo Fujii is an employee.

  Kouenji:	Well, they do exorcism, sell magic cards and other rip off business.

  Kouenji:	This is a picture of the company personel when they started their
		rip-off business.

pg. 69)
  Kouenji:	The owner Ms. Wong.
		President Ling.
		Taoist Long.
		and his daughter.

  Kouenji:	With Yakumo Fujii the five of them are the main members.

  Kouenji:	What?

  Yotsuya:	Them, that Indian woman upstairs, who is she?...

pg. 70)
  Yakumo:	ha ha ha ha.

  Thug:		Its time to give it up, kid.

  Yakumo:	ha ha ha ha..

  Thug:		err..
  Thug 2:	Even after being hit by fukuseichuu he's still moving.

  Thug:		What shall we do Gupta.

pg. 71)
  Gupta:	It certainly is a wonderful specimin.  It seems a shame to just
		seal him up.  How about it kid, will you work for me.  If you
		do I'll release you from this pain.

  Gupta:	You look like your in a lot of pain.  Don't you want to be cured?
		Just listen to me.

  Yakumo:	Ha!  Give back Pai.

  Gupta:	Is that what you really want.  To live with this pain forever.

  Yakumo:	Shut up!

pg. 72)
  Yakumo:	In the name of Yakumo I command!!  Come out Touchao!

  Yakumo:	I have no desire to follow a murderer.

pg. 73)
  Yakumo:	Pai...  Give back Pai.

  Yakumo:	Pai!!

pg. 74)
  Gupta:	Shut up!!  Next time I'll put poison bugs in your brain.

  Gupta:	May you suffer for eternity.

pg. 75)
  Button:	Emergency Bell

pg. 76)
  Gupta:	So you still have friends about huh?

  Meixing:	Get out of here.  Your an eye sore.

  Yakumo:	Meixing!!

Book 7, Story 5(#16) - Eyes of the Undead - Part V

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 78)
  Sign:		Yougekisya (monster busters)

pg. 79)
  Bystanders:	What was that?    Whats going on?

  Kouenji:	What is going on sempai (Yotsuya)?

  Yotsuya:	Things are getting interesting.  Give me the camera
		Kouenji.  The camera.

  Kouenji:	Ah! I haven't even finished paying for it, don't
		treat it so roughly.  (it set me 140,000 yen ($1400))
  Yotsuya:	Stop worring about such trivial things.

pg. 80)
  Yakumo:	St.. Stop!  Don't run away Hyoma!!  Give back Pai!!

  Gupta:	It looks like you had a narrow escape (lit. "picked up
		your life"), say your thanks to that girl.  Bye bye kid!!

pg. 81)
  Yotsuya:	Shiit!  I won't let them get away.

  Yotsuya:	Excuse me!!
  Bike owner:	Hey!  Thief!
  Kouenji:	Se.. sempai! (Yotsuya)

pg. 82)
  Yakumo:	Shit!  Come back (lit. "wait")
  Meixing:	You aren't going anywhere with your body like that.
		Exactly, what happened Yakumo?

  Meixing:	Come on, don't be wimp.  Your a guy aren't you.  What
		happend.  What happened to Pai?  What happend
		to Yougiekisya?

pg. 83)
  Yakumo:	I'm sorry.  Owner (Ms. Wong) was thrown out of the
		plane, and everyone else was taken by those thugs
		that were just here.

  Meixing:	Everyone?  Even my brother?

  Yakumo:	Ah. Mr. Long and Ling Ling too.

  Meixing:	What a mess.  I was looking forward to meeting
		him again after half a year.  Your are the
		worst Yakumo. 

pg. 84)
  Kouenji:	Ah, hi!  Your cute aren't you.

  Kouenji:	How about it?  Do you want to appear in a Japanese
		newspaper?  I'm a reporter that came to write about
		niteclubs here.  I'd really like to be shown about
		by a cute girl like you.

  Meixing:	Get lost dimwit!!
  Kouenji:	Ah, you won't take me.  Show me a cute face.  Can
		you really be saying that?  I got the licence number
		of the car those three took of in.

  Kouenji:	How about it?  Will you at least have dinner with me?

pg. 85)
  Bodyguard:	What happend here Miss Wong?

  Meixing:	I've been at school in London since September and my
		brother says I should come back because Pai is comming,
		and when I get here things are like this.  I don't
		know any of the details.

  Meixing:	But, that Japanese guy seems to have some important

  Kouenji:	Eeep!
  Bodyguard:	I see.

  Meixing:	Treat him gently, ok?

  Kouenji:	eeeee!

pg. 86)
  Sign:		Entrance, biolgical managment research laboratory [the
		sign is actually Chinese, so I can't read all the

pg. 87)
  Yotsuya:	So this is thier roost, huh?  It looks like a research
		lab or prison or somethiing.

  Yotsuya:	So they are after Pai, huh?  Pai, somehow I hope I
		can meet you again.

  Yotsuya:	Oops.  It looks like I may really get to see you.

pg. 88)
  Yotsuya:	ha ha

  Yotsuya:	This is quite an animal research lab you have here.

pg. 89)
  Yotsuya:	um.  Where are we going?  If possible, I have to
		get back to Japan in five days or I will be fired.

  Thug A:	Open up.  Throw this guy in the dungeon.
  Thug B:	Uh. but...

  Thug B:	Currently in the underground hall, they are in the
		middle of a "Hyouma melding" ritual.
  Thug A:	I don't care, its an order from Gupta.

  Thug A:	All right.  Be quiet now.  If you open your mouth
		I kill you.
  Yotsuya:	ah.. yes.

pg. 91)
  Gupta:	Oh holy god of flame, lead us weak ones and lend us
		power.  With your holy flame, melt the body of this
		person and give him new power.

  Gupta:	Van giraasu

  Man:		Van giraasu

pg. 93)
  Yotsuya:	Wha.. what the...

pg. 94)
  Bodyguard:	We've found it.  The licence plate belongs to to
		Moushin Trading, biological imports and research

  Bodyguard:	Since we believe they have Ms. Wong, we will go
		with you on this one.
  Meixing:	All right, then we should let Yakumo rest a little
		longer and...

  Yakumo:	Thank you.  I'm all right now.  Shall we go for
		the third round.

Book 7, Story 6(#17) - Eyes of the Undead - Part VI

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 96)
  Thug A:	In a bit, Gupta has some questions for you, until then
		stay there and be quiet.

pg. 97)
  Yotsuya:	be.. be quiet.  Hold on!!  Come back.

  Yotsuya:	I have nothing to do with this.

  Yotsuya:	come back!

  Yotsuya:	oooh.  What are they anyway?

pg. 98)
  Steve Long:	We don't know the details, but they seem to be a
		mysterious clan from ancient India calling themselves
		the "Hyouma Clan".  As you can see, they have the
		power to merge at the celular level with another
		life form, and take on the form and abilities of
		that life form.  This is the Hyouma melding power.

  Yotsuya:	Wh.. whoes there?

  Steve:	Theres nothing to be afraid of.  We, like you were
		captured by them and put in here...

  Ling Ling:	You seem to be a person in trouble.  Just leave it
		to us.  For only HK$4000 a day plus expenses, we
		will get you out of here.

pg. 99)
  Ling Ling:	There's no reason to worry.  There is no registration
		fee, and we do loans.  We also have this convenient
		member's card.

  Ling Ling:	at your service.

pg. 100)
  Truck:	Tasty milk bread

pg. 101)
  Bodyguard:	It seems that Ling Ling and Mr. Long are locked
		up underground.
  Yakumo:	What about Pai and Ms. Wong?

pg. 102)
  Bodyguard:	These guys didn't seem to know about that.

  Bodyguard:	For the time being, we'll rescue those two and then
		search for Pai and Ms. Wong.
  Yakumo:	mmmm...

  Meixing:	Cheer up.  Surely Pai is OK.

  Yakumo:	yeah....

pg. 103)
  Meixing:	And if its about the plane crash, don't worry about
		it.  Its not like its your fault.
  Yakumo:	Well, yeah, but...

  Meixing:	The guys who crashed it are the bad guys.  We'll
		do in the bad guys and rescue Pai.  Then everything
		will be OK, right?

  Yakumo:	You've grown up haven't you Meixing.
  Meixing:	Of course.  I'm 18 already.  Only "Wu" don't grow.

  Yakumo:	he he he.

pg. 104)
  Yakumo?:	So Ling Ling and Steve are in here?
  Bodyguard:	No, they seem to be in the great hall beyond this room.

  Yakumo:	This looks like some kind of aquarium.

  Bodyguard:	There doesn't seem to be anyone here.  Lets split up
		and search for the door to the great hall.

pg. 105)
  Meixing:	It's kind of freaky isn't it?  What are our enemies anyway?
  Yakumo:	Something's strange...

pg. 106)
  Yakumo:	I can't hear Pai's voice... I can't sense Pai's presense.

  Yakumo:	What the...

pg. 107)
  Meixing:	What's happening?  Did they find us out?

  Yakumo:	I don't know?

  Meixing:	What shall we do?
  Yakumo:	Beats me... (lit. "you say 'what shall we do', but...")

  Bodyguard:	Hey!  I found the great hall, hurry over here.

  Yakumo:	Lets hurry Meixing.
  Meixing:	yeah.

pg. 108)
  Yakumo:	Meixing!!

  Yakumo:	he, he.  Try to sneak up on me will you...

pg. 109)
  Yakumo:	Small fry.. begon!

pg. 110)
  Ugly bastard:	Gupta, shall take care of them?

  Gupta:	There's no rush.

pg. 111)
  Gupta:	They are not at a level where we need to send you
		after them.  And besides, they have no way to escape.
		Let's just enjoy the show.

  Gupta:	Let Paeru handle it.

pg. 112)
  Yakumo:	President!!

  Yakumo:	Get back!  I'm going to use the plastique...

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