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Book 7, Story 7(#18) - Eyes of the Undead - Part VII

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 113)
  Yakumo:	President

pg. 114)
  Ling Ling:	ohh, you used to much plastique.  What a waste.  Well,
		never mind about that, lets get out of here.

  Yakumo:	H.. hold on president!!  Rather than getting out of here
		we've got to save Pai.
  Bodyguard:	(and out master too)
  Ling Ling:	huh?

  Ling Ling:	What are ou talking about?  Pai and Ms. Wong aren't here.

  Yakumo:	huh?

pg. 116)
  Sign:		Peoples Republic of China, Guangzhou (just outside Hong Kong)

pg. 117)
  Sign:		Post and Telephone Office

  Sign:		International Telephones

  Paper:	Hong Kong, Wong .... (phone number)

pg. 118)
  Man:		Yes, Wong residence.

  Man:		hm?  Ms. Wong is not in right now.  Whome may I
		ask is calling?

pg. 119)
  Man:		Miss Pai!!

  Man:		What happend.  Everyone went off to save you.

  Man:		You say Ms. Wong is also with you?  Where are you now?

pg. 120)
    Ling Ling	: Yakumo!!

pg. 121)
  Yakumo:	Come out Touch...

  Yakumo:	ge...

pg. 122)
  Meixing:	Yakumo!!
  Yakumo:	gggaaaa

  Meixing:	Hang in there, Yakumo!!

  Yakumo:	Its salty!

  Bodyguard:	At any rate, back out the way we came.

  Bodyguard:	Hurry everyone!!

pg. 123)
  Bodyguard:	Damn!!

  Yakumo:	Come out Touchao!!

  Yakumo:	Shit!!  Touchao won't work here.  Are there any
		more explosives left?
  Ling Ling:	Eiiii!

pg. 124)
  Yakumo:	waaa

   Ling Ling:	Yakumo!!

pg. 125)
  Yakumo:	This, this is the thing that took Pai.

  Meixing:	Are you all right Yakumo.  Hang in there!!
  Yakumo:	uuuug

  ???:		Yakumo!!
  Ling Ling:	Meixing!!  Lets hurry and get out of here.
  Meixing:	Get out of here?  how?

pg. 126)
  Gupta:	We've found out where the Sanjiyan is.  Everyone
		get to Guangzhou.  Don't be caught off guard.  We're
		already screwed up by letting here get away once,
		lets not do it again.  Get the Sanjiyan for sure
		this time.

  Ugly bastard:	Leave it to me, Gupta.

  Gupta:	That immortal kid is my catch.  Leave him to me.

  Ugly bastard:	understood.

pg. 127)
  Gupta:	With this, the young lord will forgive our failure,
		and the old king's life (will be spared).

  Gupta: 	Us Hyouma clan will be saved.

  Yakumo:	You mean, the Hyouma don't have Pai?
  Ling Ling:	That's right.  That's why they came to Yougekisha
		to find her.

  Yakumo:	but...
  Ling Ling:	After they attacked you on the plane, Pai managed
		to escape.

pg. 128)
  Yakumo:	Now that you mention it, that monster squid is missing
		and eye.  Maybe it was hit by Sanjiyan.  But if that
		were the case, why hasn't Pai come home.

  Yotsuya:	It's not for certain that she wasn't injured.

  Yakumo:	What!  Outsider's will shut up.

  Yakumo:	What are you doing here anyway?  Maybe we should
		just leave you here.
  Yotsuya:	Don't do that.  If I don't get back to Japan in
		four days, I'll be fired.
  Yakumo:	That's your problem.

pg. 129)
  Man:		I've just had a call from Miss Pai.  She's in
		Guangzhou with Ms. Wong.

  Ling Ling:	Yakumo, something is strange.  They all seem to
		have dissapeared.
  Yakumo:	Surely...

  Yakumo:	Did they figure out where Pai is?  This is bad.  We've
		got to hurry and get out of here.

  Yakumo:	What shall we do....

pg. 130)
  Yakumo:	Sea water!!  Perhapse...

  Yakumo:	I'll just have to go for it!!  Wait for us Pai!!

Book 7, Story 8(#19) - Eyes of the Undead - Part VIII

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 132)
  Steve:	Yakumo!!

  Steve:	Be careful!!

  Steve:	The Hyoma clan's power is in there melding powers.

  Steve:	That monster squid may be more than it appears.  You
		can't know what powers it might have.
  Yakumo:	I understand.

pg. 133)
  Yakumo:	Leave this to me.  Sincen this big thing is in this
		building, there has to be an exit somewhere.

  Yakumo:	Surely this must connect to the sea.

pg. 134)

  Ling Ling:	Good luck Yakumo!!
  Yakumo:	Somehow I will cut the power for this building.

pg. 135)
  Bodyguard:	What!?  You say you've already left Wong manor to pick
		up Ms. Wong and Pai?

  Ling Ling:	This here seems to be electrically locked.  Once we
		bust out of here, we'll head for Guangzhou.
  Bodyguard:	Yeah.  But we've got to get Yakumo to cut the power.

  Yotsuya:	Please!  Take me to Guangzhou too.

  Yotsuya:	Somehow, I want to see Pai again...

pg. 136)
  Note:		Guangzhou nothern suburbs.

pg. 137)
  Pai:		Be at ease Ms. Wong, I made the call just as you said.
		It's OK now.  Soon Yakumo will be here.

pg. 138)
  Wong write:	Thank you (in Chinese)

  Pai:		he!  Don't worry about.  After all you're the one
		who saved me.

pg. 141)
  Pai:		Even in that situation, we were able to escape.  Ms. Wong 
		is really strong for a human.  Pai was supprised.

  Pai:		Say.  What exactly was that power of yours.  Could you
		teach Pai just a little?

  Man:		How's the injured one?  I've brought medicine.

pg. 142)
  Pai:		Thank you.  On top of haveing us hole up in your house
		you also bring us medicine.
  Man:		It's nothing.

  Newspaper:	273 dead in plane crash.

  Pai:		Yakumo.... I'm scared... What should Pai do...

pg. 143)
  Yakumo:	uwaaa!

  Yakumo:	guaaa!

pg. 144)
  Yakumo:	glub, glub, glub...

pg. 145)
  Yakumo:	I'm saved.  I didn't expect that thing to use
		an electric attack.  Swiming through that water
		while being electricuted, it was a close call.

  Yakumo:	At any rate, I'll just cut these electric cables...

  Yakumo:	In the name of Yakumo, come out...

pg. 146)
  Yakumo:	What?  something is crying... something beyond the door.

  Yakumo:	waaa!

  Gupta:	There's no escape kid.
  Yakumo:	So your the Hyouma woman boss.

pg. 147)
  Gupta:	Call be "Gupta".  Hyouma clan female warrior Almaric Gupta.

  Yakumo:	What are you talking about "warrior".  Your nothing
		but a murderer.

  Gupta:	We Hyouma clan need the immortality power at any cost.
		Our very existance is at stake.  A few sacrifices
		now and then can't be helped.

  Yakumo:	Do you think I'll believe...

  Yakumo:	... this load of shit.

pg. 148)
  Yakumo:	Touchao!!

  Gupta:	It's no load of shit, we need the immortality power.
		Come and see our secret.

Book 7, Story 9(#20) - Eyes of the Undead - Part IX

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 149)
  Yakumo:	Wha... what is this!?

pg. 152)
  Ling Ling:	Com'mon.  Hurry.

  Bodyguard:	It's not assured that the enemy won't come back after us.

  Ling Ling:	And we have to go hurry ad save Pai.

  Yotsuya:	What is it customer, don't you want to escape?

pg. 153)
  Yotsuya:	Yakumo, he's going to be all right, isn't he?

  Ling Ling:	You also know don't you.  That kid is immortal
		so he'll be all right.

  Yotsuya:	I don't know things too clearly, but I suppose that
		both you and and the Hyouma clan are trying to get
		the immortality power?
  Meixing:	Huh?

  Meixing:	You're joking aren't you?  I don't want that kind of

  Meixing:	That kind is being a slave to the sanjiyan.
  Steve:	Meixing, you talk too much.

pg. 154)
  Yotsuya:	No, please tell me.  I want to know the truth.  If its
		money you want, I'll pay anything.

  Ling Ling:	Well you see with this "immortality power", Pai takes
		up Yakumos "life" in her body.  (let's see, plus HK$1000
		on your fee)  As long as Pai doesn't die, no matter what
		happends, Yakumo won't die.  In other words, his life
		is under the control of the Sanjiyan.
  Steve:	Ling Ling!!

pg. 155)
  Ling Ling:	At any rate.  For ordinary people like us, that kind of
		strings-attached immortal, is not very attractive.

  Yotsuya:	But then why is the Hyouma clan so interested in it?

  Yotsuya:	With all there powers, why do the want this "strings-attached

  Steve:	Strong power, because of...

pg. 156)
  Yakumo:	children?

  Gupta:	That's right. Because they were born with Hyouma power, when
		they get pregnant, the child melds with the mother at the
		celuar level, destroying the brain and leaving nothing but
		a mindless monster.

pg. 157)
  Gupta:	However, long ago in order to prevent thier powers from
		deforming their children, out ancestors lent their
		fighting prowess to the sanjiyan in return for immortality.

pg. 158)
  Gupta:	If the mother is an Wu, then as long as the child is in the
		womb, it is also immortal.  In that interval, the Hyouma
		melding does not take place, and birth becomes possible.

  Gupta:	300 years ago, there used to be plenty of sanjiyan, and now
		all of the Wu women are gone.

  Yakumo:	300 years ago.  Thats when the the sanjiyan were wiped out.

pg. 159)
  Gupta:	Now, us Hyouma clan consist only of those who by luck
		were born safely.  If we don't get the immortality power,
		than the remaining women will all die.

  Gupta:	With me as no exception.

pg. 160)
  Yakumo:	you're... you're pregant...

  Yakumo:	uh....

pg. 161)
  Yakumo:	ahhh...

  Yakumo:	that...

  Yakumo:	Even being told that, I...

  Yakumo:	All I can do is rescue Pai.  I have to rescue Pai and become
		human with her.

pg. 162)
  Gupta:	I won't let you do that.

  Yakumo (recalling):	"I am no exception"

  Yakumo:	Sh.. shit. What shall I do.

pg. 163)
  Yakumo:	waa.  What is this.

  Yakumo:	My body is so cold.... iiiii

pg. 164)
  Gupta:	fool.  Why don't you go to sleep in this cave with this
		liquid nitrogen.  Forever.

  Yakumo:	Waaaa

  Gupta:	With this, our clan will be saved.  Our children will also
		be save.

pg. 166)
  Gupta:	Pa... Paeru!?

  Yakumo:	Gupta!!

Book 7, Story 10(#21) - Eyes of the Undead - Part X

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 167)
  Gupta:	You say that just because your eyes are poked out you
		don't recognize me?  kuuu...

  Gupta:	It can't be helped!!

pg. 169)
  Gupta:	Did I do it?

pg. 171)
  Gupta:	ggrrrrr... I guess "aguni maayaa" (Fire god illusion power)
		doesn't work under water after all.

  Gupta/Yakumo:	Guwaaaaaa

pg. 172)
  Gupta:	So am I just going to die here with my child.  I this
		kind of place.

pg. 173)
  Yakumo:	Forgive me Pai!!

pg. 174)
  Yakumo:	With this, I won't be able to go save you.

pg. 175)
  Yakumo:	I'm sorry Pai.

pg. 179)
  Yakumo:	I'm sorry it has come to this.  Pai, fare well...

pg. 181)
  Yakumo:	Pai!!

pg. 182)
  Yakumo:	I... what?

  Yakumo:	I'm saved?  or was I saved?

pg. 183)
  Police:	He was reall abducted?
  Kouenji:	Yes, yes, this number car.

  Kouenji:	Senpai (Yotsuya) is here for sure.

pg. 184)
  Gupta:	It's better than having the police find out about us.

  Gupta:	I've repaid our debt kid.  Next time we'll settle
		things between us. 

Book 7, Story 11(#22) - Eyes of the Undead - Part XI

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 185)
  old man:	Ms. Wong.  You're all right.  Ms. Wong.

pg. 186)
  old man:	oh.  I'm so glad you're safe.

  old man:	what about Miss Pai?  where is she...

  old man:	where is Pai?

pg. 188)
  Yakumo:	Its now two days after we rescued Ms. Wong.  In other words,
		six days since the crash.

pg. 189)
  Yakumo:	Unfortunately, in order to protect Ms. Wong and the owner of
		the cabin, Pai made herself a prisoner and was taken off by
		a one of the Hyoma clan.

  Yakumo:	Despite our efforts at Yougekisha, we were unable to discover
		where she was taken.

  Yakumo:	Unable to get any information for the burnt out laboratory,
		Gupta must have taken out those melded life forms I saw, since
		there was no sign even of thier remains.

  Yakumo:	It seems that things are just like it was 4 years ago when
		Pai dissapeared.
  Reporter:	Mr. Fujii

pg. 190)
  Reporter:	That night when you where in critical condition, why did
		you leave the hospital.
  Reporter:	What are you doing now.

  Ling Ling:	yes.  Because of the impact of the crash, his memory was all
		mixed up.  He ran all about the city and by accident wound
		up at our hospital.  Currently he is receiving treatment
		at our hospital.

  Ling Ling:	Why a human in that condition was able walk about, that
		is just one of those mysteries of god.
  Reporter:	No, we weren't asking the nurse...

pg. 191)
  Steve:	It looks like its going to work.  Thanks Mr. Yotsuya.
  Yotsuya:	Don't mention it.

  Yotsuya:	It's just.  When you run away from reporters, it only makes
		them want to chase more.  Its best to come out in front
		of everyone.  That way Yakumo can get back his passport
		and go search for Pai.

  Steve:	So because the Sanjiyan was running away, you meant to chase
		after her?

pg. 192)
  Yotsuya:	At first, that was the case.  I thought that I wanted to
		know the truth.  But now....
  Steve:	Now?

  Yotsuya:	Honestly, I don't know.  I don't know how to deal with
		this "immortality power".  Thus for the time being, I
		don't intend to do an article on it.

  Yotsuya:	I pray for Pai's safty.  If I can get permission from my
		company, I intend to come to Hong Kong again.

pg. 193)
  Ling Ling:	Four years ago?  Don't joke.  This time, the conditions are
		different than last time.

  Ling Ling:	The Hyouma clan wants the "immortality power".  Therefore
		they won't bring any harm to her life.  The time with Benaresu
		was different.
  Yakumo:	So is that our only hope.

pg. 194)
  Meixing:	I know.  We didn't get any useful information today either.
		From the "Yougeki" readers, to occult experts, the Hyouma
		are a mystery.

  Ling Ling:	And why did you save that Hyouma woman?  That doesn't help
		us a red cent.

  Yakumo:	When I think of the people killed in the crash, I feel stupid
		for not getting revenge.  But the Hyouma were in a much weaker
		position, than I had thought.  Somehow...

  Yakumo:	Do you reall think they could be saved by the "immortality power@.
  Steve:	I don't know about that...

pg. 195)
  Steve:	That a single sanjiyan could create more than one Wu, is
		in question.

  Yakumo:	huh?

  Steve:	In other words, if Pai really is the only sanjiyan, than as long
		as you are a Wu, the Hyouma won't be able to become Wu
		and won't be saved.

  Steve:	As proof, even with the powerful Kaiyanwan, we have seen
		no Wu other than Benaresu.  Probably, Pai can't save the
		Hyouma by herself.

pg. 196)
  Yakumo:	Pai, what shall I do.  Until now, all I've thought about was
		making you human.

  Yakumo:	But is that really what we should do?  Should we really
		cast off our power?

  Yakumo:	hm?

  Meixing:	Cheer up Yakumo.  Ms. Wong's people are searching the
		Hyouma research complex, soon we'll find out Pai's whereabouts.

pg. 197)
  Yakumo:	Meixing.

  Meixing:	And I'll go in with you.  We can rescue Pai together.

  Meixing:	I picked that up as recovered articles from the crash. (in Japanese)
		Good night (in Chinese)

  Yakumo:	Thank you (in Japanse/English).  See you later (in Chinese)

pg. 198)
  Yakumo:	Pai...

pg. 199)
  Yakumo:	Pai, Pai, Pai.

  Yakumo:	Thinking about, I can't get started.  What I need now is...

pg. 200)
  Yakumo:	That's strange... I'm sure I turned it off.

pg. 201)
  Letter:	To Yakumo of Yougekisha, Pai is in the Lind Republic.  From
		Kinkara of Lind Republic.

  Yakumo:	Kinkara?  Is it Gupta?  Or a Hyouma trap?

  Yakumo:	he, he.  I don't care about that.  What's important to me
		now is....

pg. 202)
  Yakumo:	in order to save you, settling things with the Hyouma leader.

  Yakumo:	Wait for me Pai.  I'm going whether it is a trap or not.

Book 7, Story 12(#23) - Legend of the True Seima - Part I

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 203)
  Hyouma:	Welcome... Buutiisuvara (Spirit King)
		We of the Hyouma clan have been humbly awaiting your
		arrival.  Please help us.  Please save us oh great
		God(dess) of ours.

pg. 206)
  Guide:	The Republic of Rindo.... This small nation located North
		West of India has a population of about 100,000.  Ruled
		by a Monarchy, the major relgions are Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism,
		and such, but primarly the Shiva sect of Hinduism.

  Yakumo:	Shiva....
  Meixing:	Heh... you know of it?

pg. 207)
  Arm band on guide:	"Smiling Tourist"
  Guide:	Unlike neiboring India, the birth rate here is extreamly low.	
		Because of this, the genital worship of "Shiva Ringa" is
		popular here.
  footnote:	Shiva Ringa = An idol in the form of Shiva's genitals.  The
		Sankara Stones from "Indiana Jones 2" where Shiva Ringa.

  Badge on Yakumo:	"Smile Pack" ["pack" is as in "package tour"]

  Yakumo:	And that place over there?

  Guide:	To the north is the town of "Bijalia".

pg. 208)
  Yakumo:	Bijalia?
  Guide:	Yes, not a very safe place.  Robbery and rape are everyday
		occurances there.

  Guide:	Not a place for newlyweds such as yourselves.

  Guide:	All right, its free time.  Since this area is safe, feel
		free to shop and visit any of the temples.  We will meet
		back here in one hour.

pg. 209)
  Yakumo:	Give me a break!!  There must have been a better way of
		sneaking into this country without getting mixed up
		in this tour.
  Meixing:	It might be a trap.  To sneak into a small country, pretending
		to be newlyweds is the best.  That's what Ling Ling said.

  Yakumo:	I'm not sure I'm convinced that was what was on Ling Ling's

  (flashback)Ling Ling:  All right!!  The honeymoon pack is the cheapest
		after all.

  Meixing:	But it's all right isn't it.  Even you might learn something.
  Yakumo:	Wh..what?

  Meixing:	Now, now try not to act so suspicous.
  Yakumo:	Hey!  Meixing!!

pg. 210)
  Yakumo:	We didn't come here on a pleasure trip.
  Ling Ling:	Hey Yakumo!

  Ling Ling:	For now, we'll check this place out tonight.  Tomorrow
		is a "free" day so we can use it to got to Bijalia.

  Ling Ling:	At any rate, business, business!!  I'm going to walk around
		and sell some "business prosperity" scrolls [not really
		a scroll, but a card with some magical writtings on it].

  Yakumo:	Ahhh.... my head hurts.

  Yakumo:	Are we really going to be able to save Pai with all this?

pg. 211)
  Yakumo:	Shiva's claw!?  It's broken but...
  Meixing:	Heeeyyy... that's the thing that sabes ["save" is mispronounced]
		a Sanjiyan's power.

  Meixing:	Perhaps the Hyouma (possesion magic) clan, being
		used to Sanjiyan powers, made it.

  Yakumo:	Perhaps Pai.....had one put on her to seal her
		Sanjiyan powers.....

pg. 212)
  Meixing:	in other words... While the Hyouma got immortality
		from the Sanjiyan, the wern't absolutely obediant
		to them?

  Meixing:	Say, Yakumo....

  Meixing:	Say,
  Yakumo:	Waa!

  Yakumo:	Aaa, with Ling Ling and Long having gone out, and with
		only one be..bed, aren't things a little uncomfortable?
		(this is why I said I didn't want to go on the newlywed

  Meixing:	"Uncomfortable"?  Is it so unpleasant being alone
		with me [Meixing uses the masculine "ore" for "me"]?
  Yakumo:	N..no it's not that but...

  Yakumo:	It's...

  Meixing:	It's OK.  Even if we're alone together, I can
		still sleep.

pg. 214)

  Meixing:	I guess if it's not Pai acting the part of wife,
		it's unsatisfying isn't it Yakumo.
  Yakumo:	Uh, no, uh...
  Meixing:	I understand.  How far have you and Pai gone?

  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Meixing:	It's been half a year since you met (including
		the time she was a snake) you must have made
		some progress.

  Meixing:	Ah ha ha, sorry.  Yakumo being 21 already, I
		didn't think it was possible that nothing had
		happened.  It's just abnormal, ahaha.

pg. 215)
  Yakumo:	It's not that I don't want anything to happen.

  Yakumo:	It's just that Pai's "I like you", and my "I
		like Pai" have a different feel about them.

  Meixing:	If it is the case that there isn't anything
		between you and Pai, then take a firm hold
		of her feeling, Yakumo....

pg. 216)
  Meixing:	Couples must be serious.  I...

  Yakumo:	Meixing....

  Yakumo:	Where are you Pai....

  Yakumo:	Pai.....

pg. 218)
  Woman:	This is our palace bath [very politely].

  Woman:	Please forgive our rudeness in blindfolding
		you on the way in to protect the many secrets
		of this place.

pg. 219)
  Woman:	Very well, we will...

  Pai:		Ah... umm...

  Pai:		Since Pai was abducted and brought here, I guess
		"that" is waiting for me.
  Woman:	What do you mean by "that"?  Some impoliteness?

  Pai:		I know.  Pai is to be raped by the evil magistrate
		and sold as a prostitute.  And and.. fire torture,
		water torture and oil torture... and and...

  Woman:	We would never commit such grave actions against
		our diety.  Please take your time and ease the
		tiredness of the journey.

pg. 220)
  Pai[thinking]: What do they mean by "diety".  Are they talking
		about "Pai"?
  Pai:		Yakumo.... Will you come and save me?

  Voice:	It's regretable, but you should abandon that hope.
		It is not possible for anyone to intrude into
		the palace.

  Voice:	My pretty Miss Seima (Holy Magic Person)

Book 7, Story 13(#24) - Legend of the True Seima - Part II

Translated by Jeffery Hansen (hansen@cmu.edu)

pg. 221)
  Hyouma 1:	Welcome home young prince.  We have been humbly
		awaiting your return.

  Hyouma 1:	The Sanjiyan is now with the old king.

  Garuga:	Um

pg. 224)
  King:		There is no need to be afraid Miss Seima.  I appologise for the
		rough manner in which you were brought here.  I am Danda
		Gaaruhapatiyamu, the king of the Hyouma people.

  King:		You are?

  Pai:		Pai

  King:		Miss Pai? Hmmm, a good name.

  Pai:		Te he he, realy, realy, you thinks so too grandpa?

  King:		(grand....)

pg. 225)
  Pai:		But Pai knows an even better name.

  Pai:		Yakumo

  Pai:		Very good don't you think.  Whenever and wherever I am he
		comes to rescue me.

  King:		Whether he comes or not, the one who wants rescuing is us, Miss Pai.

pg. 226)
  King:		The immortality power.  We want you to grant that power to
		us Hyouma.  To us Hyouma on the verge of extinction.

  King:		Please help us Miss Pai.

pg. 227)
  King:		What are you doing here.  I don't recall calling the guards.
		You're being rude to our guest, go away.

  Pai:		Ow!!  Will you stop that

  King:		Stop!!  Will you not listen to my order!!

  Hyouma 1:	I'm terribly sorry, but this is the order of the young prince.

  Hyouma 1:	It's because the king is being too lenient.  The young prince
		plans to awaken the Sanjiyan within a magic circle and do a
		Hyouma merging.

pg. 228)
  King:		A Hyouma merging with a Sanjiyan.....

  King:		I will not permit it!!  I will not permit such a dangerous

  Hyouma 1:	Getting all excited is poisonous to the body.  You, look
		after the King.

pg. 230)
  Yakumo:	Pai....

  Yakumo:	Is she really all right.  Eating and sleeping and all...
		Surely she hasn't met a sour fate.

  Yakumo:	Pai.

pg. 231)
  Yakumo:	Wa!!

  Message:	Pai is in the old castle of the Bijalia Gaaruhapatiyamu family.
		Hurry Yakumo!!  signed Kinkara.

pg. 232)
  Yakumo:	Th...this is...

  Pai:		Eeeeiiiiii!

pg. 233)
  Pai:		Eeeeiiiiii!

  Garuga:	What is going on.  Why doesn't the Sanjiyan appear after putting
		her in this much pain.  The Sanjiyan's pride shouldn't be
		able to tolerate this.

  Garuga:	Is this really a Sanjiyan?

pg. 234)
  Gupta:	Stop this young prince!!

  Gupta:	This last remaining Sanjiyan is our only hope.  Stop this rough
		treatment.  What do you intend to do if the Hyouma merging
		fails!!  If the Sanjiyan die, what will us women do!!

pg. 235)
  Gupta:	And putting guards around the King.  Isn't that virtually
		imprisonment!!  What are you thinking young prince.

  Garuga:	Shut up!!  He's a feeble-minded old fool.

  Garuga:	And stop this rought treatment you say?

  Garuga:	Using that geezer's lenient methods, we'd never get the immortality

  Gupta:	But the Kings order is absolute....

pg. 236)
  Gupta:	What are *you* planning to do [The contemptuous form of "you" is used].

  Hyouma 1:	Be silent traitor!!

  Hyouma 1:	On top of losing the research facility, you saved that "Wu"
		didn't you, Gupta.

  Garuga:	Arumarikku Gupta is guilty of the crime of treachery!!  Lock
		her in the dungeon!!

pg. 237)
  Garuga:	Of course.... also lock the Sanjiyan in the dungeoun!!  In 
		a magic circle of course.

  Garuga:	We will continue tomorrow night.  Take them both away!!

  Guards:	Yes!!

pg. 238)
  Gupta:	What is the young prince thinking?  I didn't mean to get the
		Sanjiyan, you, into somthing like this.  I'm sorry.  Forgive me...

  Pai:		Is Grandpa OK?

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