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Book 8, Story 1(#25) - Legend of the True Seima - Part III

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 6)
  Ling Ling [Narration]: Bijalia...village population of merely eight hundred

  Ling Ling [Narration]: In the center of this village is the residence of
		Gaaruhapatiyamu, the village chief.

  Ling Ling [Narration]: Assembling the descendents of the one-time royal
		family, even though he is not the king, his place is crowded
		with private police.

pg. 7)
  Ling Ling:	The son of that village chief is in the trade business,	and
		because he makes big profits from imported goods, the village
		is doing well economically.  Public order doesn't appear to be
		too bad here.

  Ling Ling:	Thank you...

pg. 8)
  Long:		It seems like they are rather exclusive and are uncomfortable
		with foreigners.  Are there any openings where we can sneak
		in, Ling Ling?

  Ling Ling:	Hardly any.  Besides, whether Kinkara's information is
		trustworthy or not...

  Meixing:	What's wrong?  You've been quiet since some time ago, Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	I'm sure Pai is here...

pg. 9)
  Yakumo [thinking]: This feeling...

  Yakumo:	Excuse me.

  Yakumo:	Excuse me, I want to meet the master [of the house].

  Yakumo [thinking]: Pai must be here!!

  Yakumo:	Excuse me!!  Won't you let me pass?!

pg. 11)
  Yakumo:	I came to have you release Sanjiyanunkara!!  Bring out the
		master!!  I am "Wu" Fujii Yakumo!!

  Garuga:	Um...something is sealing [the powers of] Sanjiyan?

pg. 12)
  Garuga:	I see.  Isn't this inconceivable...  Well then, just
		inflicting pain won't make Sanjiyan come out, huh.

  Garuga:	Is there a good way?

  Guard:	Young prince.

  Garuga:	I thought I said no guards are allowed to enter during meals?
		How improper...

  Guard:	I am sorry!!  But just now a person who calls himself "Wu"
		said he wants to meet the master...

  Garuga:	What?!

pg. 13)
  Yakumo [thinking]: Well...  At least I made it inside...

  Yakumo [thinking]: While a lot of guards were concentrating on me, it
		would've been nice if Ling Ling and others slipped in...  I
		wonder if I should've been more violent.

  Yakumo [thinking]: But if we can talk things out then we can use Hyouma's
		help as much as possible...

pg. 14)
  Garuga:	What a surprise...  Are you really a "Wu"?

  Garuga:	Aren't you too early in finding your way here?  What is the

  Yakumo:	You are?

pg. 15)
  Garuga:	I am Garuga Gaaruhapatiyamu, the prince of the Hyouma people.
		I am in charge here.  And this man wearing a leopard mask is
		my friend.

  Yakumo:	I...I am...

  Garuga:	Let's cut out the weary chat, "Wu".

  Garuga:	As you know our people cannot survive without Sanjiyan's
		protection.  I will not hand over Sanjiyan.  However, just Pai
		alone won't do!!

  Garuga:	How about that.

pg. 16)
  Yakumo:	What the hell do you mean...

  Garuga:	Come on, now.

  Yakumo:	Jerk...

  Yakumo:	No matter what, it is your problem!!  It has nothing to do
		with us!!  Under these circumstances, even if we could we
		don't want to help you!!

  Garuga:	I have my face [to save] too.

  Yakumo:	?

  Garuga:	It's not like I can return Sanjiyan just because her "Wu" came.

  Garuga:	There's no way to settle this but a duel, right?

pg. 17)
  Guard:	Get out, Sanjiyan!!  The prince called for you.

  Gupta:	Just what are you doing?  If it is Hyouma merging I will not
		allow it!!

  Guard:	Shut up, traitor, wait quietly for your punishment.

pg. 18)
  Gupta:	All guards and police are gone...  Did something happen...?

pg. 19)
  Garuga:	Our people has from time immemorial used this to settle

  Yakumo:	Argh, it's heavy...  (What...what is this thing?)

  Sidebar:	Fakiiruzu Hoonzu (India)

  Garuga:	There's neither rule nor time limit!!  The person who wins
		takes Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:	Whatever you say...  This is the first time for me...

  Garuga:	Stop whining, "Wu"!!  Look at that!

pg. 20)
  Pai:		Yakumo!

pg. 21)
  Yakumo:	Pai!!

  Garuga:	Let's go, "Wu"!!

  Yakumo:	Shit!

pg. 22)
  Garuga:	What's wrong?  Pick that up, "Wu"!  It's boring if it ends
		this way.

Book 8, Story 2(#26) - Legend of the True Seima - Part IV

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 25)
  Yakumo:	[Breathing heavily]

pg. 26)
  Pai:		Yakumo...

  Garuga:	Heh heh heh.  You scurrying kid, I'll have your head vomiting

  Yakumo:	What to do...  It's simple to knock down this guy with Tou Chao
		(earth claw) but...

  Pai:		Stop it!!  It's dangerous, stop it!!

  Pai:		Run!!  Yakumo!!  If Yakumo's hurt, Pai will cry!

pg. 27)
  Yakumo:	It's okay!!  Don't worry, Pai, I didn't come to fight...

  Yakumo:	The duel is off.  We'll cooperate with you.  Tell us anything
		that Pai and I can do.  First of all, what do you want?

  Yakumo:	In the end Pai and I just want to become human.  However, we
		don't want to cause any trouble for people around us;, we're
		not in such a hurry...

  Yakumo:	Although using the immortality power is impossible, we'll lend
		a hand as much as we can for the survival of the Hyouma people.

pg. 28)
  Yakumo:	So tell us!!  What do you...

  Yakumo:	...want?

  Garuga:	Summon Sanjiyan!!  "Wu"!!

pg. 29)
  Yakumo [thinging]: What!?

  Pai:		Yakumoo!

  Garuga:	We want nothing but immortality.  Come on, summon Sanjiyan!!

  Yakumo:	This guy, what the hell is he thinking...

  Garuga:	You said you want to become human!!  Fools!  You think you can
		become human just by yourselves!!

pg. 30)
  Pai:		Yakumooo!

  Garuga:	What!?

  Pai:		Iyaaa, let go!!  Yakumo!!  Yakumoo!!

  Garuga:	Huh, Stupid girl...

pg. 31)
  Garuga:	Hah!

pg. 32)
  Garuga:	Argh!

  Yakumo:	Pai!

  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  Yakumo:	Let go of Pai!!

  Yakumo:	Pai!

  Pai:		Kyaa!

pg. 35)
  Yakumo:	Run, Pai!!

  Pai:		But, Yakumo is hurt!!

  Yakumo:	That can wait!!

pg. 36)
  Yakumo:	Move!  Moove!!

  "Bat"*:	You want to escape?

  Guard 1:	Young Prince!  Are you alright!!

  Guard 2:	Young Prince!

  Garuga:	What are you doing!!  I'm okay, hurry and catch those two!!

  Guards:	Yes!!

pg. 37)
  Garuga:	Hmmh!  So the game is over.  But I won't let you escape from
		this Hyouma Palace.

  Gupta:	Quiet!!  I want to know the intention of the Young Prince.

  Yakumo:	What'd you say!?  You lost "Shiva's Claw", Pai!!

  Pai:		Um.

pg. 38)
  Pai:		It's the same as last time when I had that fever.  I can't
		call Kukuhi and Feioo (flying jaw) and Honnyan (red maiden).

  Yakumo:	Hon...

  Yakumo:	It's okay not to call Honnyan.

  Pai:		But he's SO strong!

  Yakumo:	That's *exactly* why!

  Pai:		Aah, chonburike [I think it means something like hurting one's

  Yakumo:	Anyways, without "Shiva's Claw" we have no weapon.  I wonder
		if we can escape from that "bat" guy...

  Yakumo [thinking]: Ling Ling!!  Come quickly!!

  Pai:		Say, Yakumo!!  I have a favor to ask.

  Yakumo:	Ha?

pg. 39)
  Pai:		Can you help Grandpa [referring to the Hyouma king].

  Yakumo:	Well but, we can't even help ourselves, how can we help

  Pai:		Please help that person called Gupta too.

  Yakumo:	Did Gupta do something!?

  "Bat":	That person [slang] is condemned to death for treason.

pg. 40)
  Yakumo [thinking]: Just as I thought, "Kinkara" is Gupta!?

  Yakumo:	Run, Pai.

pg. 41)
  Yakumo [thinking]: Shiit!  Pincer attack!!

Book 8, Story 3(#27) - Legend of the True Seima - Part V

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 43)
  Hyouma 1:	Old King, brace yourself!

  Hyouma 2:	Old King...!!

pg. 44)
  King:		I'm sorry.  It seems like I won't last much longer...  I
		planned to strain my mind until we open a way to extend the
		lives of our people...  Forgive me.

  Hyouma 1:	Without fail Arumarikku will return with Sanjiyan.  Until then,
		pull yourself together!

  King:		Noo...  Even then, the immortality power is among you "women".
		You must not use it for me.

  Hyouma 1:	But, old king.

  King:		Don't say a word.  My only regret is...

pg. 45)
  King [thinking]: To put the embryo in the asphyxiation state inside the womb
		of an immortal pregnant woman -- this is the secret ritual
		passed on only within the royal family.  As long as you
		disobey me I cannot pass it on to you, Garuga...

  King [thinking]: What are you thinking!?

  King:		What's wrong, Maarishaa?

  Hyouma 1:	Uhh.

pg. 46)
  Hyouma 1:	Waa!

  King:		N...no way!  You...

  Hyouma 2:	I'm sorry.  We understand pregnancy is prohibited, but, there
		are rare times when children are born safely so...

  Hyouma 2:	Call Gupta!!  Hurry!!  This woman is going to begin Hyouma

  Hyouma 3:	Yes!!  I'm going.

pg. 47)
  Guard:	That's too bad.  The Young Prince has ordered that no one is
		allowed to leave here.

  King:		Fool!!  In this state of things...

  Garuga:	It's me.  Open up.

  Guard:	Young Prince!?

  Gupta:	I'm late.  Old King.

pg. 48)
  Pai:		Kyaa!

  Yakumo:	Paii!

  Yakumo:	Shiit!!

  Pai:		Yakumo, run!!

  Yakumo:	Heh heh, sorry, I'm not leaving.

  Pai:		Yakumo...

pg. 49)
  Yakumo:	In the name of Fujii Yakumo, come forth!

  Yakumo:	Waa!

pg. 50)
  "Bat":	Don't you move!!  Now you're a sitting duck.  Give it up,
		Immortal!!  Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

  Yakumo:	Shiit...

  Pai:		Yakumoo!

  "Bat":	Heh heh...

  Yakumo:	What!?

pg. 51)
  Yakumo:	Eh?

pg. 52)
  King:		Why did you disobey my order and push forward the plan to merge
		with Sanjiyan, Garuga?

  King:		You knew that there has not been one success in merging with
		Sanjiyan.  Why this extortion?

  Garuga:	Don't worry, Father.

pg. 53)
  Garuga:	I have obtained a friend who uses many secret magic not
		possessed by the Hyouma people.  If we use the power of that
		man, there is no problem in merging with Sanjiyan.

  Garuga:	Is that the man with the leopard mask whom you picked up when
		he's half-dead and uses as a slave...?  That suspicious
		person...how far can you trush him?

  Garuga:	That man cannot go against me, because I'm holding a thing
		more important to him than his life.

pg. 54)
  Garuga:	Already I have obtained immortality in my hand.

  King:		But, Garuga...

  Yakumo:	So that's it.  You want to use me and Pai to kill the young

  Pai:		Quiet!!  Look at that, Yakumo!!

  Hyouma 1:	Arghhh!

pg. 55)
  King:		In that case I understood!!  Garuga, hurry up and save the
		women with your immortality magic.

  Hyouma 1:	Arghhh!

  King:		It's probably not possible to save everyone!!  However!!

  King:		Even if you can save one then the child...

  Garuga:	I don't care what happens to the child.

pg. 56)
  Garuga:	This immortality is MINE!!  I won't pass it to anyone!!

  Gupta:	Y...you!!

pg. 57)
  Gupta:	Gyaaa!

  King:		Ga...garuga...

  Garuga:	At ease, father.  When I have immortality children will be of
		no use anymore!  Hyouma will never become extinct!

pg. 58)
  Garuga:	On the contrary!!  In addition to my power, with my immortal
		body, the whole world is MINE!!

Book 8, Story 4(#28) - Legend of the True Seima - Part VI

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 61)
  Yakumo:	Where is this guy...  Where can I go to meet this guy, tell me.

  Yakumo:	I'll kill this guy!!

pg. 62)
  Yakumo:	It's above? -- Thanks, we owe you one...

  Yakumo:	"Shive's Claw"!!  Why...!?

  Pai:		What is this?  Yakumo.

pg. 63)
  Yakumo:	Barasu vidaahi Touch that and chant this.

  Yakumo:	Ah, you are Kinkara, right?

pg. 64)
  King:		Garuga!!  Don't say awful things.  Reconsider!  You are just
		bewitched by the masked man.

  King?:	What will happen if you fly out to the outside world?
		Shouldn't you think of the future of the children silently on
		this land?

pg. 65)
  King:		Garuga!!

  Gupta:	Ga...Garuga...Why...

  Garuga:	Arumarikku...

  Gupta:	Why...

pg. 66)
  Gupta:	Do you want an immortal body so much that you'd kill me and
		our child?

pg. 67)
  King:		Ga...Garuga!!

  King:		Garuga!  Wh..what on earth!?  Impossible..  That's impossible,
		the two of you...

  Garuga:	Father, don't worry.

  Garuga:	I was only fooling around, fooling around.

pg. 68)
  King [thinking]: Ga...Garuga...

  Garuga:	Just one person is enough to watch the old fool...  Ha ha...

  King [thinking]: Garuga...

pg. 69)
  Guard:	Young prince!!  We have blocked all the entrances and exits.
		There is no room for escape.

  Garuga:	Um.  However, don't let your guard down.  The opponent is

  Garuga:	Once you find them, let me know right away.  I will entrap
		them in the magic circle ["kayoukekkai"? = angirasu bandana].

  Guard:	Yes!

  Yakumo:	Come forth, Touchao!!!

pg. 70)

  Guards:	Gyaa!!

pg. 71)
  Garuga:	You think you can beat me with such low-level beasts...

  Yakumo:	Here we go, Paiii!!!

  Pai:		Um!!

pg. 72)
  Garuga:	So you're going to use Sanjiyan's power!?  If so, I will seal
		you before that.

  Pai:		Ba...ba...ba...

  Pai:		Ba...  How does that go, Yakumo?

  Yakumo:	What!!

  Pai:		Heh!?

  Yakumo:	Hurry, Pai!!  It's "barasu vidaahi"!!

  Pai:		Wa!  Speak more slowly!!

pg. 73)
  Yakumo:	Hurry!  It's coming our way!!

  Pai:		Yakumo!!  In front!!

  Yakumo:	Eh!?

  Garuga:	Angirasu bandana fuushinmaenrin (demon-sealing magic fire

pg. 74)

  Pai:		Yaaa!!  Barasu vidaahi (give me power)!!

  Garuga:	Whaat!?

pg. 75)
  Garuga:	Waa!

  Yakumo:	Aaa!

  Yakumo:	Paii!

pg. 76)
  King:		Argh!  Wh...what was that...

Book 8, Story 5(#29) - Legend of the True Seima - Part VII

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 79)
  Yakumo:	Are you alright, Pai...

  Pai:		Yakumo!!  Is Yakumo alright!?

  Yakumo:	Heh heh, more or less.

  Yakumo:	I thought we're already done for but, indeed, Pai's power is

pg. 80)
  Yakumo:	Garuga!!

  Garuga:	To cancel my Maayaa (magic power)...  Indeed it is
		Sanjiyanunkara!!  I did not expect such power.

  Garuga:	I want it more and more!!  Not just the immortality power, but
		your everything.

  Yakumo:	Give it up, Garuga!!  If you swear not to start a fight with
		us anymore we will save your life.

pg. 81)
  Garuga:	Pedoora

  Yakumo:	Oh no!!  He escaped!!

  Pai:		What happened?  Where on earth did that man disappear to?

  Yakumo:	Where...

pg. 82)
  Yakumo:	Gupta.

  Gupta:	Sanjiyan...  Immortal boy...

  Yakumo:	Are you okay, Gupta.

  Gupta:	Shut up!!  I'm not so beaten to receive an enemy's sympathy.
		What happened!?  Garuga!?

  Pai:		That man's power and Pai's power collided and exploded!!
		Then, even though that man's hurt he smiled and disappeared...

pg. 83)
  Gupta:	You, go back immediately!!  Take the old king to a safe place!

  Yakumo:	Gupta, what the hell is going on?

  Gupta:	We troubled you...  You can go now.

  Yakumo:	Gupta!!

  Gupta:	This is our people's problem.  We will take on our own
		deplorable events.

  Yakumo:	"Take on"...

  Yakumo:	With that body what can you do!!

  Gupta:	There's no need for you to worry.

pg. 84)
  Yakumo:	That guy is our enemy too!!  Please let us help.

  Gupta:	Is it okay for you to say such a thing?  I'm your hated

  Yakumo:	No, you're a "soldier".

  Gupta:	Thank you, immortal man.  But, you cannot take that girl along
		into danger.

  Yakumo:	Ha?

  Pai:		Pai also goes.

pg. 85)
  Yakumo:	No good!!  As Gupta says, I must not let Pai go through more

  Pai:		But...  Finally I could meet Yakumo...

  (flashback) Meixing: Keep fast hold of Pai's feelings, Yakumo...

pg. 86)
  Yakumo:	That's right.  We finally met.

  Yakumo:	I will not leave you ever again...

  Yakumo:	But Pai must protect the old king.  Rather than fighting, it's
		more important to protect everyone.  I will return for sure

  Pai:		Yakumo...

  Pai:		I got it.  Quickly...return to me, okay?

pg. 87)
  Pai:		If you don't you won't be forgiven!!  Pai will be mad!

  Pai:		Be careful!!  Be careful, Yakumooo...

  Yakumo:	Um!

pg. 88)
  Guard:	Y...young prince...

  Guard:	Please refrain from removing the seal!!  If you cannot control
		it, your life too will be in danger.

pg. 89)
  Yakumo:	Mashinzou (statue of devil)!?

  Gupta:	Right.

  Gupta:	The statue which we soldiers worship is in the underground
		temple.  Only it is not a statue but a sealed Hyouma as a
		result of an unsuccessful attempt to merge with Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:	Then it is a Sanjiyan survivor?

  Gupta:	Not so nice.  It is only a monster!!

pg. 90)
  Gupta:	It is that guy's only chance to oppose Sanjiyan.

  Yakumo:	But can we beat such a monster!?

  Gupta:	I'm sure even Garuga cannot control that devil.  There we find
		our paths to survival.

  Yakumo:	Ah...ahh...

  Yakumo:	Wh...what!?

  Gupta?:	No way...

pg. 92)
  Yakumo:	Wh...what is this.

  Gupta:	Impossible!?

pg. 93)
  Garuga:	Haaahahahahahahaha!  You insects are useless!!  I'll twist and
		smash you!!

  Yakumo:	What!!  Hyouma merging!?

  Gupta:	Ha!

  Gupta:	Garuga!

  Garuga:	Die!!

  Yakumo:	Waa!

pg. 94)
  Gupta:	Let's go, immortal man!!

  Yakumo:	Garugaa!!

  Garuga:	Damn you impertinent insects!!

Book 8, Story 6(#30) - Legend of the True Seima - Part VIII

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 98)
  King:		Ga...garuga...  What in the world is he...

  Pai:		Grandpa!

pg. 99)
  King:		You are safe, Miss Seima.  Please pardon my son's faults.

  Pai:		Umm.  Don't worry about it.  Is grandpa okay!?

  King:		Thank you very much.  I am still holding one way or another.

  Pai:		Ah!!  Pregnant woman!!

  King:		H...how did you know...

  Hyouma:	Old king!!  Please leave the talking to a later time.  We need
		to take refuge in a safer place.  Arumarikku told us so.

pg. 100)
  King:		No...Did Garuga...

  Hyouma:	Yes!!  We think the statue of devil in the underground temple
		is moving.

  King?:	What...!?  No one can stop that thing now!!

  Hyouma?:	That...  That...

  Hyouma:	Therefore the sooner we escape...

  King:		Bu..but...

  Pai:		Yakumo is there, so don't worry!!  Hurry and help this woman!!

  King:		D..don't!  Leave that woman!!  Miss Seima!!  That woman is
		starting to merge with the embryo -- hurry!!

  Pai:		Eh?

pg. 102)
  Yakumo:	Heh heh.  That was close.

pg. 103)
  Garuga:	Ha!  Some low-level monster used against magic light.

  Yakumo:	Heh heh, after all I am the member of the former Yougekisha
		(Monster Buster Company).  D'you think I'm so easily beaten!!

  Garuga:	Then how about that.

  Yakumo:	Huh?

  Yakumo:	Waa!

  Gupta:	Immortal man!

  Yakumo:	Thank you!!

pg. 104)
  Garuga:	Humph!

  Gupta:	Argh!

pg. 105)
  Gupta:	Garuga!!

  Garuga:	Damn, you're dead meat!!

  Gupta:	Waa!

  Gupta:	Gyaa!

  Yakumo:	Come forth, Touchao!!!

pg. 106)
  Yakumo:	Gupta!!

pg. 107)
  Yakumo:	Damn it!!  Garuga disappeared...

  Gupta:	Watch out!!  Immortal man!!

  Garuga:	It's no time to play, boy!!  I'm going to end this now.

  Yakumo:	Heh heh.  I just saved you trouble looking for me.

  Yakumo:	Come forth, Touchao!!

  Garuga:	Mashin (evil spirit) netsuen (sweltering heat) keshin

pg. 109)
  Gupta:	Im..impossible...  Can anyone survive that!?  Wasn't that a
		big ball of fire!?

  Gupta:	Immortal man!!

  Garuga:	Humph!

pg. 110)
  Gupta:	Boy!!

  Yakumo:	I'm...alright.  Go get Garuga...

  Gupta:	B..but...

  Gupta:	What!?

pg. 111)
  Yakumo [thinking]: Pai...  R..run.

pg. 112)
  Pai:		Why...  Why!!

  Garuga:	Where!!  Where is Sanjiyan!!  Haahahahahahaha!

  Yakumo [thinking]: Pai!!

Book 8, Story 7(#31) - Legend of the True Seima - Part IX

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 115)
  Garuga:	Come out, Sanjiyan!!!  Wherever you're hiding, as long as
		you're in this Hyouma palace, you won't escape from me!!

  Garuga:	Haahahahahahahaha!

  Garuga:	Aahahahahahahaha!

pg. 116)
  Gupta:	Garuga!!

  Garuga:	Humph!  Not dead yet, huh, damned insects!

  Gupta:	Van Giraasu!!

pg. 117)
  Yakumo:	Waa!

  Gupta:	Argh!

  Yakumo:	Argh!

  Gupta:	Huh!

  Gupta:	No use...  My aguni maasaa (fire god's magic power) can't
		touch him...  ahh!

pg. 118)
  Garuga:	Haahahahahahaha!!  Your "Wu" is useless!!  Come out, Sanjiyan!!

  Yakumo [thinking]: Shit, what to do!?

  Yakumo:	Is it beyond us now...?

  Garuga:	If you don't come out, I'll find you!!  Sanjiyan!!

pg. 119)
  Yakumo:	Wh..what's *that*!!

pg. 120)
  King:		Q..quickly, run, Miss Seima!!

pg. 121)
  Pai:		I'm sorry.

  Pai:		You waited for me all this time, didn't you.

  Pai:		Even so...  Even so Pai cannot do anything...  Pai is not a
		goddess.  Not a goddess.

pg. 122)
  Pai:		I'm sorry.

pg. 123)
  King:		Im..impossible!!  Maarishaa, whose brain cells are damaged,
		killing herself...  That's impossible!!

pg. 124)
  Pai:		Gentle child...  Even if you attack Pai it's okay...

  Pai:		Please sleep peacefully.

  Pai:		Well, let's go, Grandpa.

pg. 125)
  King:		Indeed you are the true Seima.

  Pai:		Erh?!

  King:		Wha..!?

  Garuga [through one of his "arm"]: Ha ha ha, I found you, Sanjiyan!!  So you
		are in this place!!  Ha ha hah.

pg. 126)
  Ling Ling:	It seems like the monster found you.  Let's escape while we

  Pai:		Meixing!  Long!  Ling Ling!

pg. 127)

  Long:		Right now there's a monster rampaging outside.  It's too soon
		to be delighted.

  Pai:		Um.

  King:		Yo..you are...

  Ling Ling:	It doesn't matter.  Hurry...

pg. 128)
  King:		Ga..Garuga!!

  Pai:		Wh..what's that!!

  Garuga:	Hehehehehehe!

  Garuga:	Anything but Sanjiyan is useless!  I'll burn you insects to

pg. 129)
  Pai:		NOO!!

  Pai:		Barasu vidaahi

pg. 130)
  Garuga:	Excellent...  Even Sanjiyan's magic light didn't turn a hair.

  Garuga:	Then I'll procure immortality and become the only god!

  Pai:		Help, Yakumo!!

pg. 131)
  Yakumo:	Paiii!

  Gupta:	Boy!!!  How are you going to save Sanjiyan with this thing!?

  Yakumo:	Who said about saving!!  If I take this engine [to fight
		against Garuga], it's sufficient by myself.

  Gupta:	Eh!?

  Garuga:	What is he doing?

pg. 132)
  Yakumo:	Fly off, Gupta!!

pg. 133)
  Garuga:	Son of a b...!

  Yakumo:	Whoooa!

Book 8, Story 8(#32) - Legend of the True Seima - Part X

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 135)
  Ling Ling:	Waa!

  Everyone:	Waa!  Aaa!

pg. 136)
  Gupta:	Old king!!  Sanjiyan!!

pg. 137)
  Yakumo:	Heh heh.  Ended, everything.  This time we'll search for "Seima
		rock" and become human.

  Yakumo:	...become human...

  (flashback) Garuga: You think you can	become human just by yourselves!!
		Damned fools!!

pg. 138)
  Yakumo:	I wonder what the hell did he mean by that.

  Yakumo:	Whooooaa!

pg. 139)
  Hyoumas:	Old king!!  Old King!!

  King:		I'm sorry, everyone...  Due to my carelessness I allowed
		Garuga to...

  Hyouma:	What are you saying!  As long as you're fine!

  Pai:		Yakumo...where's Yakumo?

  Gypta?:	There's no need to worry.  That boy will return to life soon...

pg. 140)
  Garuga:	You can't escape from me anymore, Sanjiyan!!  Your "Wu" has
		already fallen in my hand!!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

  Ling Ling:	Yakumo!!!

pg. 141)
  Yakumo:	Ev..everyone, run...run...  My power is no longer...  I can't

  Pai:		Yakumo!

  Yakumo:	Pai...

  Garuga:	See what happens to those who oppose me.

  Hyoumas:	Young prince!?  Garuga!!

  Yakumo:	Waaa!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

pg. 142)
  Garuga:	Hum.

  Yakumo:	Argh!

  Garuga:	Damned fools!  No matter how many times you use "Shiva's Claw"

pg. 143)
  Garuga:	It's not going to work!!!

  Ling Ling:	Waa!

  Everyone:	Kyaa!

pg. 144)
  Yakumo [thinking]: Pai!!

  Yakumo [thinking]: It's...It's no use...  My body's losing its senses...

  Yakumo [thinking]: My senses...

  Garuga:	Hehehehe!

pg. 145)
  Garuga:	Aaahahahahahahaha!

  Yakumo [thinking]: Paii!

  Pai:		Yakumooo!

  Pai:		Yaakumooo!!

pg. 146)
  Pai:		Yakumooo!!!

  Yakumo:	Pai!?

  Garuga:	Wh..what!?  You're striking again!!

pg. 147)
  Garuga:	Try this!!

  Sanjiyan:	Fool!!

pg. 148)
  Garuga:	Huh, this ain't gonna work...

pg. 150)
  Garuga:	Heeeee!

pg. 153)
  Yakumo:	"Sanjiyan".

  Sanjiyan:	You did well, being able to get this far by yourself.

  Sanjiyan:	Sorry I made you waited.

  Sanjiyan:	Yakumo...

  Yakumo:	"Sanjiyan"!!

pg. 154)
  Masked man:	Hehehehe.

Book 8, Story 9(#33) - Legend of the True Seima - Part XI

Translated by Helena Yan (hyan@cs.stanford.edu)

pg. 157)
  Yakumo:	Even with all the noise this early in the morning...

  Yakumo:	I'm saved by Pai again...  I'm so pathetic...

pg. 158)
  Pai:		I'm starved...

  Yakumo:	Sukiyaki, shabu shabu, fried shrimp, hamburger, yakiniku,
		ramen, curry, norimaki, toro, ikura...

  Pai:		Yum...

  Sidebar:	To Miss Hayashibara.

  Pai:		Paradise, paradise...

  Yakumo [thinking]: Is this a goddess!?

  Yakumo:	Hehehe, so cuute!

  Yakumo [thinking]: I wonder if she'll wake up soon...  There's so much I want
		to tell her!!

pg. 159)
  Yakumo:	Should I give her a kiss!

  Ling Ling:	Wha--at do you think you're doing this early in the morning!

  Yakumo:	A..aiya, konchi koremata [??] president!

  Ling Ling:	It's rare to find an immortal hero as menial as you.

  Long:		I'll treat you to breakfast.

  Yakumo:	Ah, but I'm waiting for Pai...

  Ling Ling:	I have no idea what kids are up to these day but...  You must
		eat when you can eat!!  This is the top principle of life!!

  Yakumo:	President!

pg. 160)
  Yakumo:	Morning.

  Meixing:	Morning [in English].

  Yakumo:	What's this since morning?

  Meixing:	Um.  Someone's replacing the old king, I heard.

  Yakumo:	Hmph, because Garuga's not...?

  Meixing:	Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	Heh?

pg. 161)
  Meixing:	Good luck with Pai!!  I'm going back to England.

  Yakumo:	Meixing!!

  Meixing:	Hang in there!  Next time we meet, I'll bring my boyfriend.

  Long:		I won't permit this!!!

  Yakumo:	Aah!

pg. 162)
  King:		Everyone, listen carefully.  Without Garuga, there's no one
		but Arumarikku who can continue my footsteps.

  King:		I have passed on our secret ritual with asphyxiating embryos,
		as well as my throne, to Arumarikku.  Everyone, please follow
		Arumarikku with all your heart.

pg. 163)
  Gupta:	I don't know what I'm capable of...  but for the people, I
		will give my life.  Please help me.

  Gupta [thinking]: Garuga...

  Hyouma 1:	Hey, guest!!  Drink this up.

  Yakumo:	Wow!

  Hyouma 2:	Please eat this.

  Long:		I'll have one more.

  Ling Ling:	So polite...  This is so different from when we first arrived.

pg. 164)
  Gupta:	What are you going to do now, boy?

  Yakumo:	Well...

  Yakumo:	I'm in no hurry as long as I'm with Pai but...  We will go to
		Sanjiyan's Seichi (holy ground) and search for the "Seima
		Rock" which has Kaiyanwan sealed.

  Gupta:	Seima Rock?

  Yakumo:	If we can read the thoughts left by Kaiyanwan using method of
		zanzon shinen (thoughts remaining), we think we can find a way
		for Pai and I to become human.

  Gupta:	So.

pg. 165)
  Sanjiyan:	You're too optimistic, Yakumo.

  Sanjiyan:	Is that what you're thinking of, fool?

  Yakumo:	Sa..Sanjiyan...

  Sanjiyan:	I was living in Seichi the whole time; the Seima rock was
		blown off, not a fragment remains.

pg. 166)
  Yakumo:	Heh?

  Sanjiyan:	Perhaps it was blown off to somewhere in this world through
		Konron when it opened by chance.

  Yakumo:	Wh..what...

  Sanjiyan:	But, don't give up.

  Sanjiyan:	This idea of using the technique of remaining thoughts is

pg. 167)
  Sanjiyan:	From now on, what's the plan for the Hyouma people?  Are you
		going to continue your road to extinction?

  Gupta:	That...

  Sanjiyan:	It takes all my effort to make this Yakumo [the furigana of
		Yakumo reads dekisokonai, which means "badly made"] a "Wu", but
		when it's Kaiyan he may know of a way to save all of you.

  Sanjiyan:	From now on the Hyouma people will unite their forces in
		search of the Seima rock!!  We will survive together!!

pg. 168)
  Hyoumas:	Yes!  Yeeess!

  Masked man:	Now that the seal that this guy put on me is broken, there's
		no reason to stay here anymore...  Hehehe.

  Masked man:	Meanwhile you should replenish your power as much as possible,

pg. 169)
  Yakumo:	Searching for the Seima rock with Hyouma's help...  That's

  Yakumo:	But I guess Pai has not awaken yet...

  Sanjiyan:	Yo!

  Yakumo:	Sanjiyan...

  Yakumo:	Weren't you drinking with others?

  Sanjiyan:	I've quit drinking!!  When I drink that, bad things happen.

pg. 170)
  Sanjiyan:	This time the merits go to you and Pai.  Just this time it's
		special.  You should tell Pai all your feelings.

  Yakumo [narration]: Thus ended our long 10-day period.  Feeling moved by the
		end of everything...

  Yakumo [narration]: I could not tell Pai even one thing.

  Pai:		Yakumo.  What's wrong, Yakumo?  Yakumo...

* I don't know the name of the bat-looking monster.

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