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Book 8, Story 10(#34) - The Merchant of Secret Arts - Part I

Translated by David Park (dpark@sazan.net), 1999-May-17
Assistance by Miyamoto-san

pg. 172)
		Hong Kong

  Pai [humming]:	Ehehe
  Words on bag:		Hong Kong Niku-manjuu [meat-filled steamed bun]

pg. 173)
  Young man:	Hu..hungry...

  Pedestrian:	Oh, gross.  Is he going to die?
  Young man:	Food...
  Pedestrian:	These are bad times, aren't they?

  Pai:		Hi

  Young man:	Wh-wh-wh-what do you want?

  Pai:		I'll give you these (Chinese dumplings).
  Young man:	Eh!?

pg. 174)
  Sign:		Yogekisha

  Yakumo:	What, isn't this HK$20,000 bill outrageous!?
  Ling Ling:	Shut up.

  Ling Ling:	As Mr. Yotsuya requested, he was safely rescued from the 
		Hyouma hideout, and Pai escaped too!!
		That's a bargain!!

  Yakumo:	And this one for HK$100,000 addressed to the Hyouma?
  Ling Ling:	Various office repair costs

  Ling Ling:	Rather than that, Yakumo!!
		Why don't you come back to Yogekisha (home) for real and 
		do some ghostbusting?
		We're getting plenty of requests for work, you know.
  Yakumo:	Pass!

pg. 175)
  Yakumo:	Requests are arriving, but I imagine they are all bogus.
		Please explain how you can receive outrageous fees from 
  Ling Ling:	What are you saying?  We are selling a dream.  Isn't 
		that a good thing?
  Footnote:	They are written in Cantonese.
  		[The writing in the picture is actually Japanese.] 

  Yakumo:	You should use the magazine to help stop frauds and hoaxes.

  Ling Ling:	The magazine is more of a fraud I think.
		Here, I completed the spirit photograph.
  Yakumo:	I dread the future...

  Pai:		I'm back, Yakumo!
  Yakumo:	Yo, welcome back.

  Pai:		Is there something to eat?

  Yakumo:	S..something to eat?  But Pai...
		you just went to buy a snack...
  Pai:		Right, but this person, see, he was hungry.
  Young man:	Ah, well

pg. 176)
  Young man:	Th-th-th-th-thank you!!  You-you've done enough.
		I-I am looking for someone, so if you'll excuse me.

  Young man:	Sorry, there's just one more thing...
		I'm looking for "Yogekisha", do you know where...

  Young man:	Son  of  a...
  Yakumo:	Could you possibly be...

  Young man:	You tricked me well, didn't you!!
		Prepare yourself, Yakumo Fujii!!!

pg. 177)
  Yakumo:	Wa..Wait!!  
		It's a misunderstanding!!  A misunderstanding!!!

  Young man:	It's no use to argue!!!

  Yakumo:	But it's true.

  Yakumo:	Really!! Just a little misunderstanding!! Believe me!!

pg. 178)
  Yakumo:	What!?
  Young man:	Hahaha, I have your blood.

  Young man:	Don't make a wrong move!

pg. 179)
  Young man:	If you make a wrong move, I will pour your blood on 
		these ancient beast (juuma) eggs, and they will hatch 
		right here!!

  Yakumo:	Ack!

  Young man:	So, fulfill the promise you made three years ago.
  Yakumo:	B-but...
  Ling Ling:	Just a minute

pg. 180)
  Ling Ling:	Who are you?  What are you up to?
		Anyway, I'm responsible for this place!!
		First, you should tell me what you are talking about.

  Young man:	F-f-f-fine.

  Young man:	I-I-I am "Secret Arts Merchant" Hazrat Haan.
		In Pa-Pakistan, I followed in the footsteps of my old man,
		a kindly black market merchant trading various charms and 
		tools of sorcery and magic.
		Three years ago that guy came to my place.

pg. 181)
  Lantern:	Secret Arts
  Yakumo:	I want an "art" with destructive power, so don't you have 
		something like that?

  Haan:		You're a sorcerer?

  Yakumo:	Not really... however, my body is really strong.
  Haan:		If you want beast magic, I've currently got two things.

  Yakumo:	Beast magic!?

  Haan:		The great evil warrior of legend Benares invented this 
		secret art.
		I have the three-clawed "T'u-chao" (earth claw) and the 
		light-reflecting "Ching-ku" (mirror tick).
  Haan:		They're terrible until they are trained, though.

  Haan:		Put the egg inside the containing area and pour your blood 
		on it, and the beast will hatch.  The hatched beast won't 
		live without your life force, but it won't simply obey.
  Haan:		Fight with the beast to make it recognize you as its master.

pg. 182)
  Haan:		Furthermore, because the beast drains your life force until 
		it dies, if you aren't a Wu like Benares this magic can 
		be fatal.

  Yakumo:	I want them! I want them at any cost! I don't have much

  Haan:		Oh, I've gotten off the subject.
		These are quite precious objects!  You can't just buy 
		them with money.

  Yakumo:	What is it!? Impossible, something like eternal youth or 
		the Sanjiyan...

  Haan:		Will you introduce me to a cute Japanese girl? Please?
  Footnote:	Oh, joy, a falling gag

pg. 183)
  Haan:		I'm no good when I'm in front of a girl, you see.
		I want to meet a Japanese girl since they are the most 
		kindhearted in the whole world.
		For that reason I also learned Japanese.

  Yakumo:	Hahaha...  not really...

  Haan:		Isn't there someone?
  Yakumo:	Well...

  Yakumo:	There's a person named Kimie Shingyouji.

  Haan:		Kimie

  Haan:		W-what a nice name

  Haan:		Definitely introduce me to that person!
  Yakumo:	Aah, y-you should certainly come along...
  Haan:		Definitely!!

pg. 184)
  Haan:		I waited for three years.

  Haan:		And this guy didn't send a message or anything!!
  Ling Ling:	That's really mean, Yakumo.

  Yakumo:	But boss (lit: company president), at that time I was 
		hurrying to defeat the evil spirit Naushisu in the 
  Footnote:	Refer to the CD "Hito no Maki" (Mankind Chapter)

  Ling Ling:	That doesn't matter.  Isn't it OK if you introduce him?

  Yakumo:	B-but...

  Haan:		Or, was that just a lie to tide me over and there 
		is no such person!?
  Yakumo:	No... there is such a person but...

  Yakumo:	Would a different girl be all right?

pg. 185)
  Yakumo:	Hi, are you Japanese?  Would you like to go out for a 
		little while?

  Yakumo:	Hey, you...
  Girls:	Yikes, scary
		A desperate guy
		Thread eyes!

  Yakumo:	Hey, are you Japanese?

pg. 186)
  Haan:		Hey, hurry it up!!
		If it can't be Shingyouji, then I want to meet two girls.
  Yakumo:	Shit, he's acting awfully stuck-up.

  Yakumo:	Nevertheless, if the beasts are hatched in a place with no 
		containment area, who knows what might happen.

  Yakumo:	Oh well.

  Pai:		Hey, Yakumo!!  This is interesting.

  Pai:		A mirror house!!  It's filled with Pais.
		Yakumo, come here soon.

  Yakumo:	Later, OK

  Yakumo:	Hey, are you Japanese?
  Girl:		Yaaaaa!

pg. 187)
  Ling Ling:	Then you didn't catch a single girl?
  Yakumo:	Uh

  Haan:		Because they all ran away.

  Yakumo:	What'll I do?

  Yakumo:	I know

  Yakumo:	Take this and go here (to Japan).
  Letter:	Kimie Shingyouji

pg. 188)
  Yakumo:	If you do, you're likely to meet Kimie...
  Haan:		You're a great guy!!

  Haan:		I see, yes, yes,
		with this, I too can meet a woman.

  Yakumo:	And?  My blood?
  Haan:		Eh?

Book 8, Story 11(#35) - The Merchant of Secret Arts - Part II

Translated by David Park (dpark@sazan.net), 1999-May-17
Assistance by Miyamoto-san

pg. 190)
  Yakumo:	Whoa!!  You idiot!!
		Do something!!
  Haan:		What can I do...

  Yakumo:	Can't you do something, like prevent the beasts from 
		hatching, or create a containing area!!

pg. 191)
  Haan:		Just the other day at historic ruins in the Himalayas, 
		nothing but the eggs were excavated.  I don't know what 
		type of beast is inside them.
		(OK, OK, I give up.)
		Because there's no way to make a plan to deal with them 
		until we can see them being born...

  Yakumo:	You...!!  You talk like it's not your problem.
  Haan:		Well...it's just that I have a lot of expenses. Hahahaha

  Ling Ling:	Th-they're coming out.

  Yakumo:	Get back, everyone!

pg. 192)
  Yakumo:	It's quick!

  Yakumo:	Protective coloration as well!?

  Haan:		Is it "Tsou-lin"!?  (running scale)

  Pai:		Yakumo, behind you!

pg. 193)
  Ling Ling:	Nice!  You stopped the monster's movement.
  Pai:		Yakumo!!

  Haan:		Good, Fujii!  That's a transport beast, its attack 
		power is weak!  Now finish it off!!

  Yakumo:	W-weak, you say

  Yakumo:	With all this power, my hand is...

  Yakumo:	I hope the other one is even weaker...

  Yakumo:	That, can it be...

pg. 194)
  Benares[image]:	Come out, "Kuang-ya" (Light Fang)

  Yakumo:	The really powerful light-beast used by Benares!?

  Yakumo:	Everybody get out!!  Quickly!!

pg. 196)
  Yakumo:	How is everyone!?

  Sanjiyan:	Foolish one
  Yakumo:	Sa-Sanjiyan...

  Sanjiyan:	Quickly go get that beast and make a contract.

  Haan:		Here
		There's no choice, for that beast only you can do it.

  Yakumo:	"Thank you."

pg. 197)
  Yakumo:	I, now, make a respectful request of the earth spirit.
		In exchange for my blood, grant the obeyance of this 
		beast.  I have the name Yakumo Fujii.

  Yakumo:	Whew, that's a relief.

  Neighbors:	Hey, was that a bomb?
		What, it's the middle of the night!
		Is it Yogekisha again?

  Ling Ling:	Sorry!  A gas leak caught fire.  Everything's fine now.

  Neighbors:	What troublemakers...

pg. 198)
  Haan:		First of all, if you put it in a containment area, you 
		can't touch "Kuang-ya".  Beasts born with your blood are in 
		a rage aiming solely for your life force, so if you go off 
		by yourself there's no problem.  After 10 days it will die 
		from starvation.

  Yakumo:	Right, this is different from the time with "T'u-chao" 
		because I'm not in the containment area.

  Yakumo:	That time, it was three days and three nights filled with 
		nothing but trouble.  Only after I finished the contract,
		I was especially happy.

  Yakumo:	In any case the matter is settled.
  Haan:		I agree.

  Sanjiyan:	Is that all right, Yakumo?
		The troublesome "Kuang-ya" will be useless if it is 
		allowed to die.

pg. 199)
  Haan:		Ah, it's a real Sanjiyan Unkara.  It's the first time 
		I've seen one.  Can I have your autograph?

  Sanjiyan:	It's one art, but it seems you need to obtain a lot if you 
		want to become stronger.
  Footnote:	Delicious guy...

  Yakumo:	Stronger... I don't have the strength to fight.

  Yakumo:	It's the same as Pai gathering strength to become human.
		I also want a way to avoid a fight, but I don't have 
		the fighting strength.
  Sanjiyan:	Foolish one!!  Only one who has mastered that power can 
		speak those words.

pg. 200)
  Sanjiyan:	Or else find strength like the time with Galga, at the 
		end you were helping me.

  Sanjiyan:	Well then, protect Pai her whole life.

  Yakumo:	I understand, OK.  You don't have to talk like that.
		Still, I...

  Haan:		Heh, how sweet!!

pg. 201)
  Haan:		Waah!!  It came back!!

  Yakumo:	What!?  It regained enough power to come back already?
  Ling Ling:	Listen Yakumo!!  Please get out the office.

  Sanjiyan:	You come with us too.
  Haan:		No way

pg. 202)
  Yakumo:	Well, I'll help you afterwards.

  Sanjiyan:	Look, get out of here quickly!  That thing is coming again!

  Yakumo:	This isn't funny, if this is all the help you give, a man 
		will go out of fashion!

pg. 203)
  Yakumo:	Are you OK, Sanjiyan?

  Pai:		Eh?  Where am I?

  Yakumo:	That Sanjiyan...
		She really gave me some serious help...

  Pai:		Oh no, Yakumo!!  It's coming right behind us!!
  Yakumo:	I know!!

  Pai:		Yakumo

pg. 204)
  Yakumo:	Shit!!
		As expected, whenever I protect Pai it's painful for me!!

  Yakumo:	Look, Sanjiyan!!  I'm absolutely going to become stronger.

  Haan:		Way to go.
		However, that guy bounced off a mirror and is coming back 
		in this direction again.

pg. 205)
  Yakumo:	In other words, if surrounded by mirrors "Kuang-ya" can be
		Mirrors, you say... how...

pg. 206)
  Yakumo:	Pai, someplace with mirrors...

  Yakumo:	Am I going to lose?

Book 8, Story 12(#36) - The Merchant of Secret Arts - Part III

Translated by David Park (dpark@sazan.net), 1999-May-17
Assistance by Miyamoto-san

pg. 208)
  Yakumo:	Whoa

  Yakumo:	You're making fun of me, monster!!  Just wait until I 
		trap you with a mirror!!

pg. 210)
  Haan:		We're beaten, aren't we...
		It would have been better if that guy (Yakumo) had entered 
		the containment area peacefully.
		If this continues, Hong Kong is going to be flattened.

  Pai:		Why don't you try to help, Haan?

  Haan:		Eh!?  He-he-help?

  Haan:		I-I'm not a "Wu" or a "Sanjiyan", I'm human!!
		It's not possible for me to do anything!!  I enjoy seeing 
		Fujii worried...

pg. 211)
  Haan:		Ah, cute

  Haan:		No, that's no good!!  I like the women of Japan!!
		[lit. "yamato nadeshiko"]
		I'll quickly go to Japan and meet "Kimie Shingyouji"!!

  Haan:		To Japan...

  Haan:		By the way, do you have some sort of plan?
  Pai:		Yep, the amusement park!!

  Yakumo:	Shit, how can there be no mirrors here either!!
		What am I gonna do?

pg. 212)
  Pai:		Don't worry, Yakumo!!
		Pai knows of a place full of mirrors.
  Haan:		If I only had money...

  Yakumo:	Where is it!?

  Haan:		How about it, Fujii!  How much will you pay for this 
  Yakumo:	Y-O-U...

  Haan:		Oh well.  Hahahaha

  Yakumo:	I'll telephone "Shingyouji", you jerk.

  Haan:		It's the amusement park mirror house, master!!
		(Hey, what's with that's scary face.)
		When we get there we will close the entrance somehow 
		to emprison "Kuang-ya" inside.

pg. 213)
  Yakumo:	Mirror house?

  Yakumo:	Surely "Kuang-ya" can be trapped, but...
		In just that space, won't binding that thing be 
  Haan:		That's Yakumo's specialty, right.

  Yakumo:	Ching-ku!!

pg. 214)
  Yakumo:	Understood!!  Let's try it.

pg. 215)
  Haan:		How is it, will it do the job?

  Yakumo:	It's rather big, but I'll try.

  Haan:		Do it quickly.  It's almost time for the park to open, 
		and we want to be out before the visitors come in.

  Yakumo:	In any case, close the entrance, OK?

  Haan:		I know, leave that to me...

  Haan:		Whoa, here it comes!!

pg. 216)
  Haan:		All right, now.

pg. 217)
  Yakumo:	My eyes can't focus!!  Get me out of here!

  Haan:		Give it up.  Until the seal expires after half a day, 
		nobody can pass through there.

pg. 218)
  Yakumo:	Why didn't you tell me that...

  Yakumo:	Shit!!  I didn't plan on all of this.

  Yakumo:	Oops

  Yakumo:	Shit!!  What's with the mirrored hall getting smaller?

pg. 219)
  Yakumo:	If I can't get out of the passage right away, then...

  Yakumo:	It's narrow!!  That thing is coming straight at me!!

  Yakumo:	I, now, make a respectful request of the earth spirit!!
		In exchange for my blood...

pg. 220)
  Yakumo:	Shit, no good.

  Yakumo:	I must find an smaller place to contain this thing, or 
		the binding process won't work.

  Haan:		This is awkward, more people are coming in.

  Pai:		What should be do?  Yakumo is all right, isn't he?

  Haan:		I don't know, but I doubt there's a chance of death...?

pg. 221)
  Haan:		T'u-chao?
  Pai:		Yakumo!?

  Pai:		Yakumo!!
  Haan:		Idiot!!  Why the hell did you come out!!  This could be 
		a big disaster!!

  Yakumo:	Shit, that's...!?

  Yakumo:	Let me borrow this a moment!!
  Old man:	Yaaah, what are you doing?

pg. 222)
  Pai:		Yakumo, look out!!

  Pai:		YAKUMO

pg. 223)
  Yakumo:	Beast, give your obeyance to me.
		I have the name "Yakumo Fujii".

  Haan:		Magic bottle, huh?  [mahou-bin; Japanese term for 'thermos']

pg. 224)
  Ling Ling:	So, the reason Haan went to Japan...

  Yakumo:	Well, the wages for his help paid for his travel expenses 
		to Japan, you know.
		Anyway, I acquired two beasts, right.

  Ling Ling:	Is it OK, about "Shingyouji"?

  Yakumo:	Ha ha

  Yakumo:	Because Shingyouji likes men, it's OK.
		Probably...  hahahaha

  Haan:		Murder!  I'm definitely going to murder Fujii!

  Mama:		But don't you want to get to know Kimie (me)?
  Haan:		Murder!
  Mama:		You're really cute.

Book 8, Story 13(#37) - Red Rain in Malaysia - Part I

Translated by "Mr. Kaiyanwang" (sanjiyan82@hotmail.com)
Based on the Chinese HK version of 3x3 Eyes

pg. 226)
  narr:		Sarawak, Malaysia

  Worker:	Waa! Uh ...

  Worker:	Uh ...

pg. 227)
  Worker:	Waaaaaaahh!

pg. 228)
  Girl:		Oh!
  Girl:		I was too late ...

pg. 229)
  Yakumo:	I really didn't think ...
  Yakumo:	I really didn't think that an Eastern country ...
  Yakumo:	Would rain this much ...

  Yakumo:	Really ...
  Yakumo:	If I knew in advance, I wouldn't have come ...

pg. 230)
  Ling-Ling:	Yakumo, there's a job!
  Yakumo:	Ah!

  Ling-Ling:	There's a Japanese company in Malaysia that asks for our service 
		in exterminating youkai! They're paying yen! Yen!
  Ling-Ling:	Hurry up and get to Malaysia!
  Yakumo:	Ah

  Yakumo:	But why should I go? What's the reason?

  Ling-Ling:	Um,
  Ling-Ling:	You tell me?

  Yakumo:	But I didn't wreck the building.

pg. 231)
  Man:		........

  Man:		I'm representative from the Tokyo company (???).
  Yakumo:	Oh.
  Man:		You look like a High School student. Are you sure you're from 

  Yakumo:	Fujii Yakumo, 21 years old with a 5 year experience with Yougekisha.

  Man:		I still find that hard to believe.
  Yakumo:	It's okay. We only accept payment after we finished out service.

  Man:		........

pg. 232)
  Yakumo:	Malaysia is an Eastern country. It should be loud.
  Yakumo:	But why is it so quiet.

  Man:		November to Janurary are rain season and wind season. Sometimes, 
		it looks like it's flooding.
  Yakumo: Oh.

  Man[narr]:	In the rain season, there are a lot of Japanese business trucks 
		delivering wood. It's often loud.
  Man[narr]:	The speciality is delivering wooden goods, so we use a lot of 

  Yakumo:	Fuu ...
  Yakumo:	Can you stop for a bit?

  Man:		........

  Yakumo:	I was sick from the airflight, and adding that long car ride, I 
		don't feel comfortable ...

pg. 233)
  Yakumo:	Why is there a black mark on that road?
  Man:		Um.
  Man:		I just got here last week, so I'm not clear on that myself.

  Yakumo:	I feel a youki!

  [An explanination for "youki": "you" is the 'demon' part taken from "youkai" 
  and "youma". "Ki" is Japanese for energy. So, the word "youki" means "demon 

  Yakumo:	What could it be ...

  Man:		Let's get back to the company first!

pg. 234)
  Man:		Those are all wrecked trucks.
  Man:		They're the reason why we called you over.

  Yakumo:	What kind of animal could have that much strength to wreck a truck?
  Man:		Maybe the engine malfunctioned ... but the dead victims aren't as 

  Man:		Sometimes they were decapitated.

  Man:		Sometimes they were poisoned.

  Man:		Sometimes they were squished within the trucks.

pg. 235)
  Man:		The village leader says that this is the cause of a monster.

  Man:		The company must work during the rain season, our loss would be great.

  Man:		My company sent me here to check.

  Man:		When I was in Hong Kong, I read one of Yougekisha's magazines.
  Man:		To tell you the truth, I like reading horror stories.
  Man:		That's why I contacted Yougekisha.

  Man[thinking]: I never thought they'd send a kid over ...

  Man:		Do you have anything you'd like to say?

  Yakumo:		Um ...

  Mis. Workers:	You're here again? Get lost!

pg. 236)
  Girl:		Don't go out when it rains!
  Girl:		Otherwise, everyone's lives are in danger.

  Mis. Workers:	Do you not understand what I'm saying?
  Mis. Workers:	We have to delivery the woods back to Japan.

  Mis. Workers:	Go back!
  Girl:		Ahh!

  Yakumo:	Hey! What are you all doing?

  Worker:	Who are you?

  Yakumo:	Are you alright?
  Girl:		.......

pg. 237)
  Yakumo:	What do you know?
  Yakumo:	Do you know anything about the murders?

  Girl:		All Japanese should go back to their country!
  Girl:		Otherwise you'll all be killed.

  Boss:		You're telling me to stop working in the rain season?
  Yakumo:	Yes, I need to check this case throughoutly.

  Boss:		Don't you not know that the country needs wooded goods?
  Boss:		Because the company has to pay the families of the dead workers, 
		there's no way that we can stop for even one day!

pg. 238)
  Boss:		I don't care about the case.
  Boss:		Santeen (???), you'd better watch him.
  Man:		Boss.
  Boss:		Get this unknown kid out of here!

  Man:		I apologize for that. The recent events have left him mentally 
  Yakumo:	And he doesn't want to admit about youkai ...

  Yakumo[narr.]: Sigh! Actually, I want to go back home as well ...

  Mis. Worker:	Sir Santeen!

  Mis. Worker:	We've found another corpse!

pg. 239)
  Man/Santeen:	Urgh!

  Yakumo:	Poison!?

  Santeen:	You found him flowing?

  Worker:	6 people was sent there ...
  Yakumo:	!?

  Yakumo:	Hurry up and get inside!

pg. 240)
  Worker:	What does that kid want to do?
  Santeen:	........

  Santeen:	Whatever it is, let's just do what he suggests.
  Santeen:	Please.

  Yakumo:	Kuso! I have a bad feeling.
  Yakumo:	I should be home celebrating Christmas with Pai.
  Yakumo:	The two of us, happily passing the holiday.

  Yakumo:	Na! Look at the cake I made.
  Pai:		Waa! You're such a genius.

  [Check out Ling-Ling's expression in the back of this panel! It's 

  Pai:		I really like you!

  Yakumo:	But instead, I'm here ....
  Yakumo:	Kuso!

pg. 241)
  Yakumo:	Too late ...

  Yakumo:	Come out ...

  Yakumo:	Kuu-Yaa!

pg. 242)
  Yakumo:	What!!

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