Shakti is my old desktop system. It was originally installed in an Addtronics tower case, but has been relocated to a generic mid-tower case and is currently being used as a testbed for a bunch of old (mostly SCSI) equipment I have lying around. The hardware went through many iterations over the years, but the list below should match what is currently installed.

Shakti replaced my laptop Parvati as my primary computer in September 1999, after I returned from Japan. For the first time, I built the entire system from the ground up. Most of the parts I bought online (see the dreams page for a partial price list), but some things were borrowed from my old desktop(s). [Note: the funny thing about looking at that price list almost 10 years later and comparing it to, say, Core i7 components today, is that the prices are not that different, except for the the high-priced SCSI drives. Obviously the modern components are much more powerful.]

Shakti means "force, power, energy" in Sanskrit. Both Shakti and Parvati are names of Shiva's consort, the Divine Mother in Hinduism. (Thanks to The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion for the above facts.)

Monitor, speakers, and funky keyboard


Tower case with luxury casters


Operating Systems

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