Puppet's Heart


Since this manga series is relatively new, the descriptions below do not go into much detail on the characters. If you have a copy of the manga, read the chapter 1 translation for more details. An updated guide, containing a few spoilers, will be available in the future.


Tsujimura Genzô (辻村幻蔵)

Genzô is a puppeteer with extraordinary, almost magical skill. His puppets can be mistaken for living beings. After suffering a personal tragedy, Genzô discovered that he had lost touch with his emotions. He also experiences strange visions that reveal to him the ugliness lurking in human hearts. He has begun to use his puppetry skills to revenge the wrongful deaths of others. By the way, it is hard to find good color pictures of Genzô, since he is usually lurking in the background.


Nagashima Kiku (長嶋鬼九)

Better known as Kikuhime (鬼九姫), Nagashima Kiku is the daughter of the late lord of Kamikawa castle. As her father's heir, she is currently the head of her warrior clan. She is a strong-willed leader and a skilled swordfighter, but she also has a tender side. Kikuhime seems to have fallen for Genzô and is currently following him on his directionless journey. For more insight on women in the Warring States Era of Japanese history, see this article on women warriors.


Otsuru (お鶴)

A wild, mysterious girl with a blade in place of her right hand, Otsuru is quite the opposite of the samurai princess Kikuhime. The name Otsuru can be translated as "Miss Crane" (like the bird). The honorific O at the beginning of her name comes from an old-fashioned custom when naming a woman.


Tsujimura Seibei (辻村清兵衛)

This old man is a well-known puppetmaster. However, due to his age, he has been retired for more than ten years. His son-in-law and apprentice, Genzô, has now succeeded him as a master puppeteer. Seibei is very concerned for Genzô's well-being.

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