Puppet's Heart



[vol. 1 cover] Genzô Hitogata Kiwa 1
Story and art by Yuzo Takada
19cm softcover, 150 pages, B&W (4 color inserts)
Afternoon KC 1087 (Kodansha), 1998-7-23, ¥476

The first tankôbon contains the first three chapters of of the manga, plus a bonus one-shot Yuzo Takada story titled Gôtsûden, which was originally published in 1990 in Young Magazine. See the manga page for more about the individual manga chapters.

[vol. 2 cover] Genzô Hitogata Kiwa 2
Story and art by Yuzo Takada
19cm softcover, 182 pages, B&W (4 color inserts)
Afternoon KC 1107 (Kodansha), 1999-10-22, ¥476

Book 2 contains chapters 4-9 of the manga. This book marks a shift away from one-shot stories to longer plots.

[vol. 3 cover] Genzô Hitogata Kiwa 3
Story and art by Yuzo Takada
19cm softcover, 166 pages, B&W (2 color inserts)
Afternoon KC 1143 (Kodansha), 2002-12-20, ¥476

After a three-year vacation, Genzô returns in a new tale. The book contains chapters 10-15, which are all part of a continuous story. The final chapter ends with a typical Takada cliffhanger, so hopefully another volume will be published in 2003.

2000 Calendar

[2000 calendar] A Genzô Hitogata Kiwa calendar was produced for the year 2000. You can read all about it (in Japanese) at Kodansha's online store (fifth row down on the left). It was a hanging scroll calendar (360mm x 900mm) costing ¥3000 and including a "Tricky Frog Puppet" metallic holder.

Character Goods

Several promotional telephone cards have been produced by Afternoon magazine. The magazine also made a promotional T-shirt featuring Kikuhime. These items were only available by sending a postcard to Afternoon. Kodansha also produced a pin and telephone card set. The set is contained in a book featuring original art by Takada-sensei. Some images are below.

[telephone card 1] [pin set]

The note in the picture for the pin and telephone card set says that a trial product is pictured, so the real thing may look slightly different. You can see a complete description of the set in this 78 KB image.

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