Puppet's Heart


A lot of color artwork has been produced for this series, probably due in part to Afternoon's willingness to feature color posters in their magazine. (This is quite different from 3×3 EYES, since Young Magazine seems to prefer publishing photos of bikini-clad women.) Here is a selection of some of the artwork, as well as a few sample manga pages.

Kikuhime (307 KB)
[Kikuhime and Genzô]
Kikuhime and Genzô (165 KB)
[Genzô and Otsuru]
Genzô and Otsuru (178 KB)
Otsuru (155 KB)

Selection of manga pages:

Page 50 (110 KB) - Page 55 (122 KB) - Page 64 (123 KB) - Page 92 (100 KB)

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