Puppet's Heart


[Afternoon - Nov 1998]

Genzô Hitogata Kiwa began publication in the October 1996 issue of the Kodansha monthly magazine Afternoon. Chapters were published sporadically for a few years, but as of July 2002 and the end of 3×3 EYES, the title seems to have become a part of Afternoon's regular monthly line-up. By the end of 2002, 15 chapters had been published in Japan and collected into three books. Here is the list of known chapters published so far.

  1. The first puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, celebrate the princess's wedding"
  2. The second puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, see the demon"
  3. The third puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, pity the abduction"
  4. The fourth puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, manipulate the lord"
  5. The fifth puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, be weak-minded"
  6. The sixth puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, revive the diseased man"
  7. The seventh puppet tale:
    "Puppetmaster, be at another's mercy" part 1
  8. "Puppetmaster, be at another's mercy" part 2
  9. "Puppetmaster, be at another's mercy" part 3
  10. The eighth puppet tale: "Puppetmaster, seek the water army's treasure"
    Part 1 "Vanished treasure"
  11. Part 2 "Revealed sea people"
  12. Part 3 "Left behind daughter"
  13. Part 4 "Found cross"
  14. Part 5 "Tracked down puppetmaster"
  15. Part 6 "Untold past"

Select a link in the list above to see a translation of that chapter. As you can see above, there are eight "tales" or story arcs in the manga so far. Tales 1-6 are one-shot stories, but as the manga progresses, the stories are starting to span multiple chapters. Chapter 15 ends on a cliffhanger, so presumably the eighth tale has not yet finished. The first three chapters are collected in manga volume 1, chapters 4-9 are in volume 2, and chapters 10-15 are in book 3. At the current rate, book 4 should be published around July of 2003.

For information on the collected manga volumes, see the products page.

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