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Updates! (2001-Jan-06)
Some updates to the site are finally underway. Unfortunately no more manga has been published beyond the first two volumes, but that might allow me to catch up on the translations. There is new Kodansha website in English at KODANCLUB.com that has some information on Genzô in the Promising Works section. I also found a review of the manga by EX magazine.

Anime Puppetry Webring (2000-Sep-22)
OK, so it's been nearly a year and the site hasn't been updated. Sorry, hopefully I'll have time to do some more translations soon. Anyway, yesterday I got invited to join a webring specifically for anime and manga series involving puppets and puppetry. It's a cool concept, and the ring owner has a very nice Ayatsuri Sakon shrine that includes information about Japanese puppetry.

Grand Opening! (1999-Oct-29)
Welcome to the Puppet's Heart. Here you can learn all about the latest manga series from Takada Yûzô. Be sure to check out the translation of the first manga chapter and the 2000 calendar information.

Hot News!! I just learned about this, so I haven't had time to update the products page. There will be a new Takada Yûzô artbook published next January, containing more than 100 color illustrations from all of his most popular series.

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